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Answer: Too late.

A former martial arts master, who is also a poison master, suddenly became a member of the government. To say there’s no hidden truth in this, afraid no one would believe it.

Although “Ghost Poison Vulture” was notorious and was being chased by all major forces, these are only talk with no action because everyone cherished their lives. Also, this poison master wasn’t at the end of his rope so it’s impossible to explain why he has to seek refuge in the government.

——there must be a huge benefit that this Ghost Poison Vulture couldn’t refuse.

This is why they’re focusing on Magistrate Xue. They were even smug about it, thinking that while the other forces are focusing on State Teacher Meng, they found another clue to the treasure.

If it weren’t for the treasure, why would Xue Ting willingly squat in a remote rural area like Zhushan County for 22 years?

With sweat on his forehead, the owner hesitantly finished speaking.

Mo Li: “…”

This kind of speculation is logical, and every hypothesis is justified and well-founded, but the fact that the truth has deviated by a thousand miles is truly ridiculous. These greedy people coveted the treasure of the previous generation but didn’t know that the people in this world are different from them.

Mo Li didn’t speak, and the owner fell into more panic.

The hand holding his neck was cold as ice. The skin on his neck was so cold that he couldn’t feel it. He shivered uncontrollably but was annoyed at his weak posture.

The owner began looking for his accomplice in the room. He knew in his heart that he’s betraying the Lord, and this matter must not be known by a third person, otherwise, he would have no way to survive.

“Last question, who is your master?” Mo Li continued to ask in that weird ventriloquist voice.

The owner really trembled this time, there’s even a look of fear in his eyes.

Mo Li added qi to his hand, and the spiritual qi stimulated the medicinal power lurking in the opponent’s meridians. This qi ran around the meridians and internal organs, making the owner suddenly let out a scream. With horror, he felt a snake-like protrusion swimming around under his skin.

“I’ll say it, I’ll say everything!”

The owner weakly explained: “Our Lord, is the current His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Mo Li didn’t say a word. He was trying to remember what’s the first and last name of the Crown Prince.

As a result, the owner misunderstood. He felt that the “snake” was getting closer and closer to his chest with no sign of it stopping. His legs finally softened and he knelt directly on the ground.

Mo Li was caught off guard by this and even removed the dagger.

The owner didn’t dare turn his head as he trembled, begging for mercy: “This little one is wrong, I beg Minister Xue to spare my life!”

Only then did Physician Mo realize that he was recognized as Xue Ting: “…”

Mo Li felt angry and also funny. He used his ventriloquist skills to hide his voice and didn’t intend to impersonate Magistrate Xue. As a result, this person had obviously misunderstood something. Now that he thought about it, there are no experts within 10 li on this countryside, only Minister Xue and Elder Qin.

“Oh, Crown Prince——”

Mo Li quickly discarded the thought just now. Anyway, the current Crown Prince drew a blank on his memory. There’s completely no impression, and even his teacher didn’t say it, nor did Minister Xue mention it.

Hearing this deliberately prolonged gloomy tone, the owner faintly felt something wrong, but he couldn’t remember what it was for a while. The “snake” still moving in his chest was reminding him that his life was on the line, so he had no choice.

“It’s, it’s…”

Before he finished speaking, the owner suddenly fell to the ground.

At the same time, Mo Li quickly dodged a few steps, then heard a sharp noise on the wall.

Dozens of faintly blue and shiny ox-hair-thin needles were nailed to the wall, and some had apparently hit the owner. He foamed at the mouth, struggling painfully on the ground and gurgling in his throat, but couldn’t say anything.

Mo Li looked at the thin man who was slowly standing up without any expression.

He didn’t get close to the owner since the symptoms looked very poisonous at first glance, and he couldn’t be saved.

“You woke up very quickly.” Mo Li was surprised. He had stunned the opponent with precision.

The thin man sneered, ‘You’re not Xue Ting!”

Without waiting for Mo Li to speak, the thin man sneered again: “A person like me, whether stunned or drugged, will wake up earlier than ordinary people.”

“I see, so you received that kind of training.”

Mo Li understood. His teacher once said that in this situation——when you use anesthetic on some people, the dose can be larger, otherwise, the other party would wake up suddenly and scream in pain during the treatment process and it’d become fatal.

“What do you know?”

