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Achoo!” Yi Ti, who was sitting on the bus, sneezed. She unconsciously glanced left and right as she rubbed both arms. Although it’s morning, the weather was quite warm and coupled with her thick clothing, it’s unlikely to catch a cold.

If she lived in the old district, then the address given by Shi JingLe was undoubtedly part of the new district or an apartment building located near the city center. It’s convenient but the price per unit was also expensive.

After taking the elevator to the 8th floor, Yi Ti went straight to Room 803.

If it was before, she wouldn’t dare go to the home of a strange man alone, even if she knew said person. But now that she had the “plug-in” along with her divine sense, she would know what the other party was doing within ten meters. She knew it all so she’s not afraid of being ambushed at all. Not to mention, she’s now a master at wielding bricks!

What was Shi JingLe doing?

Holding a newspaper, smoking a cigarette, sitting…… on the toilet?

Yi Ti: “……” She subconsciously withdrew her divine sense because the situation was too embarrassing!

After standing at the door for about ten minutes, she thought that the other party should be done so she opened her divine sense again. However, she chanced upon the moment the other party stood up and pulled a roll of toilet paper.

Yi Ti: “……” (-‸ლ), there’re needles in her eyes!

Another three minutes passed.

Whoosh!” The sound of water flushing finally came.

Someone finally walked out of the toilet while carrying his pants, an expression of “comfortable in body and mind” on his face.

Yi Ti supported her forehead as she finally reached out and rang the doorbell. For the first time, she felt that being aware of her surroundings might not be entirely an advantage.

The door was quickly opened and Shi JingLe, in pajamas, appeared in front of her. He still looked sloppy with a sleepy look and one corner of the shirt still tucked into his pants. His clothes looked crumpled and there’s even some soot on the slippers.

“You came quickly.”

“……en.” Actually, she could have been faster.

“Close the door and follow me.” Shi JingLe said while walking inside, wiping his wet hands a few times on his body. He then found a pack of cigarettes in his pants pocket then there was a “click” sound from a lighter.

He took Yi Ti to a bedroom, opened the door and walked in.

The house was unexpectedly clean, so much so that she’s a little surprised. After all, the other party’s impression had always been not good. She didn’t expect him to be able to clean up the house which was beyond her expectation. If there was anything in the house that matched her impression of him, it would be the keyboard covered with soot.

It’s very impolite to constantly look around at other people’s rooms so Yi Ti’s eyes fell on the bed. Lying there was really that young priest Jing Yuan she’d seen before.

“What happened to him?”

“Excessive bleeding.” Shi JingLe walked to the bed and grabbed the boy’s wrist directly, “the wound is here.”

“This is……” Yi Ti was surprised. Generally, when speaking of excessive blood loss, something must have been hurt but Jing Yuan’s wrist had no wounds at all. A closer look revealed a less obvious green spot, “was it sucked away?”

“Looking at the wound, they should have used needles or something to remove the blood.”

“Do you know who did it?” To use a needle or a tube……was it human? One way or another, doing this to a teenager was too much.

Shi JingLe shook his head: “No. I went out to buy pancakes this morning. I ran into a thief and chased him to an alley, then I picked him up.”

Yi Ti: “……” That was too informative.

She stepped forward, reached out and gently held the boy’s wrist, examining his body with aura. It was indeed excessive blood loss and Shi JingLe should have treated him since the situation had stabilized. She thought about it then removed a small box from her carry-on bag. After opening it, there were various potions inside. After encountering such a “sudden situation” in the Lu family, she thought it was better to prepare.

Immediately, Yi Ti took a potion that could replenish vitality and wanted Jing Yuan to drink it but she had never fed an unconscious person before and couldn’t help but show her inexperience.

“Do you need help?”

“Ah, thank you.” Saying so, she handed the potion to him then stepped back.

Shi JingLe took the potion, used a finger to open the stopper then bent down and used the other hand to pull the Taoist’s mouth open. Then he directly poured the potion. Immediately after, he grabbed the boy’s shoulders and shook him back and forth not too gently. He opened the boy’s mouth again and took a look: “It’s good, it’s all gone.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, are you really a doctor and not a butcher?!

“What happened?” While she was speechless, Shi JingLe was secretly surprised. Should it be worthy of a potion made by a Spiritual Plant Cultivator? In such a short time, it played a big role which was really surprising. No wonder they’re in high demand in this industry.

“……it’s nothing.” Yi Ti silently opened her divine sense and her eyes accidentally fell on the computer screen. Then she saw something amazing, “Do you like reading “Shame of Online Games”?” The computer was a page of this novel, and, you could also see a minimized chat group for readers at the bottom.

Was Shi JingLe also one of Aggregate’s readers?

