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Alien 117: This Magical Egg
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Yi Ti held her breath, wanting to see if this drop of blood from an alien would be absorbed as well.

The answer was yes.

But, after the egg absorbed this drop of blood, it stopped shaking, as if full.

Cecil probed it a little then said: “The energy fluctuations coming from the inside are very uniform, it looks like its asleep.”


She looked helplessly at the egg on his hands, thinking that it wouldn’t be a pig, right? Otherwise, how could it sleep after being full?

“How’s your hand?” Because the wound was tiny, her finger healed naturally, “do you want me to help you?”

“En.” Cecil immediately extended his finger, the pinhole clearly visible.

Yi Ti took out a bottle of rejuvenation potion. She just opened the bottle cap when she saw him look disappointed: “Are you not confident in my potions?”

“No.” He whispered embarrassingly, “I thought you’re going to treat my fingers like you did just now.”

“Just now?” Did she do something? Yi Ti thought back then her face turned red. She softly coughed, “that’s not a cure, okay?!” She just subconsciously sucked the wound, what was this guy thinking about?

“I see.” (∩︵∩)

Only, Yi Ti wanted to look at the sky, helpless to find that this guy’s finger naturally healed the next moment.

“C.e.c.i.l!” She gritted her teeth.


Playing this with her!

No wonder today’s parents always said that children shouldn’t have access to the internet, just look at what he’d become!

The discovered alien immediately made a “Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——” sound. Yi Ti grabbed his melting cheeks, pulling on it desperately: “No melting!” Do you think you can escape? Hmph, too naive!


Cecil, who was partially melted, had to restore his mimicry. He was pressed by Yi Ti on the sofa and was……rubbed on the face! She had to say, his skin was really soft. She couldn’t seem to stop?


“A-hem a-hem!”

“A-hem a-hem a-hem!”


A certain someone, who was neglected even after coughing more than ten times, burst into tears: You two are too sticky! orz! Meanie! Unfair! This is bullying a single dog!

So angry ah, so sad ah, he’s…… so powerless ah! And so, dragging the towel silently, he walked straight to his room, showing a desolate back.

A’Jiang, who was scrubbed very cleanly, sat on his shoulder. It swept its tail, wrapping it around his neck as it yawned lazily.

Probably infected by this yawn, Yi Ti also felt sleepy in an instant, so she decided to let someone off the hook for the moment. She had to go to sleep and recuperate.

As a result, after being “ravaged” N times and with messy clothes, a certain alien’s cheeks were red and his heartbeat went “boom boom boom”. After being so ruthlessly “abandoned”……he melted!

Yi Ti called her brother as usual before going to sleep. Soon after, she fell asleep.

Don’t know how much time passed, she suddenly felt something was wrong. This feeling prompted her to suddenly open her eyes, and then saw a shadow standing quietly beside the bed, reaching out to her——

“Ahh……mph!” Before she could scream, a hand covered her mouth.

Upon feeling this familiar temperature, Yi Ti calmed down.

Truly, except for this guy, who could open the door (or slip by the door) without her knowing and silently walk near the bed. Under normal conditions, as soon as a stranger entered the yard, she would immediately notice it. This was probably the so-called “cultivator’s intuition” which made them sensitive to slight changes in things around them. And Cecil’s breath was quite familiar and she was used to it, so unless he was very close, she wouldn’t feel anything in her sleep.

Anyone awakened in their sleep wouldn’t feel very happy, and she was. However, he had always been very concerned about her emotions and never did anything that bothered her. And so, Yi Ti believed that he must be here for something and quickly suppressed the anger that came out subconsciously. Tearing off his hand, she asked: “What happened?”

Cecil pulled a wool pocket out of his pajamas, pouring out the mysterious egg that sucked their blood: “It seems to be hatching.”

“Oh……” Yi Ti nodded. Suddenly, her eyes widened, “what?” Would it hatch right now? Just what kind of animal would come out!

“Although I didn’t want to wake you up and I could even record it, but,” the young man showed a gentle smile, “I think Xiao Ti missing its birth would be a pity.”

Yi Ti couldn’t help laughing.

Yes, exactly right.

She glanced at Cecil in his thin pajamas. Moving inward, she patted the freed up space beside her: “Sit here.” Anyway, this was a double bed so two people sitting was more than enough.

“……can I?”

