Alien 144: Having A Little Trouble

Alien 143: A Girl's Dream
Alien 145: Rich People Are Troublesome

After both of them got ready, it was almost half-past five.

Zhao MingQi called and said he would pick them up.

He came at around 5:40 and the three of them were gathered downstairs.

Shi JingLe, who was always shabby and rarely cleaned up his scumbag face, actually wore a black suit and cleaned up his hair, looking more “human-like” (this is Yi Ti secretly roasting him). She had to say that unless their congenital conditions were super poor, cultivators would not be ugly. Even Shi JingLe was a handsome guy after he cleaned up his appearance. Of course, the premise was that he didn’t open his mouth to speak. Otherwise, you’d be slapped hard (this is the collective voice of the general public).

And Zhao MingQi wore a light gray suit and purple striped tie today. He seemed particularly keen on using the “outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside” colors but who made him look so good that even if he wore fishing nets, he’d still be liked (or more like watched).

While she was looking at others, the others were also looking at her.

Even if they’re fierce like Zhao MingQi or had a cheap mouth like Shi JingLe, they had to admit that the young couple before them was a really good match. Whether it’s the height difference or the aura exuding from their whole body, once they stood together, it would automatically emit a sweet pink aura, okay? What about their quarrel and breaking up? Can they have a torch to burn them?

They’re the singles community’s public enemy!

Zhao MingQi came with his car so Shi JingLe took the passenger seat, while Yi Ti and Cecil sat in the back.

“Why did you come by yourself?” Because the doors and windows of the car were closed tightly in winter and the air was not circulating, Shi JingLe didn’t smoke, so he turned to talk, “What? Hiding again?”

Zhao MingQi, who stopped the car at a red light, turned his head and gave him an unceremonious stare: “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as stupid.” No doubt, Shi JingLe’s words hit his sore spot.

Since coming back, he fell into an endless “blind date hell”. His only thought right now was to go to the old man’s birthday party and leave early, then ran as far as he could. If someone mentioned this to him, he’d be even more anxious!

Shi JingLe laughed out of brotherly love with a gloating smile.

Zhao MingQi gritted his teeth, but before he could do anything, the red light passed and he could only continue to drive. As a qualified driver, his driving attitude was quite serious.

“Come on, it’s good to have someone urge you.” Shi JingLe changed his posture lazily then said, “look at me, no one’s urging at all.”

Through the rearview mirror, Yi Ti found that Zhao MingQi’s pupils shrank sharply, seemingly wanting to say something but didn’t in the end. Only, his tone was still not very good: “Do you think this is a good thing?”

Shi JingLe chuckled: “There are so many women to see but you’re still so unhappy, what a hypocritical man.”


Even so, Zhao MingQi seemed to change the topic intentionally or unintentionally and started saying something else, giving Yi Ti a little introduction to the guests who would come tonight.

Yi Ti could feel that Shi JingLe’s words just now seemed to contain some hidden meanings. And it was these hidden feelings that made him prefer to live in a hotel rather than return home. But as before, she didn’t say anything but she couldn’t help but wonder over it.

At about six o’clock, the car arrived at the Zhao house.

Although there was still about half an hour before the birthday banquet officially began, guests were still entering the venue one after another. And because of Zhao MingQi showing his face, Yi Ti and the others entered the mansion smoothly, no one even checking their invitation card.

After getting off the car, Zhao MingQi said: “You go in first, I’ll go say hello to my family.” Hearing that a spiritual plant cultivator was coming to attend his birthday banquet, all family members were surprised but didn’t publicize anything about it so as not to cause adverse effects.

“Understood.” Shi JingLe then waved his hand like the “leader”.

Yi Ti stood on tiptoe, helping Cecil in a white suit to tidy up his tie a little, then followed someone all the way in.

They just entered when she regretted it.

Although she didn’t deliberately hide her identity and was in fact, really low-key, that didn’t mean she didn’t like to be noticeable. But the problem was…

Why was this guy Shi JingLe so attractive???

She should have known that he’s a man with a vivid aura like a firefly in the night. With his dead fish eyes, his scornful scum like (cleaned up) hair, his expression that made people want to punch him, all of these deeply fascinated other people.

So that in an instant, he was really brighter than a light bulb!

Fortunately, it was only a moment. The next second, Shi JingLe raised his head and glanced left and right. Regardless of what those people thought, they all turned their heads and continued to chat with wine glasses in hand. It’s just that the content might have been changed.

