Alien 123: Do You Have A Grudge

Alien 122: The So-Called Character Song
Alien 124: I Really Have A Grudge

That afternoon, after failing to find a house, Lu Kong, who came back to mooch off a meal, yelled at the door: “Not good!!!”

Yi Ti: “……did you lose A’Jiang’s money?”

“……” TAT Can you not think of that upon seeing him?

“Don’t worry, I didn’t give him a chance to touch the money!”

A’Jiang, who said so, jumped from Lu Kong’s shoulder and stared at the small ball above Cecil. The latter seemed to feel something. After a little “ahh” sound, it opened its blue eyes and looked curiously at the yellow and white creature sitting on the table.

The two stared at each other in this way.

“You were dumped again?” Yi Ti thought about it and proposed another hypothesis.

Lu Kong: “……what’s my impression in your heart?” Poor ghost, bad luck, not good with ladies or what!

“Do you really want me to say it?”


“I shouldn’t.” Having been with a certain alien for a long time, Yi Ti was becoming more and more sincere, “I’m afraid you can’t stand it.”

Lu Kong: “……” Just let him die!

Fortunately, he’s broad-minded (too stupid) and soon forgot about this and instead said: “I’m serious. Those guys heard that you’re here and all of them came flying like flies. Would you like to avoid them temporarily?”

Yi Ti had black lines on her face.

She stretched out two fingers: “One, I did nothing bad so why do I have to hide?” Although she always lived “low-key” (in the eyes of other practitioners), she never thought of deliberately evading and just let things happen naturally, “Second, if they’re flies, then what am I?”

“Spoiled eggs?”

“Dinner is without you, solve it yourself.” This guy really likes the word “egg”, who’s going to drag him out and get rid of him? Society will definitely become better!

“……don’t do that, we’re friends!” Lu Kong burst into tears. In order to “atone”, he said, “although you don’t want to avoid them, I still worry that someone will trouble you.”

Yi Ti looked at him in surprise: “Why?” Did she do anything bad? Even if she did…… it would be in a very very indirect situation, for example, like bullying those werewolves.

Lu Kong glanced at her and stopped talking.

“If you have something to say, say it directly.”

“Because your master……” he didn’t go far. Although he was stupid, under the guidance of Grandpa Lu, his basic etiquette was absolutely not lacking. For example right now, “criticizing” other people’s elders behind their backs would be embarrassing. Don’t look at his attitude with his “grandfather”, in fact, he held respect for their generation.

After Yi Ti left his house, Lu Kong was shocked by her show of strength and learned a lot about “orange” from the old man. Then he felt that—— it’s great not to have lived in the same era as her!

By the way, although Yi Ti occasionally showed a bit of “black belly” potential, compared to her master, she’s simply a little angel!

And then, his grandfather having a crush on other people’s master made him despise the old man!

In summary, “orange” really offended many people, so he’s not sure how many disciples would come to the door and ask for a “duel”! Wouldn’t it be dangerous then? Not everyone was like him…… when his grandpa had a crush on someone’s master, the grandson would have a crush on someone’s apprentice! And both failed…… why did he suddenly want to cry? Sure enough, his tragic love life must be inherited from the old man, right?

He had to say, although Yi Ti could pinch bricks to powder, because of her deceptive appearance, he always had the impression of her being a gentle girl. Liang Chen also suffered greatly, so this story should tell everyone—— looking at women must not always look at the face!

Of course, nowadays, some men in this society would no longer look at their faces but at their chests. Otherwise, they couldn’t even distinguish their true gender at all.

“Master……” Thinking of this, Yi Ti also shed cold sweats. Just basing on Grandpa Lu’s words, she also knew how much of a tyrant her master was, so what Lu Kong said was entirely possible. However, “It’s useless to escape blindly, the monk can run away but the temple won’t run with him*, can I never come back?” She was not willing to give up her current quiet life and run outside to become a “stray”. Moreover, even if she ran outside, as long as she still touched this circle, she’ll be found sooner or later. Instead of this, it’s better to set up a “home base” and wait for them, her winning percentage would be higher.

“……makes sense.” Lu Kong scratched his head, “I originally wanted to suggest that you hide in my house but the old man might take this opportunity and use various despicable ways to squeeze you so forget it.”

Yi Ti: “……” Is he really your grandfather? But she was very curious, “What despicable ways?”

Lu Kong touched his chin: “Like sacrificing me……”

“That will never succeed.” Her tone was very decisive.

Lu Kong: “……” Although he knew this, at least don’t say it so quickly, okay? It’s hurting his self-esteem!

“But when it comes to this,” Yi Ti asked curiously, “who do you think will come?”

“There’s too many.” Lu Kong touched his chin, “the Taoist Jing Yuan from before should have come for you but since you helped him a few times, he should be sorry to trouble you.”

