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Alien 118: The So-Called Parenting
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Don’t underestimate this little thing. It might look soft but its mouth was really sharp. That hard shell in Lu Kong’s words that “can’t break even when dropped on the ground” was easily bitten by it. Crunching sounds echoed in the room. Strangely, when normal creatures have mucus or something coating it, this hairball was dry when it hatched. Could it have drunk it when it was in the shell?

……forget it. Anyway, even if it’s strange, it’s okay.

And the most important question now should be——

“Should I give it a name?” Yi Ti turned her head to Cecil, her cheek on his arm, “What do you think?” She was quite self-aware of her naming sense and decided not to traumatize the child.

Cecil also looked at her. Because of the size difference, even when sitting down, he could still look down at her: “You can do it Xiao Ti, I’m responsible for everything else.”



“……Hey!” How confident was he in her?

Yi Ti threw his elbow in dissatisfaction, “thinking hard”. After a long time, she said uncertainly: “How about MaoMao?” Since it’s all hair……


“……” Isn’t that too fast! Yi Ti continued to think a little unpleasantly, “What about ChenChen? It’s six o’clock in the morning which is early morning (清晨,

“It’s nice.”


“If Mr. Liang didn’t get angry, then it’s useable.”

“……” Yi Ti burst into tears. They’re just deciding on a name, why was it so difficult?!

She would no longer complain that hers and her brother’s nicknames were “Ti Zi (raisins)” and “Shao Zi (spoon)”. TAT

“Now your turn and I’ll reject!” Yi Ti decided. Even if she used force, she had to swap with this guy!

As if feeling the “roaring flames” in her heart, Cecil agreed without hesitation. He thought about it, then said: “Born at six, how about calling it LiuLiu?”


“Is that an ancient saying in China?” Cecil tilted his head to look at her, “isn’t it wishing good luck for a lifetime?”

“……that’s what I said!” Since she couldn’t think of a better name, Yi Ti decided.

So, the little thing finally had a name—— LiuLiu.

Although Yi Ti thought of dice every time she called it, in terms of pet names, it’s actually pretty cute, right?

And so, the pair of “freshly baked parents” finally decided on the name of their “child” when LiuLiu almost ate up its shell. As if to express its feeling of happiness after a full meal, it leaned back so much that it actually rolled away.

Cecil: “……”

Yi Ti: “……”

Seeing that it almost couldn’t stop rolling off the bed and actually flew into the air, it suddenly jumped back into their outstretched palms.

“Jiji! Jiji!”

While screaming like this, it rubbed their hands desperately.

At this moment, Yi Ti remembered a serious question: “Cecil, do you think LiuLiu is a male name? ……is it male or female?”

“……I don’t know.”

She didn’t expect him to know. She silently picked up the hairball and touched its eyes. The little guy blinked, looking at her curiously and intimately. Yi Ti found that it had a pair of blue eyes like Cecil, but the color was darker and translucent like crystals.


Yi Ti gently lifted the white fluff under the little guy’s eyes, finding a little red nose, and a mouth. Then, she turned it around according to experience, and silently lifted the hair behind it……


As if guessing what she wanted to do, the hairball flew from her hands. After jumping a few times on the bed, it got into Cecil’s arms, desperately arching, as if saying “I was bullied!”

Yi Ti: “……” So coquettish, it must be a boy!

“It doesn’t matter, Xiao Ti,” Cecil stroked the hairball with one hand, soothing it. With a fatherly demeanor, he said, “Our children will be cute regardless of gender.”

Yi Ti: “……”

How should I say it?

At this moment, her mood was really quite complicated.

This guy really had the potential to be a good father but she didn’t dare say that phrase again. Otherwise, it would be treated as a proposal. Cough cough, although with the way she treated him…… however, getting married was too fast. Not to mention her brother……

“Night already ended.” Yi Ti stretched out while yawning. If she hadn’t checked, this should be the time she’s cultivating. However, she didn’t regret it. As Cecil said, compared to daily routines, she would rather witness the birth of a new life.

“Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

“En.” Yi Ti consciously held the pillow and drilled into the quilt, closing her eyes for a second and falling asleep.

Cecil: “……”

“Ji……hmph.” LiuLiu, who was screaming in joy, was blocked by its “dad”.

The young man extended a finger to his lips: “Hush.” Whispering, “You can’t be noisy else your mother will be angry.”

