Alien 148: This Is Pampering and Proud

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“Xiao Ti, is what you said before true?”

When they just returned to their room, Cecil asked eagerly.

At this time, LiuLiu, who was left alone in the room to sleep, woke up at some point. Skipping over with a “Jiji” “Jiji”, jumping around the two of them, as if asking “Why did you leave me, why, why, why?” Because of how aggrieved it was, the two had to coax it for a long time to make this little master happy again, but it just stuck on Cecil’s mind and refused to come down.

Yi Ti closed the dressing device on her chest, and the clothes on her body instantly changed back to a down jacket. She took off the brooch, put it away carefully, then said: ‘Of course it’s true.”

“Xiao Ti, you are so nice.”

It’s a joy to watch someone smile. Yi Ti looked helplessly at the sky. In a sense, this guy was really easy to coax. She just promised that he could learn some “skills” from Uncle Hai after going down the mountain until Christmas Eve then leave, and he became so happy.

She reached out her hand and tugged at his hair: “Did that make you this happy?”

“En.” Cecil nodded, but added one more sentence, “but, I’m still the happiest when I’m with Xiao Ti.”

Yi Ti didn’t get carried away, really feeling that a certain someone was getting more and more cunning, which was really not good.

She turned her head and looked at the few boxes full of antiques on the ground, going over to one by one一一 open it. Because these were all placed in the glass booth before, there’s not much else to see.

But until now, she looked at them without any sense of reality because when the value of this batch added up, it was a lot more than the money she made since she started selling medicine. In short…

“Cecil, now it’s your turn to take care of me.” Yi Ti, who was squatting on the ground, turned her head to say that.

“Okay.” An alien said plainly.

“You easily promised that there’s no sincerity at all.”

It turned out that if a woman sincerely wanted to “make things difficult” for a man, no matter how good their words were, and no matter how sincere they were, it’s useless.

Because she didn’t care about these at all and therefore became unreasonable.

Cecil thought for a while, then went over to kneel on one knee opposite Yi Ti, pushing the boxes one by one in front of her: “Give you all of it.”

“Pfft.” Yi Ti couldn’t help but laugh, “if you gave it to me, you’ll become a pauper again. At that time, I will take care of you again.”

“Okay.” The young man who had always been nurtured agreed without any mental obstacles.

Such a submissive attitude was so refreshing, so Yi Ti was in a good mood. She pushed back the piled boxes: “Keep it for yourself, I’m not interested in such things.”

“Then this is for you.” Cecil thought for a while, grabbed Yi Ti’s hand and took out the things that were taken from the three-legged toads, and put it all in her palm. In comparison, he was more interested in the copper toad than in these.

Most women liked shiny things very much, whether it’s expensive natural diamonds or cheap man-made crystals, Yi Ti being no exception. Especially when this thing was given by someone she liked.

Because her hands were not big enough, a few diamonds slipped off and fell on the boxes.

Yi Ti looked at it while still squatting: “What do you want to do with them?”

Cecil imitated her squatting posture, picked up the huge emerald, and looked at it through the lights: “Make a necklace?”

“I always feel that there would be no chance to wear it.” Unless it’s a very solemn occasion, otherwise, who would wear such a gorgeous necklace when going out? Just to hire a thief? Speaking of which, Xue Ye’s grandfather seemed to have given her a ruby necklace that he had stolen from somewhere as a prepaid consultation fee. After finishing everything this time and going back, maybe she could help him.

After all, compared to before, she should have made a lot of progress.

“So make it into a bracelet?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“How about rings?”

“This…” Yi Ti’s voice paused, “let’s talk about it later.” The ring can have a special meaning. She picked up the emerald again, then asked, “what are you going to do with this?” If they were willing to sell, many people would be happy to pay.

Cecil picked it up then said: “I want to sculpt it into your shape.”

Yi Ti: “…” Such a precious thing, couldn’t he use it for more serious matters? No, perhaps he was more serious than anyone else when saying this sentence. She shook her head, “that’s such a waste. And also, can you carve jade?”


