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Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:31

Hmph hmph hmph, do you think that’s going to hurt me?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:34

Give up, I know that you’re just jealous.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:40

Don’t worry, no matter how much fans I have, the position of my first loyal dog……wrong, my first loyal fan is dedicated to you!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:45

……you just swallowed some suspicious words, right?

Just then, Formaldehyde warily crept up—— although editors generally don’t log on after work, he’d be in the discussion group 24/7.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:46

Don’t worry, no matter how many women he has, I will definitely leave you the position of first wife! (ʃƪ¬ ‿¬), great Aggregate, you scum.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:50


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:53

Aiya, I actually found a stalker. 🥒ԅ( ͒ ۝ ͒ )

While there was a heated chat here, he didn’t neglect the other side. As an author who’s imaginative and loved fun, he’s quite expert in “dividing” his attention.

Stone 21:35:22

I just chatted with Aggregate. I mentioned the loyal reader of his that I met today, and he was extremely happy.

Ti Zi 21:35:25


Wait! So to say, that “super invincible Ms. Perfect” was her? How did Shi JingLe describe her to Aggregate? He wouldn’t deliberately ruin her image, right!


This kind of thing is unforgivable!

No, she had to set things straight.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:35:50

Right, who’s your Ms. Perfect reader?

Yi Ti had to admit, when she typed the words “Ms. Perfect”, her fingers shook at thinking it was her.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:35:57

What? Interested? Hmph hmph, she could rally hundreds of thousands of people in minutes, so I have more than enough support.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:36:05

……please wake up.

Yi Ti vomits blood!

What did Shi JingLe say?! Blowing it up like this, she would be hated by Aggregate! Surely!

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:36:11

Don’t worry, no matter how rich she is, she can’t buy the position of my first fan, it’s yours. (•̃͡ε•̃͡ )flips hair

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:36:15


Yi Ti held her forehead. What’s this feeling of suddenly becoming jealous of yourself?

She held her head, ah ah ah ah, the result of opening two accounts was—— she felt like she split herself!

What she didn’t know was that the other guy was fine and even enjoying himself until he got a stick in his head.

“What are you doing with my QQ account?”

“Serious conversation with the Plant Cultivator.”

“……what serious conversation?”

“Cultivation problem.”

“……roll roll roll roll roll!!!”

It’s pleasant for some people but for others, this was a very troubling night.

But the sun always rises, and a new day would always come.

Of course, for some people, the “new day” was a complete tragedy.

For example, the next morning, Yi Ti received a call from Liang Chen. When he spoke, it was always straight to the point——

“People were caught.”

“So fast?” She was a little surprised, wasn’t that a little too fast?

“You provided a specific address. If we can’t catch them, then we’re stupid.”

“……” This guy still had a poisonous mouth. But Yi Ti was obviously used to this so she asked, “How was it?”

She got a “bang!” as a response.

Yi Ti: “……” I-it’s that, right? The phone blew up again?

She tentatively redialed and was blocked. But after a while, her cellphone rang again. Yi Ti looked and knew it was the phone in Liang Chen’s shop. She hesitated to answer the phone, then anxiously said: “You still have handsfree mode so don’t touch it.” Anyway, Liang Chen’s shop didn’t serve breakfast so those other guys weren’t at work yet and they could speak with confidence.

“You don’t need to teach me this kind of thing!”

Yi Ti: “……” Really no reason to do a good deed.

“We caught them on the spot. Four people got hurt on our side.”

“There are people injured? Is it serious?”

What came back was a rather weird silence.

“Hello? Hello?” After Yi Ti called out twice, she whispered, “is it fried again?”

“You being meddlesome again?”

“Then why don’t you speak?”

Just then, there was a shout from the phone——

“Bat, come over and talk!”

It seemed like Xue Ye passed by Liang Chen’s shop. As a nocturnal creature, he actually got up quite early which Yi Ti thought was incredible. Then she heard a very polite greeting very different from someone.

“Miss Yi, you’re early today.”

“You’re very early too.”

“I just came back. I was about to go home and rest for a while.”

“……” Got it, this turned out to be an overnight party. However, “came back?”

