Alien 107: Unfortunate Duo

Alien 106: Desolate Winds Amidst Winter
Alien 108: Turned Out To Be A Comrade

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:07

Is XiaoTian in? How about Aggregate?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:11

Are you there?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:13

Anyone here? Anyone here? Anyone here?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:16

(*´σー`) picks nose)Have you finally awakened your gay guy attribute and decided to bravely confess your inner self?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:18


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:18


Formaldehyde was really speechless. As soon as he went to work this morning, he learned that the contract information was leaked and suddenly felt unwell. Although it wasn’t his fault, it also illustrated the problem of their poor management.

But he also couldn’t hide it. According to reliable information, The Tidal boss actually went to Russia to dig their talent! What kind of spirit was this?!

Although his target was most likely Long XiaoTian, it’s estimated that Aggregate’s relevant information was also leaked, so he thought it would be better to talk to both of them.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:26

You two, I am so sorry. Your personal information was leaked by someone in our company to another website.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:29

Internal affairs?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:34


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:34

Leaked information?

Yi Ti was stunned, then saw a long list of apology messages sent by Formaldehyde. Although she was not surprised, she was also not angry. WeiFeng obviously did not want this kind of thing. Moreover, her personal information was fake so the other party obviously couldn’t find her just with this.


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:55

Is my ID information leaked?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:08:10

I don’t have this. We have always kept those things separately. Only the address and phone number in the contract were leaked.

Yi Ti was relieved. Although the ID information could be found in the system, if they really “looked for a fine horse using only a picture (to try and find sth with the help of a clue), they most likely wouldn’t find anything. As for the address and phone, she had already surrendered the latter while the former…… would anyone go to Russia specifically to find her? Obviously impossible!

As she thought so, who knew——

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:08:17

I got a message this morning, it seemed like the boss of The Tidal came to you in person.

The reason Formaldehyde said so was: first, this matter couldn’t be hidden, and second, he wanted to be the first to reveal that the boss of The Tidal had an “ulterior motive” and even made the first “move”, so this could be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Yi Ti: “……” Ha??

Hey hey, are you kidding me? That guy actually went to Russia?

She suddenly felt unwell and quickly asked: “Cecil, is the address you made for me liveable?” When she got found out, how would she explain it then?

Cecil searched for a while then answered: “Not before. It has now been converted into a public toilet.”


“It’s a public toilet.”

“……” You really don’t need to explain it so seriously!

Yi Ti vomits blood.

Is this really okay?

Although it wasn’t Yi Ti’s fault from beginning to end, she still silently lit a candle for the legendary boss. Sorry……my condolences!

It wasn’t her fault!

In this silent and speechless atmosphere, Yi Ti suddenly received a call. The caller ID was unknown. She was quite surprised because, to be honest, her mobile phone usage was not high. Usually, only her brother would call her frequently. Except for this, her old schoolmates and colleagues would send text messages to each other on holidays so every “unknown number” call was very rare. Of course, 99% were either advertisements or harassment.

She thought so but after picking up……


“Miss Yi? It’s me.”

“……” Who is “me”? The latest scam? Was her user information leaked? But it sounded familiar. Yi Ti thought for a moment then asked tentatively, “Mr. Shi?”


“……this isn’t your number, right?” They exchanged phone numbers before and she remembered it was stored on her phone.

“Is it?” There was a small crackling sound, “Oh, you’re right, I got it wrong.”

“……can I help you?”

“I picked up an unlucky kid by the road and your number was in their pocket. Would you like to come and see him?”

“……what?” How could anyone pick up people these days? Liang Chen picked up little Hong Ye, she picked up a lady ghost, Shi JingLe picked up an unlucky child……is this a worldwide person picking year? No, there’s obviously no such thing! Wrong, that’s not the point. The point was, “What kind of child?” Is it little Hong Ye? But Liang Chen’s phone should be in his pocket.

“A little priest with a cinnabar mole between their eyebrows.”

Yi Ti was stunned then immediately reacted. Wasn’t this the young Taoist Jing Yuan who once asked her for her money? She remembered that she did give him her number. Wait, “picked up by you? That means he……”

“Yes, he’s seriously injured and in a coma. Want to see him?”

Yi Ti froze then gave a positive answer.

It’s okay not to know such things but once she knew, she couldn’t let it go. And to be honest, her impression of the young priest was still good.

Unfortunately, when she answered the phone, Cecil just went out to buy food.

Yi Ti wasn’t sure when he’d be back (several times he did not return until noon in order to buy satisfactory dishes), so she left a note by the computer. It stated why she went out and where she was going. After this, she started thinking seriously about buying a phone for Cecil, at least she could call directly when encountering such a situation.

Before getting ready to go out, Yi Ti thought about it then took out the white jade sword that the little priest had given her as “mortgage” and tucked it into her bag.

By the way, the thin wool skirt she wore, the wool bag in her hand, the wool tie on her head and the wool accessories on her wrists……all were Cecil’s craftsmanship!

After using it, Yi Ti felt she’s all plushy……wrong, very cute!

Especially when wearing this to deliver her potions and was praised by both Pei Ling and Pei Xue. When asked “where to buy” it, her vanity was greatly satisfied, especially when she answered “my family’s Cecil knitted it for me” with pride. Hehehe, of course, she belonged to the “no need to hide” type. In short, she seemed calm but she was giggling internally.

