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「Ne~, Roz-kun……are you really okay?」
「It’s okay, Rea. Trust me.」
Roz embraced Rea.

「……I have a lot of money and some patents. Copyright also. So don’t worry about money. Better yet……」

Let’s elope.

Rea looked up at Roz. Roz kissed Rea’s forehead.

「I said I’m okay. Don’t you trust the words of your future husband?」
「No. I trust Roz. But you can’t do anything with your bare hands……do you have any strategy?」
Roz shook his head in response to Rea’s words.

「I’m not someone who likes to strategize. I’ll just fight with all my might. Isn’t that also considered a strategy? I’ll definitely win and bring you home.」
「That’s right……then bring this at least.」
Rea took a doll out of her pocket. One was a girl doll with red hair. The other was a boy doll with blue hair. The hands of the two dolls were connected by a red thread.

「Thank you. I will definitely win with this.」
Roz kissed Rea’s lips.

Putting his tongue in Rea’s mouth, and exchanging saliva.
They carefully kissed to confirm their love.

Enough so that when they released their lips, a bridge of saliva formed.

「Then, do your best」
「I’ll go now」

Roz said then headed to the arena.

「Serius, if Roz surrendered, be sure to help.」
「I know. President.」
Haruto and Serius had a meeting.

Haruto wanted to see Roz’s determination, not to kill Roz.
And Haruto already knew Roz’s personality.

It fact, there was no doubt that Rea would hate him if this continued.
Although marriage does not always lead to happiness, it’s a fact that it’s one factor.

Roz, in a sense, was the best partner for Rea.

He understood.
He just didn’t want to admit his feelings.

「I don’t really think he’ll win against an elephant. So, what do you think the winning percentage is?」
「Let me see……I guess about 10%. He can win if he had a strong knife but with his bare hands……」

One can beat any animal with weapons.
Some people could even kill lions with a single spear despite being an ordinary human without a blessing.

But bare hands was impossible.

Considering that, Serius, who fought with elephants with his bare hands, could be said to be a monster.

「Because His Majesty also came to see, it’s become blown up……」
「I’ll meet him with my nose high. I can show the Emperor my son’s bravery.」
Serius lifted his chest. No sign of worries in his eyes.

「It’s a big deal. Is it 10%?」
「10% is enough. With Roz, the remaining 90% will be filled with spirit.」
「Stop that……but I don’t hate that spirit theory of yours.」
Haruto smiled bitterly.

「If you want my daughter, defeat an elephant……it’s new.」
Westoria picked a pastry with his left hand and touched Asuka’s ass with his right hand.

「It is. But I don’t think you can usually beat it……did the other person agree?」
「Rumors are that he’s the Sword Saint’s son.」
Westoria said, looking at Roz waiting in the middle of the arena.

「Sword Saint Serius……is he the mercenary employed by Prince Pentax?」
Asuka was a newcomer who joined the knights after Westoria became Emperor. Therefore, she had never met Pentax or Serius.
「Yes. That’s right. I really struggled with how to deal with him. If he could break into my mansion and try to assassinate me, I wouldn’t be able to stop him even with glasses. But my brother wasn’t so insidious.」
Westoria recalled his brother and enemy who fought him for the throne. Military talent, human resources, and bloodline. He was blessed with everything.

The last boss in Westoria’s life was Pentax. Other enemies……other princes, kingdoms, and city-state alliances were nothing more than extras.

Never again will a nemesis like Pentax appear in front of Westoria. He felt happy but also lonely.

「Do you mean that the son of the Sword Saint inherited the 『Blessing of War God』?」
「No, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He has the『Blessing of Battle』」
Westoria answered.

「Eh? Isn’t this harsh? 」
「It’s tough but nothing is impossible. Anyway, that’s with a weapon but this is with bare hands. It’s like a public execution. But I want to see the moment when love triumphs over all. I’m tired of seeing elephants make a lump of human mass.」
「Love huh……Your Majesty is saying something unusual.」
「I sometimes seek healing too.」
Westoria laughed fearlessly.

「Now then, everyone! The time for life and death has come! But this time is a little different. A new couple might be born in this stiff Colosseum!」
The moderator started using the loudspeaker magic tool. The audience already knew that so he skipped it.

