Alien 139: It’s A Misunderstanding

Alien 138: Who Was Dumped
Alien 140: Big Fat Sheep

Enough, she couldn’t even think about eating noodles.

Because now was not the time for an “Are you unhappy? Otherwise, I’ll give you another bowl of noodles” moment.

After Yi Ti, who was baptized by a bolt from the blue, pressed the close button without the speechless Shi JingLe… in other words, Shi JingLe was pushed in as she solemnly said: “Go eat by yourself, goodbye!” Although her “idol” was important, there’s something more important waiting for her at this time.

Shi JingLe rolled his eyes, put his hands on the pockets of his down jacket, then went out lazily.

At the same time, the elevator door closed.

Yi Ti silently turned around, a “kind” smile shown to the young man behind her: “My dear Cecil, let’s go back and talk about it.” If this guy dared to say words that matched her guess, such as a “Sorry, I finally discovered that our different species is not true love” or something like that, hehehehehehe…


Such a cheater should die!

But because he’s not usually this kind of person, she gave him another opportunity to explain.

Cecil: “…” He suddenly felt that Xiao Ti looked super… terrible just now, almost as if the image of a devil manifested behind her.

But at the same time, he didn’t know why he felt a bit happy.

This was an emotion he’d never felt since last night.

Why… is that?

Soon, the two people, who had gone to get breakfast, went back to their room.

Yi Ti took off the white down jacket she bought two days ago. Too lazy to hang it up, she just threw it on the chair. Incidentally, she also roughly pulled the scarf around her neck and threw it as well, then looked at a certain someone with arms folded: “What did you just say?”

The young man, who was taking off his down jacket like she did, stopped moving, and looked at her blankly: “What?” Unlike the “lie” from before, he was really at a loss right now. As the poor man who was “dumped”, he really couldn’t understand what she meant.

As the same poor woman who was also “dumped”, the fire in Yi Ti’s heart raged even more. Because looking at him right now, it looked like he’s acting stupid! Once a woman lost their mind to this point, the truth of the matter didn’t matter!

“You wanted to break up with me?” She dashed forward and tried to grab his collar to show her anger.


She’s not tall enough.

Yi Ti: “…”

She sadly found that out as she frustratingly stood on her tiptoes and tried to grab his collar!

She flailed her arms twice in the air, feeling that her “face” and “majesty” was gone. TAT

Cecil, who noticed this situation, immediately bent down, grabbed her hand, put it on his collar, then awkwardly comforted her: “Here, you caught it.” So don’t show that aggrieved expression, he’d become sad if she’s not happy.

She was obviously comforted but Yi Ti just felt even more grievance. She yanked his collar hard and his body staggered.

“You dare to dump me?!” What did she do! Didn’t this guy think about the issue of species before reaching out to her? It’s horrible for him to change his mind now!

“…Xiao Ti, you dumped me.” Cecil instantly felt wronged. It’s obviously him who was dumped.


Yi Ti was stunned. She finally realized that there might be some misunderstanding between them. Thinking so, she slowly let go of her hand, and subconsciously smoothed out the wrinkles she made on his clothes before saying: “Tell me about your thinking process! Explain in detail!”

After a few minutes.

There was only one word to describe her expression, yes, that was——.

After maintaining this expression for about a few minutes, she finally squeezed out a sentence from her throat: “What are you thinking about in your head!”

By now, the alien who made the mistake finally realized that he seemed to have misunderstood something. He then lowered his head and honestly apologized: “Sorry.” And then, something suddenly came to mind, and he suddenly raised his head, looking at her cautiously and expectantly. He then eagerly asked, “That means, we’re still lovers, right?”



“Didn’t you say we broke up?” She reached out and poked his chest, “let’s break up!” As a stingy woman, she was quite upset about her being “dumped”! Although it was just a misunderstanding, she still felt that this guy must be taught a lesson. She had to let him know that this kind of thing was not casual! Once said, there was no room for remorse!

“Don’t break up.” That was a misunderstanding.

“Break up!”

“Don’t break up.”

“Break up!”


“Break up! Break up! Break up!”

Cecil: “…”

It turned out that you couldn’t fight with women who were in a bad mood because they’d never speak any logic or reason!

It was the first time Cecil had seen this side of Yi Ti. It was also the first time he’d quarreled with her (if it was even a fight). When they first became lovers, he was afraid that he’s not doing well enough so he also inquired about relevant information. It said that once a woman became angry, they’d become another person completely. No longer beautiful, gentle or cute, sometimes, they could even be annoying.

But he didn’t think she was like that.

When Xiao Ti got angry, her eyes were bright, like a fiercely burning flame and her cheeks were abnormally rosy, making her look very energetic. Although not gentle, she didn’t become ugly at all, she was even pretty cute.

He didn’t lie, he liked what she looked like right now very much.

However, being angry was bad for her health so he must stop her.


How to make an angry woman quiet?

Answer 1: Just stun her, but her anger will double after waking up. Therefore, please use this method with caution.

This was not okay. Xiao Ti was not easy to stun, and also… he didn’t want to make her even angrier.

Answer 2: Immediately take out your checkbook, write on one and hand it to her, the more zeroes the better. By the way, say this sentence cooly: “Go shopping to eliminate the fire, buy as much as you want.”

This was not good either, he had no checkbook. TAT

Answer 3: Regardless of the consequences, press her to the ground and beat her until she could no longer speak.

