DWBS SS8: Bergis Persecution III

DWBS SS7: Bergis Persecution II

「Let’s get to the point. Is it true that Asuma Shokai donated to that wicked religion?」(Waaー, Asuma Shokai of all things……

Cecil asked Haruto.

「I don’t know what you mean. Did I do something wrong?」
When Haruto looked over, Cecil raised a brow.

「I have a testimony. What if you confess quietly?」(The source came from a bubble berry firm which is the enemy of Asuma Shokai……I don’t trust it……

「So you’re saying you also don’t know. Isn’t this a lie that a desperate man said to degrade my company?」

Haruto’s lies could even deceive desert people.
Naturally, it’s easy to deceive Cecil.

Cecil showed an angry expression but her mind thought differently.

「Don’t do that. There’s witness information that your daughter, Rea Asuma, has been in and out of the church of the rebels!!」(This is testimony from the citizens. I can trust it to some extent!

Hearing Cecil’s words, Haruto bowed.

「Is it about Rea? Rea herself has a lot of money……maybe she donated some……I’ll call her.」
Haruto said so then called a maid to call Rea.

Rea entered the reception room a few minutes later.

「Hello. Right Minister of Divinities. How are you today?」
「I’ll ask you directly. Did you donate to the Bergis and attend their church?」(Is this an independent action of Miss Rea? But such actions from the dynamite inventor……

Cecil lifted her eyes.
Rea opened her mouth.

「Yes, I donated to that wicked religion. I regret that very much. Given the possibility that my donation could be used for terrorism……」
Rea looked down.
She looked like she regretted it.

「……do you believe in the wicked religion?」(Are? Is she not a believer?
「T-that’s ridiculous!! Why would I worship such a horrible religion. I just contacted them purely for academic interests.」
「Academic interest?」(What is she talking about……

Rea emphasized.

「Yes. I was curious about what kind of religion was purely monotheistic. And still, commit repeated terrorism. I thought I had to write a book to spread their danger to the world……and I was told to donate if I wanted to cover their side of the story. They are really dirty people. But I donated only 50 million」
「Please show me the book that you wrote. Even if it’s just drafted. I will judge it.」(Only 50 million?

Cecil was nervous about how much money Rea had.
50 million was one-third of Cecil’s annual income.

It’s not that little…but also not much.

It didn’t really matter since ordinary people earn about 1.2 million annually.

Rea came out of the reception room, ran around and impatiently brought the book while pretending to be winded.

Rea handed the book to Cecil.
「Here you go. Boil it or bake it, you can do whatever you want.」
「I understand……it’s quite thick. Can I take about three hours to finish reading?」(Uweh……I hate books……
「It doesn’t matter.」

Haruto made a desperate attempt to not blow Cecil’s true intentions and said with a smile.

Cecil began quietly reading the book.
Only the sound of pages turning could be heard.

After about three hours of reading, Cecil closed the book.

「I see. I’m sure you’re not Bergian.」(It somehow seemed to despise Bergis. Is that okay?

Actually, this book was rewritten overnight by Rea.
It removed the pages that praised Bergians and inserted pages with content that degraded Bergians.

If necessary, words written in blank ink were rewritten with red ink.

If Rea was serious and stayed up all night, it was easy.

Cecil was splendidly deceived.

「I will dispose of this book responsibly for the time being. The things written in this about Bergians would trigger terrorism.」(Boil it or bake it……I was told

Cecil said so and put it away.

「One last thing.」(I wonder if they’ll listen to me……
Cecil looked at them.

「Rea Asuma. The church you were visiting has disappeared. What do you think about that?」
「Well? I feel refreshed……did they escape after hearing Emperor Westoria’s imperial decree? That’s right……I would hide in the catacombs if I were them. It looks safer there.」

Rea gave her opinion.

「Is that so? Thank you for the advice. I’m relieved I wouldn’t have to kill you.」(Then, I won’t be able to buy soap.

Cecil then went home with a smile.

「She’s unexpectedly easy.」
「Un. I was thinking about various patterns but it was wasted. Well, whatever.」

He guessed it would be nice to donate to churches certified by the government.
It’s also important to maintain their relationship.

「The first barrier, interrogation from the Right Minister of Divinities – clear」
However, this was only the first barrier.

