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If you use a saying to describe Yi Ti’s current state, that would be—— a bolt from the blue*!





A bolt from the blue!

No, those words alone might not be enough to describe the turbulence in her heart.

How could Shi JingLe be Aggregate?

How could he be Aggregate?

How come?

Where did it go wrong?

How could Aggregate be him?

How was this possible?


“Xiao Ti?” After Cecil came back, he first found LiuLiu on the bed, nodding in satisfaction at finding it sleeping soundly, but then found that someone’s emotions seemed a bit wrong.

Yi Ti reached out a hand and made a “don’t come” gesture: “Let me calm down, en, calm down!”

Cecil: “…” But her voice didn’t sound calm at all.

If Yi Ti heard his thoughts, she’d most likely burst into tears. Wasn’t that why she said she needed to calm down?!

Although she tried desperately to deny a certain fact she discovered by accident, her reason for so desperately denying it was perhaps because she had already affirmed and believed that—— this was a fact.

It’s the kind that couldn’t be changed in any way.

Just like a ball of yarn, once the end string was found, unraveling it was easy.

Words that were usually unintentional, like his strange expression at that time, or the drawing she made being similar to his image…

The flaws had already been revealed, she just didn’t put it together and paid attention.

Because she didn’t expect this at all—— that her super super super favorite author was actually a super super super wretched guy…

“Ahhhhh!” Yi Ti burst into tears. The reality was too cruel and she couldn’t accept it!!!

As Aggregate’s solid fan, she felt the tall image in her heart rapidly collapse.

Cecil looked at his girlfriend crying on the bed for a while, then she beat the pillow, went to the headboard and beat the wall. His preliminary estimate was that she’d beat the floor next…

He felt he had the obligation to stop her because she’d regret it afterward.

But she told him not to come over.

So a certain alien thought for a moment, feeling that this sentence still had loopholes, and then…

Yi Ti, who was about to climb off the bed and beat the floor, suddenly felt her waist tighten, then her whole body “soared through the clouds”, and fell into someone’s arms, staying on his knees.

“…” In her super unstable state, Yi Ti couldn’t help but freeze, “What are you doing?”

“Although I can’t come over, you can come here.”

Yi Ti: “What?” She froze for a while before reacting, then squinted her eyes, and held his cheeks with both hands, “little guy, learning to take advantage of a loophole, ah!” This guy was completely polluted!

But thanks to this, she seemed to have calmed down a little bit. At least she didn’t have the urge to hammer the floor. Otherwise… she’d have to give flowers to those who couldn’t escape downstairs!

After pinching his face, Yi Ti let go in a dejected way. In a kneeling position and with head down and resting at his shoulder. After a moment, she weakly said: “Cecil, what should I do…”


“Shi JingLe is actually Aggregate!”

“And so?”

Yi Ti suddenly raised her head: “He’s actually Aggregate!”

The young man tilted his head slightly, naively looked at her, and a little bit of starlight flashed in his light blue eyes: “Is that impossible?”

“…it shouldn’t be.” Yi Ti pinched his cheek subconsciously, “what should I say? I really didn’t expect him to be Aggregate…” As soon as she thought about it, she had a strong sense of disillusionment.

“But, before Xiao Ti knew, he’s already one.” Cecil, who had never experienced being a brain dead fan, didn’t understand her current sense of entanglement, “did you create a fantasy beyond the truth?”


“What kind of person is this Aggregate in your mind?”

“Super wretched! A fat otaku! Stingy big man!” Yi Ti blurted out.

Cecil nodded: “You also said that Mr. Shi is wretched-looking.”

Yi Ti: “…” He really is…

“Although he is considered an otaku and may be stingy, he’s not fat nor a big man.”

Yi Ti: “…” Looking at it this way, in a sense, the reality transcends fantasy so why was she so tangled?

Don’t understand.

Totally don’t understand!

Then she got confused.

She initially liked Aggregate because of his writing, cough, at that time he was really tall in her heart. However, after the formal contract with him, it completely dissipated. But, the more realistic Aggregate made her feel more intimate. A certain *boss once said, “longing is the furthest distance from understanding”. It was quite appropriate to describe this situation.

With the contract, her perception of Aggregate had also started to change. In short, she had gradually begun to regard him as a friend.

And the sense of entanglement just now was probably because… she felt deceived by her friend.

He clearly knew she was his fan but he said nothing! He must be secretly smiling! Was it cool to enjoy her worship!

But then again, she also deceived him.

She was obviously “Long XiaoTian” but no matter what, she couldn’t admit it.

So the two of them were even.

As she thought about it, there was a smile on her lips. She reached out and held someone’s cheeks, kissing it loudly: “Cecil, you’re really my little angel!” He made her feel great every time!