He wouldn’t hurt Xiao Ti!

Answer 4

Answer 5

Continue searching…

And so, Yi Ti noticed that someone was obviously in a daze!


She felt the corner of her eye twitch and was about to say something when she saw him suddenly come back to his senses, grab her shoulders with lightning speed, and lower his head incomparably fast.

“…” What?


Their noses collided in the next second.

Yi Ti covered her nose, tears coming out physiologically: “Are you trying to kill me?” But why like this, ah!

Cecil also covered his nose: “This time doesn’t count, one more time.” It was too rushed just now and he forgot to turn his head.

Yi Ti: “…” She knew what this guy wanted to do and was actually surprised that he understood the method of “how to make a woman shut up” which showed his long exposure, ah!

She gritted her teeth before stretching out her hands and grabbing the head that came over again. She then rubbed it desperately, before angrily saying: “Don’t you dare! Do you dare? Do you dare?”

“Don’t dare.”

“Hmph!” She then “threateningly” said, “Next time, I will really dump you and let you sleep on the streets with LiuLiu!”

“Jiji!” The little guy heard its name and immediately got out of Cecil’s pocket, tilting its head to see Yi Ti, as if saying, “Mom, what did you call me for?

Yi Ti went soft when she saw it. Sure enough, let this guy sleep on the streets alone!

Cecil nodded seriously: “I know.”

“You can’t just know, you have to remember it!” Drill it into your head!


“Moreover,” Yi Ti blushed then turned her head to the side, hmph, “how could I break up with you because of that kind of thing? Are normal Earthmen… that good?”

“Earthlings have indeed entered the physiological maturity in a short time. Even some people start to multiply before they reach adulthood…”

“…shut up.” Again! He’s blackening her Earth again!

While saying this, the guy on the other side still looked innocent, even having an “I’m serious” implication.

Yi Ti was speechless, then coughed slightly: “The you right now…is it okay to approach me?”

Mentioning this, an alien also blushed slightly, whispering: “It seems to be fine now.”

“What about this?” She held his hand.

“It seems to be all right.” He felt it was a blessing to the soul and hugged her tighter, then lowered his head to sniff the faint fragrance of shower gel on her body. Suddenly, there was a feeling of “something about to move” in his heart. Fortunately, he quickly perceived it, and honestly said, “It seems a little bit… but it can be suppressed with reason.” While talking, he retracted his hands, and held her face, kissing her forehead and staying like that for a bit before saying, “this is okay.”

Nose tip, cheeks, lip corner…

He experimented little by little.

He looked very serious that even Yi Ti, who was being taken advantage of, felt that she hadn’t been taken advantage of. She just felt like a “test subject”.

Until she realized that the kiss between them seemed a little different.

At first, it was as gentle as usual, but it gradually became hot and the temperature of his body continued to rise. His actions became eager and deeper as if he couldn’t wait to get more.

Yi Ti opened her eyes because of this and found that his eyes were still tightly closed and he looked obsessed. His breathing was extremely fast, holding her tightly in his arms with both arms. At this moment, his hair was dancing again, surrounding her and giving her no chance to escape at all.

The tips of a few strands of hair even quietly slipped along the hem of her clothes.

Yi Ti: “!”

Just when she was about to forcibly break away, Cecil opened his eyes sharply, then drew back, panting and frowning. His eyes were still a little confused as if he just woke up from a dream.

After a while, he reacted a little slowly, his expression becoming frustrated again: “Sorry…” He said in a hoarse voice. Accidentally, he became addicted to that instinct again.

Will I be hated?

Yi Ti looked at his pitiful appearance and couldn’t help but stand on tiptoes to kiss his chin.

“…” His body slightly trembled. Subconsciously retracting one arm, his fingertips stroked the place she just kissed, then touched her with delighted eyes, whispering, “Xiao Ti…” Even like this, she wouldn’t hate him, right?

“Don’t think too much, there’s no need to be ashamed of such things.” Yi Ti lowered her head, her face becoming even redder, “this is a very normal thing even on Earth. If you never… cough, then I would feel it was strange.” Help! Why did she have to teach her boyfriend about this!

“Does Xiao Ti have such thoughts?”

“…” Hey! How should she answer this?!

“So you really do.” Did Xiao Ti have “weird” thoughts about him?

The jelly alien thought along those lines and was a little embarrassed, but at the same time, there was a little anticipation…

“…don’t search for strange information without authorization!” Yi Ti almost wanted to vomit blood. She didn’t want to continue discussing this embarrassing issue with him! All in all, “you were in control just now, right? So don’t worry about it.”

“En.” Cecil nodded seriously, then he said with an “academic spirit”, “if I practice a lot, my control should be improved, right?”

Yi Ti: “…” Hey hey, did this guy even know what he’s talking about? Was it accidental or deliberate?

She couldn’t help pushing away someone’s face that came closer again and snappily said: “I’m hungry, let’s go and eat!”

“…oh.” Although a little disappointed, Xiao Ti’s hungry stomach was a very serious matter.

“Before that…” Yi Ti felt the corner of her mouth twitch, reminding someone of important things that he had forgotten, “do you dare to not take back the hair tangled in my stomach?!” There’s a strand of hair still staying near her belly button. It’s itchy, okay!!!


And with this, the two idiots who played a big misunderstanding scenario were finally “reunited”.

Alien 138: Who Was Dumped
Alien 140: Big Fat Sheep

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