“Then forget it.” She didn’t mind so what’s wrong with him! Also, it’s not that she underestimated him, it’s just that this simple guy could be happy for a few days just by kissing his face, what could he do even if they’re together in bed? Maybe struggle to try to get closer to her.

Cecil sat on the bed, glancing at her shoulder and showing he wanted to go closer.

Yi Ti: “……” Look!

She picked up the pillow on the side and placed it upright behind him. Then she pulled up the quilt and covered themselves all the way to the chest.

At the same time, the hair of a certain alien slightly moved, and “pulled” the shawl on the stool not far away.

Yi Ti sat up straight, allowing him to wrap her with the large wool shawl.

Then, the two leaned side by side.

Cecil took off the wool pocket and put it on the quilt, gently moving the egg on it.

The two concentrated on……staring!

Although weak, the egg trembled slightly, as if the creature inside was striking the shell that once protected it but now bound it.

Every sound was so small that if you didn’t listen carefully, you wouldn’t hear it.

But every sound was so encouraging, making people couldn’t help but want to cheer for this little life that would be “born” into the world.

However, no one could help with this kind of thing.

As the jitter frequency increased from small to large, time passed by every minute.

A few hours passed.

Until the alarm clock at the head of the bed pointed to the six o’clock position and a clear sound suddenly erupted. To the two people who had been staring until now, this sound was like thunder, echoing over and over again in their ears.

At the same time, a clearly visible crack appeared on the eggshell.

Yi Ti took a deep breath, suppressing the urge to break the shell, and waited quietly. However, her hand unconsciously clenched tighter and tighter, almost ripping the sheets. Realizing this, she couldn’t help laughing. Looking down again, another guy was in a similar state.

She loosened her hold on the sheets then put her hand on his.

His thick eyelashes flickered. Looking at her, he flipped his hand and held hers tight.

In this exciting and thrilling wait, at last……

Something came out of the shell.

Yi Ti took a closer look——


Yes, a white fluff of hair appeared in front of her.

She was relieved, it’s so nice it’s not a pig! Also, she had become a “fluffy freak” not long ago so she had no resistance to this hairy little animal! What was it? Kitten? Puppy? Tiger cub? Panda cub?

Just as she thought so, the creature also completely appeared before them.


All hair!

It’s all hair!

This is just a bunch of hair!

She was not exaggerating. The newly born little life was covered with hair and nothing but hair. It looked like a white furball! Wrong, ordinary furballs have no eyes. En, there should be a nose and a mouth but it’s covered with hair so it’s completely invisible. In short, it’s a pure hairball as soon as it closed its eyes!

As if noticing their gaze, this rather wonderful looking creature made a suspicious sound for the first time in its life: “Ji Ji!”

Yi Ti: “……” She was so glad she’s in bed right now. Otherwise, she’d have fallen to the ground!

Is it a chicken?

Not knowing the contradictions in her heart, the hairball kept shouting at her: “Jiji! Jiji!”

Yi Ti covered her face, what rhythm was this?

“Xiao Ti,” Cecil suddenly said, “it’s treating you like a mother.”

“……” Because she’d been dressed like a furry lately? Don’t do that!


She carefully looked at this hairball about the size of a tennis ball (when the hair is fluffy; if it’s wet, afraid it’ll only be the size of a ping pong ball). She had to admit, although this guy’s looks were strange, it’s really cute.

At this moment, the hairball turned to look at Cecil, shouting: “Jiji! Jiji!”

“Pfft!” Yi Ti smiled, “Does this mean it also treats you as a mother?”

“Xiao Ti, if you’re the mother, I’m, of course, the dad.” In Cecil’s words, it’s actually filled with a “parent’s” pride.

“……hey.” You’re thinking too much! But then again, this guy was born after their blood fusion, so in a sense…… this was considered having a blood connection to them?

Cecil extended a finger, gently stroking the warm body of the hairball. It rolled its body and rubbed his fingers gently, actually making a “wheezing” sound.

“So cute.” Yi Ti felt her heart melting. Reaching out, she stroked its body like he did.

Then, the hairball happily rolled between their fingers, it’s “Hulu Hulu” sounding nonstop, happily enjoying the care from its “parents”. After a while, it stopped reluctantly. Driven by instinct and like any other oviparous animal, it ate its own eggshell.

This was the first nutritious food given to it by this world.

Alien 117: This Magical Egg
Alien 119: Should She Scream

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