Alien 129: He’s Also Reckless

Alien 128: Happy To Coax
Alien 130: Just Want To Lean Like This

It was noon in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that it was time for lunch and since the dining cart wouldn’t come to their side, most customers chose to dine in the dining area.

Cecil took out a pink square lunch box from his own space and treated it like a treasure as he handed it to Yi Ti and said: “Xiao Ti, give you!”

Yi Ti froze then said in surprise: “You still prepared this?”

“En.” Cecil wasn’t proud, just nodded very seriously while replying, “because many people say that the food on trains is not good. I think you might not be used to eating it.” So he prepared in advance.

Yi Ti took the lunch box and felt it was still hot. Although the space of this tyrant alien was not as magical as the one she inherited from her master, there was an advantage that she endlessly envied—— the time was constant.

Like the food, no matter how long it’s put in, after taking it out, it still maintained its original state.

Like the lunch box in her hand.

Immediately after, Cecil gave up the position closest to the table and packed the things on it along the way. Yi Ti placed the lunch box on the poor iron tray she’d bent, lifted the lid, and found it well balanced. Two meat and two vegetable dishes along with white rice. Because of personal taste, the rice was a bit soft. If there was soup…

She looked at the thermos in Cecil’s arms with black lines.

Yi Ti picked up the chopsticks on the side, preparing to eat when the door was suddenly knocked. She put down her chopsticks and said: “The door’s not locked.” Because she was worried that someone would get on at a stop, they didn’t lock the door, and no one would break in any way.

The door was opened in the next second and standing at the door was the XuanYuan siblings.

XuanYuan Yu said: “Good afternoon, would you like to eat together…” The words ended when she saw Yi Ti’s lunch box, “You’re already eating.” While speaking, she sniffed, “Is this lunch box still sold in the dining area?” It smelled so good.

She couldn’t lie about this kind of thing so Yi Ti told the truth: “No, this is what we brought ourselves.”

XuanYuan Yu’s eyes widened incredulously: “It’s still hot after so long?”

Yi Ti: “…” How should she answer this?

Putting on her shoes and standing up, she looked at Cecil for help.

The alien searched a little bit then seriously replied: “It can be done easily with internal force.”

Yi Ti: “…” What did you search for? Hey!

XuanYuan Yu: “…” Although it sounded incredible, she inexplicably felt that such a thing was entirely possible!

XuanYuan Yi: “……” Cool! I really want to learn!

These two siblings, because of their parents, also had contact with circles ordinary people couldn’t reach. Otherwise, when XuanYuan Yu had an accident, it’s impossible for them to invite Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi. After accepting this kind of setting, what were martial arts?

So they happily accepted it!

“Right, this is for you.”

When XuanYuan Yu said that, her younger brother XuanYuan Yi lifted a plastic bag in coordination.

“This is?” Yi Ti asked curiously.

“Chicken wings and duck neck.” XuanYuan Yu replied with a smile, “I bought it from a shop near my home. Although the store is not big, I heard that the boss’ craftsmanship was divine. The taste is really good and it’s also very clean.” As if worried about Yi Ti’s rejection, she continued, “When I bought it, I bought more by accident. The temperature on the train is high so it can’t be left for too long. Hey, I’ll try it for you if you want.”

Speaking up to here, of course, Yi Ti would not refuse.

Although she didn’t spend much time with Miss Ghost, she still liked her and felt it was easy to get along with each other.

Yi Ti took the bag and said a few words of thanks.

“This is for you.” Cecil suddenly came to her, holding a stack of four lunch boxes in his hand. The colors were yellow, green, blue, and purple, “a return gift.”

XuanYuan Yu: “…” She silently looked at the suitcase that was pulled out aside. When they went out… did they only bring lunch and forgot about the clothes? Sure enough, ‘martial artists’ were not ordinary, hahaha…

XuanYuan Yi: “…” Much cooler than bringing clothes!

Yi Ti was also full of black lines, but since he took it out, she certainly wouldn’t let him take it back, so she persuaded the other party to accept it.

After the customary push and pull in China, the XuanYuan brother reached out and took the lunch boxes, feeling it was quite warm: “This one is also hot.”

“I just used internal force to heat it up.” Cecil worked hard to maintain the previous “setting”, that serious look simply distressing Yi Ti—— if he could work so hard to talk such nonsense, he really suffered!

After a few more words, the siblings didn’t bother Yi Ti again and went out.

Yi Ti began to “interrogate” someone: “How many lunch boxes did you make?”

“Because Xiao Ti didn’t say where we’d go, I prepared a little more.”