「So let’s briefly explain the rules. Roz wins if Roz kills the elephant or breaks its legs to make it impossible to fight. When the elephant hunts down Roz and kills Roz or Roz surrenders, the elephant wins. If he wins, Roz will be able to get the daughter of Asuma Shokai, Miss Rea!」
The moderator briefly explained the rules.
「Then let’s listen to our enthusiastic challenger. Roz, are you confident of winning?」
The moderator brought the loudspeaker closer to Roz.

「I always win. I’ll win to prove to my father-in-law that I’m Rea’s man.」
Roz made a statement.
The moderator then ran toward Haruto in the audience seats.
「What do you say?」

「You can’t do it. You can’t beat an elephant no matter how much blessed you are. I do recommend surrendering.」
Haruto folded his arms and said that, looking down at Roz.

Next, the moderator turned his loudspeaker to Rea, sitting next to Haruto.
「Then, this is the heroine. Asking the princess, what do you think?」
「Roz always wins. I believe in Roz.」
Rea affirmed. Hearing Rea’s voice, the audience teased Roz with envy.

「I would like to thank our special guest, our Majesty the Great Emperor for a word.」
The moderator said, running to the highest point where Emperor Westoria was. He was quite busy.

The moderator knelt once to Emperor Westoria then carefully handed the loudspeaker with both hands.
When Emperor Westoria stood up, the audience instantly became quiet.

「I sincerely hope that you can get the princess. Show me something interesting.」
Westoria kept his words short.

The moderator bowed to Emperor Westoria and then left while proclaiming loudly.

「Now let’s start the match. This time, the elephant Leo was 20 years old. He had already sent over 30 gladiators to the graveyard. Can Roz really beat Leo!?」

At the same time as the moderator’s words, the iron cage opened with a sound. A huge elephant appeared from there.

The elephant looked straight at the prey Roz and rushed.

Roz kept his calm and rushed toward the elephant’s leg with a kick to the ground. The elephant lifted its foot and counterattacked.
Roz switched tactics and approached the elephant’s head with his leg raised high.

Roz’s heel hit the elephant’s fangs and it broke with a sound.

「■■■■■■! 」

The elephant screamed and shook its nose.
Roz was blown away by the elephant’s nose.


Roz stopped with both feet down.
He twisted when he landed. His bones didn’t seem to be broken but he was hurt severely.

The elephant was already standing when Roz got up.
It didn’t give Roz a chance to recover and rushed without hesitation.

When Roz tried to escape to the side, the elephant moved its nose to the side and blew him away.
The elephant raised its leg high, trying to crush the fallen Roz.

Roz hurried to land and tried to escape.


An unpleasant sound resounded in Roz’s ear.
Looking at the source of the sound, Roz’s right arm was under the elephant’s foot.

「Tsss! ! ! 」

Severe pain struck Roz late.
The elephant raised its foot again to crush Roz.
Roz managed to escape in that gap.

The elephant didn’t let go of Roz and rushed.
Roz, whose foot was now injured, couldn’t escape and was blown away.

Slammed against the wall, blood leaked out of his mouth.

The elephant slowly approached Roz.

「Dad! Help Roz. I can’t look anymore!」
Rea clung to Haruto while crying.
「Why! Roz will die as it is. Help him, Uncle Serius!」
Rea looked at Serius and clung to him. Serius gently shook his head.

Rea pulled Haruto’s clothes while crying.

Haruto glared at Rea.
「Don’t be afraid. Didn’t you believe in Roz? He hasn’t surrendered yet. We can’t help as long as he didn’t give up.」
Rea looked down at Haruto’s words.

However, she immediately raised her face and leaned out of the audience seat to shout.
「Roz-kun! Surrender! If Roz-kun dies, I will……」
「I’m fine!! 」
Roz shouted back. Laughing with a bloody face toward Rea.

「I’ll be sure to have a wedding with you.」

The elephant trumpeted as it rushed toward Roz as if to erase his words.

「Aiya, he’s dead.」
Westoria said while watching the young man being blown away by an elephant.
「How reckless. Fighting an elephant with bare hands. How could he give the decisive attack?」

Asuka and Westoria looked at the youth.

A girl with red ruby-like hair encouraged the young man to surrender and the young man declined.

