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If there was no cigarette between those two fingers, this action was indeed very cool. It’s a pity that he had a cigarette in his hand, so the three people present only noticed that his hair was almost lit.

Zhao MingQi, as the future heir of the Zhao family, of course, couldn’t stay with them all the time, so he soon left in a hurry. But Shi JingLe sneaked to the buffet table to eat and drink wildly. Yi Ti and Cecil were very pleasantly surprised to be reunited with Uncle Hai. He also took the young man Luo Xi (one invitation can take one person). According to the latter, “I’m here to join in the fun!”

And with that, Yi Ti’s boyfriend was “robbed” again. In desperation, she could only turn to chat with Luo Xi.

The two chatted and he took the initiative to turn the topic to the young man named “Shi JingYou” just now. Probably to create a “whispering” atmosphere even though there’s no one around, Luo Xi still looked around then whispered to Yi Ti: “Did you see that young man over there? The one who is holding up a glass.”

“…en, so what?”

“I will tell you a secret, don’t tell others!”

Anyone who said such things, in fact, didn’t know how many people they have told this so-called “secret”.

Although Yi Ti sweated a little, she still nodded: “Ok, I won’t tell anyone except Cecil.”

“…your relationship is really good.” Luo Xi certainly didn’t care about this. In fact, he wouldn’t care even if she told 9,999 people later because he also heard about it from others. And before he told her, he had talked about it with 99 other people. As for how many people the person who told him about this had told others, that’s not something he could know.

However, Yi Ti’s sincere attitude undoubtedly satisfied him. Luo Xi realized almost immediately that she was a good listener!

“Let me tell you, that kid’s name is Shi JingYou and he’s the young master of the Shi family now.”

“Did you see the old man standing next to him? That’s his father.”

“However, I heard he’s actually an illegitimate child.”

“…illegitimate?” Yi Ti was stunned.

Although she had a lot of guesses about the situation just now, she didn’t expect the truth to be the most dog blooded kind.

“En.” Luo Xi whispered, “It’s said that the Shi family also had an eldest son who did not have the same mother as this kid but rarely appeared in front of people.”

“…” Was that eldest son Shi JingLe?

“Don’t think this kid is just an illegitimate child, he was also loved by his dad that he took him wherever he went. Someone said that he will inherit the family business in the future.” Luo Xi’s tone sounded a bit disdainful, “This kid is really awesome to be able to squeeze his own big brother aside.”

Luo Xi said a lot afterward.

Yi Ti just listened. What he’s saying was mostly rumors from others, the truth of the matter obviously not clear but the fundamental points should still be correct.

It was something about illegitimate children or a clash between brothers. Sure enough, the world of the rich was troublesome.

If Cecil dared to bring an illegitimate child back…

Haha, sure enough, it’s better to kill.

“Little Ce, what happened?”

“For a moment, I felt killing intent.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t think you’d make such a joke.”

“…” No, he didn’t make a joke.

Not long after, the birthday banquet officially began.

And the main lead, old man Zhao, also appeared in front of people with a red face. As the DPS, his strength was very high. Even if he grew older and had white hair and a white beard, his bones still seemed very strong. And the one who appeared with him was the old man Shi who had always been “focused on being cute”. He seemed to be much gentler. The two looked rigid and soft, no wonder their cooperation had been pleasant for many years.

After the birthday star said a few words, the others applauded and laughed in response.

After all, among the people here, how many were there for the “banquet” itself?

Immediately after, several juniors gave him gifts in public. Out of politeness, of course, he wouldn’t open the gifts that guests gave in public but the younger generation was another matter.

The descendants of the Zhao family and the Shi family showed their gifts one after another, Zhao MingQi and Shi JingYou among them. The former gave a scroll of paintings and the latter gave a jade Buddha.

Grandfather Zhao looked very happy, not just from the gifts but as an old man, who wouldn’t like to see their children and grandchildren live happily?

Once he finished laughing, he looked around the room, his voice booming loudly: “Having a little fun? Where did you hide? Don’t let this old man get you!”

As soon as this statement came out, Shi JingYou’s expression instantly changed.

The guests also began to whisper.

Among the crowd, someone holding a plate of meat at the long dining table and eating nonstop rolled his eyes, then lazily raised a hand: “Here.”

The birthday star hmphed vigorously: “Why are you still eating, come here quickly.”

Shi JingLe very reluctantly put down the plate and walked over with hands in his pockets, then asked: “Elder*, what’s up?”

“Stop talking nonsense, where’s my gift?” Elder Zhao stretched out his hand to him.

Shi JingLe reached out and patted the old man’s hand: “Don’t give me that, didn’t I give it to you in person before? You still touched your beard and used it to drink tea later. Old man, it’s not a good habit to throw it away after using it.”

The old man slapped his hand and angrily said: “What do you mean throw it away? Oh, when this old man celebrated his birthday, did you send me a teacup?”

