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Of course, there was no one in the cabin.

If there were people, she should have found them long ago.

The house was just a simple log cabin, not big but very strong, being able to stand up straight under the accumulation of snow and also enough to block the torrential rain that was common on the mountain. Except for the narrow wooden bed on the left, there was hardly any other furniture. The bed was naturally not taped, since climbers now always carried sleeping bags with them.

In the corner, there were some firewood and a pack of matches as well as an ax. There was a forest near here. According to the established rules, everyone who had lived here must replenish the firewood they had used when going down the mountain. If they carried extra heating appliances with them, they could of course keep them. It was said that if violated, they’d be punished by the mountain god.

Was there a mountain god? Many people didn’t know and many didn’t believe it, but when these people went up the mountain and were faced with this overly magnificent and even direct spiritual beauty, there was a trace of awe in their hearts. And it was this emotion that encouraged them to obey the unique rules of the mountain.

Although there was no snow today, the mountain was still very cold.

Yi Ti was not afraid of the cold, but she was a little hungry after walking for so long. After all, she was still far from where she could refrain from eating.

And it’s already noon which should be time for lunch which was why Yi Ti chose to enter the house.

And after she entered the house, what was it that “she saw”?

It’s the ashes left by a pile of firewood in the center of the empty space on the right side of the house.

The color looked very new, and combined with other traces, even a “novice mountaineer” like her immediately judged that someone had been here recently, and this “recently” was very close.

She felt a little strange because very few people went up the mountain in winter. Even if few people would climb this high, because the climate on the mountain was the worst this season, if they’re not careful, they’d be in danger.

Nothing was absolute and there were always accidents, so Yi Ti just wondered about it but didn’t think so much.

And her Cecil had already spread two pieces of plastic sheeting on the dirty ground. Incidentally, he added two layers of soft cushions on it, patted it, then said to her: “Xiao Ti, you can sit down.”

The cushion seemed to be specially heated by him before it was brought out. The top was warm and Yi Ti’s heart was also warm.

And then, a certain jelly alien made a fire in the middle. Although his movements were a bit clumsy, he still succeeded.

The room suddenly became warmer.

Soon after, Cecil took out a bunch of pots and pans like a certain cat.

Yi Ti, who was sitting cross-legged, saw him hanging a pot over the fire and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Why didn’t you prepare in advance like before?”

Cecil poured water into the pot, then replied: “But Xiao Ti, didn’t you really want to enjoy the joy of “snow mountain picnic”?”

“…” She just said that casually.

However, whatever she said casually would be so heavy and important in his heart, so how could she argue?

“I also prepared some meals in advance, do you want to eat it?”

“No need!” Yi Ti waved her hand, “I like picnics!”

Then, she was full of black lines seeing that someone took out potatoes and beef that had already been processed. There were even sausages, butter, bread, and other items. She had to say, it’s really suitable for eating in a snow cabin.

Under someone’s “hard work”, the room was filled with the smell of food shortly after.

The potatoes and beef in the pot made “gurgling” sounds as it stewed. The sausages on the temporary grill on the side dripped hot oil from time to time, falling into the fire with a soft “sizzling” sound. Both sides of the bread were also baked golden.

Cecil poured hot black tea into a cup, and while holding the bottom, he handed it to Yi Ti: “Xiao Ti, give you.” Then he anxiously said, “be careful.”

Yi Ti looked at some tea spills directly aimed at her, hurriedly reaching out and clenching the cup tightly, holding his hand along the way, and asked a little nervously: “Is it hot?”

The young man shook his head: “Did you forget? I can adjust my body temperature.” The highest temperature could even reach a few hundred degrees so this was nothing to him.

“That’s good.”

Yi Ti put down her heart and withdrew her hands, then held the cup with both hands. After blowing on the edge for a while, she just took a sip when she felt the warmth from her throat to her stomach.

At this time, Cecil had spread butter on the bread, putting it on a plate prepared in advance. On the edge, he put sausages that had been grilled until they were fried and a vegetable salad prepared in advance and passed it over.

Yi Ti put the teacup aside, picked up the fork after taking the plate, and couldn’t wait to eat the sausage since she’d smelled it for a long time!

Really hot and fragrant!

Beautifully turned over!

The bread was delicious too!

The salad is delicious too!

It’s so right to take Cecil!

Yi Ti felt she was about to shed tears of happiness.

What to do? She hadn’t even eaten the potatoes and beef stew yet. If she ate it, she wouldn’t be able to move this day, okay?

“Xiao Ti, what happened to you?”

