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Alien 149: It's So Right To Take Him
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Under LiuLiu’s leadership, Yi Ti and Cecil quickly advanced.

Don’t look at how small it was, its speed was very fast and it’s full of energy. Of course, the latter might be because it slept more than 16 hours a day since birth. At that time, Yi Ti thought it was sick. As a result, Cecil’s inspection found that this guy had no physical problems and it just loved to sleep. If it was really sick, it’d probably be the legendary “lazy disease”.

After being tired of seeing a vast expanse of whiteness, a forest suddenly appeared at the end of their sight.

Although this mountain was cold all year round, there was life. For example, there was a beautiful lake like a mirror on top of the mountain. It seemed that even “God” marveled at its amazing beauty and couldn’t bear to let it freeze, giving it eternal spring. Around it was full of fragrant flowers, colorful and graceful, blooming on the high mountains several kilometers above sea level.

There were alpine lilies, alpine chrysanthemums, alpine poppies, alpine junipers, but there was no forest. Probably because if there were trees, it would block the clear like clouds in the blue sky.

Even so, there were still forests on the mountain. For example, Yi Ti was in front of one.

This forest had a famous name—— valley forest.

Although it’s off the beaten track, it’s well known for its unique abnormalities.

Since it’s a mountain range, it naturally had ups and downs, and under two towering mountains, there was a deep valley. It was said that orogenic or volcanic movement caused the large area to sink to the bottom, creating a rare landscape with this entire valley forest. This could be seen as the splendid work of nature, but the bottom of the valley was very deep. If a person accidentally fell, even if there’s snow as a buffer, afraid there’d only be one outcome, death.

Fortunately, there was LiuLiu. Since others could take XuanYuan Yu down (she didn’t think XuanYuan Yu would go to this place by herself, although she’s silly, she’s at least not that stupid), of course, there’d be a convenient way.

This road was indeed much less traveled than other routes, however, there was still a 50 to 60-meters drop until the bottom.

“Xiao Ti, be careful.” Cecil looked down and anxiously asked.

This was not an ordinary forest but a forest at the bottom of a valley. The past crustal movements still left many traces. For example, the small rift hidden among the trees, and the icy rapids rushing underneath. If you fell accidentally, your life would be over.

“En.” Yi Ti nodded, then she saw someone squat down in front of her and say, “let me carry you on my back.”

“How worried are you about me?”

Besides, she’s also a cultivator, okay? It’s impossible to slip and fall so easily. And even if she lost her balance for a while, with her body’s sensitivity, there was no problem.

But having said that, she still laid directly on someone’s back. Cough, someone who’d refuse was a fool, so of course, she agreed. On the one hand, it’s to calm his heart. On the other hand, it’s because she knew very well that her weight wouldn’t bring him any burden at all. Don’t look at this guy being so soft and easily bullied, his body was actually strong.

The next moment, Cecil swiftly walked through the forest under LiuLiu’s guidance with Yi Ti on his back, their speed almost the same as before.

And Yi Ti used her divine sense to make sure that no one could sneak attack them. Observing the surrounding environment along the way, she found at a glance that there’s definitely a good reason for the praises.

Because it’s rarely stepped on, this forest was well preserved. Among them were towering old trees that were rare in the outside world, its upright posture like that of a man standing upright, going straight into the sky. Every tree branches were covered with snow, and there would be large masses of snow falling and hitting the ground, creating a “bang” sound. As a result, the ground, full of thick moss, boulders, and trees lying on the ground, was all covered with white snow. Yes, this forest was a white world. Full of mysterious and seductive wildness. Therefore, it’s very difficult to walk through it but this was not a problem for Cecil. His speed was still very fast as he used his dark hair to hang on the surrounding trees and fly from time to time.

But even in this environment, there was still life other than plants, such as various birds and other wild animals.

A little squirrel originally took advantage of the good weather to squat on a branch and hold a nut, but it was stunned the moment it saw Cecil inadvertently. The nut on its little fat paws rolled on the branches a few times before falling directly on the snow.

The little squirrel didn’t care about going down the tree and picking it up. It just tilted its head and thought desperately: What kind of animal is that? Never seen it!