And while she was happy, two people were baptized by her.

Yes, these two were the boss and secretary of The Tidal.

After a night of travel, they finally arrived in Russia in the morning. Although they prepared in advance, they, who’d always lived in the south, still trembled slightly under the cold autumn air, like they have Parkinson.

After a while of getting used to it, the boss took a deep breath of fresh air from a foreign country, and couldn’t help being poetic: “Ah~ Russia in autumn!”

The secretary silently took out his notebook, preparing to record the masterpiece of the boss, otherwise, his wages would be deducted. But he waited for a long time and didn’t hear the next sentence so he couldn’t help asking: “Boss, what’s next?”

“It’s over!”


“This is a short poem,” the boss gave him a scornful look as his belly went forward, “After following me for so long, you’re still uncultured!”

Secretary: “……” Just like every time before, he really wanted to use the notebook in his hand to smash this guy’s head and let him know who’s without culture! But considering his salary, he silently endured his inner urge.

The two walked out of the airport then hired a taxi to get to their destination.

They just got in the car when the driver turned back and asked: “Where to?” While talking, his breath smelled of alcohol.

Boss: “……you ask him if he’s been drinking!”

The secretary asked.

The brawny driver replied: “It’s okay. It’s just a cup!”

The secretary turned to the boss and explained: “The Russian Anti-Alcohol Law provides that the driver’s maximum drinking is limited to a glass of beer. He only had a cup.”

“A cup is still no good, do they even know safe driving? Let him park, we’ll walk!”

The secretary did what he said then the two saw the driver look at them in the rearview mirror. His right hand slowly moved to his pocket as he asked, word by word: “Are you sure you want to get off?”

Then they remembered, this was a nation famous for their “brawls”!

They quickly shook their head like a rattle.

The driver smiled with satisfaction, took out the bottle from his pocket then took a proud sip: “Guys, let’s go!”

Two people: “……” What about just having a cup?

Immediately, the boss and secretary realized the feeling of “interstellar” travel.

After the car was stopped forcibly by the traffic police due to a collision, they have almost become two dumplings. Looking at the driver yelling “I only had one drink! One drink!”, they had no energy to deal with the traffic police.

They exhausted all efforts and finally reached their destination.

The boss looked at the familiar and unfamiliar building in front of him. Smelling the faint odor coming out, he asked with a trembling voice: “Are you sure the address is here?”

The secretary took a closer look then nodded: “Yes, it’s here.”

“……” By now, the boss realized that he was fooled by WeiFeng!

He traveled thousands of miles just to see a toilet?

What a joke!!!

This indignation filled his heart and made him uncontrollably shout: “Wei Feng! I swear to you!!!!!!!”


“Long XiaoTian! You wait for me!!!!!!” If not for him, how could he fall to such a sad situation???


“Wei Feng……” The boss paused, “where’s the voice over?” He looked around and found that the secretary had walked several meters away. He couldn’t help but ask, “What are you running for?” As he expressed his emotions, he should be encouraging him as a little brother.

The secretary trembled and said: “Boss, bear!”

“You’re a bear!” The boss was furious.

“No, there’s a bear!”

The boss subconsciously turned back……

Most people walked dogs and cats while the Russians, as a brawling nation, had bears! Just a stroll outside could lead to some accidents. For example, the chain might suddenly loosen and the mask suddenly fell.

Like the one in front of him.

And, it seemed to be attracted by the roar of the boss who looked exactly like a bear as it shouted: “Roar!!!” It also approached this “little friend” while calling out.

Boss: “……” Help!!!

When it came to this moment, someone wobbled out of the toilet and suddenly held his shoulders, murmuring: “Hey, man, you’re really black.”


Boss: “……”

Secretary: “……”

“Hey, man, you are so warm.”


Boss: “……”

Secretary: “……”

“Hey, man, why won’t you answer me?” said the guy as he stretched out his hand and punched the bear. The latter was stunned then slapped the former.

Boss: “……”

Secretary: “……”

no zuo no die, why you try!

But what happened next stunned them. The guy who was slapped to the ground actually got up, rushed straight toward the bear and brawled with it!

“Report the alarm!” The boss shouted!

“Good, good, good, good!”

But what happened after made them stunned again. That guy actually won!

He actually knocked the bear down. Then shouted again and again!

The guy staggered then walked towards the startled two.

“Hey, you two are accomplices of this guy, right? Let’s have a go.”



“Then I’m coming!”

“Wait a minute……”



“Wei Feng! You and I are irreconcilable!!!!!!”

“Long XiaoTian! You wait for me!!!!!!”

Translator’s Notes:

no zuo no die, why you try – Chinglish for “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it”. “zuo” is a Chinese character meaning ‘act silly or daring (for attention)’

There’s a fun song/poem with that, though it has different tunes:

no zuo no die why you try

no try no high give me five

why try why high can’t be shine

you shine you cry still go die

no zuo no die don’t be shy

you shy you die you can try

keep try keep shine love that guy

but he only say good night


Alien 106: Desolate Winds Amidst Winter
Alien 108: Turned Out To Be A Comrade

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