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Cecil was in trouble.

She hated Bergians.
Her parents were killed by Bergians.

However, this didn’t mean that she wanted to kill all the Bergians.
Then it’d be the same as the Bergians who killed her parents.

A speech to the public needs some exaggeration.

That’s why her statement of 『In any case, the Bergians should be destroyed!』 was a bit exaggerated.

Cecil did not want to destroy the Bergis.
She didn’t think it’s something that could be destroyed even if she tried.

But she wished she could moderate the operation and limit the number a little bit.

However, Emperor Westoria was ready to kill them all.

Westoria was not a tyrant.
You could tell he’s a ruler with virtue if you listen in the streets.

The Empire’s two great names……

Romano Peninsula – The Great Emperor Almus I, who united the former Adernia Peninsula and founded the Romano Empire.
From there, the great Thunder Emperor Anders I, who expanded his territory at once, ruled the West and raised the Romano Empire to the World’s Greatest Empire.

Cecil believed he was just as great as both of them combined.

Emperor Westoria often listened to the advice of his vassals.
And never do any half-baked things that were impossible.

If it was the usual……

「What should I do……」
「I also want to ask that. In general, you’re to blame. Because you always insist……」

Asuka complained to Cecil.
By the way, the current status of Asuka was the Imperial Military Minister……it was a great success from the status of a slave.

「Because……I hate Bergians……」
「I know already. You always talk about that year……」

Asuka sighed deeply.

「You have to leave it alone. His Majesty will not stop.」
「Uhh, but if it’s like this……」

Cecil deeply sighed.

「Can’t we convince him?」
「Absolutely useless. Did you see his eyes? Those were eyes that will never forgive. His Majesty cannot stop.」

They both sighed.

「It’s no use……if we do this, we should do it thoroughly. I’ll try to cover it up as much as possible.」
「I will lend you the military police. I will cooperate as much as possible.」

If you eat poison, you might as well expel it out.

「I think it’s kind of passive, isn’t it?」
「Is that true?」
Roa looked at Haruto with suspicious eyes.

「It’s true. When that person was saying 『In any case, the Bergians should be destroyed』, he was thinking (You don’t have to kill everyone……it’s not possible to say that properly since it’s troublesome when the number increases.)」
「Hahh……if it’s Haruto’s 『Divine Blessing』 then it’s true……」

From Roa’s perspective, Cecil had the image of an extreme woman.

「We’ve talked when I delivered soap, but……she’s usually a nice person」
「I don’t think it has anything to do with the Bergians……well, with this, I’m convinced.」

Roa withdrew.

「In other words, there’s no possibility of Rea being killed, right?」
「Probably. I think she’s going to be made to do something related to the Bible……but if it’s Rea then she’ll step on it.」

Rea was difficult to flatter and she’s not a Bergian in the first place.
If she was told that it’ll help, she’ll gladly step on it.

「The problem is……」
They saw the friend that Rea brought.

Blonde hair.
Slightly shorter than Rea.
A moon necklace, the symbol of Bergis, was hung on the neck.

The woman bowed down to Haruto.

「I beg of you. Please help us. I will thank you in any number of ways. Have mercy……」
「Please raise your face and give your name.」
「It’s Kein!! Thank you!」
「No, I haven’t said that I’m helping yet.」

When Haruto said so, Kein turned her face down.

Ne~, Papa. It’s okay. Aren’t these guys not that bad?」
「Fool. Even if you help them, there are a hundred ways it could go wrong.」

In the first place, the treatment of Bergis was very bad.
Aside from the arson to the mausoleum this time, they did a lot of bad things.

Many Rosyth citizens were delighted by Westoria’s edict.
Of course, there were those who frowned, but even those who did were also thinking that it’s because of their own fault.

He also remembered a religious group that caused a stir in Japan a long time ago.
The treatment of Bergians was about the same.

「It roughly reflects on you too. It’s possible that your money has led to this terrorism……」
「It’s not!!」
Kein shouted.

「It’s an extremist who did those things. We are the moderate faction……we truly believe in our God but we do not deny the Gods that you believe in. I think it’s okay to have a lot of faiths.」
「That’s right. This incident was caused mainly by the extremists. At least Kein’s church didn’t do anything bad. Didn’t they take in orphans and raised them? She also cooks for the poor. They’re not bad people!」

Rea and Kein appealed to Haruto.
Haruto thought deeply.

Rea was a smart child.
She would not be easily deceived.

So, as Rea said, Kein and their sort were good people.

But in this case, the problem was not whether Kein was a good person or not.
What’s important was what the public thought.

Rumors that Asuma Shokai was helping the Bergians is damaging enough……what would happen if the rumor was the truth.
What if someone said that the donation from Asuma Shokai destroyed Etra’s mausoleum?

He’d be killed. Definitely.

If he agreed, it will also have a significant impact on sales.


「I understand. Let’s talk for now. But please don’t expect anything?」
「Yes!Thank you very much!!」
Kein bowed her head very low.

「Now then, the 12th Asuma Shokai executive meeting will now begin.」

Haruto gathered his executives and declared so.

The main members of the executive team were Dennis, Leon, Rea, and Haruto’s sons Zeff and Bruno along with Roa and Aisha.

「Now then, you’ll know the agenda from reading the report……it’s whether to protect the Bergis or not. First, Rea. I’ll hear what you have to say.」

At Haruto’s command, Rea rose up.

