Alien 121: Worthy Of Being Their Child

Alien 120: Give Back Her Maiden Heart
Alien 122: The So-Called Character Song

So fast?

When did this happen?

Why hadn’t he seen her with a big belly?

How old were their children?


A series of questions filled Lu Kong’s mind until he heard a sentence: “Thank you for your help. Otherwise, it will not be born so quickly.”

“……what?” Lu Kong almost fled to the door—— your children, how did they have a relationship with me! Return my innocence!!!

Fortunately, he still managed to retain a little sanity and finally understood. The so-called “child” was probably……

“Your egg broke?”

Yi Ti vomited a mouthful of blood, could this bastard even speak properly?

But Cecil didn’t care at all and very simply answered: “En.”

“What did you hatch?”

Yi Ti had a murderous face, was this bastard really stupid or deliberate?



“The name is LiuLiu.”

“……” Even if you say so, what exactly is a “LiuLiu”?

After some communication, Lu Kong finally knew “LiuLiu”‘s shape. Even for him, he didn’t know what kind of creature it was. He wanted to see but he couldn’t break into a girl’s bedroom in front of her boyfriend, right? So he could only endure it!

Anyway, they live under one roof so it’s easy to see.

Speaking of which……

He seriously considered whether he should move out. Although freeloading was very economical in his situation, being a little light bulb was uncomfortable.

He was under this psychological burden until Yi Ti got up and washed up at noon. After looking at LiuLiu, he offered to move out.

Yi Ti didn’t object. If Lu Kong didn’t want to stay, she had no problem with him moving out since this was his personal freedom. Also……

Cough, so can I borrow some money to rent someplace?” Seeing that “moving out still had to rely on friends”, he decided to simply rent a room in this city. Yi Ti was here so he at least wouldn’t be hungry as long as his skin was thicker.

His grandfather also gave enough money.

So, under Lu Kong’s eyes, Yi Ti very simply took out a sum of money and handed it over to…… A’Jiang.

Lu Kong: “……” Hey hey, do you have to do this?

Yi Ti hung a small woolen bag (made by Cecil) with money on A’Jiang’s neck: “Give it to you.”

“Rest assured meow.” A’Jiang licked the meat pad on his paw and “sternly” said, “I won’t let this idiot touch it.”

Lu Kong: “……” Am I the god of the plague? Ah?

Because of A’Jiang’s presence, Yi Ti could safely let Lu Kong go out to find a place to rent and not get lost. Moreover, she was troubled by another thing—— LiuLiu wouldn’t eat.

Precisely speaking, it won’t eat human food. This point had been fully proven at lunch. Of course, Yi Ti deeply doubted if it was also related to Lu Kong licking the plate.

Thinking that it wanted to eat blood, Cecil contributed a drop before Yi Ti but it wouldn’t eat.

For this, Yi Ti didn’t know whether to be happy or entangled.

Happy that their child didn’t live on blood or tangled on what it did eat?

Yi Ti held the small hairball in both hands, looked left and right, before poking it: “What the hell do you eat?”


“Lies, I gave you chicken* and you didn’t eat at all.”


“……” She forgot that this little idiot could only say that.

She frowned and thought for a moment before tilting her head and looking at Cecil: “You also think about it!” As a Chinese woman, the “once they had a child, the husband is no longer important” characteristic seemed to be faintly revealed.

Cecil thought about it then got an energy block: “Is this okay?”

Yi Ti: “……” How could LiuLiu eat such a hard thing…… “ah?” She thought so but the little cutie in her palm trembled before jumping in place and straight to the energy block. Then there was a cheer of “Jiji!” as it directly jumped into Cecil’s hands and crunched the block.

The sound made Yi Ti feel a toothache coming.

But more helpless and tired was her heart!

Should she say as expected of “daddy Cecil”? To even distort the child’s appetite. But, this way, they’re the only ones who could feed this child. Except for them, who could get the energy blocks to feed this little thing?

“Xiao Ti.”


“I think the potion you made should also be edible.”

“You mean……” At that time, it was not only Cecil who bled, she also paid the “blood price”. So, among his “inherited” traits, there’s no reason to exclude hers! Yi Ti thought about it then directly took out a bottle from the space meant to replenish the body’s aura, and removed the stopper.

The little thing suddenly stopped, then bounced again, this time in the direction of the potion.

After a cheer, it jumped back into Yi Ti’s hand, joyfully circling around the medicine bottle and trying to get inside to drink the potion. Unfortunately, how could a tennis ball enter a small bottle?

