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This roar of the teenager was sadly ignored.

Don’t know if the other party really didn’t hear or they pretended not to hear it.

Young man: “……”

The middle-aged man frowned even harder, then he said: “Xiao Yi, you go outside and wait for me.” Although he knew his son actually knew what the two were doing, as a father, he felt he could not continue to let him see the scene in front of him.

“……oh.” Although the teenager looked rebellious, looking at his dad’s rare serious face, he still chose to listen. However, he had a sneer on his mouth and made a loud noise when closing the door, showing his dissatisfaction deep inside.

The couple separated and looked provocatively at the middle-aged man.

The young woman opened her mouth: “Uncle, what is it?”

“Little girl, your seat is mine.” The middle-aged man calmly showed his ticket, flipping it over so that the two could see clearly.

“En?” The young man touched his pockets, “What about our tickets?”

After his girlfriend rummaged through their bags for a moment, she took out two crumpled tickets. After glancing at it, she said: “It seems we’re in the wrong box.”

The young man picked up the two tickets, crumpled it, then threw it directly at the middle-aged man: “Then let’s exchange.”

Middle-aged man: “……”

“Anyway, just go there, it’s just a few more steps.”

Finishing, the two giggled, obviously not caring at all.

The middle-aged man took a deep breath, still speaking with good humor: “Boy, you……”

“What? Want to blackmail?” The woman pounded the bed, scolding, “Old thing, you……”

The young man next to her took her arm then shook his head: “Forget it.” Speaking so, he took a wallet from their bags then pulled out two dollars, “Brother is in a good mood today and don’t care about you, just take the money and get out.”

The blocked female took out a pack of cigarettes with an unhappy expression, pulled one for her, and stuffed another in the man’s mouth. Then the two ignited it with a lighter.

After a while, the box was full of smoke.

Yi Ti covered her nose. This kind of gas, which itself contains many harmful substances, was too irritating for her. She subconsciously wanted to raise her hand and push open the window but tragically found that this train was a brand new enclosed air-conditioned car.

The next moment, Cecil appeared in front of the two, lifted his right hand, and sandwiched the two extinguished cigarettes between his slender fingers.

The young couple was frightened by the person who suddenly appeared in front of them. Don’t know if Cecil’s sense of presence was too weak or if they’re too indifferent, they didn’t even notice that there’s such a person in the box until he appeared in front of them. The two suddenly discovered that there was such a young man who looked so perfect that he hardly looked like a person.

After the shock and surprise flashed all over their face, the young man was the first to recover. He angrily pushed his female companion who was still distracted and scolded: “What the fuck do you want?”

Cecil seemed to not hear his scolding, only saying in a gentle tone: “Xiao Ti doesn’t like the smell of smoke, please don’t smoke here.” His good attitude from before and his aggressive behavior now simply made him seem like a different person.

So much so that the couple froze for a while.

Blankly listening to him say: “And, the two beds over there are this…… uncle’s.” Cecil swallowed the words “Earthman” wisely and borrowed the title that the couple called the middle-aged man, “please return it to him because before getting his consent, you’re not eligible to occupy it.”

Cecil said very seriously and reasonably.

But because of his “violence before diplomacy” behavior, these two, including the middle-aged man, felt that he was “threatening” them. And the most terrifying was the smile on his face exuding quite a bit of a boss aura.

Only Yi Ti knew that he’s speaking very seriously! No one could speak more logically than him!

Although aware of the threat, the biggest characteristic of this spiky-haired young man was his “can’t be controlled, unafraid of death, unique love high maintenance” attitude, and with his woman still around, how could he cower? So he stubbornly lifted his neck and tyrannically said: “I just don’t fucking want to change, and what would you do about it? Tell you what, I can have dozens of brothers here with just a phone call. By then, you can fucking……”

For a while, the foul language spewing out of his mouth was endless.

Cecil listened to him patiently then simply said: “When you speak, you used too many uncivilized words. It should be corrected.”

Couple: “……”

Yi Ti couldn’t help but want to laugh. Sure enough, the power of being a natural airhead was infinite, right? Just saying the truth could kill a person!

At the same time, the young man felt that he had lost his honor and cursed loudly. Standing up, he stretched his fists toward Cecil.

Although she knew he would be fine, Yi Ti immediately jumped out of the bed.

The middle-aged man was just about to help when he saw the handsome young man clamp on the young man’s wrist with only two fingers. Then, still in a gentle tone, continued speaking death-inducing words: “Sorry, I can’t let you touch my clothes because your hands are a little dirty.” Xiao Ti bought the clothes for him personally so he must especially cherish it. He couldn’t possibly increase the number of washings just because of this thing.

“You fucking……” The young man was furious at the insult as his other hand also went to hit Cecil.

And was restrained again in the next second.

With not one more nor one less, there were still two fingers.

At this moment, the young female companion came to her senses. She grabbed the tray on the tea table and tried to smash it on Cecil: “You fucking give me your……” Her hand was caught.

Cecil certainly didn’t have a third hand—— in his human state.

