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Although speechless, things have already happened. Can she reverse time? No.

“Xiao Ti, sorry.” An alien, who knew he had done wrong, faithfully apologized in despair.

“……forget it, you meant to help me too.” Yi Ti reached out her hand, “But after today, you can’t do such a thing in front of ordinary people.”

Cecil leaned down obediently, letting her hand fall on his head: “En, I know.” He was attributed as “abnormal” in the minds of other people. While he was hiding in the trash bins, he was well aware of it.

“All right, all right.” She patted his head, “Speaking of which, Cecil, thank you for blocking her at that time. You really helped me!”



“That’s great.” The young man laughed contentedly.

Yi Ti felt deeply that an alien was really easy to coax. Sometimes, just a sentence could make him happy for a long time. But……that’s also cute.

Shortly after, Lu Kong hurriedly came and brought good news, “A’Jiang woke up!” He even added, “Can you sell me the potion you gave me before? It seems to have an effect.”

“Are you rich?” Yi Ti replied half-jokingly.

“I’m not, but my grandpa is!” Lu Kong replied with the momentum of, “My grandfather is Li Gang.” “So despite your high prices, this money is payment for your hard work!”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, someone is cheating, he’s a pit master!

Lu Kong then said: “A’Cong and A’Suan also want to thank you very much. However, they still didn’t want to part with A’Jiang, so they asked me to give you this.” As he talked, he spread his palm, in it was a green feather and a small bone.

“This is……” Yi Ti picked it up curiously, “What is it?”

“Feather and bones!”

“……” You think I don’t know that just by looking at it?

“Cough, cough,” Someone coughed twice, then explained, “A’Cong’s feathers can be used as materials for making magic weapons, it’s also very valuable when sold. As for this bone, it’s A’Suan’s collection.”

Yi Ti: “……” The dog collects……bones?

“According to him, it’s passed down from his grandpa’s grandpa, called an heirloom!”

Yi Ti: “……” And so?

“Although I don’t know what animal bones this is, no matter how wild they are, the bone is intact, so it should be a good thing!”

Yi Ti suddenly felt an urge to wash her hands, because she didn’t know how many times this bone was baptized with saliva. Can she refuse it?

“Right, the old man wants to see you alone.”

“See me?”

“En.” Lu Kong nodded then said with a concerned face, “Be careful, my old man isn’t a good person.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, does anyone say this about their grandpa?

But when she really sat in front of Grandpa Lu, she did feel some pressure. Although the “old man” in front looked like a middle-aged person with a smiling and kind expression, she couldn’t relax in front of him.

“Do you hate me?”

Yi Ti did not expect that this was the first sentence between them.

But before she answered, the Lu family Patriarch in front of her said with a bit of nostalgia: “Your master hates me, often saying that she wanted to wash my face with her fists, so as not to show this disgusting expression again.”

“……” Master……what have you done……TAT

“Is she okay?”

Yi Ti slightly froze, then her expression faded: “She’s gone.” After inheriting everything from her master, she thought about it more than once. If, at that time, she turned decisively and left the flower shop, would everything be different now?

“……gone?” Lu WenRui gathered the smile on his face and sat up straight. His eyes inadvertently sharpened, “What happened?” He couldn’t imagine that brutal woman being “gone” one day, because everyone who knew her would feel——even if you die, she certainly won’t die.

Just looking at each other, Yi Ti actually felt stung by the other’s eyes. But she did not evade, and answered honestly: “I didn’t know the specifics, I only inherited everything after master left.”

“So……” Lu WenRui’s body relaxed again, “You haven’t seen her “gone”?”

“Yes.” Yi Ti nodded.

“It’s really her style.” Lu WenRui laughed softly, “Then you have to be prepared for her to pop out suddenly.”

“……” Although she’s not clear what that meant, Yi Ti felt that this seemed to be the first time she saw a heartfelt smile from the old man’s face.

Grandpa Lu stared at Yi Ti’s surprised expression, saying: “She’d done this kind of thing before. In the end, everyone thinks that trusting her is a foolish thing.”

“……” Master, are you really alive?

“It seems you don’t know the past of your master, want to hear it?”


For the next while, Yi Ti listened to everything Lu WenRui said.