“It’s a teacup specially made by Master Baili.” Shi JingLe rolled his dead fish eyes, obviously giving the old man attitude, “Do I need to quote the price?”

The old man grunted, gave up on this topic then said: “Since you didn’t prepare a gift, it’ll be you.”

“…” An ominous premonition floated in Shi JingLe’s heart, “What’s up?”

Old man Zhao smiled but didn’t answer him, just said to his grandson: “MingQi, the task of watching this kid is left to you, don’t let him run.”

In front of several people, no one else would talk to this old man like that which showed their good relationship. It’s not like putting up a show, or rather, with elder Zhao’s age and status, there was rarely a need for a show.

And his behavior seemed to reveal a message—— he treated this Shi family eldest, who didn’t appear in front of outsiders, very closely. It seemed even more than his own grandchild.

“Don’t worry, grandfather.” Zhao MingQi nodded, putting one hand on someone’s shoulder, “He can’t run.”

And the future heir of the Zhao family’s relationship with Shi eldest son was also very good.

“Hey hey.” Shi JingLe looked at the sky then looked at his own grandpa, “Old man, you’re just watching your grandson be bullied?”

Old man Shi looked at his grandson gently then said: “Although I really want to help you out, I can’t beat Old Zhao so I can only give up.” Saying so, he even reached out his hand and touched his grandson’s head. It seemed that no matter how old he was, he was just a child before the old man’s eyes.

What he said was so true that Shi JingLe wanted to vomit blood. This was really his grandpa!

He silently turned his head, escaping his grandfather’s hand and looking at the sky without a word.

This action undoubtedly caused many people to think deeply.

Shi JingYou’s face looked very ugly right now. And his father… he was also Shi JingLe’s father. His expression was no longer as calm as before, but others couldn’t know what caused the waves or what kind of waves there were.

This matter, maybe only he knew.

Shortly after, the two old men jointly announced the “program” they had prepared in advance. The content made Yi Ti quite speechless, it turned out to be—— a treasure hunt.

When the two clapped their hands, someone removed the curtain behind them. They saw that a long table was actually there, covered with a special glass cover. Except for the key in Elder Zhao’s hand, no one could open it. And inside the glass, 20 “antiques” of various shapes were placed. Of course, since it’s a treasure hunt, some must be authentic and some counterfeit.

Naturally, it’s not necessary for Elder Zhao to speak about the rules. As the grandson, Zhao MingQi took the initiative to stand up and said with a smile: “Everyone had seen that among these objects, there are authentic ones and fake ones. But which one is which, everyone needs to distinguish it. After an hour, guests who are willing to take part in appraising the treasure can write their answers on paper. If you get half correct, you can choose one of the genuine products to take away; 80% correct, you can choose two genuine products to take away; and the one who answered all of them correctly could take away all genuine products.”

The gentle-looking Elder Shi smiled then said: “Don’t worry about the lack of authenticity since it’s all from this place. Anyway, today, Old Zhao is ready to bleed. Also, to celebrate this old man’s birthday, anyone who answers all of them right will be a guest of my Shi family.”

As soon as this statement came out, there was an uproar.

Being a guest of the Shi family was just being euphemistic. In fact, it’s like when a large group of people queued up at the hospital for registration, the chief suddenly appeared and took you to the VIP ward and let the chief doctor treat you. Of course, any patient would want it and those who’re not patients dared not guarantee that they’d never get sick.

To be honest, this reward was far more attractive than the one proposed by Elder Zhao. After all, anyone who could stand here would not be short of money or antiques.

Zhao MingQi then said: “Of course, for equality, everyone could only observe them through the glass cover and make the final decision.” Finished, he clapped his hands. The waiters present began to distribute paper and pen. Anyone who was willing to participate could take it.

“How about it? Little Ce, are you interested?” When Uncle Hai saw this event, he immediately became lively, “let’s compare once?”

“Okay.” Cecil agreed very simply, and Luo Xi repeatedly gave him a thumbs up. A new scholar dared to challenge a master like Uncle Hai, so awesome!

Only Yi Ti knew that this guy was neither a challenger nor the so-called “newborn calf≠not afraid of tigers”, but just because he was very interested in it and really wanted to do this, and so he did.

Yes, he was such a hearty person.

But, she thought this was very cute.

This time, as a girlfriend, maybe she should give him a little motivation?

Then, Yi Ti, who had taken the pen and paper, whispered to the young man beside her: “If you can win, then…”

“Xiao Ti, are you serious?” The eyes of a certain alien instantly resembled a shooting star.

Yi Ti didn’t overdo it: “Let’s talk about it after you won.”


Translator’s Notes:

*老爷子, lǎoyézi, my (you, etc) old father / polite appellation for an elderly male

Alien 145: Rich People Are Troublesome
Alien 147: He Really Guessed It

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