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Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 13:28:54

I didn’t lie to you, I really have it. Wait for me and I’ll see how I can release it.


What followed was a crazy barrage and the words “ao ao ao” were endless.

Yi Ti was trying to search how to broadcast the audio when she suddenly saw an icon flashing in the lower right corner—— Formaldehyde.

She opened it subconsciously.

And found that this guy called out both in the discussion group and private chat at the same time.


Formaldehyde 13:29:22

XiaoTian XiaoTian

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 13:29:04

XiaoTian XiaoTian, please answer if you see this!


Yi Ti wiped her sweat, why was this guy so eager? Did someone go to Russia again? It s-shouldn’t be, right? This was really not her fault.

After chatting, she found that this guy came for what she said in the group.


Long XiaoTian 13:33:50

Are you also in the group?

Formaldehyde 13:33:54

Cough cough, we lurkers want to be low-key.


Yi Ti: “…….” That means he paid attention to the girl’s gossips. Otherwise, how could he see what she said in the first place?

How free was this guy?

According to Formaldehyde, this character song should be left for Wei Feng. They could certainly promote it, and…… cough cough cough, try to overwhelm the spin-offs.

Yi Ti thought that the idea of character songs seemed pretty good. After many animations became popular, they’d produce the corresponding character song. She thought she could give it a try. It’s just that, maybe she could try to involve the readers this time?

Immediately, she talked a little about her idea to Formaldehyde.

The latter said that he needed to ask the “boss” for instructions, his solemn attitude like doing a “covert operation”. After that, Yi Ti passed the Ling Yu version of “Looking At You Every Time” stored in her computer to Formaldehyde. Shortly after, this song was hung on a special page in “Shame of Online Games” and even pinned to the top.

Yi Ti copied the link and directly threw it to the group, feeding the girls waiting for food.

After that, the screen was filled with “ao ao ao, it’s really genuine and super nice!”, “Begging for Tao TianLe’s version of the opening song!”, “Begging for Su XingZhi’s version of the ending song!” There was even a girl who made a request for an original character song that earned innumerable applause.

Although the animation currently had only two songs, it gave the audience endless confidence because both were high quality. Of course, this was also normal. After all, it was the music that was all the rage in the universe.

The beauty of music, regardless of age, sex, race, anyone could feel appreciation and be touched by its soul.

And in the two songs, the title song had the highest total support. Although the ending song was slightly lower, it was especially loved by the majority of female compatriots.

Compared to the dynamic opening song, the ending song was slightly sad and the name of this song was translated as “This Rainy Day” and the lyrics were also very simple.

【This rainy day.】


【The long street can’t see the end.】


【This rainy day.】


【Thinking of vague memories.】


Through the repetition of similar lyrics and touching melody, it finally achieved its purpose of being lyrical.

And Yi Ti, in order to match this ending song, had the animations specifically catered to these sisters.

On such a rainy day, Ling Yu put his hands in his trouser pockets. He had no umbrella and was walking alone on the street. There were pedestrians and vehicles moving back and forth around him. In his mouth was a cigarette butt that had gone out as he bowed his head and just walked.

What he didn’t know was…

In the street, he passed by……

In the corner, he passed by……

In the bookstore, he passed by……

In the restaurant, he passed by……


Many people saw his figure.

The next moment, these people took up umbrellas one after another, or pushed a door open, or walked across the road, or brought plastic bags…… and caught up with his back.

And when the music of the ending song gradually stopped, through the water reflected on the ground, people could clearly see an umbrella covering Ling Yu’s head, covering him from the heavy drizzle.

A vague figure stood behind him.

The lens followed Ling Yu’s body all the way and finally settled on the hand holding the umbrella handle.


And ended with suspense.

Who was the first of everyone who came behind Ling Yu and put up this umbrella for him?

Moreover, coincidentally, almost all the people who caught up were men. No way around it, who made the Brave Alliance have mostly men? This was definitely not Yi Ti’s problem, it’s the problem of that unruly Aggregate!

But this seemed to subtly poke the hearts of some sisters. Not only did some people start to assign CPs, some people actually used this scene and listed all kinds of “clues” to prove who the person who held the umbrella was!

To this end, some people even found Yi Ti and Aggregate and asked who this person was!

At that time, the two replied very tacitly——


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 15:24:22


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 15:24:23


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 15:24:25


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 15:24:25

(beating the table while laughing)


So a group of people started to popularize their CP (hey!) and this matter passed like that.

But in private, Aggregate really asked her, whose hand is this?

