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The boss was speechless, this guy was a thorough layman.

With the destruction of the natural environment and long term uncontrolled harvesting, the wild ginseng now was extremely low in storage. According to the statistics of relevant institute personnel, the national reserves were only a few dozen pounds, and the wild ginseng that appeared on the market every year was usually a few kilograms, the dried product amounting to even less than two kilograms. As soon as it appeared, it’ll be snapped up. Just two years ago, a 30g wild ginseng was even sold for a high price of 3 million.

It’s already pretty good to have so many wild ginseng in their shop. If it’s a hundred years old, it would either be provided to some people through “private channels” that couldn’t be said explicitly or it would go to the auction house. It was rarely sold openly in stores. As a result, this man, oh God, asked for one with a hundred years.

The boss regretted it. It seemed like this local tyrant couldn’t be cheated today. Acting in good faith and also wanting to maintain a good relationship, he said: “If you want wild ginseng with a hundred years, then…”

“Why only a hundred years?” The man frowned again, then boldly said, “Aren’t there 500 years? If it’s a thousand years, give me one.”

The boss wanted to vomit blood!

If the other person wasn’t sincere, he almost thought that he was here to make trouble!

Five hundred years? One thousand years?

Don’t make trouble!

The oldest wild ginseng that had appeared and sold the highest in recent years was only 300 years old!

Also “give me one”, as if he thought of it as buying cigarettes, ah!

This guy definitely watched a lot of TV shows.

“Nothing?” Although the man didn’t know anything, he was keenly aware of the boss’ emotions.

“…this really doesn’t exist.” The boss was struggling now. He really wanted to sell him the 50-year-old ginseng and pretend it’s 500 years old. Anyway, this person was stupid and wouldn’t know. But just as he thought of it, he remembered that their brand was not so easy to get up but it’s too easy to fall. Not to mention, someone who could afford millions was not easily offended. He’s only the owner of a branch and couldn’t pull the tiger’s beard.

The man continued to ask: “What about língzhī (reishi mushroom; Ganoderma lucidum), lùróng (young deer antler prior to ossification) or héshǒuwū (Chinese knotweed; polygonum multiflorum; fleece flower root)? Are there 500 years or 1,000 years?

Boss: “…” Spat blood and died!

Not only him, even Yi Ti next to them felt it was embarrassing. Although not very knowledgeable, she could also roughly guess how rare things were from the past five hundred years. Just a bowl was not easy to preserve for 500 years, not to mention a precious medicinal ingredient.

But she also felt it. At this point, the rather rich man wasn’t deliberately finding fault but really wanted to buy. It’s a pity that he’s bound to end up empty-handed.

But this kind of thing had nothing to do with her. Among the medicinal materials left by her master, there were ginseng, lingzhi, Chinese knotweed, and others. And because of the difference in time and space, the age was quite old. What’s even more bizarre was the aura contained in it. If sold to someone with the knowledge, such as Grandpa Lu, afraid she could get a lot of money. But first of all, she wasn’t short of anything right now; second, when using the plants in the space, she just extracted the medicinal properties and waited for it to recover on their own, not bothering it otherwise. Selling meant that it would become “food” for others. Although she ate vegetables every day and might be a bit hypocritical saying this, she was really reluctant.

Unless absolutely necessary, she wouldn’t do it.

Cultivators were very concerned about their state of mind. She thought this was probably a kind of “seeking one’s dao”.

After that, Yi Ti visited several pharmacies one after another, then accidentally found a small surprise.

When she left the Lu family, Grandpa Lu gave her a jade pendant that acted as a membership card. In Lu Kong’s words, “Although membership cards are not easy to falsify and easy to carry, jade ornaments had a very high-end atmosphere and classy. It’s also easy to carve X things into it, and that boring old man loved to do these kinds of things!” The pattern carved on it happened to be on the plaque of a pharmacy, in the lower right corner of the name was—— a seven leafed orchid.

“Cecil, look.” Yi Ti held the jade pendant on her hand and pointed at the pattern on it, “it’s the same thing.”

The young man carefully looked then nodded: “En, would you like to go in and see?”


They just entered the door when a young man with a smiling face immediately greeted them, asking with a smile: “What things do the two want to get rid of?”

Yes, this store was an acquisition store.

Yi Ti looked around. Surprisingly, it seemed that not only medicinal materials were acquired here, other things were also collected. The young man noticed her gaze and smiled while explaining: “The store’s main acquisition are medicinal materials but if there are other things, we also collect them. For example, some animals have fur, bones, eggs, or rare things that have never been seen before.” While speaking, he handed a booklet, “This is an introduction, you can check it out. If you don’t like what you see, just tell me. The Lu family’s brand won’t bully people.

