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Missus Xue: How did I become the drama queen?

Mo Li came from Zhushan County and hadn’t put down the bag on his back yet. No matter how you look at it, he can’t be the owner of this house. Physician Mo looked at the military uniform, and ruled out the possibility that this person got it wrong, suspecting that the other party just wanted to use him instead.

Sure enough, seeing that the two men didn’t respond, the military officer became angrier. Fortunately, a servant of House Chen passed by and knelt in fright, asking tremblingly: “This o-official, what do you mean? What snow (xue), ah? Red (hong)*? We don’t know!”

*the servant misheard. The officer shouted Xue Zhu, but the servant heard Xue Hong.

“Stop talking nonsense, it’s Xue Zhu! Isn’t there a woman named Xue Zhu in this house?”

The military man waved his sword on a flower and tree next to him, making the snow fly around. All the soldiers he brought glared like tigers watching their prey.

The servants of House Chen later realized that he’s talking about Missus Xue in the house, which can’t be blamed on them. How could a servant know their master’s name? And how could anyone smash the door of someone’s house and rush in while calling the Madam’s name? This was too rude.

But looking at the dazzling steel swords, the servants dared not speak and secretly looked at Chen Zhong.

Chen Zhong was shocked and angry, but though he looked fierce, his character wasn’t reckless. The sixth rank official uniform of the other party was enough to make him cautious—— businessmen go from south to north, but they still knew the grade of official uniforms, unlike ordinary people, who knew nothing. The sixth rank is already a very big official since County Magistrates only have the seventh rank. The ranks of military officers are not as valuable as the civil officers in the previous dynasty, but it’s different now.

Chen Zhong stepped forward and cupped his hands while asking: “Honored Sir, you are? Is there any misunderstanding?”

As a result, as soon as he raised his hand, there was an extra row of swords around him. The soldiers put their swords around his neck, their eyes vigilant. Good, not only did he not cup his hands in salute, but he also didn’t kneel when meeting an official.

Seeing that the situation, the servants of House Chen hurried back to the inner courtyard, looking for the master and old master to handle the mess.

“What do you do here? Protecting this old house?” The military man looked at Chen Zhong disgustedly.

He hadn’t paid attention to this rough man, but isn’t he embarrassed to wear satin clothes when he’s built like a bear? He’s remarkably like a monkey wearing a hat*.

*monkey wearing a hat = worthless person in imposing attire

The military officer reached out and pointed to Mo Li: “You, go call your master!”

Naturally, Mo Li didn’t leave. The other party came so fiercely that he’s afraid the military officer might stab someone. The people outside hadn’t dispersed yet, and they all stood not far away looking at the excitement. If something happened even with Chen Zhong’s identity, the consequences could be disastrous.

“Did you hear me?” The military man became impatient. He had come to the door to find trouble, but then met a guy who didn’t wince. Annoyed, he kicked a small square table set up by the door to collect money for the happy occasion.

The money scattered all over the ground, and the square small table also flew.

However, with a sound, the soldiers suddenly saw the small square table coming towards them at a faster speed. Shocked, they instinctively dodged, and Chen Zhong also took this opportunity to escape.

They saw a woman wearing a red skirt with begonias, her eyebrows held high as she came out angrily.

Several Chen family servants were shrinking behind her, only daring to show their heads and look around.

“It’s him, it’s him!”

“That official unreasonably smashed the plaque and rushed in to make trouble!”

The servants of House Chen didn’t know the ranks of official uniforms, but since their young master married the daughter of a county magistrate and his grandfather was a former county deputy, they’re not afraid of officials like ordinary people.

“Missus Xue is here!” The people watching the excitement outside the gates shouted one after another.

The military officer’s eyes lit up, staring at Missus Xue with a complicated expression.

“What’s Honored Sir’s matter to come to me, Xue Zhu? Do you want to talk about the sale of human heads on the Scarlet Ghost Mountain?” Missus Xue rolled her sleeves, and the servant behind her immediately handed her a watermelon knife.

Mo Li: “…”

Physician Mo thought that Miss Xue toughened after marriage.

“You, you!” This shocked the military man. He asked incredulously, “You are Xue Zhu? Why did you become like this?”

Missus Xue frowned. She looked at the military officer suspiciously, as if reminiscing.

The military officer saw a stunned look slowly appear on her bright face, and immediately showed a complacent look. He couldn’t help but shake his official robes.

“Big idiot Liu!”

“…” The military man’s smile froze at the corner of his mouth.

