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Yi Ti’s behavior seemed subtly misunderstood. Chu Yan, who’s also a plant cultivator, paid special attention to the herb and considered them to be suspicious. She agilely pulled out a short knife about ten centimeters long from the scabbard tied to her thigh. The shape of the blade resembled a flame, glowing red and made from an unknown material.

“Hey! What are you trying to do?”

Almost instantly, a flame emerged from the short knife that Chu Yan tightly held.

As “Red”‘s granddaughter, she’s also very talented in fire spells. If evaluated using ancient methods, she definitely possessed both fire and wood spirit roots. This kind of root bone usually had unique advantages in alchemy. A pity that in the modern era, pill recipes had been largely lost and herbs had become extinct. This talent could only be wasted.

At this moment, Lu Kong subconsciously called out: “Wait……” Although he didn’t know what Yi Ti wanted to do, he trusted her.

But it wasn’t him who really moved.

Or rather, he hadn’t had time to shoot yet, when it was over.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yan’s hands and body were entangled with a few strands of black hair. The dagger that had originally shone in flames fell to the ground. Without constant aura, the flame went out.

“Let me go!” Suddenly caught, Chu Yan struggled, flames blazing all around her body. Although her clothing made of fire-resistant materials were not damaged, the surrounding wooden furniture was already lit with the floor also blackened. No doubt, she wanted to break the hairs on her body, “Let go!” Surprisingly, the seemingly fragile hair showed no signs of burning, as if it were not hair at all.

“Sorry,” The owner of the hair looked at her sincerely as he whispered, “But I won’t let you hinder Xiao Ti.”

It all happened in a split second, making the others too late to react.

Yi Ti, who had already run to the Golden Snow Patterned Grass, saw this situation and immediately lifted the aura restraining technique on her body, letting her aura spread. Since learning the art of aura convergence, she stayed “normal” almost all the time. However, she forgot that although she could “merge with the crowd” under normal circumstances, when practitioners meet, a person with no aura was the odd one out.

If not, there wouldn’t be a misunderstanding right now.

She kept her aura at the level of Qi Condensation because cultivators in the Foundation Establishment would bring coercion to others. She didn’t want to be too noticeable.

Chu Yan stiffened, her pupils shrinking: “You……are also a cultivator?”

Yi Ti didn’t speak. Rather than explain in words, it’s better to express it with actions.

In the next moment, a green drop appeared on her palm. With a flick of her fingers, it fell into the flowerpot.

Immediately after, a startling scene appeared——the herb, which was just a sprout, suddenly stretched out its body, as if time was fast-forwarded.

Lu Kong had wide-open eyes. Although he expected it, he didn’t expect that she could do this.

Shi JingLe still had a lazy expression, but he didn’t realize that the cigarette case on his hand had fallen to the ground.

Grandpa Lu, who had been deliberately weakening his presence and watching the “youngsters” slightly raised a brow, raising the corner of his mouth thoughtfully.

The one who reacted the most was Chu Yan who was also a plant cultivator. She opened her mouth, not even noticing that the hair binding her had come undone, murmuring: “How can that be……”

And Cecil, who had already witnessed this “miracle,” was probably the calmest of the crowd. Then again, he seemed calm at all times.

As the spiritual liquid dripped continuously, the Golden Snow Patterned Grass, which had just sprouted, soon showed signs of maturity. Her dantian operated subconsciously, constantly absorbing external aura to replenish the loss. For a while, the others had the feeling that the surrounding aura was absorbed.

This phenomenon was not something they hadn’t seen before. It’s just that, when it appeared on a young woman, it’s not quite right.

“Lu……” Yi Ti originally wanted to call Grandpa Lu, but after thinking about it, she didn’t know what to call him, so she decisively changed it, “Kong! Where are the other herbs in the prescription?”

“Ah? Oh, right! Old man, where is it?”

