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Imperial Capital Rosyth.
Since Almus I founded the Romano kingdom, it was one of the oldest cities in the world and has been regarded as the capital city.

Although the center of the Empire’s economy was shifting to Claris, this ancient city was still the cultural and economic center of the Empire.

Center of Rosyth.
The Imperial Palace was holding a meeting.

With the demolition of the Senate by Westoria, all political decisions were decided at this imperial meeting.

The current agenda was related to the rapidly growing Bergis.

「These religious people abuse and despise our ancient gods as demons. They also say that they’re born equal and not meant to be ruled so they don’t need to pay taxes. Not only that, they’d set our churches on fire, sometimes even robbing money and killing priests! They’re not a religious organization! They’re terrorists! Their presence threatens the empire’s future! They should be immediately removed from this country!!」

Cecil screamed.
She was a female priest and considered the Right Minister of Divinities.

「Yes, they’re committing malicious criminal activity. But it’s a rebound against discrimination! Their doctrine is about love. They’re not an evil religion. And only a small part of them have been involved in criminal acts. The others are subjects of our Empire. Isn’t it our tradition to recognize all religions in the first place!! The faith of our country was originally a mix of Romano myths, Clarissian Myths, Gallian myths, Germanis myths, Aegyps myths, and Pofenian myths! Tradition can’t be denied. They will continue to grow in number and power. Repression will only leave a grudge for the future!! We should promote harmony!!」

Radou shouted.
The male priest who was currently the Left Minister of Divinities.

At present, the Imperial Conference was wrapped up in turmoil around these two people.
Emperor Westoria listened silently.

A few hours later, when both throats were exhausted, Westoria opened his mouth.

「Bergis is indeed dangerous. But they are sadly our subjects. Our country’s policy is legalism. Unjustly arresting those who have not violated the law―」
「Your Majesty! I have a report!!」

Cattleya, the Imperial Guard commander rushed in.

「What happened?」
「A Bergian destroyed Etra-sama’s mausoleum!! We are pursuing them right now. I want to get permission to send all guards!!」

Time stood still.

「I see……a Bergian destroyed my mother’s……」
Westoria closed his eyes.
And laughed.

「Cattleya. Thank you. I was about to make a serious mistake.」

Westoria banged his fist against the table.

「Eradicate the pests from this country!! This is an Imperial edict!!」

Thus, 『The Bergis Persecution』, one of the so-called Westoria’s two major mistakes, alongside the 『Demolition of the Senate』 has just begun.

This persecution destroyed churches and burned the Bible.
It’s said that the number of Bergis killed was over ten thousand.

This great persecution would continue until 『The Freedom of Religion』 was stipulated in the Constitution by Westoria.

「It’s bad!! Haruto-san. Emperor Westoria issued an edict to destroy a religion!!」
「What do you want me to say?」

Haruto answered while drinking tea.
Here was Asuma Shokai’s Rosyth Branch.

Haruto spends a third of the year here.
The rich of the Imperial Capital, including Emperor Westoria, were important customers.

「Nobody, including me, believed in Bergis. I don’t think anyone was among the executives of our shokai. So it’s all right.」
Aisha comfortably said.
After all, it was other people’s affair.

「We also donate to a lot of churches under the Ministry of Divinities. Even if you want to join, you can’t.」

Note that other firms were jealous of Haruto.
There’s a good chance that a false accusation could be attempted.

But if the Ministry of Divinities wanted to do the persecution, they’d have borrowed it from Haruto.
So it’s a one in a million chance

「Yes, but……」
Roa withdrew easily.

「Is it that person who proposed that? The one who always says 『In any case, no matter what the Bergians believed in, they should be destroyed』?」
「Ahh, Cecil-san.」

Haruto remembered Cecil.
She always said, 『In any case~』at the end of any speech.

By the way, her nickname 『Tomoare (in any case)』was often said by Romano politicians as the last line of their speech.
It didn’t matter if it’s not properly used.

It started when a noble said, 『In any case, I think Pofenia should be destroyed』 in the time of Emperor Anders.

An example would be,「Roa. I like you. Your red ruby-like hair is amazing. You had big breasts and likely to get plenty of breast milk. With slender legs and tight waist. Your big ass is great for child-bearing. Your skin is as beautiful as a pearl. Please marry me. I’ll be sure to make you happy. In any case, it’s up to you if you want Samaras Shokai to be destroyed」. Something like that.

「Hmm, maybe they’re right……they seemed to have attempted to burn Etra’s mausoleum? In fact, it was just after the edict was issued. Until then, Emperor Westoria was friendly.」
「Uwah~, really? In other words, did the Bergians step on the griffon’s tail by themselves? They’re idiots.」
「It’s their own fault. To set fire to a person’s grave like that.」

Haruto and Aisha said to one another.

Etra was Emperor Westoria’s mother.
The one who died when Westoria was a child.

It’s said that there were many suspicious points about her death and she was assassinated in the fight for the throne.

In any case, he must be really angry since Emperor Westoria has a serious mother-son complex.
This mausoleum was the first building he built.

And arson was at the level where they doubted the presence or absence of Bergis’ brains.

「Alas, there’s nothing we can do. It’s scary. I never want to be Emperor Westoria’s enemy. Those eyes are dangerous.」

Haruto recalled Emperor Westoria’s eyes when they first met.
At that time, he swore he would never be hostile to this person.

In fact, Emperor Westoria even made a law where anyone that disturbed him……would be executed.
This execution had become a kind of specialty.

However, many citizens still respect and honor Emperor Westoria.
It was a fact that the bottom of the Empire had been revived to this point and there’s no point to oppose it. There wasn’t even a reason to go against it.

「But we need to investigate. It might be a member of our firm. If we persuade them to convert, we can petition to save their lives.」

Haruto is not a demon.
He wanted to help save his employees as much as he could.

While the three were talking, they heard someone climbing the stairs.
It was Rea who barged in.

「Dad! I wrote a dissertation on Bergians. Can I publish it?」
「……like I said beforeー」
「So the Bergians……」

The three shouted unintentionally.

「Oi, why do you want to publish it?」
「That’s why I came to get that permission.」

In other words, it has not been published.

「Absolutely no. Are you sane? Absolutely no good. Again, absolutely no good」
「Mom……you don’t have to say it that many times……」
Rea made a wry smile.

However, Aisha noticed something.

Ne~, dissertation, meaning you’ve talked to Bergians, right?」
Un. I did. So? 」

Aisha’s voice shook.
「Surely you’re only friends with a Bergian, right? If you donated……」
「I did a lot. Everyone is a good person. I donated a little. About 50 million.」

Three people opened their mouths at the same time.

「「「You idiot!!!」」」

DWBS SS5: Romance IV
DWBS SS7: Bergis Persecution II

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