Missus Xue quickly shook her head again: “You’re not the right age, oh right! You’re his son, Liu Chang!”

The military officer’s mouth twitched, not knowing whether to be happy or angry. Mo Li couldn’t help but walk to Chen Zhong and ask in a low voice: “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know!” Chen Zhong was also at a loss.

At this time, the soldiers brought by the military officer couldn’t help but shout angrily: “You woman, don’t you know to be ashamed! Back then, the Xue family broke the marriage. Now that our master came to the door, you still have such an attitude?”

This shocked everyone listening and the people watching the show started talking.

Chen Zhong’s face was also a little blue. Mo Li frowned and was about to say something, when he saw Missus Xue throw the watermelon knife over, which happened to be stuck in the snow just before the soldier’s crotch.


The bystanders at the door also went quiet. They seemed to finally understand why Missus Xue dared to marry the young master Chen. Such a lady would definitely not fall with a slap.

“You say I broke my marriage vows, what do you mean? Before they even write the marriage deed, I broke it. How did Liu Chang become my husband?”

When Missus Xue made that righteous and arrogant remark, the military officer was so angry that his teeth creaked, as he shouted: “Xue Zhu! Back then, your Xue family turned their faces and refused to recognize people. Seeing my Liu family’s failure, you opened your mouth for divorce. Afraid of being pointed at, you guiltily ran to PingZhou, thousands of miles away, and you still had the gall to scold me? Do you think that I, Liu Chang, can still be insulted by your Xue family?”

The servants of House Chen heard what the other party said and immediately looked at each other. It’s not that they don’t trust Missus Xue, but why did Missus Xue marry into the Chen family in the first place? It’s a mystery in Zhushan County and Ma County. Everyone couldn’t understand it, thinking that Missus Xue either has a problem with her eyes or her brain.

Mo Li didn’t believe a word from Liu Chang. He had known Magistrate Xue for a long time. Magistrate Xue was not a person who disliked the poor, loved the rich, and clung to the powerful.

Seeing that Liu Chang was about to do something, Mo Li was about to say something, but then saw Missus Xue sneer and point at Liu Chang: “You are an official, I’m a civilian. I don’t have your prestige, but do you want to try? Someone would go to your bedroom every night, put a knife on your neck, and cut a piece of meat today. Do you want to feel the ecstasy of a peeled skin tomorrow?”

After speaking, she patted the small rockery with bonsais by the door.

The rockery broke into powder.

Everyone swallowed at the same time and their neck became chilly.

Physician Mo silently retreated.

He remembered that Missus Xue’s internal strength was average, and not that strong. He took a closer look and found that the rockery seemed a bit wrong, and it instantly became clear. They put it there for show. In this small space, it looked full, but it’s only a layer of stone on the outside but the inside was empty.

Liu Chang didn’t notice it. His body shook from so much anger that he wanted to order his soldiers to smash the Chen family’s house: “Xue Zhu! You owed my Liu family back then, are you not ashamed at all?”

With a single wave of her arm, Missus Xue directly pushed Chen Zhong and Mo Li, who came over to talk, to the wall, and loudly said: “What do I owe to your Liu family? From the previous laws to the current law books, which one says it’s forbidden to divorce? Your Liu family didn’t send betrothal gifts, and we haven’t been matched. It’s just that we were promised to each other when we’re still in our mother’s bellies with only a piece of jade as a guarantee. My Xue family has returned that piece of jade to you! Besides, even if we get married, we can still divorce. My family did so following the Court’s rules and regulations. Why would you come here? Is it possible that since I’m promised to you, I’m not allowed to marry anyone else anymore? Are you like that old man Emperor?”

“Presumptuous! How dare you be disrespectful to His Majesty!”

Liu Chang shouted, and the soldiers glared.

Missus Xue wasn’t afraid as she rolled her eyes and laughed: “What’s the matter, don’t you know the high and mighty Emperor is far away from this countryside? This is Ma County, PingZhou Prefecture. The parents here don’t even pay taxes and silver, and the government isn’t being paid any salary. What about the Emperor? Isn’t it just someone who had the jade seal? Do you really think a dragon blessed the Emperor? How about putting some scales on his face?”

A certain dragon vein, who had scales, squeezed to Chen Zhong’s side and silently watched the show.

The bystanders were horrified, and felt that although Missus Xue’s words were bold, there was nothing wrong with them. Even if there are people who disagree, they dared not say anything at this time. Missus Xue is the daughter of Magistrate Xue. She has a hard backing. As she said, it’s not difficult to marry even without the Chen family, so they dared not say anything in person.

