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Thinking so, she turned around and crawled to her bed without making a sound and put her back against him—— it was too embarrassing to face him! Just as she laid down like this, Yi Ti discovered that Cecil seemed to be peeping at her, so she silently “closed” her divine sense. Because there were often people outside, as soon as she returned to the room, she would compress the scope of her divine sense and confined it to the room. Because of this, she didn’t find out when Shi JingLe arrived until he stood by the door and made a noise.

But even so, she could still clearly feel his sight so she just felt more embarrassed.

Yi Ti could only pull up the quilt and wrap herself tightly to feel better.

What’s up with this, ah!

And while she was panicking, she didn’t know that her behavior deeply hurt a certain jelly alien.

——Xiao Ti left without a word.

——Xiao Ti turned her back to me.

——Xiao Ti covered herself with the quilt, she didn’t seem to want to see me.

——Xiao Ti is really angry.

——Xiao Ti really hates me.

Feeling his heart grew cold, his body naturally cooled down.

The tentacles dispersed a little bit and the transparent woolen ball became jelly shaped again.

He stared sadly at the “bulge” on the other bed, feeling a violent pain in his heart. He had never felt so powerless. Without knowing what major mistake he’d made, he couldn’t atone.

“Jiji…” LiuLiu, who was originally curled up in the middle, felt his emotions and silently drilled out. It didn’t jump but instead, rolled to his side and gently rubbed his transparent and cold body while giving out a few soft calls.

Cecil looked at it, silently stretched out a tentacle that had adjusted the temperature, wrapped it up, then put it back in the quilt.


“Sleep, don’t disturb Xiao Ti.” He said in a small voice.

“Ji…” LiuLiu got back into the quilt obediently, not calling out anymore, but with those big eyes that looked exactly like his, it looked at him without blinking.

There were no more words that night.

The next morning, Yi Ti woke up to someone’s call as always. Although she’s used to getting up early and cultivating, she couldn’t get up on her own. Even setting an alarm clock was completely useless since she could sleep peacefully even with the alarm blaring and until the phone was forced to give up.

“Xiao Ti, it’s time to wake up.”

“Just a bit more…” Yi Ti rolled over.

“If you don’t get up now, the time to sunrise will be over.”

“Just a minute…” Yi Ti drilled into the quilt.

The next second, the quilt was ripped off.

Yi Ti shivered then subconsciously opened her eyes. But she found that it’s not a pair of familiar hands that tore off the quilt but a few strands of hair. After that, she later realized: Right, he said he couldn’t be near her temporarily.

So she sat up.

At the same time, Cecil, who was not far away, watched her face carefully and found that she didn’t seem to be annoyed by the fact that he woke her up and couldn’t help but be slightly relieved. Yes, Xiao Ti had always been easy to anger, so does this mean… she’s no longer angry at him?

He thought about it, grabbed the shawl she threw on the chair, and walked over: “Xiao Ti, shawl.”

“Oh.” Yi Ti originally wanted to walk toward him like always when she suddenly remembered what he said last night. She then subconsciously took a few steps back.

Cecil froze.

She reached out and pulled the shawl away from him: “Thanks.” Finished, she turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

This should be fine, right?

The young man stood blankly, watching her hands refuse his contact, and depressingly bowed his head: Really… she’s disgusted, even resisting his touch.

At the same time, Yi Ti, who closed the door, also sighed: No contact, what kind of lovers are we? How can we solve this situation?

This situation taught people—— it’s better to use more precise words when talking about time, like using “temporarily”. Everyone knew that this represented a short time, the issue was… how short was it?

Everyone’s understanding was different, so a misunderstanding was born.

After Yi Ti washed up a bit and cultivated, she only then tragically discovered that last night, since she was too flustered, she forgot to call her brother!

This was really…


Brother would definitely be cranky!

To be honest, she deeply felt that it was a pity her brother was not an author! Because his overthinking skills were especially strong. If something went wrong, he could think of dozens of unpleasant possibilities.

She swallowed, held the phone, and shrank to the toilet before dialing the number.

Almost immediately, the phone was connected.

Yi Ti: “…” Did her brother stare at the phone without sleeping all night? Shouldn’t…there be a meeting…right…she swallowed silently, then called out weakly, “Brother, ah…”

The voice of the young man sounded with “a storm was brewing” tone: “Sister, ah.”

Yi Ti: “…”

“Your voice sounds weak.”

“I’m sorry…” QAQ

“You don’t have to apologize to me because I won’t be mad at you, but,” the intimate tone suddenly turned gloomy, “did that jockey boy do something to you last night?!” Like on the way… on the hotel… his sister had no time to call… as an older brother, he had already packed his things, ready to hit the road and send someone packing anytime.