「I think we should help. Not everyone though. Just the moderates should be enough. Don’t get me wrong. Bergis is called bad on the streets……but they’re not all evil! I know because I studied Bergis’ teaching from a third party position. The Bergis’ doctrine is love. To love everyone and reach out when in need. It’s a religion that hopes to help the weak and make everyone happy and equal. The moderates are innocent. We should help them.」

Rea sat down after that.
Zeff immediately raised his hand.

Zeff has blond hair and brown skin.
He’s not as clever as Rea but had more business talent than her.

「Nee-san insists that they were innocent. But is that true? They have done repeated terrorist attacks. Even proclaiming that only their God is the true one and everything else was evil. Isn’t it dangerous to proclaim that the Gods in Romano mythology are demons? And that’s not enough. In the first place, their ideals even denied the Romano royalty who allegedly had God’s blood! That is enough to charge someone of treason. In fact, they have repeatedly committed arson and claimed they would not accept Imperial rule. They’re fundamentally dangerous!!」

Leon raised his hand to agree with Zeff’s statement.

「I agree. They’re dangerous. Well, no matter which religion people believe in, they are all selfish and we are Kirisians. Even if we don’t care about the Imperial family……it’s still dangerous to help them. What if the rumors arose that we have a deep relationship with them? Sales would plummet. In the first place, we have many enemies even without this. Isn’t it safer to quit?」

After Leon’s remarks, Rea rose again.

「That’s why I said that we should only help the moderates. They have not denied the Romano Gods. I think people should have their own way of thinking!!」
「Well, do you believe in the Romano Gods? I won’t know unless I meet them myself. Dad.」
「Got it. Rea, call her.」

Rea stood up at Haruto’s words to call for Kein.
After a while, Rea returned with Kein.

Zeff asked Kein.
「Can you honor the Romano gods? Can you pray to the Romano Gods? We can pray to the Bergian God. But we’re polytheistic. It doesn’t matter which God it is. What about you guys?」

Kein shook his head in response to Zeff’s question.
「No……we cannot pray to them because God, Our Father, is the only God.」
「See!! It’s no use. They’re dangerous.」

Kein exclaimed.
The eyes of everyone gathered on her.

「I won’t deny your faith. People are all equal before God. So no matter what God you believe in, everyone is equal. At least I think so.」

Kein looked around the executives.

「The extremists are funny. They are not Bergian. They are only using the Bergian religion. No religion must be denied. It’s an insult to those who believed in any religion. At the same time, I think the people who oppose Bergis are wrong. Yes, those who repeatedly arsoned should be arrested in accordance to the law. But we didn’t do anything! Is that allowed? In Romano, the rules are the law. The government said that there’s suspicion of National rebellion……we didn’t even consider such fearful things. We believe that we should pay taxes and swear allegiance to the Imperial family. We are the same citizens as the Empire. But we are being killed. Just because we believe in Bergis. Don’t you think it’s funny? Is this allowed? The law is meant to realize justice and maintain order. Is this justice? Is what’s being done to us justice!?」

Kein exclaimed and shouted desperately.
Her voice dominated the room.

「This is not just a Bergian issue. Once this is allowed, the same thing would be repeated. At some point, even the rights of the subjects, which should be immutable, will be violated. Can it be forgiven? One day, your descendants might be killed by the Empire for unreasonable reasons. Can you forgive it? Can you endure your freedom to do business to be infringed? No, you won’t. You’ll confront them. You won’t succumb!」

Kein said so then sat down.

The room was silent.

A hand rose.
It was Dennis.

「I think they should be protected. Apparently, Kein is not a fanatic. And she has a point. The Bergis is growing rapidly. Will this disappear with repression? No, it will not go away. Rather, the suffering will lead to extra worship. In that case, the number of Bergis would increase further. If we reached out, they would thank us forever. This will be a big plus in the future.」

When Dennis said so and sat down, Bruno stood up.

He’s a child who inherited the same dark hair as Haruto.
His skin color was also similar to Haruto.

「In the first place, helping those who are in trouble is not the basic principle of Asuma Shokai. But we are making a huge donation to the orphanage and didn’t get any returns. 『The good you do for others is good you do yourself』 right? I think we should help. Forsaking the innocent about to be killed, there is nothing more sinful.」

Bruno quietly sat after saying that.

Haruto looked at Aisha and Roa.
They shook their heads.

Haruto quietly opened his mouth.
「Even if we’re not attached to it, I think the Bergis should survive……do you mean it that way?」

Haruto looked around the room.
No one objected.

「Then make a decision. In favor of protecting the Bergis!」

Seven hands raised at once.

Author’s Notes:

Next time, how to escape Cecil’s pursuit!!
By the way, there are many more Asuma Shokai executives and Haruto’s sons but they did not appear this time.
Since it was an emergency, they only had a meeting with the members that are in Rosyth.

Well then, let me advertise.
My new work, 『Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles』 had been posted.
It shared the same world view with Different World Business. It’s a story of the past.
The content is the so-called internal affairs cheat. And war. Then establishing a country. The protagonist is 『Aitsu』.
One thing to note. The geography has changed slightly due to the author’s circumstances. Specifically, Ringa disappeared and merged with Claris. For more information, see 『Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles』.
I hope you read it.

DWBS SS6: Bergis Persecution I
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