The little thing seemed to understand as it blinked a few times.

Cecil slowly released his hand.

It rolled back and forth in his palm, then leaped into Yi Ti’s pillow, rubbing back and forth in her long hair. After finding the most comfortable position, it stopped moving and slowly closed its eyes.


Cecil: “……”

He looked at the big and small ones, having the feeling of crying without tears.

Because he was neglected again. QAQ

Under normal conditions, he should leave, but……

He bowed his head a little guiltily.

Don’t want to leave.

I want to always stay with her.

They were close every moment she was awake.

But he still wanted to be closer.

Even just a little bit……

He should feel satisfied but still not satisfied enough. He should already be close, but still not close enough. He had clearly become her lover, but he wanted one step further. It was his first time feeling this emotion. It’s annoying but mixed with a heart-pounding joy. He couldn’t give up. He didn’t want to give it up.

Cecil reached out his hand, gently clutching the heart that started accelerating again. Although this appearance was only a mimic, this heartbeat was real.

He stared at her profile seriously—— delicate and fair skin, slightly messy black bangs covering the eyebrows, small straight nose and…… lips slightly moistened by the heat exhaled from the tip of the nose.

In terms of human aesthetics, this face wouldn’t be the best, but in his opinion, this was the most wonderful view on Earth.

There was nothing too much.

There was nothing to replace.

Just looking at this, his heart seemed to beat faster.

As if bewitched, he gently leaned down.

Half dazed and half awake.

Why was this happening? He clearly knew it was a bad move.

Is it that “hypnosis” that Earthlings often say? There were races in the universe with similar talents, but their Sutahnnian race was obviously immune to it, isn’t that so? Also, how could the sleeping Yi Ti use hypnosis on him?

I can’t stop.

And I don’t want to stop.

I want……

Until the tip of their nose gently touched. The coldness suddenly made Cecil recover. Only then did he finally pull back his consciousness, surprised at what he did.

However, he was too late to respond. Yi Ti, who had already fallen into a dream, suddenly opened her eyes—— as a cultivator, she had the intuition to immediately feel if other people were too close and react instinctively.

So when her view was blocked and with her consciousness very vague, she couldn’t understand the situation just now.

But then, she was stunned.

What’s with this situation?

At the same time, someone who was caught was also stunned.

Then, the two strangely “looked at each other stiffly” and stayed like that for five minutes before reacting in unison.

Yi Ti quickly reached out to push his face away while Cecil wanted to pull back. On this “soldiers mutiny and troops rebel*” situation, an accident happened.

When she held out her hand, she raised her head slightly.

And he almost fell over because he was too flustered.

After that……

Their lips met.

“……” (ʘᗩʘ’)!

“……” (⊙⊙)!

Then, the two once again “looked at each other stiffly” in this condition.

Obviously, their lips just met but both of them felt their blood rush to their faces. It didn’t take long for Yi Ti to notice she was blushing. As for Cecil……

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

Turned into a pancake.

Yi Ti: “……”

The blue pancake almost suffocated her. She felt her mood become quite complicated right now!

If she said her heart was beating fast?

How did it suddenly become a crisis of survival?

She silently stretched out her hand then pulled the “big pancake” off her face and to the bed. Sitting up, she beat the bed angrily: “You change back!!!” orz! In that crooked situation, he actually escaped using this method, so shameless! The more she thought about it, the angrier she became as she beat the bed again, “I will never stop until you change back!!!” Don’t think she would forgive him if he waved his cute tentacles!

It’s not so easy this time!!!

LiuLiu rolled with her movements, all the way to the pillow but didn’t wake up at all. Instead, it turned over and continued to sleep.

Cecil: “……”

Probably knowing that he hurt her “girly heart”, a certain alien obediently turned into a human. But……

Yi Ti silently looked at the clothes scattered on the pillow and the obviously naked young man. She began to seriously consider if she should scream right now?

Translator’s Notes:

*六六大順, liù liù dà shùn: Liu means 6, shun means fulfilling what you want without a hitch. The whole phrase delivers the wish of everything going smoothly

*兵荒马乱, bīnghuāngmǎluàn: soldiers mutiny and troops rebel (idiom); turmoil and chaos of war

Alien 118: The So-Called Parenting
Alien 120: Give Back Her Maiden Heart

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