For the original author, of course, she had nothing to hide, and directly said——


Long XiaoTian 15:27:30

It’s Su XingZhi.


The reason for this was because aside from the protagonist Ling Yu, Su XingZhi was her second favorite male character. Cough, female readers reading books by male authors would like the male characters more unless a certain female character was shaped really well but the authors who could do this were rare. There’s no way around it—— the author was a man.

Yi Ti was a standard protagonist powder, whether it’s a novel, a TV series, or a comics, she would stand firmly on the protagonist’s side and especially hate all kinds of villainous secondary leads. On this point, she and her elder cousin Huang Quan got along well. Although she didn’t understand why she beats her brother-in-law every time she said this but she knew from experience that it was all in good fun.

Su XingZhi’s role in the game was the Ice Master. He had a cold expression and said a few words but his heart was hot. The typical “cold faced, warm-hearted” type. The first time he appeared was when he saved the male priest from the monster group. Of course, he learned afterward that this non-mainstream group deliberately rushed into the monster group to enjoy the “blood boiling feeling”. After a task, he teamed up with the male lead and cleared a hidden copy together.

And Ling Yu, whose account name was “Ling Yu”, also discovered a major secret of “Treading Frost” in this ghost-filled copy—— he was super scared of ghosts.

He knew that everything in front of him was false and didn’t exist but from the moment he saw the “ghosts”, his body wouldn’t move at all. Over time, his heartbeat went higher and higher and he was directly kicked out of the game.

This kind of great weakness was undoubtedly bonus points for female readers.

And what Ling Yu later came up with was “to cover your eyes and just follow my instructions” which made many girls’ hearts tremble. In short, it’s the “Super Invincible Cutie”!

By far, the most enjoyable part was that after finally finishing the copy and distributing the extremely rich rewards, Su XingZhi said “if you tell others, I’ll kill you”. According to Aggregate’s explanation, he had a “very cold and stiff tone, but obviously never meant to say that so he behaved awkwardly”. And the male lead replied with “killing a priest, are you a man?” which completely broke him down.

After that, he “fled in defeat”.

Of course, after meeting a few more times, he was successfully abducted by the team members and became a member of the “Brave Alliance”. He also deeply found that there were more people in this world more abnormal than him…… at least he had an innate reason while these people volunteered for it. In this regard, he embarked on the road (reluctantly) to discard his morals and never returned.

In the most recent chapter, several members caught some captives. In order to discuss conditions, the other party shouted “killing me won’t make me confess” to squeeze more time. Su XingZhi said with a blank expression, “then die.” So he killed the shouting captive A. Just when his buddies and the remaining captive B was stunned by this “vicious and merciless” act, he calmly took out a teleportation scroll and said, “go to the resurrection point to block people”. The rest of them vomited blood and also asked “what if they don’t come out of the resurrection point or go offline” to which he calmly replied with “employ someone to guard”. Between words, he pulled out a heavy gold bag—— yes, he was abominably rich.

Captive B changed sides on the spot: “Big brother, recruit me, I’ll tell you everything. Don’t waste your money, give me the request.”

The rest: “……”

After Captive B confessed and got the gold bag, Su XingZhi said: “Are you leaving like this?”

“……brother, what else do you want to do?”

“He died, you didn’t and even got money. Do you think this is good?”

Captive B suddenly realized: “Yes! Brother, you also kill me. Otherwise, I’d be embarrassed to see my teammates.”

“What if something dropped?”

“I’ll just give it to you, I don’t have any valuable equipment anyway.”

Then, Su XingZhi simply killed him and from the ground, he picked…… a purse, the one he just sent out. This guy picked up the money bag, turned his head slightly for a moment, and silently stuffed it back in his bag.

Afterward, Ling Yu swore that at that time, he absolutely saw the corner of his mouth curve upward by 0.1 mm! This guy definitely did it intentionally!

Of course, afraid only Aggregate knew the truth.

Anyway, Yi Ti felt he was cute so he was absolutely cute.

That’s why it’s normal to make him the one to hold up the umbrella.


Formaldehyde 15:27:40

(shocked) (bitter) It turns out that you’re gay……

Formaldehyde 15:27:45

I’m so grateful that I haven’t suffered your poisonous hand until now. (sweats)


At that time, Yi Ti felt angry—— (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻, what the hell?!

Even in retrospect, she still felt angry and couldn’t look at him straight.

Alien 121: Worthy Of Being Their Child
Alien 123: Do You Have A Grudge

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