Although his expression said he was fine, he was dragging his feet and his right arm was bent in a strange direction. You could tell he’s in pain and confused when you see the blood flowing from his head.

「He should surrender if he’s calm……」
「It’s a man’s will. But I don’t think Haruto Asuma will allow her to marry if he surrendered. It looked like he fought well enough.」
The two casually talked. After all, this was another person’s affair.

Other people’s affairs didn’t concern them. From the spectators,「kill」and「do your best」was flying around.

The elephant charged with a roar.

「Is this over the……nn? 」
Asuka leaned out unintentionally. The elephant suddenly stopped shortly before Roz.

「That’s amazing.」
Westoria applauded, seeing Roz catching the elephant with his left hand.

Suddenly, a laugh entered Westoria’s ears.
Various voices were laughing.
Voices of young and old of various ages and genders were talking and whispering.

「Hey, Asuka. Did you hear that just now?」
「Eh? What……no, I can hear. But it’s only slightly……」

Westoria laughed out loud as if to drown that tiny laughter.
「Isn’t it funny? A miracle. Why are the whimsical fairies on his side? Good luck, his love, or is it a determined fate……」
The elephant trumpeted as soon as Westoria finished.

The young man grabbed the elephant’s nose with one hand.

The elephant’s body rose and crashed into the wall.
The elephant rose and angrily trumpeted once again.

The elephant blew away the young man again.
However, the young man recovered in the air like a cat and jumped on the elephant upon landing, kicking off the elephant’s face.

The fight was different than the previous ones.
The audience in their seats calmed down and seriously looked at the fight.

「That is……」
「『Blessing of Fighting for Love』is the highest peak of physical ability enhancement blessing in line with 『Blessing of a Hundred Beasts』 and 『Blessing of Battle Frenzy』. I never thought I’d see it in my life.」
「The effect is……」
「The more you think of the one you love, the more you increase your physical abilities. Since the era of mythology, there have been no reported cases so I thought it was just legend. No, no one was worthy until now.」
Westoria smiled.

The situation was slowly leaning towards Roz.

Not avoiding the rushing elephant, Roz kicked in and intercepted.
The elephant’s fang flew in the air.

The elephant’s scream resounded in the arena.

The elephant had now lost two fine fangs.

The elephant gazed at Roz while bleeding from its mouth.

Unknown to Roz, this elephant has ingested demon grass.
It didn’t feel any pain.
Rather, the grass made it feel overexcited.

You could ignore injuries but couldn’t heal them.
The elephant was actually weakened.

Roz thought about Rea.
He felt his power grew just by thinking of Rea’s smile and her appearance in a wedding dress.

「You and I have no resentment but you will fall for me and Rea!」

The elephant rushed toward Roz with bloodshot eyes.

Roz put his strength on both feet and stepped on the ground. One leg was badly hurt but he didn’t mind.

「Die! ! ! ! 」
Roz’s left hand sank into the elephant’s head.

Roz’s left arm moved at 100km/h and collided with an elephant at 50km/h.

Baki~ Baki~ Baki~

Roz’s left fist broke with a sound.

But Roz didn’t lose his arm.

Three seconds later, the stalemate continued.

Then the elephant fell with a sound.

「I won……」
Roz muttered while watching the fallen elephant.

After a while, cheers and applause rolled out from the audience.

「Roz-kun! ! !」
Rea leaned out of the audience seats.

Roz tried to approach Rea.
「Roz-kun! ! ! !」

Rea jumped down while shouting Roz’s name again. Roz caught such a Rea.

「I’m sorry……I doubted you……」
「It’s alright. I won because of your talisman.」
They stared then kissed each other.

Cheers and whistles rolled out of the audience again.

「Roz wins!! Love, love has won!! Isn’t such a reversal the first time since the Colosseum was built! Applause, everyone! And bless the birth of a new couple!!!」
The moderator raised his voice and blessed Rea and Roz.

Rea and Roz shyly turned their red faces. But their expression was full of delight.

「Brat……no, Roz」
Haruto shouted at Roz.
Reading the air, the audience became quiet.

「You didn’t surrender. I admit it. You are Rea’s man. From now on……keep Rea beside you until you die.」
「Yes. I will always make Rea happy. Father-in-law!」
Haruto nodded greatly. He no longer opposed Roz for calling him「father-in-law」.