Yi Ti and Cecil, who came with him, undoubtedly attracted the attention of many people. Although those people didn’t look at Shi JingLe again, they’d look at them from time to time, seemingly thinking about who these two were that they’ve never met.

And among them, Cecil held most of their gazes, making Yi Ti really pleased but also tangled.

Fortunately, this alien had a “nonexistence” halo, that after following Shi JingLe turn left and right, he was unconsciously ignored by others.

Under the leadership of “Aggregate”, who was familiar with the terrain, the three of them went to a corner somewhere where the whole banquet scene could be seen clearly but they wouldn’t be easily found. Yi Ti took a long sigh of relief, then looked suspiciously at Shi JingLe: “Do you owe people money?”

“Actually, people owe me money.”

“…” Who’d believe him!

“Right, what birthday gift did you prepare for old man Zhao?”

Yi Ti replied: “A small jade pot.”

“What a coincidence.”


“My gift is teacup.”

“…” It was a coincidence.

As they chatted in random, Yi Ti’s gaze suddenly froze somewhere—— at the two men who just walked in.

The one on the left was about 50 years old, and the young man standing on his right was in his early 20s. Such a match was very common and not worthy of attention but what if their facial contours were similar to someone next to her?

Yes, she was almost instantly sure when she saw them that those two were related to Shi JingLe. Maybe… it’s his family? But, maybe their relationship was not good?

However, no matter how bad their relationship was, relatives were relatives and there’d naturally be some kind of instinctual response.

And so, the two turned their heads almost at the same time, their eyes meeting Shi JingLe’s in the corner.

The old man’s expression remained unchanged, his eyes just narrowed slightly, and don’t know what kind of emotion showed while the young man obviously couldn’t control his expression well. He was surprised at first, then there was a certain expression similar to resentment before everything turned into a sneer.

Facing those cold eyes like a knife, Shi JingLe’s face didn’t change. He even raised the wine glass in his hand to pay respect to each other and after getting the other’s colder gaze, this guy’s expression actually became more comfortable.

Yi Ti deeply admired the ability of this guy to pull hatred, it’s not easy to do this!

The young man even wanted to come over but the elderly man held his shoulders. After the former was stunned, he finally gave up this plan. The latter looked at Shi JingLe, who was on the other side of the room, with complicated eyes then turned away.

Yi Ti only felt that the atmosphere at this moment was really embarrassing. Fortunately, her divine sense felt that Zhao MingQi was back so she breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re really hiding here.” Zhao MingQi looked helplessly at Shi JingLe, “You really like this place.”

“This is the secret base of us brothers when we’re young, how can I not like it?”

“Stop talking nonsense, the two old men want to see you.”

“Can I not go?”

“…what did you say?”

“Tsk, so troublesome.” Shi JingLe snorted softly.

After he left, Zhao MingQi turned to look at Yi Ti, saying with a serious expression: “Actually, the person the two old men want to see most is you but it’s too frivolous to call you on this occasion. Do you have the time to come to my house alone afterward?”

Yi Ti had no objection.

Regardless of personality, Zhao MingQi and Shi JingLe were both good people and could also be good friends.

At this moment, Zhao MingQi’s cell phone suddenly rang. He frowned slightly, picked it up, and looked at the caller ID then answered it: “What happened? Ok, I’ll come right away.”

After hanging up, he said to Yi Ti: “Sorry, I’ll go out first.”


Although the voice on the phone was very small, Yi Ti still heard it clearly. It turned out that someone wanted to rush in with a fake invitation. Before this, she heard from the young man named Luo Xi that the Zhao’s invitations were specially made with a built-in chip. Only after scanning and matching the personal information on it were the guests allowed to enter. The purpose was to prevent unidentified people from entering but didn’t expect that someone would fake it and was caught.

Cecil looked at Yi Ti’s expression then asked: “Xiao Ti, are you curious?”

“Just a bit.” Yi Ti made a “small” gesture.

Because she couldn’t go to join in the fun!

And when the kitten in her heart was scratching, she suddenly felt something as she looked sideways. There, several young people were coming to her side. And the one leading them was the young man who glared at Shi JingLe before.

Yi Ti almost immediately realized one thing——

Trouble is coming.

Alien 143: A Girl's Dream
Alien 145: Rich People Are Troublesome

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