Maid Chapter 072

Maid Chapter 071
Maid Chapter 073

For the time being, I forgave Suzumoto. Well, it can’t be helped. I don’t really like what he did, but there’s no reason to blame him for crimes committed when he cannot make a normal decision.

That’s why it’s okay.

Even Suzumoto got goosebumps after all, so it’s at the point where both of us suffered.

…sharing pain, I mean, I get too much pain, but…well, I can forgive him if I think that Suzumoto suffered mental damage on top of that. Yup.

Thanks to Tokoyo and the others, my ribs were healed, so I decided to start preparing dinner.

Aside from the tuna, today is meat for the first time in a while. If it’s tuna all the time, my value will disappear.

However, I didn’t think we could eat it that thick, so I made it into cold shabu-shabu.

Then lightly sprinkle with sour citrus juice.

…see, no matter how hot the inside of the classroom is, the air conditioner is resting…

Ah, even when resting, I got him to make some ice to cool the meat for the time being.

Sorry. But it’s for the food. So please forgive me.

The resting people also wanted to eat meat, so I hurriedly made more, and the food was safely finished.

…this is the point where I should have made some porridge for those guys. Yeah, I’ll ask at my own risk.

“So, for the time being, are we going to search Northwest 2F?”

I briefly explained what happened before to those who were sleeping.

Based on that, we’ll decide on our future policy.

…but most of the time, it’s already decided. I think it’d be better to leave North 1F to Homura-kun and explore 2F.

“Ah…before that, Maito, can you sew a kimono?”

…but then, Suzumoto said something with difficulty.

“My equipment was burned down, so…”

…ah. Ahhh. T-that’s right!

“Even Hagasaki-kun don’t have one.”

“It burned? …I mean, you saw it, right?

Hagasaki-kun still remained quiet. I saw it, I did see it, right? There are no clothes in that grotesque image. So I’m not so conscious about it!

However…Northwest 2F is an area where monsters are somewhat strong.

I don’t think these two people with no armor can go there.

“Do you also want to capture the West staircase in the North Wing? Depending on that, it seems unlikely that you can wait for the equipment.”

Ah, right, we can [Transfer] to the Northeast 2F and capture it, and if no one has gone there yet, they can capture the West staircase in the North Wing and maybe pick up something again. So, there’s a chance there might be a good-performance armor. Hmm. But that requires armor.

…for the time being, I wonder if I have no choice but to make some armor, even if it has low performance.

“So, Suzumoto burned down a set of kimono. Ah, what about the sword?”

“The string wrapped around the handle burned out, I think? The sword itself got blown off before the explosion, so there’s no particular problem. There’s even some ornaments left.”

Hmm, then I have to prepare the string for the sword.

“And for Hagasaki-kun…it’s a full-circle skirt, I think.”

“No way.”

An instant kill.

Yeah, I knew already.

“The larger the cloth area, the greater its use.”

“If it gets hard to move, it wouldn’t matter.”

“If it’s a knee-length skirt…”

“Who wants that!”

At the end of this exchange, he still wants the same clothes, so I think I’m going to make something like that.

“By the way, what kind of effect would you like it to have?”

This is important. If you don’t say it, it’ll be just pure [Defense Increase]. Hagasaki-kun aside, it’ll be quite interesting if I do that to Suzumoto’s kimono.

“Flame resistance…”

“Flame resistance…”

…I understand that it’s your trauma.

“What else?”

“Hn, I’ll leave the rest to you. Or rather, you don’t have to be serious about the flame resistance.”

“What about Hagasaki?”

“I want it to increase MP, but the rest is the same as Suzumoto.”

Aiya, this anything is fine is the most annoying.

Well, let’s make various things. It’s okay to change clothes, and I can just use [Clothes Manufacturing] to do it quickly.

…recently, I only made clothes without [Lost Benefits].

Either way, I don’t seem to have a turn tomorrow, so I think it’d be better to make some preparations tonight.

And so, the night preparations began.

I took out the scales of the large black snake that ate me.

The official name seems to be [Great Black Snake Scales].

…I don’t want to say this, but it’s the scales of Hunter’s parent. I’ve got Hunter’s approval, and I don’t have to worry about this child, but for the time being, let’s use it after praying.

What happens if I use these glossy black scales as a dye?

When used alone, it comes with [Magic Resistance] and [Defense Power Increase (large)].

And if I embroider it with the same thread, [Magic Resistance] becomes [Magic Invalid].

…uwaaaah! This is amazing! This is amazing!

However, this [Magic] is…well, as you might expect, skills aren’t invalidated. I was able to get rid of the lint by using [Clean] normally…

However, it didn’t burn with [Fire Magic], so it should be quite useful.

However, this [Great Black Snake Scale]. For some reason, when I tried to “dye” it with other plants, it disappears.

Hmm, I wonder if it means the material is too different.

When it comes to materials derived from unique monsters, they might have to be combined with materials of the same rank or higher.

…but I didn’t forget. I haven’t done anything, but you guys did your best. To the extent that two people almost died.

…and so. The corpse of that big lizard-dinosaur-like creature that came out of the lava is still outside. I already have permission for this! Here we go! It’s time to cut!