Seeing it anxiously call out “Jiji”, Yi Ti didn’t tease it anymore and tilted the bottle.

Seeming to know her intent, LiuLiu cleverly caught the bottle’s mouth and drank.

After taking two sips, it jumped back and chomped twice before coming back and having a sip……

As the saying goes, “eat and drink, life is without borders”!

“It really knows how to enjoy life.” Yi Ti couldn’t help complaining as she neared Cecil.

Cecil did the same.

Then, the two put their hands together. This way, LiuLiu didn’t have to jump back and forth.

The little guy had a good appetite. After drinking half a bottle of potion, it ate about one-eight of the energy block then rolled to the side with satisfaction before a snoring sound was heard.

“It’s really a foodie.” Yi Ti lightly poked its round belly (it should be under its mouth, right?), “eating more than you could.” She was not exaggerating. Cecil could eat a set of intermediate energy blocks for a long time.

Cecil expertly said: “It takes a long time to digest these.”

“I hope so.” If it ate so much at every meal…… she would cry until she went blind since she couldn’t afford it. In comparison, its better to raise its father, he ate less but cooked more……cough cough cough, if not for him being stupid…… but this seemed to be his cute point too.

“Xiao Ti.”


He stared at her eagerly and asked with anticipation: “Can I kiss you?”

“……” She almost let LiuLiu fall to the ground in shock, “Why are you suddenly asking this?!” Can you play properly?

An alien answered honestly: “I don’t know why but I just want to do this as soon as I saw you.” Probably many people who just “ate meat after having maintained a vegetarian diet*” would have this idea but no one would say it so honestly.

“……” He must have completely abandoned himself and became an idiot, right? Yi Ti held her forehead and squeezed out a word, “No!”

“When will it be?”

“……think for yourself!” orz! She couldn’t answer this question at all!

The tangled Yi Ti directly put LiuLiu to his mouth: “Kiss your son!” Finished, she turned around and engaged in her own career—— opening the shop—— and left.

Cecil stretched out his hands to catch the little hairball, tilted his head with a puzzled expression on his face, then searched for information…… biubiubiu……

The little hairball rolled in his hands and actually jumped to his head. After rubbing back and forth a few times, thinking it was a very good nest, it then closed its eyes. It had inherited its “mom”‘s sleeping skill and slept in a second.

At the same time, two strands of black hair flew and held it firmly, not letting it roll down in its sleep.

When Yi Ti saw such a scene, she almost erupted.

From a distance, he seemed to have a woolen ball ornament on his head. Was this selling meng or selling meng?

After a time, the two did their work as usual.

Cecil, except for playing games, would continue making games with the help of the smart chip—— anyway, he had become a new generation of an internet-addicted teenager!

Yi Ti, apart from playing games, chatting and uploading newly created comics and animations, would just visit the Hundred Ways Altar and see if there were any tasks that could be undertaken recently. She could almost be upgraded from Black Iron to Bronze and there’d be more tasks to choose from. The Special Department’s posts would definitely be among them. As for whether to join, she had to think about it carefully.

After being busy for a while, she peeped through the chat group records as usual and inadvertently saw such a dialogue——


Zhu Jin ShaoMai (XXOOXXOO) 13:23:54

Everyone watch this! (link)

Lan Die (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:00

What’s this?

Conquer the world with five people (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:01

What’s on the link?

Zhu Jin ShaoMai (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:03

It’s the cover theme song of the animation!

Early Summer (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:07

Recently, many people made it their cover song, including foreigners.

Bells (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:10

Yeah yeah, I heard it a lot.

Zhu Jin ShaoMai (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:14

This one is different! This person’s voice was super like the protagonist Ling Yu! It sounded just like his character, very good!

Smile (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:17


Zhu Jin ShaoMai (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:21

En, en, really!


With this news, countless sisters drilled out of their holes and chattered endlessly. At this time, Yi Ti also remembered one thing……


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 13:24:27

That…… actually, I have the Ling Yu version of the title song here, do you want to listen?


After a brief silence, the nest blew up.

The sisters who got injected with chicken blood were like tigers flying down the mountain (……). After being hungry for ten days, they pounced on the prone Yi Ti. This strong momentum made her hands shake and close the computer screen.

It’s too scary.

The sisters’ obsession was really scary.

Yi Ti wiped her sweat, waited for the screen to be less crazy before saying another sentence——

Translator’s Notes:

*鸡, jī: fowl, chicken

*eat meat after having maintained a vegetarian diet: to do sth as a novel experience

Alien 120: Give Back Her Maiden Heart
Alien 122: The So-Called Character Song

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