Yi Ti was shocked, but at the same time, she had a feeling of finding a “comrade”! She instantly felt a subtle intimacy with the other side. This was probably the legendary “meeting amidst a boundless sea of people”, right?

“I’m also into it.” Shi JingLe glanced at the computer and lazily replied, “It’s okay to read and then play.”

“You’re not just watching the group and not participating, right? What’s your ID in the group?”

Shi JingLe looked at the glittering eyes of the person across from him, then realized—— she’s a fan of mine! And also seemed to be very faithful. Although that’s the case, if he said “I’m actually Aggregate”, the other party might not only be unhappy, she’d also probably turn black?

He had to say, he’s quite self-aware of himself. Moreover, a Spiritual Plant Cultivator was his fan, this was already very fulfilling so he resolutely decided to change the topic——

“Are you also in the group?”


“What about your ID?”

“Uh……” Yi Ti was stunned. Of course, she couldn’t say “My name is Long XiaoTian”. Fortunately, her original one had always been in the group, she just rarely spoke so she reported that.

Shi JingLe tilted his head and thought, he had to admit that he really didn’t have any impression of this ID.

“I rarely see you talk.”

“……en, that’s right.” Yi Ti scratched her cheek awkwardly, “What about your ID?”

Shi JingLe, who found the topic circle back, thought about it, then heartlessly reported Zhao MingQi’s QQ number. He was in the group anyway.

“You also don’t talk much.”

“Right, which character do you like?” Shi JingLe asked curiously.

“Of course the protagonist, I’m a standard main character fan!” Yi Ti said affirmatively, “But compared to others, the protagonist’s life is a bit mysterious. I don’t know what his end goal is.” When it comes to novels, her words obviously increased.

“I know this.” Him not knowing would be weird.

“Ai? Really?”

“En, I……Aggregate said it while chatting with me.”

“What is it like?”


Then, the two unconsciously sat down and talked.

This chat became an hour or two until Yi Ti’s phone suddenly rang. She took out her phone and found it was from home so she quickly picked it up.


“En, right, I’m still outside.”

“You don’t have to pick me up, I’ll come back by myself.”

“That’s good, you cook first.”

“Okay, I understand, I’ll be careful.”


After hanging up, Yi Ti glanced at Jing Yuan who was still in a coma. She stood up and said: “Sorry, I have to go back first. He……”

“It’s inconvenient to move him right now, so just let him be.” Shi JingLe replied, “I’ll call you again if he woke up.”

“Okay, I’ll have to trouble you.”

After a little greeting, Yi Ti ended this “visit” and accidentally found that she didn’t seem to hate Shi JingLe as much as before. Instead, she thought that this person was pretty good. He knew a lot about Aggregate and told her a lot of “news”. Sure enough, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.

Cough cough, this was most likely “anyone who likes XXX will never be a bad person!” mentality. Or the mood at work, right?

All in all, she felt that she had learned a lot this time.

Thinking of this, Yi Ti boarded the bus home again. Because it’s near noon, there were many people on board and she was very unfortunately mixed up with them. Fortunately, summer has passed so even if people crowded together, there was no severe sweat odor. She didn’t dislike it, but with her keen senses right now, this was a bit……

When crowds gather, “theft” would most likely occur but Yi Ti secretly threw her bag into the space before entering the bus. She clenched her hands to the post near the back door while being gently shaken by the bus and watching the scenery along the road.

And when she turned her head inadvertently, she once again found a bad scene.

Dangling eyebrows, triangular eyes, and a goatee. This old man with a very insignificant appearance put his hand in the pocket of the girl in white in front of him.

Yi Ti frowned, stepped forward and grabbed his wrist. The hand somehow shook and slipped out of her palm strangely. She was surprised and immediately followed. Although she didn’t know any martial skills, her strength and speed were beyond ordinary people and enough to make up for everything. No matter how flexible the other person was, could they break free from the shackles that bound their hands and feet? Obviously not!

This was the so-called “one force to break all”.

Their confrontation ended in a short time.

Many people didn’t notice this scene but the girl in white was not included in that group. She turned her head, staring at the old man and Yi Ti clasping the former’s wrist, bewildered. She tilted her head, then murmured an “Oh?” like saying “what happened?”

“Ow ow ow…… little girl……” The elderly man moaned.

Yi Ti ignored him and reminded the girl: “Little sister, it’s best to put away your wallet when you ride the bus.”

“Wallet?” The girl in white looked at Yi Ti dumbfoundedly, then replied, “I don’t have a wallet on me.” After that, she turned to look at the old man being held by Yi Ti, “The wallet is on my master.”

Yi Ti: “……” Master?

Alien 107: Unfortunate Duo
Alien 109: You Try Again

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