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In this way, at three in the afternoon, during the hottest part of the day in summer, after taking a shower and wearing a pink sling dress, Yi Ti stepped out the door without an umbrella and holding a rag doll——according to her current situation, she actually didn’t need an umbrella. After the marrow cleansing and the breathing exercises, she successfully obtained the prop “fair, no acne, no freckles, and unaging skin”.

Besides, even if it’s really tanned, there are many applicable prescriptions from the elder, so there’s no need to worry about this kind of thing.

Cough, of course, if someone had said that to her before, she’d beat the other person up. Unconsciously, she seemed to have become an object of resentment.

The mind of the goddess of fate is really unpredictable.

Office workers are usually at work at this time while the people at home are also less likely to go out due to the sun. Thanks to this, Yi Ti didn’t receive that many strange eyes on the road.

She walked out of the alley and stepped into the street she’d been to before. She chose a supermarket that looked small but relatively close. The name of the supermarket is very interesting, it is called——”Family Supermarket”.

Walking inside, she could feel the air-conditioner blowing, and it gave her a little chill. She could not help but tighten the arm holding the “rag doll”. Soon, a warm heat came from it.

Yi Ti: “…I’m not mistaken, right?”

While whispering, she looked around and found that the boss didn’t seem to be near the checkout counter. So she found a basket and walked into the supermarket on her own.

Small but complete in every detail, the same is true for this supermarket.

Not only is the floor spotless, but the location is also very reasonable, and the produce and meat looked very fresh.

For a long time, she bought a lot of things with Cecil. When she was secretly calculating in her mind, Yi Ti suddenly remembered that she’d been eating air and sitting on the mountain all this time. If she went on like this, she’d starve to death. Master, probably to not attract attention, left her ID and bank card in the space. The amount inside should be quite a lot. However, if not necessary, she didn’t intend to use that money. And, although being a rice weevil has always been her dream, because Master had given her too much, she really can’t squander the inheritance she left behind.

It seems that, after succeeding in making the primary potions, she can start the flower shop again. However, it appears that a business license and tax registration certificate are required. But she heard that it would be more convenient to have a self-employed business license…she’ll ask in two days.

Half an hour later, she carried a full basket while holding Cecil. She went to the checkout counter but unexpectedly saw a familiar figure.

Black suit, white shirt, red bow tie, combed black hair, shiny cuffs, straight trouser seams…

The words “obsessive-compulsive disorder” came to mind, and it was easy to see.

“What a coincidence.” The young man who had been sitting at the checkout counter saw her. His eyes brightened, and he went as far as to stand up and bowed like a gentleman, “Miss unnamed beautiful lady.”

Yi Ti: “…” Did she have to curtsy in reply? Don’t be like this, it’s so weird!

Fortunately, the other party didn’t seem to expect anything from her. He only said: “Since God allowed us to meet for the second time, can you tell me your name?”

Yi Ti: “……” here we go again! The most annoying thing in her life is to introduce her name to others, not one bit! However, it’s rude to say nothing, so she said, “My surname is Yi, the Yi (易) from rongyi (容易).”

“Miss Yi?” The young man replied with a smile. “What a coincidence? My surname is Xue, and my full name is Xue Rong, the rong is also from rongyi. Since there is such fate, do you want to stay and have some afternoon tea together?” During the speech, he made a “please” gesture.

Yi Ti found out that she didn’t even know when a tea table was set up behind the checkout counter. Hand-embroidered tablecloths are placed on top with a delicate porcelain tea set and a three-tier snack tray. Her mouth twitched, she really didn’t want to agree with the other party’s invitation. Because——their styles are entirely inconsistent!

“Xue Ye, since when did you change your name? Why didn’t I know?” A voice suddenly came from the door.

Yi Ti turned her head and found that it wasn’t someone else but that Liang Chen teenager. He’s still dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, but he didn’t wear an apron. His hands are in his trouser pockets as he stared provocatively at the young man. “You change your name so frequently but can you change your ID card?”

Although he’s very difficult to get along with, Yi Ti has the feeling of seeing a relative at this moment because she would rather spend time with this teenager than drink tea with the young man who’s obviously worlds apart from her.

The young man known as Xue Ye wasn’t embarrassed at his lie being torn apart and only answered with a smile: “If you tell this kind of thing一一others will doubt our relationship. Do you really want to do this?”

Yi Ti thought that when he said the word “relationship”, his tone was very ambiguous.

The teenager was stunned and showed an expression as if he’d eaten flies. He no longer ignored her as he went into the supermarket and held Yi Ti’s wrist: “Let’s go!”

“My groceries…”

“Let him clean up!” When Liang Chen said that, his eyes fell on the Spongebob doll on Yi Ti’s hands. He showed an expression of dislike, “You unexpectedly bought this kind of tasteless doll, do you really want to make an exhibition of yourself?”

