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Because of this, Yi Ti could see the other side’s face very clearly.

It was indeed quite similar to Shi JingLe, whether it’s the facial contours or the facial features. Thinking of the old man just now, she could probably guess how they’re related. She had to say that the gene of this paternal line was really powerful.

But even so, no one would confuse the three of them.

The old man seemed steady and self-sufficient, Shi JingLe always looked lazy and sleepy, while the young man walking towards them had such arrogance on his face. It’s not the kind of pride from a certain werewolf, but more like a little rooster that had just learned how to crow, calling out everywhere to practice. Probably because of this, he felt unpleasant when he’s being ignored.

Yi Ti didn’t know the few people who followed him and didn’t see who they were related to, but she could understand one thing, that was these people were headed by the “little rooster”.

‘Where is that guy?”

This was the first sentence the “little rooster” said to Yi Ti.

“Who?” Yi Ti had a good temper but that didn’t mean she had no temper. She could answer with endless words but she was unwilling to so she replied with neither polite nor rude words.

“That fool, Shi JingLe, who came with you.” The young man answered unceremoniously.

Women were always easily affected by emotions, even cultivators were no exception. Aside from the preconceived bad impression, the other party’s performance had much to be desired. So Yi Ti didn’t plan to “kiss his ass” and only coldly replied: “I don’t know.”

The young man frowned, but before he could speak, someone behind him shouted for him: “I advise you to answer Young Master Shi’s question honestly!”

Someone else then said: “Yes, otherwise, haha…”

When these words were uttered, Yi Ti’s expression became strange, until she couldn’t hold back a “pfft” and laughed.

‘Why are you laughing at?!” The young man called “Young Master Shi” was angered.

“No.” Yi Ti waved her hand, “I thought I could only see this kind of plot in novels. Unexpectedly, it actually happened in reality.” It made her feel embarrassed not to slap them in the face.

Should she follow the popular “pretending to be a pig to eat tigers” route?

“You!” The young man became angry for a while, then gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think that waste can protect you?”

Yi Ti frowned slightly.

At this moment, someone suddenly asked from behind him: “Who is the waste you’re talking about?”

Young Master Shi replied without thinking: “The waste is you!” Finished, he turned around, looking onto the extremely cold eyes of a certain young man who was lazily leaning against the wall.

The latter’s hand made a soft “click” as he lit the cigarette in his mouth. After taking a long haul, he raised his eyes to look at “Young Master Shi”, chuckled then said: “Is it really okay to admit your weakness like this?”

“…” Young Master Shi was stunned then immediately became furious, “You!” Then he actually raised his fist, rushing forward without thinking.

Shi JingLe still leaned against the wall, not moving at all. He didn’t even blink his eyes.

Because he didn’t need to move at all.

At the moment when the fist of “Young Master Shi” was about to hit his opponent, he found that he could not move. More than just being unable to move, he took a step back. There was no other reason than the long black whip wrapped tightly around his waist pulling him back.

After the young man staggered a few steps, he stilled. He looked at the owner of the whip, his eyes flickering a few times before suppressing his anger and said: “Brother Zhao, this is a matter of our Shi family and had nothing to do with you.”

“Shi JingYou.” Zhao MingQi retracted the whip with a “swish”, shaking his hand a few times to wrap it around his wrist, then coldly said, “You better realize this. This is the Zhao family’s place, it’s not a place where anyone can run wild. Also, there is only one person in your Shi family’s generation who can call me brother,” speaking until then, disdain appeared in his eyes, “but it will never be you.”

“You!” Shi JingYou fisted both hands, a look of shame on his face.

“What am I?” Zhao MingQi didn’t care at all, just hmphed then said, “Want to go again? Do you believe I won’t beat you up in front of your dad?” Even mentioning Shi JingYou’s father, his tone was still disdainful, as if that person didn’t deserve his respect at all.

“…you wait for me!”

After saying his “parting words”, Shi JingYou gritted his teeth and ran away.

Although his words and walking out had enough momentum, it’s a pity that with the situation just now, everyone thought he’s just a “defeated dog” that wouldn’t get ahead in life.

The young men who came with him didn’t go with him and just stood still, neither advancing nor retreating, secretly crying out that this was bad in their minds. They just wanted to build a relationship with the heir of the Shi family. Who knew that it would offend another young master of the Shi family and the heir of the Zhao family, wasn’t this too foul?!

Shi JingLe glanced at them then lazily waved his hand: “Still not leaving or are you waiting to be beaten? I can tell you, my buddy has a bad temper and tends to use the whip to make people scream.”

“Roll!” Zhao MingQi took out his whip towards him.

He hurried to save the bastard but was actually framed as a pervert, was there justice in this world?

Shi JingLe squatted on the spot, just escaping the shadow of the whip and didn’t even bother to get up. He just squatted on the ground and smoked a cigarette like a laborer. He didn’t forget to warn the others along the way: “See?”

“…” times N number.

Several people looked at each other. One of them gritted his teeth and said: “Young master Shi, Young Master Zhao, I am really sorry just now.”