Staff carried the stunned elephant on a trolly. But Rea stopped it.
Ano~……you used demon grass on that elephant, didn’t you?」
「So you noticed.」
「I know the symptoms.」

The manufacture and use of demon grass was basically a crime.
However, using it on some animals were permitted.

There were no animal welfare organizations in the West.
So they could do whatever they wanted.

「Can I buy that elephant?」
Not only the attendants but also the moderator, Haruto, and Roz were taken aback by Rea’s words.

「It’s a pity that we had two fangs broken during the battle. And if I think of it as our cupid of love, then it’s for good luck.」
They all expressed a stunned expression to Rea’s words.
「Rea, I won’t pay. Don’t buy such weird things and I won’t say anything bad.」
Haruto advised Rea.
「No problem. I’ll buy it with my private money.」
Rea said with a smile.

The clerk rushed to the caretaker of the elephant which was the owner of the Colosseum.

The arriving caretaker suggested a price while smiling.
「Well, its appearance has worsened……it’s fine if you buy it……the market priced it as roughly 15 million Romano but it’s okay with 10 million Romano because it lost two tusks.」
「I see・・・・is that all? I’ll buy it in a lump sum.」

The caretaker’s face smiled even more.

「Father-in-law, my financial sense is too different from Rea and I’m worried.」
「Because she’s born rich. There’s no helping it. Get used to it.」
Roz and Haruto watched the exchange between Rea and the caretaker with bitter smiles.

「Oh, I need a keeper……can you lend me three of them?」
「Yes, of course……how about this one? If you pay 300,000 Romanos per person as a withdrawal fee…」
「Hmm, I got a discounted price because of the wounds and that it lost its fangs, right?  Please give me an extra bonus.」
「Hmm, you’re right. Then three of them for 600,000 Romanos.」
Rea and the caretaker talked for a while before coming back after some interaction.

「Wait a minute!」
「……I heard that the bait fee is higher than the market……take care of it yourself.」
「Yes, of course.」
Rea cheered up.
「Uwahh, I-I’ll ne-never cry, hic, I w-won’t! 」
「Yes, yes, I know, I understand.」
Aisha put a handkerchief on Roa’s sweating eyes.

「Calm down. Rea is getting a son-in-law not becoming a daughter-in-law. It should be fine. You’ll meet every day. Yes, we can meet every day. So it’s okay, okay……」
「President, calm down.」
Denis soothed the trembling Haruto.

「Dad, elder sister and Roz are coming.」
A girl with brown skin and golden hair (whose child do you think? ) pulled on Haruto’s sleeve.

Haruto looked in the direction he was pointed at. The door opened slowly and from there, Rea and Roz, with their arms crossed, appeared.
Rea, dressed in a white wedding dress, smiled happily.

The wedding proceeded in a straightforward manner.

First, greetings and congratulations to the guests invited to the wedding.
All of them were important people because it was the wedding of the next head of the Asuma family, Rea.
Therefore, it took a very long time.

Meanwhile, Haruto counted prime numbers as he endured his tears.

Next was the groom’s vow.
Roz talked about how he loved Rea.

Thinking back, Haruto was convinced that he made the right decision to leave Rea to Roz.

Then the bride’s vow.
She talked about her memories of Roz when they were young and compared it with the current Roz.
The story of smart Rea was very easy to understand and the scene seemed to come to mind.

Haruto remembered when Rea said 「I’m going to marry dad! 」 to him and his eyes felt very hot.

Once Rea’s vows came to an end.

「Finally, dad……」

Rea approached Haruto.

「Thank you, dad. Please look forward to the future?」
Rea smiled with a mischievous face and hugged him.

「Uhh, you’ve grown so big……」
Are~? Is Haruto crying? 」
「It’s sweat! 」

Haruto cried that day.

Rea and Roz were married.

After this, Rea became interested in the monotheism of Bergis academically speaking. There was a riot but that’s another story.

Author’s Note:

This is the end of August.
If you have seen the activity report, you may know, but I also updated my new book
I’ll be glad if you read it

DWBS SS4: Romance III
DWBS SS6: Bergis Persecution I

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