Yi Ti felt an arrow to her knee: “…this is what I brought.”

“…” The voice of the teenager paused, but soon he shouted in a louder voice, “Holding such a big doll in the summer, are you a dummy?”

Yi Ti: “…” Why are you so angry, you’re not the one holding it.

Soon, the teenager pulled Yi Ti out of the supermarket under the smiling eyes of the young man. After walking some distance, he yanked his hand, even wiped it a few times on his body, and snappily asked, “Why would you go to that supermarket? Didn’t I tell you not to approach him before? Or did you see his handsome face and took the initiative to go to his door?”

Hearing the same words, Yi Ti is not as angry as she was last time. Probably because she believed in her master’s judgment and discovered that the other party is not a bad person. But even so, she didn’t know how to answer. She eventually replied, “You’re also good-looking.”

“…” The teenager once again showed an expression of eating flies. “I’m not interested in you.”

“I’m not interested in minors.” Yi Ti replied slyly. As a former teacher, she still has the most basic integrity, and she won’t be accused of doing this.

The teenager listened to her words and was furious, “Which eyes did you see that I wasn’t a mature adult?!”

“…ah?” No matter which one…

“Is there a problem with your eyes? I am twenty-three years old!”

“Oh?” No, no way? Isn’t he as old as her? She felt her self-esteem get hit.

“Why’s your expression as if the sky is falling?”


“In short, don’t say I’m a minor! Otherwise, I’ll——” The teenager said this, held back, and after his lips trembled twice, finally connected his words, “I’ll never sell food for you anymore!”

Yi Ti: = =

“No, now is not the time to say this,” The teenager…no, it should be the young man who looked like a teenager suddenly found that they’d derailed from the topic, so he pulled it back, “What are you doing in that guy’s supermarket?”

“I didn’t know it was Mr. Xue’s supermarket. When I went in, there was no one at the checkout counter.”

Liang Chen was stunned then he snorted: “Now that you know, just stay away from that place!”

Yi Ti did not like others interfering with her life, but since Master said that she could trust this Liang Chen person, she also decided to believe the other party’s judgment, so she solemnly nodded: “Alright.”

“…” Liang Chen didn’t expect her to be so decisive and sincerely promised him, so he stayed in place for a while.

Yi Ti also took the opportunity to ask: “Right, which supermarket can I visit nearby? The quality should be good and the price reasonable.”

“Go forward 50 or 60 meters, there’s a Family Hongguang Supermarket. The groceries there and the boss are not bad.” Liang Chen extended his thumb to point the direction. He didn’t feel anything wrong with the groceries and the boss there. Then said, “By the way, why are you buying so many things?”

Yi Ti made a hollow laugh: “Isn’t today August 15th of the Gregorian calendar?” Although even she felt that her words are entirely unconvincing.

“…” Shouldn’t it be the 15th day of the lunar calendar? Are there humans who used the Gregorian calendar? He had never heard of similar customs. He coughed, “Well, it’s true that it’s time to celebrate.” In short, it should still be right.

Yi Ti: “…” Ha? Why’s this guy a little weird? He’s like Cecil who had no common sense.

Perhaps because of the awkward atmosphere, Liang Chen’s mouth twitched, and he turned very decisively, “I’m going back.”

“Oh, bye, and also, thank you for today.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” The tender-faced young man gave her an angry stare, “I just happened to pass by, not to help you.”

“…I know.”

He…must have no female friends!

After that, Yi Ti took Cecil to the supermarket introduced by Liang Chen and bought groceries before returning home. She didn’t encounter any troubles on the road. However, when she got back, she found that Cecil seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. She was about to ask something when she suddenly saw him slipping down to the sofa and turning into a human appearance.

Looking at him…how come he’s so familiar?

Yi Ti was doubtful. Cecil is also very nervous. Listening to her conversations just now, she seemed to like a handsome appearance. According to his research, the shape he used now should be the ideal shape of all women on Earth, so…there should be no problem?

She had done so much for him, and he wanted to do something for her as much as possible.

Although it’s really trivial.

“Ah!” At this time, Yi Ti clapped her hands, “Professor!” That’s right, isn’t he the protagonist from “You Came From The Stars”.

Cecil sighed and cautiously asked, “Do you like this?”

Yi Ti said “oh” and seriously looked at the fully transformed alien. Finally, she couldn’t suppress it: “Hahahahaha! Hahahaha!” No, she’s dying. It was the blue jelly version with a height of less than one meter, this is giving her a stomachache!

“…” QAQ


small but complete in every detail – the sparrow may be small, but all its vital organs are there (idiom)

rice weevil – sponger, parasite

the sky is falling – heaven falls and earth rends (idiom), rocked by a major disaster, (fig.) violent revolution, major social upheaval

Alien 10: Awfully Reserved Gentleness
Alien 12: Moonlit Night Attack

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