Haruto and his colleagues decided to ship a total of fifty targeted Bergians to Claris by boat.
There were barriers in each State on land and it’s hard to break through each one.

But the sea was not as strict as on land.

「The second barrier is the cargo inspection at the port. The third barrier is an unannounced inspection at sea. The fourth barrier is a cargo inspection at the port of Ringa. The fifth barrier is an inspection at the entrance of Claris. The sixth barrier is the Governor. ……yeah, there are more barriers that I thought.」

Westoria kept domestic tariffs to a minimum.
Doing so would slow domestic distribution.

Instead, each barrier was strict.
To crack down illegal trades regarding drugs, weapons and harvest.

They can’t complain since it improved security and made business easier.

「Aren’t you friends with the Governor?」
Roa checked with Haruto.
「Well, yeah, we’re friends. Just regular friends. But that person loved and obeyed everything that Westoria ordered……」

It’s safer to consider him as Haruto’s enemy now.

「Is that okay, Kein-san? Don’t worry once you’re in Claris. That’s the vice capital of the Empire. It has recently exceeded the population of Rosyth. And there’s a major military base to the East. If you act poorly, it’s more dangerous than Rosyth. We have a strong influence at Asuma Shokai so I think we can hide you……but you can’t perform your sermons if you just hide which isn’t our goal from the very beginning.」
Rea told Kein.

「Worst case, if the priests in Claris protested, go East……escape to the desert people territory until they cool down. Do you mind?」
「Yes. For everything……thank you very much.」

Kein bowed deeply.

「I think Claris already received a royal decree through the jade sound machine. We have to get to Claris before the port inspection gets stricter.」

Jade sound machine is a high-speed communication system that used resonance magic.
Emperor Westoria set it up in each Governor’s office.

This instantly spread Westoria’s edict throughout the Empire.

There’s no way to rebel.

「The problem is the second to the fifth barrier. It’s recently been stricter to control drug trades……」
「Can’t they hide in a barrel for the time being? They won’t bother searching the wine barrels. And we are credible.」

Aisha said.

「Now then, the next is……Asuma Shokai……they always have nothing. Do we still need to check?」
「It’s said that Rea Asuma of Asuma Shokai had a relationship with the evil religion. The charges were cleared……but we’ve been told to look it up just in case.」

The dispatched priest said.

This was Razad, the largest port on the Romano Peninsula. It was once a colonial city for Kirisians and had long been a hub of maritime trade in the West.

There’s a large collection of slaves and grains from each province.
At the same time, special products such as glassware and wine were brought to Claris.

……along with drugs, political criminals and weapons flowing to the provinces.

Therefore, very harsh inspections were performed at this port.

And right now was an emergency.
The alert was raised to the highest level.

「It’s wine anyway. Wine. That company will always bring soap and buy wine on the way home.」

Soap was produced with cheap manpower such as the Germanis.
It was then transported to major cities such as Claris, Rosyth, and Razad, and when they returned, they stuffed the empty ship with wine barrels.

This was the usual way of Asuma Shokai.

The wine was highly competitive and wouldn’t make much profit but the idea was that it would be better than going back empty-handed.

「I don’t know. They might be buying Bergis.」
「No way~, are those people going against Emperor Westoria? Emperor Westoria is an important customer of Asuma Shokai. Impossible, impossible.」
「That’s right……but until the possibility is zero, we still have to investigate.」

The two headed to the ship owned by Asuma Shokai.
There were ten huge ships.

Indeed, as expected of a large trading company.

「We have been waiting for you. Please examine all you like.」
「Then we won’t be polite.」

The two bowed.

The chairman of Asuma Shokai always greeted them when they came for inspection.
As inspectors, they thought it unlikely for such a good person to protect such evil people.

「Then we’ll proceed as usual.」
The inspectors looked into the ship.
They counted the barrels and compared them with the report in their hands.

At a glance, the numbers seemed correct.

「Okay, no problem. Next ship……」
「Wait a minute.」

The priest covered his mouth to block the inspector’s words.

「I want to check inside the barrel.」

The priest didn’t know that the Chairman of Asuma Shokai would greet the inspectors every time.
After all, he was only dispatched today.

He couldn’t accept such a sloppy inspection.

「Huh? Why? There are no prohibited things like drugs or weapons.」
「They might have evil adherents.」

The priest tried to enter the ship.
Haruto blocked him.