The thin man was furious, not only annoyed at the stupidity of his companion but also because the other party had betrayed them so easily. He threw away the hidden bamboo tube in his hand while panting, his eyes flushing red like a beast.

Mo Li’s face was still hidden in the dark, and the other party couldn’t see his appearance. He could only hear the strange non-male and non-female voice.

“It just so happens that I have no interest in illusory treasures of the previous dynasty…”

Mo Li was about to ask the other party about the dragon veins. If possible, he wanted to ask him how he met Qin Lu, but before he finished speaking, he saw the thin man vomit black blood and fall to the ground.


Mo Li rushed forward and pulled the person up, finding that the other party had crushed the poison sac hidden behind his teeth.

Who the hell is this? If you can’t beat them, you don’t need to die! Didn’t you see that he’s not Magistrate Xue? Then why die? Was he so pessimistic about the fact that he fell into the enemy’s hands, so he decisively committed suicide?

Physician Mo fell into contemplation at the two corpses. He felt that going out at this time wouldn’t go well, and all kinds of unthinkable things would happen altogether.

He sighed, wondering if he should go back and tell Magistrate Xue and Elder Qin these things, so that that they could prepare. Otherwise, if found, they won’t know about the treasures of the previous dynasty!


Mo Li suddenly raised his head. He captured people and interrogated them here. The movement shouldn’t be small but no servant came to check.

This is their place, and the servants shouldn’t be ordinary servants either. How could there be no movement?

Mo Li’s heart shook and he immediately went out. He happened to see a figure staying on the roof of a distant room. That person seemed to look at him, then jumped from the roof to the courtyard wall and disappeared into the wind and snow.

Mo Li’s reaction wasn’t slow. He quickly rushed over, but when he climbed over the courtyard wall, there was no one in front of him. Only the mule and human footprints left by Liu Chang and his group are on the snow.

If Mo Li hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would almost suspect that the other party was a ghost.

——no breath, no sound, no footprints, and I didn’t even see the other person’s face.

The ability of this voyeur was scarier than he thought.

Mo Li took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and began to feel the movement around him.

When he was in Zhushan County, he could sense the entire Qi Mao Mountain, but when he left his hometown, his perception ability was similar to that of ordinary martial arts masters.

Mo Li climbed over the courtyard wall again and walked towards a path leading to the study, finally seeing the body of a servant on the snow.

Someone broke the servant’s neck.

The attacker moved quickly, and before the servant had time to show a horrified expression, he already lost his life.

He’s only more than 20 steps away from the owner’s study room. Mo Li had a solemn expression. He didn’t expect someone would stand here and silently kill someone, but he didn’t notice anything.

Mo Li walked a little farther and found more corpses.

Their deaths were the same, and the whole house is quiet.

The most bizarre thing was that Liu Chang didn’t die. His soldiers were still drinking and they didn’t notice anything outside.

Drinking in a house where there are only dead people…Mo Li could already anticipate that the other party would be frightened when they discover this fact.

“…this is too cruel.”

Mo Li has seen birth, old age, sickness and death, and the weak and predatory of birds and beasts, but it’s really shocking to see everyone in the mansion killed in this way.

Mo Li didn’t alarm Liu Chang. He returned to the study and found that the inside was still the same. No one had come to destroy something, indicating that this wasn’t a plan to move the tiger away from the mountain.

It’s also not to silence someone, nor does it look like an assassination, so what on earth did that person do? Pure murder?

Or is it another force looking for the treasure of the previous dynasty? Did he not do anything because he heard what the owner said, and thought that the person in the room was Minister Xue? Or did he retreat and waited on the roof in the distance to see who was the person in the room was?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt something’s wrong, because no matter what the other party’s motive is, how could that person not prevent him from killing people and getting rid of him?

Qin Lu was once the number one expert in the world.

Using Qin Lu as a comparison, Mo Li thought that the spectator just now has much higher martial arts than Elder Qin’s.

——How many such masters are there in the world?

Mo Li knew nothing about the current top experts, but he happened to hear that there’s one such person who met the standard just a few days ago.

“No way.” Physician Mo thought dumbfoundedly. Did he meet State Teacher Meng as soon as he left Zhushan County?

This meant they met, right?

Should he run now?

Or is it too late to run?


Fish 018: When Asked
Fish 020: Chase After And Ask

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