“Even if you can divorce, your Xue family made trouble, and happily divorced me when my father was demoted and exiled.” Liu Chang’s face went green as he gritted his teeth, “Your father and my father are fellow students, but those many years of friendship turned to spite, and they fell out and became hostile to each other. Since that day, Xue Zhu, I swore that you, the Xue family, will taste this too!”

Mo Lin was surprised at hearing that. He felt that there should be something more, but it wasn’t because of ignoring them. Magistrate Xue had lived in Zhushan County for more than 20 years, with no ambitions and no love for money. What Liu Chang said was completely different from what he knew.

——it’s impossible that Miss Xue has another love, and it’s even more unlikely that the Xue family used their daughter to cling to other dignitaries. According to Liu Chang, this was before Magistrate Xue’s family came to PingZhou. At that time, Miss Xue should be six or seven years old.

Moreover, it’s said that they were promised when they were in their mother’s bellies, so Liu Chang’s age should be the same. Six or seven-year-old children can’t go to brothels, nor can they be rejected by the Xue family for being too unpromising. So what happened?

Mo Li suddenly thought of when Miss Xue saw Liu Chang, she blurted out Big Idiot Liu.

This was quite rude behavior to a family friend, especially to speak bad words to the elders, and even in front of his son…

While Mo Li thought about it, Missus Xue said with a sneer: “You didn’t mention that the former Emperor exiled your father. When you talked about your father’s suffering, do you know what’s going on?”

Liu Chang became even angrier as he said loudly: “My father is the Imperial Censor. He impeached Marquis Jingyuan’s prince for seizing a civilian woman, but they turned black and white on him. They threw him into prison, stripped his official position, and exiled him to the border.”

The crowd of onlookers exploded, Marquis Jingyuan! That’s the famous general of the former dynasty! Even civilians like them knew that the Emperor of the previous dynasty was arrogant and intolerant. After he became old, he was jealous of his ministers all the time. Marquis Jingyuan was suddenly ill and died at home that night. He died unclearly because of his magnificent military exploits. On the day of his funeral, thousands of people from the Great Capital XianYang sent him off, wetting the ground with their tears. This was the favorite story of storytellers, and it’s especially popular after the collapse of the previous dynasty.

Marquis Jingyuan’s son forcibly snatched a civilian woman? There must be something wrong!

Missus Xue contemptuously said: “You still think your father is an Imperial Censor with iron bones? He was tricked. Someone wanted to bring down Marquis Jingyuan’s name. They made a prostitute go to Marquis Jingyuan’s young master. All your father got was false evidence, and he still wholeheartedly fought and sent the memorial without clarifying the matter.

“You’re talking nonsense!”

“20 years ago, if you really wanted to investigate, it’s not impossible to find out!” Missus Xue raised her head and said contemptuously, “My dad tried to persuade him and said that there’s something strange, but your father didn’t listen, saying that once the Imperial Censor was told things, no evidence was needed. My father told him that it’s a faction fight between the north and the south. When these people who have just entered into office wade through the muddy waters and can’t even save their lives, they’d be scolded by your father, saying that they’re influential officials’ lackeys and greedy for power. After my dad got home, he said that he rescinded the marriage, saying that even if I can’t marry forever, I will not marry the son of the big idiot Liu!”

Liu Chang stared, his eyes almost bulging.

Missus Xue didn’t let him go. She deliberately walked to the door and said to those bystanders: “Dear folks and elders, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor, but you can’t be stupid! You guys should be fair. Who wants to get married to someone confused which might hurt the whole family? Are you not afraid of your son-in-law being gone and your daughter being widowed? Are you not afraid of your three generations being exterminated?”

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t dare say anything. After all, he’s an official!

“Xue Zhu, you reverse black and white. Xue family clearly came to divorce after my father had an accident…”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet.” Missus Xue looked at her painted nails, waving her hand like swatting flies. Her expression was very similar to Magistrate Xue, “My dad just made up his mind when he got home, and before he had time to visit, your father hurriedly presented the memorial the next day, and was thrown into prison just before the previous dynasty ended. Was it in the early morning? The curfew hasn’t ended yet. Is it possible for my parents to light up the lamp and go to your house to ask for a divorce?”

The soldiers Liu Chang had brought looked at each other and wanted to help Liu Chang, but they’re afraid that Missus Xue would chop off their life roots. Besides, they didn’t know that this matter was related to Marquis Jingyuan before they came.