So the one who caught her hand was Yi Ti. She held the young woman’s wrist with one hand while the other hand pulled the iron tray. In front of this two troublemakers, she gently and skillfully rubbed a corner into a lump, then in a very soft tone: “I don’t like hitting people, I don’t like fighting with the same gender, but if you’re not tactful, I might make an exception.” She never liked to fight but it’s impossible to just watch Cecil be “bullied”. Although she knew that he’s unlikely to lose, she’s still angry, and the very furious kind!



Deterred by the “violence”, the two left gloomily.

The middle-aged man thanked Yi Ti again and again, then he called in his son.

Until this time, Yi Ti, who silently put the tray back, remembered that these two looked familiar—— XuanYuan Bo and XuanYuan Yi.

Yes, they’re the family of the female ghost XuanYuan Yu. At that time, she had half a fate with them. She’d seen them but they’ve never seen her. Because there was no direct communication and too many things happened recently, so much so that she almost forgot.

XuanYuan Yi looked at the two people curiously. He had been standing at the door outside. Although he couldn’t see what happened inside, he could hear their voices clearly. He naturally knew that these two “threatened” the couple both the soft and hard way. Just looking at how much the couple changed attitudes as they left made him very happy so he unconsciously got a good impression on them. Teenagers in their adolescence were so easy to impress!

After a little chat, Yi Ti learned they were a family going north to visit old friends. It’s a pity they didn’t have much luck and the soft sleeper tickets they bought were not in the same box. Therefore, they could only separate daughter with mother and son with father. Who knew they’d encounter such a situation?

“That’s indeed very troublesome.” After Yi Ti finished listening, she thought for a while, then said, “otherwise, let’s exchange.”

XuanYuan Bo froze: “That would be embarrassing.”

“It’s nothing much.” Yi Ti said with a smile, “Your two tickets are on the same side, right?”


“Then that’s fine.” She said, “It’s better for the family to live together.” She remembered when she went out with her brother, if their seats were not together, they’d try to negotiate with the others, so she understood their mood. And anyway, she and Cecil were a couple, so being together didn’t matter.

After saying a few words, XuanYuan Bo, who was moved, didn’t object and thanked them again and again, even exchanging numbers with Yi Ti. She seemed to have made a good impression on him. Quickly, just as Yi Ti packed and prepared to leave, XuanYuan Yu also came with her mother Song NanNing. Miss ghost was wearing a red coat today with rosy cheeks, contrary to what she looked like when they first met, brimming with vigorous vitality. It could be seen from her appearance that she inherited the facial features of an Oriental beauty from her mother, Song NanNing, just that her temperament was younger and more lively. Although Mrs. XuanYuan was advanced in age, she was elegant and had gentle eyes. The corner of her mouth was up, looking like a bookworm like her husband and had a mature atmosphere that had settled down over time.

The couple made people comfortable at first glance.

After that “event”, XuanYuan Yu never came to Yi Ti. It’s not that she’s “ungrateful”, she just forgot all that happened when her soul drifted out. Pei Ling said before that this kind of thing was normal. Although the situation was dangerous at that time, after the soul returned to the body, it’d be just like a dream. The dream might be clear, might be hazy, and more likely forgotten after waking up.

It’s usually no different from dreaming.

However, though the memory wouldn’t be there, the feelings might not disappear. For example——

The moment XuanYuan Yu saw Yi Ti, she just froze. After a while, there was a trembling voice: “This younger sister I’ve seen before…..”

Yi Ti almost vomited blood.

Why does she think she’s playing in the “Dream of Red Mansions”?

Should she recite “XiJiangYue” to cooperate?

Not just her, the others also felt embarrassed—— except for Cecil who didn’t seem to understand the situation.

Knowing their daughter’s moral conduct, the XuanYuan couple just held their foreheads but XuanYuan Yi directly satirized his sister: “Idiot, are you reading a book!”

XuanYaun Yu was angry: “How do you talk to your sister?” At first, when she woke up after the car accident, he was so good and practically spoke docilely and obediently. In the end, he reverted to his old ways as time went by, he’s!

XuanYuan Yi just snorted, not taking her words to heart.

XuanYuan Bo shook his head: “Xiao Yi, be polite to your sister.”

Yi Ti didn’t intend to recognize her since it’d become unclear as to how the two met.

They met in a dream?

Or she encountered her as a ghost?

No one would believe it so it’s best to forget it.

Moreover, their meeting was fated, and being able to meet the second time was even more destined. Since it’s so fateful, there’d definitely be no shortage of opportunities to communicate in the future so why bother to hurry?

After smiling politely at the other party, she carried her bag out of the box with Cecil and took the exchanged ticket to another box. Don’t know if it’s because “good people have good rewards” that until the train ran, there was no one in the two opposite beds.

As the saying goes, “things do not always turn out as one would expect*“, the two-person world was actually achieved in this way.

Yi Ti lamented how strange fate was.

And when she thought so, Cecil suddenly said: “It turned out to be from《Dream of the Red Mansions》.”


Translator’s Notes:

*things do not always turn out as one would expect: you plant a garden and the flowers do not bloom, you poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you

Alien 126: Getting Pointers From A PDA
Alien 128: Happy To Coax

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