“Can I buy something from you?”

“Ah, this is…” The young man gave her a glance and politely said, “Under normal circumstances, it is not possible.”

“What if I take this out?” said Yi Ti as she took out the jade pendant handed to her by Grandpa Lu.

The already smiling young man’s eyes lit up, his expression becoming brighter as he asked: “Is it convenient for me to look at this piece of jade?” After getting consent, he took the pendant with both hands, turned around and ran to the long counter, then handed it to someone.

A moment later, an old voice came from behind the counter: “Yes, it’s my craft.”

Along with the voice, an old man with a tobacco pipe in hand slowly stood up. He was wearing a black leather coat, the thick texture looking like a bearskin. He had drooping eyelids and a wrinkled face, full of signs from aging. However, the hand holding the tobacco pipe was very stable.

“Baby girl, who from the Lu family gave you this thing?” He asked as he looked Yi Ti up and down.

Yi Ti politely replied: “From the head of the Lu family, Lu WenRui.”

“WenRui personally gave it to you.” The old man nodded then returned the jade to her, “it seemed that you’re also in the circle.”

“Fifth grandpa, what do you mean by in the circle?” The guy on the side was confused, quietly asking the old man.

Although his voice was low, the other three heard him clearly.

The old man gave him a glance: “Go away, you’ve been working for three months, before figuring out the situation, don’t ask blindly.”

The man answered with a grin: “Aren’t you always here?”

The old man known as “fifth grandpa” grunted and ignored him, just looking at Yi Ti. Because of the question just now, his attitude was much more sympathetic as he asked: “Hold this jade pendant. Not to mention buying things in my store, there’s also nothing wrong with emptying it out. Baby girl, say it, what do you want?” Saying so, he walked toward the two. Although short, his pace was steady.

The young man seemed to have heard something incredible, looking at the old man in surprise then looking at Yi Ti again before his sight finally landed on the jade pendant in her hand. He didn’t seem to understand why it had so much ability.

Of course, Yi Ti wouldn’t empty out the store. In fact, she was quite surprised. Grandpa Lu said it was a “discount token” and didn’t expect that its significance was so great. Lu Kong didn’t tell her anything, really unreliable!

So Lu Kong was hit by another arrow to the knee, but he was really innocent. Although he was a bit surprised that the old man gave her a jade pendant, the issue was the importance of a spiritual plant cultivator to their family. Not to mention that she was still his good friend (although she wouldn’t admit it). Even if the old man didn’t give it away, he should have given his (although the chance seemed very slim). Moreover, he didn’t expect his grandfather to send it out and only say it’s a discount card! Why blame him? It’s obviously the old man deceiving her!

Yi Ti then said what she wanted.

The elder slightly frowned: “Seeds? Very few people sell this thing.”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded then said, “The rarer the better.”

The old man was thinking about it while “pulling” on his pipe as he smoked. After a while, he put down the pipe then said to the young man: “Zhang Chun, go and bring me the wooden box painted with gold in a cabinet no. 39.”

“Yes.” The young man called “Zhang Chun” responded briskly, turning around and taking out the wooden box as instructed and in the hands of the old man.

Fifth grandpa opened the box and took out a small cloth bag from inside, saying: “This bag of seeds was from a person who sold medicinal herbs a few days ago…”

According to the old man, the seller inadvertently picked up seeds near the herbs and don’t know what it was used for so it was sold collectively to the store.

Yi Ti looked at the seeds dumped in the palm of the old man. It was a lot bigger than ordinary seeds, one third the size of a small thumbnail, brown and oval. If it’s just that, it’s not unusual. The issue was that it’s a little white in the center and from a distance, it looked like an eye.

“Can I please have a look?”


She took a seed and under her divine sense, she was surprised to find that this child seemed to have been sleeping for a long time. The time was no less than 100 years but it didn’t die. It obviously contained vitality.

At this point, she also wanted to buy it and have a look.

“This, boss…”

“Baby girl should call me fifth grandpa.”

“…fifth grandpa, how much is this thing?”

The old man knocked the pipe upside down on the counter and while refilling it with shredded tobacco, he replied: “A total of seven seeds, it was 100 yuan when it was received. I’ll give you the original price.”

And with that, the lucky* Yi Ti bought seven mysterious seeds for 100 yuan. What the hell is this?

Translator’s Notes:

*無心插柳柳成蔭, wúxīnchāliǔliǔchéngyīn, lit. idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you / (fig.) unintentional actions may bring unexpected success

Alien 131: The North Wind Blows
Alien 133: Plants vs. Zombies

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