“No!” Yi Ti vomited blood, what was he thinking about, ah!



“You sure?”

Yi Ti: “…” Why couldn’t he believe it? What could Cecil do to her, they couldn’t even hold hands right now, you know? TAT

Thinking of this, her mood was tangled, even a little absent-minded, and her brother was nagging again and again, so she somehow blurted out——

“In short, I have nothing to do with him!”

She originally wanted to express that “nothing happened” but the words she used were wrong.

After that, Yi Ti spent a bit more time to explain before finally “convincing” her brother.

What she didn’t know was that a certain alien, who eavesdropped on her phone call, arbitrarily heard her just now. And then, he summarized his experience, searched it in his archives, and came to a conclusion—— he was dumped.

Because Xiao Ti didn’t recognize their relationship anymore.

If Yi Ti didn’t close her divine sense to deal with her brother and went out at this moment, she would definitely see an alien overflowing with sadness. With a disgraceful face, he picked up the things that fell on the ground, looking very pathetic.

Unfortunately, she was still on the phone.

And when she came out, he tried to act as normal as possible—— but emotions were contagious. It’s not enough for him to be happy, but he didn’t want her to be sad. Even if they’re already…

But even so, Yi Ti still vaguely felt something was wrong.

She looked at him carefully then asked: “Cecil, what happened to you?”

He responded with blank eyes: “What?”

“Uh… I probably misunderstood.” She scratched her cheek, “Let’s go to the antique street today and see if we can buy a suitable gift.” If not, she could only choose one from her herb pile and give it away. One way or another, it seemed better to give herbs than medicine.

Yi Ti didn’t know that a certain alien was sad and to prevent her from realizing his sadness, he used his “lying” skill spontaneously and very rarely leveled up. Sure enough, emotions could stimulate people’s potential, even aliens were no exception.


“After I change my clothes, let’s go to the noodle restaurant for breakfast first.”

He nodded and replied without hesitation: “Okay.”

The noodle shop was Yi Ti’s “new discovery” after wandering around these two days. In an alley not far from the hotel, as the saying went, “fragrant wine fears no dark alley*”. She really inadvertently smelled a scent when passing by and curiously walked over to take a look. She then found a ribs noodle restaurant. The boss was said to be from S province and his authentic craft immediately “conquered” her.

In line with the principle of “eating as long as you can until you get tired”, Yi Ti decided to go there!

When going downstairs, they inadvertently encountered Shi JingLe in the elevator.

“You actually got up?” Yi Ti looked at him in surprise.

“What’s with that expression?” Shi JingLe yawned lazily then replied, “I am quite diligent.”

“…” Don’t know why but she felt like vomiting blood for a bit. She decided to change the subject, “How about Mr. Zhao?”

“He went back last night.” Shi JingLe looked at her with his dead fish eyes, “if he stayed overnight, his mother would be mad.”

“…” Ahahaha, she didn’t think of anything!

“What about you? Where are you going so early?”

“I want to go to a noodle restaurant for breakfast, then take a look at the antique street.”

“Noodle house? Would it be the Harmony Ribs Noodle Restaurant?”

“…you know it?”

“Otherwise, why would I get up so early?”

Yi Ti: “…” Was it really good to admit that you’re so greedy?

While chatting, they reached the first floor. After a “ding” sound, the elevator door opened.

Yi Ti originally wanted to go in when her hand accidentally touched Cecil. She quickly stepped back half a step and let him go in first so as not to let him revert to last night’s situation… it shouldn’t hurt, right? At that time, he seemed so uncomfortable.

Cecil: “…” Xiao Ti really…

Shi JingLe: “…” He looked left, then looked right. He didn’t understand the atmosphere and asked directly, “did you quarreled?”

Yi Ti: “…we didn’t, okay!”

Shi JingLe’s thumb pointed at Cecil’s direction: “The little guy’s expression said a totally different thing.”

Yi Ti felt the corner of her mouth twitch, so did that mean she lied? She decided to slap this guy’s face, so she hmphed: “Cecil, you tell him the truth!”

“…must I say it?”

“Say it!”

“We did not quarrel…”

Yi Ti nodded.

“We broke up.”

Yi Ti: “…” Her expression completely froze.


What the hell?

B-broke up?

That means…she was dumped by this alien? Does his true love really need to have tentacles?

Translator’s Notes:

*酒香不怕巷子深, jiǔxiāngbùpàxiàngzishēn, fragrant wine fears no dark alley (idiom)/ quality goods need no advertising

Alien 137: Finally Became A Man
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