Who’s Marquis Jingyuan? The god of war among the storytellers who pacified GaoLi, and exterminating XiLiang. The soldiers were very upset that Liu Chang’s father had impeached his son.

Liu Chang also knew it was bad. He gritted his teeth and said: “Xue Zhu, there are all words from your side! Besides, when you were a little girl, only Xue Ting said that. It’s not what you saw with your own eyes…”

“What about being a little girl? I can recite the Book of Songs at the age of six and read the Analects at the age of seven. Do you think everyone is like you, still playing with mud and teasing XiXi at the age of seven? Do you think my dad won’t discuss such a big event as retiring with me? My father also said that he fainted back then. It was because of your father’s straightforward temperament, your mother’s kindheartedness, and fellow students from the same school that we know you’re from a good family. Unexpectedly, your father was upright but stupid, and your mother was kindhearted but blindly spoiled you and didn’t discipline you. However, my father used thousands of words to teach me.”

Missus Xue patted the dust on her hands, pointed at Liu Chang’s nose, and said: “It’s good to teach you that after the death of Marquis Jingyuan, my father felt that the Emperor was mediocre and that the chaos in the north was rampant. Sooner or later, something was bound to happen, so he retired, thinking that the farther the better. Don’t be so self-righteous. Think of what our Xue family did to be sorry to your family that we’d guiltily ran to PingZhou Prefecture, a remote rural area. Of course, if you feel better thinking so, then feel free!”

Liu Chang’s complexion changed from red to white, then blue to purple, as if he had overturned a dye vat.

He stared at Missus Xue fiercely, then said: “What about you? Without fate, your husband doesn’t even have fame and you actually became a wife to a merchant? This is your choice after retreating? I, Liu Chang, am now an officer under General Dang Kou and a dignified sixth rank official. You looked down on my Liu family back then, don’t you regret it now?”

Chen Zhong felt that he had to say something this time. What’s wrong with his lack of fame? The Chen family is not poor. He has a deep affection for Missus Xue—— however, he still didn’t have this opportunity, because Liu Chang grabbed his sword and put it on Mo Li’s neck.

“Don’t hide it. This is your husband! I saw you winking at him and saw him want to help you several times!”

The ignored Chen Zhong who obviously followed to help: “…”

Liu Chang looked at Mo Li contemptuously and acted very rudely.

“Why is he carrying his bag? Maybe he wanted to run after hearing that I’m in town and inquiring about your house? Xue Zhu, this is the husband you chose. He’s not well-known, cowardly, and incompetent…ah!”

Physician Mo couldn’t bear it anymore and elbowed him in the nose.

——why should I embarrass myself just for delivering a letter?

Is there a mistake for just passing by? Is it wrong to watch the show?

Liu Chang spurted a nosebleed. He saw a blur in front of him and was hit by a strong force in the chest again. He then flew out, and fell heavily.

“I’m A’Zhu’s husband!” This palm was from Chen Zhong who found it unbearable.

A big man built like a bear, even if he hasn’t practiced martial arts, can still slap someone and send them flying.

Liu Chang looked at Chen Zhong in disbelief, and then at Missus Xue. Because he fell out of the gates, the voice of the bystanders clearly entered his ears.

“Yeah, yeah, this is young master Chen, did this official not know?”

“You went straight to their door, who of us doesn’t know!”

Liu Cheng felt a sharp pain in his chest, and saw stars. He spat out a mouthful of black blood and directly fainted.

The bystanders yelled and hurriedly dispersed.

The soldiers rushed out in a hurry. On the one hand was the unconscious leader, while on the other side was Missus Xue who broke the rockery with her bare hands. Besides, this wasn’t their site. The County Magistrate might not buy their account, so they had to carry Liu Chang and hurry away.

Chen Zhong felt a little regretful now. He walked up to Missus Xue and said worriedly: “It’s all because I’m so angry. Since he’s under General Dang Kou, will they come to trouble the Chen family and Xue family?”

Missus Xue looked at Mo Li. Physician Mo kicked Liu Chang’s sword aside, sighed, and said: “Being angry and with the injury from that hit, the injury worsened. If he can figure it out, he’ll be fine if he drank some medicine and rest for three months. If he gets angry every day, he won’t live for half a month.”

Everyone thought that it’d be strange for that Liu Chang to calm down.

This person is hopeless.