Yi Ti nodded thoughtfully. Indeed, she felt that Jing Yuan wanted to say something several times when facing her, she just didn’t know what it was. However, since he was still recovering in Shi JingLe’s home, it would take some time to heal.

“But Yan XiXing will probably come.”

“Yan XiXing?” Yi Ti chewed this strange-sounding name in her mouth, “who is he?” She didn’t know this but she actually bypassed this person. If she left Li ShuCheng’s hospital at night, she might have met him. “‘All-seeing’ Qin WuYue, do you know Master Qin?”

Yi Ti nodded: “Know.” Before, because of the encounter with “Iron Mouthed Godly Calculator”, she heard of this name. In this circle, no one else could be called that.

“Yan XiXing is the only apprentice of old man Qin,” Lu Kong said, “listening to my old man, Mr. Qin was a little bit upset with your master when he was young, uh…… he was pitted by your master several times so it’s estimated that he’ll send someone.”

Yi Ti: “……” Master……what have you done?

“Let me tell you, Yan XiXing, this guy, is extremely spoiled and extremely evil! Treacherous and love to pretend to be an X, one look and you’ll know he’s not a good person! And he’s super lustful, as soon as he saw a woman on the road……” A series of insults continued from Lu Kong’s mouth.

Yi Ti looked at him: “Did he offend you?”

“……ahahaha, I’m just telling the truth!” A certain someone laughed, “in short, he’s really not a good thing so you must be careful!” He exhausted his acting skills to appear “sincere”, “but don’t worry, I’m here. If he dares to come, I will……hmph hmph hmph.”

“What will you do?”

There was a faint voice from behind.

Lu Kong suddenly stiffened.

Yi Ti was actually not surprised. She sensed that someone was coming through her divine sense and just thought he’s a flower shop customer. She was actually excited (today’s first business!) but the result was the opposite.

She had to say, she was quite disappointed.

She hid this sense of loss in her heart and looked curiously at the young man who appeared at the door. He wore a white Tang suit, had a face like a clear moon, a body like a green pine bamboo, and walking like treading on dust. But, Yi Ti, who already had quite a resistance to males’ good looks, fixed on the man’s eyes.

He had good eyes.

Eyes very similar to the young Li ShuCheng she’d seen before.

Like two rounds of black mercury floating in white mercury, distinctly black and white, like yin and yang.

She couldn’t help thinking of what Li ShuCheng said to her. The extremely powerful cultivator he met in his childhood who wanted to accept him as a disciple, could it be Mr. Qin? If not, why does this old man’s disciple and Li ShuCheng have very similar eyes?

However, looking closely, Li ShuCheng should be better by three points.

Of course, this was just her feeling. As for the truth, only the involved parties would know.

While she looked at the other, the other party also looked at her. To be precise, looking at her physiognomy.

As the only disciple, he had always been good at looking at people and wouldn’t speak out needlessly. Because knowing was one thing, saying it was another matter. For any reason, “divulging the will of heaven” would condemn him. Therefore, they generally use the “equal exchange” method, which was the easiest and most straightforward way, to collect money. This also allowed some circumvention but even so, some words couldn’t be easily spoken. For example, there were several people with very special physiognomy. Even his master Qin WuYue wouldn’t take a close look easily so as not to be bitten back.

Both looked at each other for a while.

Finally, the first to speak was Yan XiXing. His voice felt like bamboo leaves rustling in the wind, or like brewing tea, very light but also very charming.

“Miss Yi’s physiognomy……”

“Is great and must be very blessed.” A certain someone said a very outdated sentence then chuckled softly, “Yi Ti, don’t listen to him! This guy would say this to nine out of ten people!”

Yi Ti: “……” Sure enough, there’s hatred.

Although Lu Kong showed strong hostility, Yan XiXing didn’t even look at him and just continued to say to Yi Ti: “Miss Yi is indeed a blessed person and will have a long life.” Although it’s generally impossible to talk about what he saw clearly, these very common words were okay. Hadn’t he said it normally to other people many times?

“……thank you.” Yi Ti had also seen him for the first time so she didn’t know what to say. Also, listening to Lu Kong, this guy should be “seeking revenge” but it didn’t appear like that at all!

The young man slightly smiled: “I’m only telling the truth, don’t need to thank me.”

“Here it comes! Here it comes! The X loaded magic skill!” Lu Kong hmphed then whispered, “What’s so great about that, he didn’t seem like a fortune teller at all!”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, don’t tear down someone, okay?

Under normal circumstances, Lu Kong would not do this kind of thing. Seeing this, the hatred between the two seemed to be very deep……

Translator’s Notes:

*the monk can run away but the temple won’t run with him: you can run this time, but you’ll have to come back

Alien 122: The So-Called Character Song
Alien 124: I Really Have A Grudge

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