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“How can you accept me!”
Roz’s voice echoed. Haruto looked down at Roz and said.

“Do you think you’ll fish after Rea?”
“……I’ll show you a man who would never cheat on Rea!”
At Roz’s words, Haruto snorted.

“In short, you don’t match. Come back next time!”
Haruto said next time.

“……if he said that he’ll cheat on me, you’ll answer that you don’t want a son-in-law that wasn’t aware of your abilities.”
Haruto choked down his words at Rea’s point. Because it was spot on.

“Haruto-san. Isn’t he good?”
Roa pulled on Haruto’s sleeve when she heard about it.

“……I might be rude to Roz but he might be the best son-in-law I could get. It would be easier for Rea since the power of his parents’ household is not that strong. In addition, Roz doesn’t have a strong ego and consider Rea as his older sister. Roz is the best choice to keep the Shokai stable.”
“……that makes sense.”
In the West……rather, this world has a lower cultural level than Earth. That’s why there’s a strong culture of male-female feminism. Rea was recognized by the employees as the successor because of her excellence, but her position might fluctuate if her husband came from a nobleman or a merchant.

There was no problem in this case. The power of the in-laws’ house was not strong, and the person himself was not a business person.

This time, Aisha whispered to Haruto.
“And Rea-chan likes Roz, right? Rea-chan is someone who had never taken interest in any man. Didn’t he respect Rea-chan’s will? Or is Roz-kun’s personality not that trustworthy? Do you really think he’s terrible?”
“……no, that brat seemed to like Rea”
“Then that’s good. You have never said that to anybody before.”

Roa and Aisha recommended Roz. As expected, Haruto was shaken.

And at this rate, Rea would really be married late. They don’t want Rea to live with that shame.

The door opened suddenly while Haruto was thinking. It was from Serius and Maria.

“Can you please accept Roz? He really likes Rea-chan!”
Maria bowed deeply at Haruto. He had a very close relationship with Maria. Maria also taught him letters.

“Please, President! This guy has nothing else except being strong, but his personality is definitely trustworthy! I don’t think Rea will ever be unhappy. If he did make her unhappy, I would take responsibility. So please!”
Haruto knew Serius well. A man who always protected Haruto. Someone he trusted. Because he is the son of that man, he could trust his personality. He could……

“Uh, but……Rea. Why do you like this guy? You didn’t like him until now!”
“Speaking of which, that’s true.”
“What changed your mind?”
The eyes of Haruto, Roa and Aisha gathered on Rea.

Rea answered with a blush.
“He helped me when I was about to be kidnapped……”

Rea told the story. 30% describing the process of kidnapping and 70% emphasizing Roz’s coolness.

“Oi! I didn’t hear about this!!”
Haruto shook Rea’s shoulders.
“Because……I knew Dad would overreact and make a fuss. After being inspected in the hospital, I would then be house arrested for a month. That’s too bothersome……”

Haruto held his chest. Haruto’s heart suffered a hundred damage.

“Rea! Surely your dad might act stupid but he’s worried about you.”
“There wouldn’t be any countermeasures implemented until you report it properly. That’s not good.”
Roa and Aisha supported Haruto. Rea replied contritely.

“Yes, I’ll be careful from now on.”
I will never talk about that time again.

“But Haruto-san. It seems like Roz-kun has a track record of defending Rea.”
“Isn’t he the best escort? I suppose he’ll definitely protect Rea until they die.”
“Yes. Different from dad.”
“……different…from dad?”
Haruto suppressed his heart.

Thousands of damage hit Haruto’s heart.

But Haruto did not give up.
“Oi, you. Swear that you will only love Rea your whole life!”
“I swear! !
“You won’t have any mistress. Don’t go to brothels. Do you swear! ! !”
“I swear! ! ! !”

Roa and Aisha whispered while watching Haruto and Roz’s exchange.

“Ne~, Haruto has a mistress.”
Mistress Aisha said.
“Aisha is a real wife. Not a mistress. ……well, it’s true that Haruto never cheated.”
They rolled their eyes at Haruto.

“Do you like Rea?”
“I love her. I love her the most in the world!”
A straight gaze from Roz attacked Haruto. Haruto looked away.

“……all right. I will acknowledge your marriage.”
“Really! !”
They clapped their hands and rejoiced.

“But there are conditions!”
“I’ll do anything!”
“Well said! A real man won’t go back on his words.”
Haruto looked down at Roz. Roz also looked directly at Haruto.

Haruto quietly announced his condition.
“Fight a war elephant with your bare hands. And win. Can you do it?”
Haruto maliciously smiled.

Fight a war elephant with bare hands.
This was what Serius did once.
But even Serius, who had the 『Blessing of the God of War』, could only fight equally.
When it came to bare hands, it’d become completely a match between physical abilities.
It’s impossible with Roz, who only had the 『Blessing of Battle』.

“No way! What if Roz died?”
Rea shouted.
“Don’t worry. I will stop it as soon as he surrendered. Desert and snowfield people, including Serius, would immediately come to the rescue. Well, at that point, don’t even talk about marriage.”
Haruto smiled.
“Idiot dad! Stupid!! I hate you! ! !”
Rea shouted while staring at Haruto.


A blow to the heart! Damage of 9,999,999.

Haruto held his chest and squatted down.

Behind such a Haruto’s back, Roa and Aisha talked in secret.
“Why a war elephant? You don’t have to try it because Roz was strong enough in the first place.”
“If you want my daughter, then defeat me! Isn’t that what he really wanted to say?  But if he actually did it, Haruto will be instantly killed, so he substituted with a war elephant. Or is he assuming that there’s be a situation where they’ll be attacked by a war elephant?”
“Would you walk in places where war elephants live without weapons in the first place? Or rather, isn’t it impossible to meet a war elephant so casually?”
“What if it’s a situation where a circus elephant escaped? Either way, it’s a stupid story.”
The two people freely talked.

“Father in law!”
“Don’t call me father in law! !”
Haruto stared at Roz with tears.

“A man shouldn’t go back on their words, right?”
“……aren’t you too confident?”
“Show me to the elephant!”
Roz declared.

In this way, this ridiculous story spread all over the Empire.
And a man in the Governor’s Office heard about it.

“He~, he’s trying to do something interesting.”

The one and only wise Emperor Westoria sneaked to the West.

Emperor Westoria smiled.
“If you want to kill elephants, you need a lot of space. Okay. My Colosseum. I’ll lend it to you.”

By those words, this story became global.

A romantic play later represented this golden age, 『The Fight Between Love and Elephants』.

The struggle between Roz and the elephant, the original story, begins.

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DWBS SS5: Romance IV

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