“What are you afraid of? If anyone dares to move the Chen family, I’ll make him have pus on the soles of his feet and have sores all over his body, and regret taking a step in Ma County.” Missus Xue was very confident. She’s Xue Ting’s daughter. If it weren’t for her father feeling that being in Jianghu would not support his wife and children, he wouldn’t participate in the Imperial Exams. “Ghost Poison Vulture” is still a legend in Jianghu that everyone heard of.

However, Missus Xue turned around and whispered to Chen Zhong and Mo Li: “But be careful. I’ll go change my clothes and follow along.”

“No need.” Mo Li stopped her. He took out Magistrate Xue’s letter and gave it to Missus Xue, thinking that it was probably a coincidence that this happened. He had benefited a lot from Minister Xue, so helping Missus Xue is also helping Minister Xue.

“I’m going out this time to travel around the world. The schedule is uncertain, and I have some free time. There’s a happy event in your house so you can’t get out of it. I can just go and solve it.”

“Physician Mo, this is embarrassing to you.” Missus Xue was a little guilty. Originally, this matter had nothing to do with Mo Li.

“It’s fine. Minister Xue originally asked me to visit Missus Xue. For many years, my teacher and I have received Minister Xue’s help.”

Mo Li knew that if he couldn’t come up with a solution, neither Missus Xue nor Chen Zhong would let them go, so he whispered: “I’ll pretend to go and prescribe a prescription for him. In Liu Chang’s current situation, all decoctions will treat the symptoms but not the root cause. My medicine is more effective and makes him seem to heal like normal. If he relaxes, he won’t come to you again since the medicine can save him. If he’s stubborn and became angry continuously and kept taking the medicine, he’ll suddenly have a heart attack and die, so it at least doesn’t look like he’s beaten to death by Chen Zhong. It saves trouble.”

Chen Zhong thanked him again and again, while Missus Xue packed up dry food and a small amount of money, then forced Physician Mo to accept it.

After some turmoil and before Mo Li left, he couldn’t help but say to Chen Zhong: “Brother Chen, about what happened to Missus Xue today…”

“I believe in A’Zhu. Nothing is wrong!” Chen Zhong smiled disapprovingly.

“No, I mean, Liu Chang has repeatedly recognized me as…cough, about this…” Physician Mo thought it would be better to explain it. After all, Missus Xue knew him before she got married, and there’s no way to explain this kind of thing. The young couple couldn’t get upset just because of this.

Chen Zhong suddenly realized his meaning then patted Mo Li on the shoulder and said: “Physician Mo, don’t worry, I won’t get it wrong. The men A’Zhu likes are all like me. She wouldn’t look at anyone with a little white face. To be honest, I’m even more worried about Wang LieHu in Zhushan County. That person killed a tiger with his bare hands, you know! She might like him! He looked darker than me, younger and more capable, and hasn’t married yet!”

Mo Li: “…”

The author has something to say:

Physician Mo hesitated to speak but stopped: Who is a little white face? My scales are black, black!!


First, I apologize to the people who are shouting for Liu Chang just in case.

There are bound to be cannon fodders who wouldn’t appear after some time.

This article is not that factual. The married woman here is called [niangzi] and the one who’s not married is [xiao niangzi].

This is the habit of the Tang Dynasty and anyone could call them that. It’s not an exclusive title just for the husband. Also, [furen] is mostly used as a title for nobility.

Other place names and official names are all made up and don’t represent the actual geographical location OYZ.

PS, when I opened this pit, I promised that if someone guessed the setting, I’d give more. If you didn’t get it, ╮(╯_╰)╭, but someone guessed about the dragon vein. The six thousand words in this chapter are the promise of that time. It has been snowing before, so the author froze and can’t write.


Xue Ting: No future in Jianghu, can’t afford to marry a wife and support children, had to finish (pill).

Xue Ting: Madam Liu can’t raise children. This son-in-law should take medicinal pills…forget it, let’s take a look when the children grew up.

Xue Ting: That big idiot Liu! Even if he’s not over this time, he will definitely be over next time!

Xue Ting: …His Majesty poisoned Marquis Jingyuan to death! He said he didn’t do it. He dared lie to me? This Ghost Poison Vulture who shocked the Jianghu found out about it! A mentally disabled Emperor and ministers fighting each other. Damn, sooner or later, the court will be finished! Go outside, the farther the better!


As for the niangzi and xiao niangzi issue, I just translated niangzi=Missus and xiao niangzi=Miss. Easier and makes more sense to me at least.


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