Alien 106: Desolate Winds Amidst Winter

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Time passed like water as Cecil developed his weaving skills.

After about half a month, Yi Ti finally used the intermediate herbs bought in the trader. She experimentally refined a bottle of potion meant to supplement energy. It’s just that, the normal version should be pale gold but what she refined came out light purple. This made her a little worried.

“Cecil, help me look at this.” So she decided to listen to the opinion of an expert.

Cecil, who was knitting a sweater while playing a game while incubating an egg, stopped communicating with Uncle Blacksmith. After sniffing the potion that Yi Ti handed over, he stretched out a finger and tasted it: “It’s really an energy potion.”

“Is it?” Yi Ti said uncertainly, “But it should be golden, right?”

“Primary is golden, intermediate is lavender.”

“Ah……” Yi Ti then remembered what mistake she had made, “So that’s what happened. It made me nervous for a moment there.” Relieved, she asked again, “Are you sure there’s no difference? If not, I’ll sell it now!”

“En, there’s no difference.”

“What about the price? T-ten times more?” When speaking these words, Yi Ti always felt like a “profiteer”. But the thought that she could only sell one bottle of such a hard to make potion each time made her subtly at peace. Although it might be possible to buy a prescription in the trader, she didn’t want to because while trying to develop it, she felt that her level was gradually improving.

She loved this process.

“Xiao Ti, buy a drug identification software.”

“……” Software again? But, “Which one?”

Cecil then explained. This software could upgrade the Medicine Sketchbook she bought before. In short, it could identify various potions. Of course, the premise was that it exists in the archives of the Pharmacist Association. After all, he’s not good at pharmaceutical things and had no in-depth knowledge. He couldn’t help her all the time. Moreover, to protect the secret recipe, the drug identification software couldn’t identify what ingredients were in the drug. However, this was still a huge help for Yi Ti.

Yi Ti listened while putting the potion in the trader. Incidentally, she bought a dozen more medicine bottles and after listening, decisively downloaded the software and waited for Cecil to help her install it.

Yi Ti, who consciously became a tyrant, was in a good mood: “Cecil, do you have anything you want?”

“Well,” As he incubated an egg, weaved, and upgraded the sketchbook, Cecil thought for a while, then replied, “Can you buy me another set of energy blocks?”

“OK. Any more?”

(._.) Bows head.

“What’s wrong?” Yi Ti looked at him strangely, “Is there anything you want?”

Shakes head.

“……you don’t look like you don’t want anything,” Yi Ti reached out her hands and raised his chin, looking at him carefully, “You’re making an ‘it’s expensive, I don’t want to say it‘ face.”

Cecil’s shifty eyes and guilty conscience said it all!

Yi Ti laughed: “Just say it and I’ll listen.” So far, she’d spent a lot of money while Cecil didn’t get anything except energy blocks. He rarely asked so she’s willing to sacrifice everything she had to satisfy him!

Her heart had a lot of pride!

Although there seemed to be something wrong.

“The game on Earth brings me a lot of fun.”


“And so, I also want to give back to humans on Earth.”

“Uh-huh.” Yi Ti was touched, truly a domesticated little angel! But, “So? How do you want to do it?”

“By online games.”

Yi Ti curiously asked: “But, didn’t you say there’s no such thing as online games in the universe?” She remembered that he also said, “if we want to hunt monsters, we could just go to a special starfield” or something like that.

“That’s true, but, I can make one myself with the assistance of intelligent optical brain core software.”

“Intelligent Optical Brain Core Software…… is it something similar to artificial intelligence?”

“There’s a difference but it’s pretty much the same concept.” Cecil then explained, “The intelligent light brain can be ‘borrowed’ from the light brain of the universe or the computers of Earth. Its computing model approaches the information processing of human consciousness and could think infinitely. It even surpasses most cosmic creatures in a sense.”

“……isn’t that dangerous?”

“Actually, it did cause a disaster but after it subsided, a program called ‘obedience’ became their most basic data. Once violated, it will destroy itself so it’s absolutely safe.”

Although Yi Ti didn’t understand it well, she still got the gist of it.

“And so, by being assisted by the core software of an intelligent light brain, you can make a game?”

“En. Of course, data must be collected before then.”

Yi Ti blinked and one thing came to mind: “Wait! Can it make the legendary virtual online game???” Since reading related novels and becoming familiar with games, this was the dream of every game lover!