「Why interfere? Are you actually hiding them?」
「No way. But you know, I’ll be in a bad mood if I’m being suspected many times. We, Asuma Shokai, had never falsified documents. We are also a trusted firm that deals with the Imperial family. We make donations to churches that have been certified by the Imperial family. We are subjects who believe in Romano gods. But if you doubt it many times…」

Haruto spoke to the priest in an angry voice.
The priest involuntarily backed up.

Because it’s none other than Asuma Shokai that donated to his church.

「I-I’ll just check the inside of the barrels. If there’s nothing to be guilty of, it’s okay!!」
「No problem. Please look as much as you like. I’m more worried about you. If you doubted us once more, we cannot trust you.」

Haruto said coldly.

「The most important thing in doing business is trust. Trust can’t be bought with money. Please keep that in mind while you inspect.」

Haruto said so and retreated.
The priest entered the ship with a blue face.

Open the barrel.

Open the barrel.






「All wine……」

Haruto shrugged.

But the priest did not give up.
「This is my job!! I will do it to the end. I will check all the ships!!」

The priest circulated all ships with Haruto and the inspectors.
As a result, the contents of all barrels were wine.

「I’m very sorry……」
「No, I don’t mind. It’s only your job. I’ve said too much.」

Haruto smiled.

「Okay, second barrier is clear!!」
「No way, there’s space under the floor……」

Kein appeared from the floor under the wine barrels.

「This ship is special. I thought I might use it someday……when I went out to sea. Thinking that I might get drunk to death so I prepared it.」
Rea made a mischievous smile.
Then she looked back at Haruto.

「Why did you have to provoke the priest?」
「Because he might peel under the floor so I planted guilt. To put it simply, I can’t have him breaking apart this ship.」

Half was like that. The other half was because he was really upset.

「The rest of the barrier just needs to be cleared in the same way. It’s easy.」

In the first place, Asuma Shokai has high credibility.
If they showed a certificate that they’ve been inspected at the port, most inspectors would end it with that.

They wanted to have fun, too.

In this way, they successfully cleared the 3rd, 4th, and 5th barrier, reaching their Claris head office.

「It’s really tough. It’s like the priest broke into someone’s house and was looking for blood.」
「Claris originally had a large number of military police……it can’t be helped.」
「Then let’s go to my parents’ house?」

Claris was dangerous.
Haruto decided to allow the Bergians to escape to the desert territory.

「So, how to make them escape? I don’t think it’ll go like in the ship……」
As expected, you can’t make a room under the carriage.

Haruto answered Rea’s question.

「Don’t worry, the road with the checkpoint isn’t the only road. Hey, Aisha.」
「Yup. We desert people know four safe routes to get into the Empire.」
「Isn’t that a big problem……」

Haruto employed many desert people.
They could cross the Great Mountains with their escort.

They’ll be safe once they got out.

「Well then, Kein-san. Until we meet again.」
「Yes. Anytime. Until the situation cooled down.」

At midnight, nine desert people escorts and 50 Bergians secretly crossed the border and fled to the desert territory.

They continued to propagate in the East until Emperor Westoria died and the repression of the Bergis weakened.
Due to their zealous evangelism, 30% of desert people worship Bergis.

After the death of Emperor Westoria, the Bergians, including Kein, returned to Claris and established their Bergian headquarters in Claris.
Kein became the first Pope.

The Bergis Church, headquartered in Claris, was later called the Eastern Church.

And the extremists who remained in Rosyth……
Fled to the catacombs under intense repression and continued their faith in hiding.

While raising hatred for the Imperial family……

After the death of Emperor Westoria, they founded the Bergis Temple, which would later be known as the Western Church.

As the Eastern Church promoted reconciliation with the Empire, the Western Church denied the Empire.

Both sides were violently hostile and both deemed the other heresy which deepened the conflict.

The struggle continued until the Eastern Church, backed by Emperor Erestia, defeated the Western Church, backed by the revolutionary army.

As an aside, some desert people who have reverted to Bergis began to propagate to the Eastern countries.
And it slowly became popular in Eastern countries.

Author’s Notes:
By the way, there’s a mysterious religion that equates Bergian’s God and angels with the Gods in Romano mythology. Romanos are polytheistic so any God is welcome.

DWBS SS7: Bergis Persecution II

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