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Alien 114: Always Meet Acquaintances
Alien 116: Your Impressive Military Might

She originally wanted to call Lu Kong, but considering the “dragon group incident”, her trust in that thing had dropped significantly so she decisively dialed another number.

When the phone rang, Shi JingLe was demolishing his fried rice. Jing Yuan sat opposite him, quietly drinking the freshly cooked porridge. There was no other sound. Zhao MingQi, wearing an apron around his waist, was angry: “When I get off work late, can’t you make something to eat yourself? To make the patient hungry with you, aren’t you embarrassed to call yourself a doctor?”

“Sorry.” Shi JingLe swallowed the last bits in two or three gulps, wiped his mouth, then said in a deadpan death seeking tone, “didn’t I cure him?”

“……” Zhao MingQi almost wanted to vomit blood. Immediately afterward, “Just clean up your room. Your keyboard is covered in soot! Will you die if you didn’t clean it a little?!”


“Why then?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being bored if you have nothing to clean?”

“……roll roll roll!!!”

Someone went violent again.

The poor young master Zhao had not suffered much since childhood. The reason for doing housework was nothing more than personal interest. However, this hobby, after meeting someone, became an “obligation”. Really made him vomit blood! He had thought of throwing this guy out but lost to his thick skin! Even holding his thigh in public and asking for nurturing, could he bear it?

“This is for you.” Shi JingLe patted his stomach while lazily leaning on the sofa. He pulled out several glass bottles from his pocket and put it on the table.

“……what is this?”

“Self defense potions made by a Spiritual Plant Cultivator. The city is not very peaceful recently so I bought some for you too.”

“Spiritual Plant Cultivator?” Zhao MingQi froze, “When did you meet a plant cultivator? Why didn’t I know it?”

“Ah? Didn’t I tell you?”


“Is that so?” Shi JingLe grabbed his hair, thinking for a while, “it’s troublesome to explain so forget it.”


Just when Zhao MingQi was about to raise a shovel and give it to a certain bastard, the phone on the table rang in time.

“Speak of the devil and the devil appears.” Shi JingLe glanced at the caller ID, then turned around and asked Zhao MingQi, “Do you want to talk to her?”

“……take your call.”

And on the other side, Yi Ti, who didn’t know she was almost “crowded”, just described the two people she met tonight, asking Shi JingLe if he had any impression of them. But the answer was a no which disappointed her.

“Are you sure they’re cultivators?”

“En, I’m sure.”

“Wait a moment, I will help you ask.” After that, Shi JingLe simply retold it to Zhao MingQi and Jing Yuan, “do you know them?”

Zhao MingQi shook his head. They grew up together, if this bastard didn’t know, then he wouldn’t know. In turn, if this bastard knew……he still wouldn’t know. For example, this Spiritual Plant Cultivator who came from nowhere.

“Are they Taoists?”

Jing Yuan put down the spoon in his hand. After thinking about it, he said: “The practitioner she met, is there a mole on the right eyebrow?”

Shi JingLe retold it to her: “That’s it.”

Yi Ti thought back, then said certainly: “There is.”

Then she learned that the practitioner she met today was actually the famous “Iron Mouthed Godly Calculator” Meng TianJi, someone “very famous” and comparable to Master Qin WuYue. They were known for their expertise in fortune-telling and physiognomy. However, ten years ago, he disappeared. Although occasionally someone would claim to have seen him, when they looked at it, they couldn’t find a trace anywhere.

But this was also normal. He himself was good at calculating things, how could he be easily “found”?

They didn’t expect that she would meet him.

However, this was not surprising since he came to meet her, Yi Ti just didn’t know it.

And thus, those four words were undoubtedly very credible so she decisively told the people on the phone about those four words and the information she had inferred, then hung up.

“All right.” Yi Ti stuffed the phone into her bag, “Let’s keep going!”


At the same time, in a noodle shop nearby, the once all-powerful old man was sitting at the table. In front of him was an empty noodle bowl, a cheap bottle of erguotou (sorghum liquor) and a 70% filled wine cup. He held a bag of fried soybeans in his hand, drinking a sip of wine then eating the beans, looking quite joyful. While he ate, he stared at the girl who was eating the noodles. Three or four noodle bowls piled up on her left-hand side, and she still seemed hungry.

The rest of the guests were looking curiously or surprised at the “wonderful view” over there, thinking that the girl’s belly seemed to be a bottomless pit and that the old man looked ugly. However, anyone could feel the love in his eyes.