Lu WenRui clapped his hands. The next moment, A’Suan came in with a basket in its mouth, running quickly toward the center of the crowd. There were several jade boxes in the small basket, no doubt, the herbs were preserved in it. In addition, there were also several small vials.

Looking at the herbs that had been picked, Yi Ti slightly frowned, she didn’t even notice it. After getting used to taking some from the herbs and feeding them back each time, she had a subconscious aversion to this direct harvesting of herbs.

But it’s obviously not the time to think about these now.

She moved her fingers slightly and then a few balls of green liquid appeared above the jade boxes.

It could be seen from the difficulty of finding one herb that this prescription belonged to the primary level. Fortunately, A’Jiang’s soul should only be slightly damaged, otherwise, it wouldn’t last for so long. So using this would completely cure him, and this potion was not a big problem for Yi Ti who had been used to refining potions. Quickly, the prepared solution slid down to the porcelain bottle at her motions.

She closed the lid, and placed the bottle next to the flower pot: “All done.”

“D-done?” Lu Kong, who first reacted, was a bit dumbfounded: “That’s it?” He thought it would be cooler. In the end, she just moved her fingers, mixed lumps of liquid……and that’s it?

If he didn’t know that she wouldn’t joke about such a thing, he almost shouted: “Are you kidding me?”

Yi Ti nurtured the Golden Snow Patterned Grass that was debilitated because of the extracted essence, then quietly said: “What else do you want?” Make her jump back and forth with a rune?

“Uh……what should we do next?”

“……drink it, ah.” You think it’s for bathing?

“Oh-oh,” Lu Kong picked up the bottle, holding it halfway, “Wrong, it’s not for me, it’s for A’Jiang!”

Yi Ti: “……” I’m crying over your stupidity.

Then, he ran to the back room with A’Cong and A’Suan, keeping his little partner away from the sight of everyone.

She didn’t feel anything just now, but once it’s over, Yi Ti found the atmosphere a bit awkward. She glanced left and right, and finally fell on a certain alien——Cecil, help!

The young man, who received the distress signal, immediately started his rescue mission. His hair moved slightly, then covered Yi Ti entirely, almost like an ink-black baby silkworm.

Everyone else: “……”

Soon after, they stared blankly as the black silkworm bag was dragged away……dragged away……dragged away……

To chase or not to chase, that is the question!

After a long silence, Grandpa Lu suddenly chuckled, breaking the silence in the house. He whispered with a nostalgic expression: “Truly a disciple of that guy.” Before, he thought she was too shy, now, it seemed like this “unusual method” was the same as that woman.

Shi JingLe lightly touched the cigarette case on the ground then picked it up. He flicked the bottom with a finger and expertly held up a cigarette. With the flash of a fire, he looked pensive.

“That guy?” Chu Yan’s face changed dramatically, “She’s the disciple of『Orange』?” That……the disciple of that “Orange” who refused to teach her?

Regardless of what “everyone was thinking,” Yi Ti, as the party involved, felt really unwell!

She desperately pulled on the hair around her: “What are you doing!”

Cecil, who had taken her back to the courtyard, stopped. He put the baby silkworm in his arms to the ground, loosened his hair, then seriously answered: “This way other people can’t see you.” If he didn’t guess wrong, what Xiao Ti thought at that time should be: “Don’t look at me like that! Can I just disappear?” That’s why he made such a move.

Yi Ti: “……” She really thought that, but doing it like this……isn’t it worse than before? ! And, “can’t you just use a more normal method? !”

“For example?”

“For example, cover me with your clothes!”

As soon as she said that, someone became instantly shy. He blushingly whispered: “Isn’t that bad?”

Yi Ti saw this and found that this guy was only wearing a long-sleeved shirt. It’d be really bad if he took it off. But……(-‸ლ)! I was already shamed, why would he act shy now? !


Can she still talk to them after this? !

Alien 102: From Hope To Despair
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