“…” That answer was really simple.

“But I will study hard and won’t start until you approved.”

Obviously, a certain alien had already made a “one-two-three step” plan

“…you can figure it out yourself.” Anyway, as long as he liked it.

Yi Ti said that then threw the things back into his hands: “You help me keep it.” Compared to her dongtian, this guy’s space was more suitable for storage.

Cecil was just about to put it away when he saw that she stretched out her hand to take it away: “Let me play for a while first.”

“…” She really liked this kind of stuff, and so, “after all this, I will take you to Lislan Star.” That was a planet covered with many minerals and looked like a colorful gem from a distance. Even if they just wander around, they could also pick up many polyhedral transparent ores with different colors on the road at any time. She’d love that very much.

“Okay.” Yi Ti didn’t look up and nodded.

“…should I put these boxes away?”

“Okay.” Yi Ti continued to nod without looking up.

“Then I’ll put it away.”

“Uh-huh.” Yi Ti nodded again without looking up.


A certain alien was deeply aware—— he seemed to have “fallen out of favor”. And the main reason was the pile of things he picked up.

Can I cry?

And so, when Yi Ti finally raised her head, she saw someone squatting in front of her with his head down, the smell of grievance exuding from all over and seemed to be silently complaining.

She scratched her cheek uncomfortably, then moved over and kissed him tenderly on the cheek.

The jelly alien was instantly happy.

The two looked at each other and involuntarily laughed.

Yi Ti stroked his face with her finger, smiling a little “wickedly”: “Aren’t you acting like a baby?”

Cecil thought about it seriously then replied: “I’m being pampered and proud.”

Pampered and proud, it meant being arrogant because of being favored by the owner. However, some people now interpret pampering as “petting”, using it between men and women. But, no matter who, there was no doubt that a certain alien used the wrong words.

Yi Ti wiped her sweat and replied in the same serious manner: “Listen to me, your Chinese language really needed to be revised.”

“…” TAT

The next day, Yi Ti visited the two elders as scheduled and negotiated some things. The greatest value of a spiritual plant cultivator, what else could there be besides pharmaceuticals? As could be seen in their dialogue, the two elderly people were happy about the good relationship between their grandsons and a spiritual plant cultivator.

Originally, they wanted Yi Ti and Cecil to stay for a few more days until they heard that she wanted to go up the mountain. The two old men had lived a long time and even with all kinds of guesses in their minds, they certainly wouldn’t directly ask for her purpose and didn’t force the issue. They just gave her a more detailed map and some useful tools. Although they hadn’t climbed the mountain for many years, even so, the map in their hands was probably the most detailed.

This was really a surprise for Yi Ti. Although she couldn’t understand it, she just left it to Cecil.

On the contrary, if she took Lu Kong to the mountain, afraid…ahahahaha, she could only live like a savage for the rest of her life, right?

After that, another day passed, Yi Ti and Cecil, according to their predetermined plan, wore clothes suitable for mountaineering and embarked on a mountain climbing trip.

Because this mountain was too high, the weather was extremely cold. It was said that ten months of the year was winter with climbers encountering heavy storms and heavy snow if they weren’t careful. Because of this, the mountains were covered with white snow all year round. Against the faint white clouds, from a distance, it’s almost like a fairyland on Earth.

But this wonderland was best viewed from a distance because approaching would be fatal.

The situation was better when they first went up the mountain, probably because of the frequent visits of people who came to do things like mountain climbing, the road clearly showed that it’s often trampled on. And along the way, they even encountered a tour group but once they went further up, the people gradually became scarce.

And the road under their feet became paved with snow at some point. Their shoes stepped on the snow, making “crunching” sounds and echoed monotonously.

Yi Ti and Cecil both put on glasses for climbing. Although they’re unlikely to have snow blindness, it’s always right to be prepared.

When there was no one around, their footsteps also quickened with no hesitation until they’re almost like two shadows passing by in a flash.

Around noon, they arrived at a cabin in the mountains. This was a rest point specially prepared for climbers.

Yi Ti opened it and saw…

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