DWBS SS8: Bergis Persecution III

「Let's get to the point. Is it true that Asuma Shokai donated to that wicked religion?」(Waaー, Asuma Shokai of all things……) Cecil asked Haruto. 「I don't know what you mean. Did I do something wrong?」 When Haruto looked over, Cecil raised a brow. 「I have a testimony. What if you confess quietly?」(The source came from … Continue reading DWBS SS8: Bergis Persecution III

DWBS 46: Assassination Guild

A/N: Today is a two chapter post. Be careful. If you haven’t read Chapter 44, click『Previous Chapter』! There’s an organization called the Assassination Guild. As the name suggests, it’s a Guild that carries out murder depending on the money. Assassin Guild was born about 150 years ago. The reason is the leadership struggle between Alto … Continue reading DWBS 46: Assassination Guild