“You’re also my little angel,” Cecil answered naturally.

“…” Yi Ti trembled and rubbed her arms, “that’s a little sappy.”

“Is it?”

“It is!” Yi Ti put her hands around his neck and whispered against his cheek, “Thank you.”

The young man slightly rubbed against her cheek then asked honestly: “Can I kiss you?”

Yi Ti: “…” Held forehead, “Can you not ask before you kiss?”

“Can I kiss without asking?” Cecil’s eyes lit up as if being given a “treasure”.

Yi Ti: “…” She had an ominous hunch. This guy wouldn’t do anything to make her embarrassed, right? Just as she was about to withdraw her offer, someone’s lips quickly attached to hers. As always, it started with a little warmth and rubbing, not strong at all. It was the tenderness that she liked the most.

Just when she closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed the warmth of this moment, an accident suddenly happened.

Cecil violently pushed her away, covered his face with one hand then stooped on the bed, his body trembling violently.

Yi Ti froze for a moment before reacting. She quickly asked: “Cecil, what happened to you?”

The young man didn’t immediately answer. His hair was flying wildly and seemed to have been severely stimulated. He also transformed from his human mimicry to the jelly state, those hairs also turning into light blue tentacles.

In this situation, Yi Ti felt more and more clearly that—— his temperature seemed to be rising.

She wanted to take a closer look but was stopped by those tentacles.

His trembling voice then came: “Xiao Ti, do-don’t come… leave me alone…”

Yi Ti knew he wouldn’t say something pointless, so if he was this terribly anxious, she had to listen. She backed away slightly, standing barefoot by the bed: “What happened? Is there anything I can do for you? Just say it, as long as I can do it…”

After the jelly alien went silent for a moment, he then said——

“I seem to have entered a period of physiological maturity.”

Yi Ti: “…what?”

After being silly for a while, she remembered, Cecil seemed to have told her his “biology”. For the Sutahnnians, “adulthood” was a very important boundary where many things were quite different when they cross this line. Could it be that?

Yi Ti guessed right. Before a Sutahnnian became an adult, although their body was not much different from normal people, because it hadn’t entered the “physiological maturity period”, there was no desire or ability to put it into practice. After becoming an adult, because of the important task of “reproduction”, the blocked genes in the body would be unblocked for a period of time, and the act would naturally follow.

In short, Cecil, who looked like an adult, was only at this moment truly became an “adult man”.

Yi Ti, who roughly understood this process, was really embarrassed, so… that’s what’s happening here?

While she was speechless, the jelly alien seemed to calm down a bit. His body temperature gradually dropped and the randomly flying tentacles were slowly put away. He twisted himself up and looked like a jelly wool ball.

He seemed to be fine so she tried to approach: “Cecil…”

“Don’t come.” The jelly alien stopped her again.

Yi Ti stopped her body. Keeping one knee on the bed, she asked softly: “You… are you okay?”

“…en.” He answered softly, “This is a normal physiological condition so I’m okay.” Soon after, his voice gradually lowered, full of frustration, “but, I can’t approach you anymore.”

“…why?” Could it be that, after becoming a formal adult, this guy found that his true love was actually a tentacle alien, and so decided to abandon her and find another true love? Yi Ti swore that if this guy dared to say that, she would let him understand just how terrible Earthlings could be!

The jelly aline silently wrapped himself tightly with his tentacles but said nothing.

Yi Ti gritted her teeth: “Say it!”


“If you don’t tell me, I’ll come over!”

Tighten even more.

“I’ll count to three, one! Two! Three…”

“Because…” As if he knew her will was “indestructible”, he finally spoke, his voice fuzzy but full of clear embarrassment, “if I’m too close to you, I would… want to be with you…” He didn’t lie. Just now, he suddenly felt a fiery sensation sweep through his body, even his blood seemed to be boiling. This burning energy was eagerly looking for an exit and at that moment, he actually wanted to vent it on her…

He wrapped his body tightly with his tentacles.

Thinking of such things, he would no longer be able to see her!

Yi Ti: “…” Vomit blood!

Although he didn’t say it clearly, she also guessed it, then she felt her cheeks heat up, the expression on her face wonderful.

What the hell is up with this pit!


She choked, not being able to breathe and almost “passed out”.

She always thought that this guy was calm and safe but thanks to her and doing those acts, wasn’t it about time he developed?

Don’t beat her face too much!

After being a teacher of common sense, should she also serve as a physiology teacher?


In short, let him calm down first. At this time, he seemed to get worse when she intervened.

Translator’s Notes:

*晴天霹靂, qíngtiānpīlì, thunder from a clear sky (idiom); a bolt from the blue

Alien 136: Found One Thing
Alien 138: Who Was Dumped

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