Since someone started like this, the others also expressed their apologies. Regardless of whether this matter was finished or not, at least they made a statement. And after today, they swore that they’d never be henchmen again. Damn, this was just looking for a face slap!

Watching the backs of those people leaving, Zhao MingQi looked at Shi JingLe: “Why are you being so polite to him? Want me to beat him so much that he’d never dare to show up in front of you?”

Shi JingLe waved his hand, his appearance looking like “not willing to talk anymore”: “Every family goes through its problems!”

Zhao MingQi opened his mouth but didn’t say anything, just made a soft tsk. Then he asked: “What did the two elders say to you?”

“What else? Just the usual things. Oh, right, they also asked me if you were gay.”

Zhao MingQi: “…”

“Guess how I answered.”

“…don’t, I don’t want to know at all.”

“Really?” Squinting.

“…what bad things did you say about me again?!” Grits teeth.

“I lied to you.”

“…roll!” Zhao MingQi raised his foot.

Shi JingLe jumped on the spot like a toad, flexibly getting out of the way, then said: “People are still watching, don’t make a joke!”

“People?” Zhao MingQi turned his head and saw Yi Ti, “you’re here?”

Yi Ti: “…we’ve always been here.” Hey hey, after Cecil had no sense of existence, had her sense of existence also been taken away? What about her “heroine halo”???

Since someone was here, of course, Zhao MingQi couldn’t beat people anymore. This was the birthday banquet of his grandfather so he couldn’t make trouble as the grandson so it’s necessary to hold back. Then he talked to the three people about what he had just encountered at the door.

“He bought a fake invitation for 100,000?” Hearing such a thing, even Shi JingLe was a little dumbfounded. He said emotionally, “If I knew, I would have sold him my invitation. Although he couldn’t get in, at least it’s real.” Anyway, he only needed to show his face to come here.

“That’s nothing.” Zhao MingQi shook his head, don’t know what he remembered as there was a strange expression on his face, “After learning that he could not come in, he claimed that he brought gifts that the old man would absolutely be interested in and that it’s our loss not to let him in.”

“Oh?” Shi JingLe raised his brow.

Mr. Zhao’s reputation for loving stylish and elegant things was very famous, and he wasn’t short of money so there were naturally many good things at home. He was confident that the old man would absolutely be interested in the things he carried but wasn’t he too confident?

“What did he bring?” He couldn’t help but ask.

The expression on Zhao MingQi’s face became even stranger: “A Heshibi* worth a million yuan.”

“…what?” Shi JingLe was dumbfounded.

More than just him, even Yi Ti and Cecil were dumbfounded.


One million?

These two words looked normal separately but together, it’s not normal.

Finally, Shi JingLe summed it up: “It’s a miracle he hadn’t gone bankrupt yet.” Whether it’s the invitation or the “Heshibi”, this was simply the rhythm of being cheated again and again!

“Have you seen that piece of Heshibi?” Under Uncle Hai’s influence, comrade Cecil was always interested in such things. He wasn’t gloating, he was just curious.

Zhao MingQi nodded, and couldn’t help but think of the scene just now. That man took the initiative to open the brocade box, then raised the “Heshibi” with both hands up to his chest, showing a confident look.

He couldn’t keep his mouth from twitching.

“How was it?”

“A round jade, green, engraved with the three characters Heshibi in regular script.”

Three people: “…”

Being cheated this much was amazing.

Shi JingLe sincerely said: “I really want to see this strange man now.”

Zhao MingQi gave him a subtle look before replying: “You will have a chance.”


“The reason why he wanted to enter the birthday banquet tonight was because he wanted to meet the Shi family.”

Shi JingLe was slightly startled, then showed an enlightened expression: “I see.” Although their Shi family was not a top-notch existence in the cultivation circle, it had no weak influence in the world of ordinary people. For the reasoning of which normal people wouldn’t get sick? Yes, they’re reliable doctors! The richer the person, the more afraid they were of death, so they’d ask a reliable doctor to treat them.

And the Shi family was one of the best doctors.

Many years ago, their forefathers decided to wash his hands off the business and handed over the family business to their sons, so entering the Shi family’s door was not easy. It’s not like if you have enough money, you could invite them. With so many people trying numerous ways, that man was undoubtedly one of them.

“Sounds quite interesting.” Shi JingLe smiled.

“What? Want to go see?” Although Zhao MingQi asked, there wasn’t much “question” in his words.


Zhao MingQi chuckled softly then a business card appeared between his fingers and with a flick, the card flew into his friend’s hands: “Take it.” He knew that this guy would be interested in such weird things.

Shi JingLe took the business card. After looking at it, he stuffed it into his pocket, stretched out two fingers, and saluted: “Thanks.”

Translator’s Notes:

*He Shi Bi (和氏璧), Mr. He’s jade or Heshibi was one of the most famous jades in Chinese history.

Alien 144: Having A Little Trouble
Alien 146: Do You Want To Bet On It

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