“I’m afraid this won’t work.” Cecil looked at her expectant gaze and found it really difficult to say this sentence. However, he couldn’t lie to her. “Although it’s possible to make games using core software, pulling the human spirit safely into the virtual world needs specialized programs that we can’t afford right now.” This was almost similar to the function of Skynet. It could be bought but the price was quite expensive.

“That means, it’s still possible?” Yi Ti’s eyes brightened.


“Let’s start with the first step.” If she wanted it, they had to go step by step. Having said so, she started searching for the name of the item Cecil said.

The price was really expensive and the new potion had just been sold. The money hadn’t warmed up yet when two-thirds of it was spent on software and the remaining one third was spent on intermediate genetic modification potion. After discovering its wonderful use on her body, Yi Ti decided to use it with caution and continue to improve her level.

She had to say, the feeling of spending money was really distressing but also refreshing!

After giving the software to Cecil and letting him play around with it, Yi Ti, who had just achieved some results in refining, also decided to take a good rest. So she opened the page dedicated to animation on the WeiFeng website—— yes, it opened a special section for “Shame of Online Games” which showed its importance.

Rather, it’s worthy of being valued in this way.

Since the animated version started uploading, WeiFeng website’s traffic kept increasing. At its peak, even a rare phenomenon like server crashing was observed. The maintenance staff was repairing it with an M-like smile from ear to ear. You have to know that ever since more and more similar sites popped up, although WeiFeng was still in the position of big brother, the traffic was a lot lower than before.

There’s no helping it, the cake was only so big and with so many others taking a bite, WeiFeing must eat one piece less.

In short, it’s a long elimination round.

In contrast, WeiFeng’s traffic kept rising which made the owners of other websites stumped.

But there’s no other way!

Wei Feng was too cheap!

Is this still common sense?

Regarding activities, they could still follow suit even if there were only several comics. The problem was that it’s animated! Not just that, it’s even super well made!

This was simply an unfair competition!


For a while, many people looked for the legendary “Long XiaoTian”. The problem was that Yi Ti was always lurking in discussion groups and chat groups. Needless to say, in the former, Formaldehyde enshrined the two as the Gods of Wealth. It could be said that in WeiFeng, he was riding the waves. Standing up high, how could he let others demolish his own platform. The latter was originally a true love powder of Aggregate. When he saw someone trying to pry his male god, he had to kick them out! Moreover, Yi Ti simply set her account to not talk to strangers.

Just a word—— no way!

At this time, someone came up with an idea. That was, to find “Long XiaoTian” through hacking. In this respect, of course, not publicly. But, in their lives, who dared say they hadn’t done a few things illegally? But the result made people vomit blood!

Can’t find him!

Even after hiring several batches of hackers in a row, there was no way to grasp the specific IP address of Long XiaoTian! Even after following the vine to get to the melon (to track sth following clues), they couldn’t even find his “real address”.

With their last resort gone, the owners of these websites almost wanted to run away in tears—— dear God, why is your technology so sophisticated? Did you graduate from Lan Xiang? Or Peking University?!

With so much frustration, some gave up, while some still held on. Yes, for example, the boss of The Tidal website who came up with a “good idea”. This was the simplest but most effective way. That’s right—— spying!

As the saying goes, “the defeat of all behemoths starts from the inside.” So this was undoubtedly a very effective method.

Under the owner’s bribery, someone inside WeiFeng became interested. He looked for the contract at the right time and sent it to the owner of The Tidal in exchange for a large amount of “pocket money”. Of course, this employee knew that The Tidal network had always been badly rated and was laughed as a “plagiarism” website. It was called a place for copying but what does that have to do with him?

This person’s mentality was probably called the legendary “harming others for one’s personal benefit”.

Regardless of this undercover operation, after the owner of The Tidal website got the address, his next decision shocked his men: “Book me a ticket to Russia.”

“Boss, are you going to Russia in person?” The secretary was shocked.

“Hmph, don’t you understand after looking at it?” The boss replied confidently, “We can’t give much better conditions compared to WeiFeng, so we can only move him emotionally.” When he went to Russia in person, won’t he be touched? He’d be touched, right? Right???

“……the boss is wise.”

“Well said, book another ticket. We can go together.”

Secretary: “……” I knew I shouldn’t have spoken!

Then, on a mid-November morning, one boss and one secretary braved the “desolate winds amidst winter” and embarked on their journey to Russia. And the most direct consequence of it was……

Alien 105: Awakening New Hobby
Alien 107: Unfortunate Duo

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