The young girl in white named Xiao Yun ate five bowls of noodles before stopping, looking at the old man.


The young girl shook her head.

“One more bowl?”

The girl nodded then thought about it and said: “Master should also have another bowl.”

“Your teacher is old, I can’t eat a second bowl.”

“Eat half and the rest is for me.”

Meng TianJi was stunned, then said: “If you want to eat, why is there so much nonsense?” He seemed to be scolding but the corners of his eyes were smiling.

“If master doesn’t eat, then I won’t eat.”

“……waiter, two more, no, four more bowls of noodles.”

Then Xiao Yun stared at her bowl. After drinking the last bit of soup, she put it aside then stared at the direction of the kitchen, waiting for the noodles.

“Xiao Yun.” Meng TianJi sipped the wine, then took another bite of soybeans. From time to time, his chewing created crisp sounds.


“Don’t you feel bitter following master?”

The girl in white shook her head without hesitation.

“Homeless, no beautiful clothes, often eating noodles, aren’t you bitter?”

“Not bitter.”

“……you silly child.” The goatee old man sighed, “you saw that little girl today? She’s an apprentice of master’s old friend. Look at her then look at yourself again, don’t you feel wronged?” He didn’t know what he thought, looking at the young girl’s eyes with pity.

The child didn’t have to live such a hard life. He didn’t know if his decision was right or wrong.

“She didn’t bring her master, I bring my master, not wronged.”

“……” Meng TianJi was stunned then swore while laughing, “It’s master who brings you!”

“Oh.” Nodヾ(^-^)ノ

“Hey,” Meng TianJi shook his head, “do you remember that little girl’s looks and smell today? If you encounter something you can’t handle yourself in the future, just go to her. Do you understand?”


The noodles arrived at this time.

Xiao Yun pushed one bowl to her master, then ate again with big mouthfuls.

The old man raised the bowl of noodles, poured half of it to the bowl he used then ate with the same big mouthfuls.

The actions of the two people eating noodles were exactly the same. Whoever saw this scene would never think that they’re not grandfather and granddaughter.

But they aren’t related. They just depended on each other for several years and looked closer than other families.

Around 9 o’clock that night, Yi Ti returned home. As expected, she smelled of hot pot and smelling it when you’re hungry…… made yourself hungry! But she had to say, the “results” of going out tonight was pretty good. First of all, she achieved the intended goal; Secondly, there were additional gains.

Cellphones were not a difficult item for Cecil. In fact, when she came out of the bath, he was already very skillfully playing mobile games.

She glanced at the screen while wiping her hair: “Ya, you turned out to be a rich man ah.”

“Do you want to play?”

“Play.” She took the phone then pushed the youth, “go take a shower, you also smell like hot pot.”

“Okay.” He took a few steps forward then uncomfortably looked back, “remember to buy props when you start.”

“I know. Take your bath and go!” Yi Ti was speechless, how much does this guy like games?

After playing for a while, Yi Ti, who lost three games in a row, set the phone aside. She silently turned her head, I can no longer feel love. But this was also normal since her “game luck” had always been poor. If something unscientific like a “winning streak” happened, she’d feel like something was wrong instead.

This idea of self-abandonment soon comforted her. As she continued to brush her hair while opening the laptop on the coffee table, the screen that was originally on standby turned on instantly. Then she found that she had a friend request message, and, the other party added the “TiZi” she used.

Yi Ti opened to look and found them among her group of friends. The nickname was “Stone” and it instantly became clear—— this was Shi JingLe’s number.

She then added each other happily.

Formaldehyde 21:33:50

Sorry, I just saw it when I got home.

Aggregate 21:34:11

It doesn’t matter, I just got on.

At the same time, Yi Ti found that someone was talking in the discussion group so she clicked it open.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:01

Good evening.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:15

Good eve.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:21

Today, I got to know that one of my own fans is a super invincible Ms. Perfect. Hahaha, envious? If I just marry her, I’ll reach the peak of life in an instant!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 21:34:26

……are you sure her eyes are fine?

Associating with him for a long time, her mouth naturally became poisonous. She always felt……cough cough, can’t make this thing become too proud.

Of course, Yi Ti didn’t even realize that he was talking about her. Because the words “super invincible Ms. Perfect” was absolutely a million miles away from her, okay? Not to mention she didn’t even know that Shi JingLe was Aggregate!

Alien 114: Always Meet Acquaintances
Alien 116: Your Impressive Military Might

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