Cecil looked at Yi Ti, who held her cheeks in her hand and closing her eyes, thinking that her behavior seemed a bit strange, could it be that the things he made tasted wrong?

Yi Ti opened her eyes, holding up the plate placed on her lap again, and spoke sincerely while eating: “It’s okay, I just find that I love you so much.”

Cecil: “…”

“Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“Don’t melt until the potato stew is cooked!”

And so, the boyfriend’s good craftsmanship was also a problem. This directly caused Yi Ti to eat a pot of potato and beef stew, not wanting to move at all and just wanted to find a place to sleep. This was probably the legendary “sleep when full, just like raising pigs”.

Just as she seriously considered the possibility of this matter, they suddenly noticed that the fire was weaker than before.

She noticed so Cecil certainly noticed.

So he made some firewood with his hair and came over. And with this move, one thing naturally appeared in front of Yi Ti.

Her eyes narrowed and she subconsciously said: “What is that?”

Cecil brought that thing over and only then did Yi Ti found that it was a piece of cloth stained with blood. Other than that, there was nothing special about it. However, why was it in the firewood pile? Did the people who came here before accidentally got injured?

“The wound didn’t bleed for long.” The young man, with a good sense of smell, said affirmatively.

“I see.” Yi Ti glanced over and over again, “I always feel like I’ve seen this pattern somewhere…” Where was it?

She held the fabric in one hand and held her forehead with the other hand, having a hard time recalling it.

“This seems to belong to that Miss XuanYuan.”

“Right!” Yi Ti reacted immediately, “That’s right!” This was her shirt! Because the pattern was very beautiful, she also took a few more glances. And, the reason why Cecil said so must be because he was certain, “this blood?”

“Miss XuanYuan’s.”


Yi Ti was surprised.

At the banquet before, she also had a few words with XuanYuan Yu. At that time, she said that her family would go back together the next day. It seemed to be because of the work of her parents. In fact, this girl also texted her when she left the hotel this morning, but at that time, Yi Ti didn’t go see them off because she went to see the two elders of the Zhao and Shi family.

She should have already gone back.

How could she come here for no reason?

If she just showed up, that’s fine, but how could a bloody cloth remain? And even deliberately stuffed into the firewood pile, almost as if they wanted to be discovered by those who came later, and didn’t want to be seen by those who were with her at the time.

Was anyone really with her?

There were many problems.

But the answer wouldn’t appear just by thinking of it.

Instead of thinking about it, might as well do it.

So Yi Ti stood up: “Let’s continue up the mountain.” The road she took was the safest and most convenient way up the mountain. She didn’t meet anyone along the way, so XuanYuan Yu was very likely still on the mountain—— if she really came here.

“Okay.” The young man nodded. Regarding any decision she made, he never objected.

The climate on the mountain was different from below. The reason why people didn’t want to go up the mountain this season was because it always snowed here. The weather had been pretty good these days when Yi Ti went up the mountain and this good standard wasn’t to not snow, but—— there wasn’t much blizzard.

And so, the ground was very clean. No matter what traces were left before, it had now been ruthlessly covered up by nature.

And Cecil, who had a keen sense of smell, obviously hadn’t reached the point where he could “track for thousands of miles”. It’s possible for a werewolf but the cold would probably be a problem.

Yi Ti frowned slightly and while thinking, a familiar “Jiji!” call was heard.

LiuLiu, this guy who liked to sleep in, was finally willing to get out of Cecil’s pocket. After staring at the surrounding environment for a while, it suddenly let out a cry of joy, jumping directly on top of Cecil’s head and going around in circles, not afraid of the cold at all, and seemed very curious about this strange place.

Yi Ti suddenly remembered, wasn’t this little thing a monster? Since it’s a monster, maybe it had a good nose?

Based on the principle of “try it for now, if it fails, there is no loss”, she motioned Cecil to grab LiuLiu then took out the cloth, putting it in front of the little thing and whispered: “LiuLiu, can you find someone with this smell?”


The next second, LiuLiu suddenly jumped to the ground, jumping away in the distance.

After a few steps, it stopped suddenly, calling non stop in their direction, as if saying “aren’t you looking for someone? hurry up?

It’s really possible…

Surprised, Yi Ti grabbed the little thing back. There was no helping it, it’s white* and the snow was also white. It’s okay at close range, but it’s not easy to tell at a long distance. And so, she tied a red cloth strip to it. This way, it wouldn’t be lost.

Translator’s Notes:

*I had no idea why the author suddenly decided to change LiuLiu’s color to white.

Alien 148: This Is Pampering and Proud
Alien 150: Following With A Piggy Back

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