“How many is more?”


Yi Ti: “…” This is not a march but traveling, okay!

She was helpless. Although what this guy did always made her speechless, in essence, he just wanted to take good care of her, so how could she hit or blame him?

And so, accompanied by the braised dishes sent by the XuanYuan siblings (it tasted really good!), Yi Ti spent her lunchtime quite happily.

Don’t know if it got a bug, just when Yi Ti put down the chopsticks, LiuLiu, who had been sleeping in Cecil’s pocket, suddenly jumped out, jumping on Yi Ti’s neck and kept calling “Jiji” “Jiji” for a while.

Yi Ti was silent.

This little guy was smart. Although it was born not long before, it intuitively realized that “whoever made money at home is the master”. Although it usually preferred to stick to Cecil, whenever it wanted to eat, it’d be coquettish around Yi Ti for a while, making her angry and ridiculous. She didn’t know whom it inherited that trait as neither she nor Cecil seemed to have such a temper.

Could it be…

It was infected by Lu Kong?


Must be isolated!

So, Lu Kong’s knees were hit from far away. He sneezed and with hands shaking, smashed another plate.

The students in the shop laughed for a while——

“Three plates! I said that he would smash three plates during this meal, give me your money, give me your money!”

“Hey, Lu-ge, don’t you have any strength?”

“Haha, I won, please pay for this meal!”

“Tomorrow, I must bet that Lu-ge would smash four plates.”


The Lu Kong at the scene skillfully cleaned while in tears: this group of bastards, to rejoice in other people’s misfortune! My salary, ahhhhhh!!!

The boss on the side silently took out a notebook and added a negative number to someone’s salary this month! He was really angry but also happy. This guy named Lu Kong was very popular among students. Since he came here, the business in the shop had been booming. However, wasn’t he too good at breaking things? Although he’d lose money for these things, it’s really annoying to buy a batch of new plates every few days! The supermarket owner almost thought he was a second-hand goods trader!!!

Yi Ti, who was also the culprit, did not know that Lu Kong was in deep water and didn’t have much mood to care since she’s “feeding the child”.

She skillfully took out a potion while Cecil also skillfully took out an energy bar along with one small and one big plate. The energy bar occupied most of the large plate, and the rest was LiuLiu’s “special seat”. After it jumped on it accurately, it ate the energy bar with a couple of crunches. The other small plate could only hold a third of the potion. This was how much food the little guy ate.

It’s necessary to eat every two or three days. In a sense, although not as good as “mom”, it definitely surpassed “dad”.

In order to raise this one, Yi Ti almost burst SEED.

A few days ago, two bottles of potions were verified by Cecil and hung in the trading device in exchange for a lot of points. As the saying goes, “if you have money on your hands, you wouldn’t panic”. Under the pressure of survival, Yi ‘plant cultivator’ Ti also had it hard!

What she didn’t know was that the pharmacists in the universe regarded this as some kind of signal—— the man who created the miracle, no, the miraculous pharmacist had probably seen the difficulty of purifying intermediate potion. Otherwise, how could he hang two bottles in one breath?

We couldn’t fall behind!

What were they waiting for?

Buy, buy, buy!

However, the current development of pharmaceutical research still frustrated them with no breakthrough.

So many famous people in the universe came together but actually didn’t get any results, was this scientific?

This pit was not scientific!

Finally, they reached an incredible conclusion, and that was, with their current equipment and techniques, it’s impossible to complete the purification technology. In other words, this pharmacist had brand new equipment or techniques different from theirs or both.

This made many people uneasy.

Under this trend, the Pharmacist Association publicly published the most extravagant and most experienced trade orders in history, claiming that if anyone could make such equipment, they would get a huge return. As for the technique, they’re all here, why bother asking others? Research yourself!

This list came out and many people’s blood boiled.

If they put this one together, they wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of their life!


And so, waves traveled the universe again.

Probably no one would think that all this came from a “low-level civilization” planet they disdained.

And the person who triggered it all just wanted to… feed her boyfriend and children.

Thinking about this, it’s really sad!

After eating and drinking, it did not immediately “destroy the bridge after crossing the river”, and instead accompanied the two… wrong, it was to let them play with it for a while. The so-called “play” was Cecil grabbing it and throwing it to Yi Ti then Yi Ti grabbing it and smashing it back. Once someone missed, it would immediately adjust its direction and steadily jumped back into their palm, rubbing back and forth a few times as if saying “I’m okay!”, softening people’s hearts.

Alien 128: Happy To Coax
Alien 130: Just Want To Lean Like This

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