“En, a batch of fresh pigs was slaughtered in a suburban farm last night and I got a lot of good meat. Are you interested, Miss Yi? Which part would you like? I’ll give you some to try later.”

“……no need.” Yi Ti looked far away. Please don’t continue to destroy the image of vampires in my mind, thank you!

Fortunately, Xue Ye didn’t insist on this matter and soon smoothly said what exactly happened last night. It’s not that complicated and was rather simple. All in all, after Yi Ti, the guy who “opened a cheat software”, sent the message, they actually found two foreigners who had recently rented an apartment in the BaFang residential area. Of course, this was normal. Their appearance was quite conspicuous in China.

The two unlucky kids had planned to run away this morning, who knew there’d be someone attacking at night!

Because it happened so suddenly, the member from the Special Department just arrived and suddenly joined the hunt with the others. Liang Chen and Xue Ye were among them. Speaking of which, a prepared werewolf also played a very important role. Because, when breaking in, he took the first step and threw the potion that Yi Ti had sold him into the house.

And, what was tossed was the bottle of potion that brought him psychological shadow twice in a row.

“……that bottle?” Yi Ti wiped her sweat. After making Liang Chen go through it twice, she slightly improved the effect. Without any exaggeration, that thing would hurt a werewolf more than poison.

“Yes, the two traitors fainted on the spot.”

“And then?”

“We caught them.”

“……just like that?” Wasn’t that too easy? What about an exciting battle?

Yi Ti always felt like it had “a strong start but weak finish”.

“If every mission is as dangerous as your brain, who would be willing to do it?” Liang Chen chuckled on the side.

Yi Ti: “……” Okay, she should be despised for not having common sense. Wait, “what happened to the four injured people?” If things went as smoothly as he said, how could there be injured people?

In response to her was a weird silence.

“Hello? Hello?” Did it explode again?

After a while, sounds came.

“It’s like this, after the smelly dog tossed the potion, a few werewolves didn’t follow his suggestion of “waiting until the smell fades away” and just rushed in.”

Yi Ti: “……” She silently gulped, “A-and then?”

“They fainted together. Until now, they’re still in the hospital.”

Yi Ti: “……” Was she going to lose money? Would she be accused?

Her entanglements seemed to pass over the phone line as Xue Ye’s voice sounded again: “Don’t worry, this is their own fault. Don’t blame yourself.”

Yi Ti breathed a sigh of relief.

“But, after this, you were ranked 18 in the list of “most dangerous people” by the werewolf clan. Congratulations.”

Yi Ti: “……” Is that something to be congratulated about?! And, it’s their fault for rushing in like that, right? Don’t make her fight against werewolves.

“Right, Miss Yi, do you still have this potion? If you have, I want to buy it in large quantities.”

“What do you want to do?” There were countless not so good guesses in Yi Ti’s mind.

“Please don’t get me wrong,” Xue Ye smilingly said, “I find it quite suitable for slaughtering on farms. It makes work extremely easy. Moreover, after the “victim” was shocked, their blood flow will accelerate.”

Yi Ti: “……” She could no longer directly look at vampires! And, what would happen to that “victim”?

But, someone gave her income, would she refuse?

Obviously not!

Screw it!

After that, she resolutely embarked on the no return path to being a “drug dealer”.

To her regret, because this bottle of “smelly potion” (turns out her naming sense can’t be trusted) did “outstanding work”, the advantage of other medicines had been masked. Obviously, she was also very confident in them. For example, “cartilage potion” that could make a person collapse and made wriggle on the ground, and many others……but, anyway, it still sold out. There was always a chance to know the actual effect so she’s not in a hurry!

After this incident, Yi Ti brushed a little “prestige value” in the circle, although in a slightly negative direction. However, it’s still a reputation! As the saying goes, “a person’s reputation could cast great shadows”. Anyway, she could easily intimidate werewolves now.

There were no impermeable walls in the world.

The story spread quickly and those originally looking for “Orange Grape Juice” combined various clues and finally determined that “this guy is in TianQiao” then came one after another.

Before the upcoming “big wave of excitement”, Yi Ti first got another surprise.

Alien 115: He's Really A Fortune Teller
Alien 117: This Magical Egg

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