In her memory, her master was a kind, gentle and good-natured elder, but in the mouth of Grandpa Lu, that didn’t seem to be the case at all. Beautiful, strong, spirited, confident to the point of conceit, grumpy and violent in solving problems……it’s almost like a different person. But to her, in the letters left, perhaps some clues had already been revealed.

And so, Yi Ti didn’t notice any sense of contradiction. Or rather, as the narrative progressed, the image of her master gradually broadened in her mind.

Don’t know how much time passed, the Lu family patriarch stopped narrating, then summed it up by saying: “Your master is a really unlikeable woman.” As he said so, he looked in a trance, as if still immersed in memories.

However, Yi Ti, who didn’t agree, answered subconsciously: “I think you like her very much.” She felt it from reading in between the lines…… after saying so, she suddenly came back to her senses, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to……”

Lu WenRui, who had also sobered up, looked at her with a smile: “She also loved to poke at people like this, you’re really like your master.”

Yi Ti: “……sorry.” TAT

“It’s not just like.” Grandpa Lu sighed, “The biggest trait of your master is that stubborn mouth, she’ll never admit it even if she’s wrong. How did I like such a woman then? I really can’t understand the strange taste of my youth.”

Yi Ti: “……” So you really liked her! Wait, could it be that when they’re young……

“No.” Grandpa Lu calmly said, “I was rejected by your cold-hearted master.”

Yi Ti: “……” I won’t be killed, right? !

“Don’t worry, I won’t attack you.”

Yi Ti: “……” Can this guy read my mind?

“I don’t read minds, it’s just that your expression is too easy to read.”

Yi Ti: “……” (つω⊂ )!

“I didn’t expect that years later, my grandson would be rejected by her apprentice, really useless.”

Yi Ti: “……” He even knew that?

“Of course,” Lu WenRui laughed again. The charm of mature men was revealed in this smile, “Living a long time, of course, there’s more I know. I’ll give you what my grandson promised earlier, rest assured. And also this,” He took out a card, pushing it in front of Yi Ti, “accept it.”

“This is?”

“Half of them are the『medical expenses』from this time. Don’t refuse. As someone in the circle, you can’t mess with the rules. According to your level, you deserve to have this much.”

Yi Ti remembered that her master said the same thing, so she nodded decisively, then asked again: “What about the other half?”

“It’s for his living expenses. If he asked you to borrow money again, just deduct it from this. Giving it directly to him, you already know the consequences.”

Yi Ti looked at the sky: Strange that it’s clear, right?

Lu WenRui continued: “That stinky boy already talked to you about cooperation, right? In the future, the medical expenses will also be credited here. Rest assured, even if it’s expensive, the money was deducted from his dad’s living expenses and new year’s money.”

Yi Ti: “……” This is the legendary pitted by grandson, I pit my son? She instantly understood the hard work of Lu Kong for many years as she wiped her cold sweat, “This is not necessary, just the original price……uh, 20% off.” Anyway, this is also an old acquaintance of master, so it’s really embarrassing not to discount.

Grandpa Lu was not polite, agreeing in a good mood. Incidentally, Yi Ti could now enjoy a 30% discount forever in the Lu family industries. She could even bully his grandson or whatever, just don’t let him die!

Yi Ti was speechless.

The conversation ended.

After leaving the study, she saw that Lu Kong was using Cecil as a pillar, going around him nervously. Don’t know why, she had the feeling that he’d raise his leg then……cough cough cough, you know.

She put a fist on her mouth, then lightly coughed.

When Lu Kong saw her, his eyes brightened, then he immediately rushed up and asked: “The old man didn’t say anything weird to you or do anything weird?” He was really worried that the old man would talk about him “entering the household as a concubine.” He could really say that! How should he face her after that!

Yi Ti: “……” Is it okay to call your grandpa a pervert?

After Yi Ti repeatedly promised that Grandpa Lu just talked to her normally, someone was relieved, but then screamed out: “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone so refreshed after talking to him.” Then he asked softly, “You tell the truth, when he talked badly, did you beat him to make him obedient? Where is it? Is it serious? Did it cool your bad mood? Can I do it too?” He wanted to poke poke poke for a long time!

Yi Ti: “……” Don’t do this to your grandpa okay? !

She felt that facing this pair of grandpa and grandson, she’d always become speechless!

Alien 103: She's Also A Plant Cultivator
Alien 105: Awakening New Hobby

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