When I dismantled it with the kitchen knife, well, yeah, it was dismantled so quickly that I didn’t like it. It was too easy.

Yeah, meat, skin, scales, fangs, bones, eyeballs, offal, blood, fins…well, there are a lot of variations and in pretty good condition, too.

I don’t feel guilty using this material, so let’s make some fun things.

Now then. This lizard. …I don’t understand it.

First, the blood. It’s burning.

…it’s not like I set it on fire, it’s already burning constantly. And even though it’s burning, it didn’t seem to decrease at all.

Just what is this? Ah, this blood seemed to be taken care of by the kitchen knife when it was [Dismantled], and it was gathered with the skull as the container.

And since it looks dangerous, I decided to pass it to President and stored it in a jar.

…it’s strange since the fire is still dancing inside even though it’s sealed. I wonder how it works. It’s strange, so strange…

But the scales can be used. When I appraised it, it came out as [Dragon Scales]!

I see, I thought it was a lizard or a dinosaur, but it was a dragon! Or rather, it’s a dragon! See here, it’s a dragon.

…it’s different from what I imagined. Well, even Komodo dragons are dragons. Yup.

Whatever. So, when I dyed the cloth with this, it turned out to be a beautiful scarlet. And I knew from [Clothes Manufacturing] that [Fire Invalid] is attached.

…it includes non-magical fire, right?

And if I [Embroider] it with the same thread, it seems to have [Heat Invalid] and [Fire Magic Increase (large)] attached.

…I’m the only one who can use fire magic, and since it’s only at the level of a stove’s high heat, the latter is meaningless, but the former is wonderful. If this is true, I think they can dive into the magma.

And the result of [Dyeing] with a mixture of [Dragon Scales] and [Great Black Snake Scales] is…somehow, it turned dark red with [Fire Resistance], [Magic Resistance], and [Defense Power Increase (medium)]. Yeah, when I mixed something, the performance usually dropped. So these two should be compatible.

And on the contrary, the embroidery was pretty inspiring.

The dragon thread on the black snake cloth is [Magic Invalid], [Defense Power Increase (large)], and [Fire Invalid].

The black snake thread on the dragon scale cloth is [Heat Invalid], [Fire Invalid], [Fire Magic Aptitude], and [Fire Magic Effect Increase (large)].

Hmm, this is the best material so far.

Alright, I wonder if I can make equipment with this for the time being. I’ll have to adjust the details in various ways, but I can layer it and try various things.


It was morning by the time I noticed…I was surprised that morning came before I went to bed. Didn’t it come too early?

Well, regardless. The armor for Suzumoto and Hagasaki has been completed.

There’s still the hem and it’ll be finished. Anyway, I don’t have a turn today, so let’s take a nap.

Breakfast was the bread that was easy to prepare. We’ve been eating rice recently so it’s just right.

“I’ll have Suzumoto and Hagasaki do hemming after the meal, so please help me a little.”

“To think it’s done already, you work fast.”

Fuhahahaha! You can praise me more! …yeah, well, I think it’s only now that you can say that!

“It’s the best performing armor at the moment. There’s an effect on magic and heat. I also worked hard on the defense. Then, I’ll hem it up, and you can wear it, yes?”

When I handed the equipment to Suzumoto and Hagasaki respectively, they both solidified.

“…oi. What is that?”

“…um, come on, erm.”

Oya? These two who usually don’t care about what they wear are unusually speechless, aren’t they? It’s strange. It’s really strange.



Suzumoto had a bad face like he’s being punished.

“Are you still resenting that I cracked your ribs yesterday?”

“No, don’t be ridiculous. It just happened when I tried to get the best performance.”

When I replied, yeah, somehow, he unusually stammered.

“Isn’t it perfect for Suzumoto?”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it, my bad.”

Aren’t you two being strange?

…okay. Let me explain. Suzumoto’s kinagashi (dressing in kimono without hakama).

This one is terrific. It’s a scarlet obi on a black kimono. Moreover, it’s full of embroidery.

No, I had a hard time embroidering this. But I did my best, you know? It’s a phoenix.

…A phoenix.

Apparently, Suzumoto didn’t like this. But I did my best. How horrible.

And then, Hagasaki-kun has a shirt, trousers, and a jet-black coat.

It wouldn’t be black if it was just this, so the shirt is gray and laurel-dyed with [Maximum MP Increase] specifications.

I used the red parts only for the lining, so there’s no noticeable embroidery. I would like at least a thank you.

…yeah, well, when I tried to increase the cloth area, it became tricky…I admit I overdid it a little with the design.

“I have to wear this?”

“It’s the best armor, look, just wear it.”

“Wear it?”

“If you don’t wear it, I won’t be able to hem it up.”

When I tried to force him to wear it, I wonder why…he strangely didn’t resist. Yup. He might hate it, but it looks good on him.

And for the time being, I think they wouldn’t be damaged by heat, fire, or magic. Yes, yes. For me, it’s best if they don’t get hurt even if it looks a little strange.

Please give up for now.


Maid Chapter 071
Maid Chapter 073

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