Yi Ti, who saw this scene through her divine sense, almost laughed. Sure enough, furry things were very cute things! If they’re not in a hurry, she almost wanted to rush forward, grab it and rub that fluffy big tail.

Don’t know how long it’s been but LiuLiu’s speed gradually slowed down.

The terrain here certainly had no effect on it jumping and walking around, so the reason was obvious, they’ve almost reached their destination.

Yi Ti was overjoyed, shouting: “LiuLiu, wait a bit.”

The little thing obediently stopped, quickly jumping back into Yi Ti’s hands while crying out “Jiji”.


Yi Ti made a silent gesture and it really calmed down.

“Are we nearing soon?”




“Good, leave the next thing to us, and take a break.”


And then, the little thing got into Cecil’s pocket again. The two looked at each other and kept going, but this time, their speed was much slower.

At last, Cecil stopped.

Yi Ti also carefully climbed off his back.

They were now behind a huge boulder. Even if she didn’t use her divine sense, she could easily look down below from higher terrain.

There were five people there.

Four of them were acquaintances of Yi Ti. Yes, the XuanYuan family.

Aside from them, there was also the strong figure of a man with a black mountaineering bag. He turned his back to her, so she couldn’t see what he looked like.

XuanYuan Yu’s family was tied to a nearby tree, not moving at all. She didn’t know if they lost consciousness or because of something else.

At this moment, the man suddenly shouted to the front: “I’m bringing you food again!”

Yi Ti: “…” Food? Could it be that…

A not so good prediction came to her mind.

But except for the man here, there was no one else at all.


Impossible, if it’s a ghost, how could she not see it?


Not right, in front of the man was a piece of silvery snow where no tree had grown. It’d be easy to see if there was anything. Not to mention animals, there’s not even a single hair!

Eliminating all impossible options, the remaining one, even if it’s not scientific, could only be the truth. There was only one truth, and that was—— this man is crazy!

But, would ordinary psychopaths laboriously transport four people here after they lost consciousness?

“Come out! I brought you fresh blood as food!”

The man shouted again. While talking, his hands shook backward suddenly.

Only then did Yi Ti saw that the four motionless people suddenly trembled at the same time. Then they started to look around and tried to break the rope, seemingly having just regained consciousness.

“Th-this, what’s going on?”

“Let me go!”

“Who are you?”

Yi Ti noticed that compared to the others who didn’t know what happened, XuanYuan Yu seemed to be a lot calmer, seemingly aware of the situation. However, if she didn’t, how could she have left clues in the log cabin?

“What? Did you forget about me so soon?”

The man turned around, looking at XuanYuan Bo and the others. Yi Ti finally saw his face at this moment. This was a very rough and dark face with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and wide chin. He looked very “manly” but just looking at the situation, real “men” wouldn’t do such a thing.

“You…” XuanYuan Bo’s expression changed, “You were the one at that time…”

The family booked the return train tickets in advance but before getting on the train, the family decided to have lunch near the railway station. The restaurant business was very good and they sat at the last empty table. At that moment, this man came over and asked if he could join their table. In good faith, he agreed, letting Xiao Yi and Xiao Yu sit on one side and free one side for him.

And then…

He couldn’t remember anything else…

“We kindly gave you a seat, why did you kidnap us?” XuanYuan Yi, who was extremely angry, shouted, “What did you want to do, you bastard?!”

The man laughed twice, then replied: “If you want to blame someone, blame your sister.”


“Who made her look so delicious.”

As soon as this phrase came out, everyone’s face changed.

Did this guy eat people?

As if the man hadn’t noticed their horror, he just continued: “Your body is very talented, I think it must taste good.”

“Don’t mess around!” XuanYuan Yi shouted again, “we know seriously powerful cultivators!”

The man sneered at this: “If you really know, since she had a good physique, how come she hasn’t cultivated at all?”

The XuanYuan family was at a loss at this sentence.

Only Yi Ti, who’s near, understood. Several soul travels changed XuanYuan’s physique, making her very suitable for practicing a certain cultivation method. But regarding this matter, whether it’s her or Shi JingLe, they hadn’t even told XuanYuan Yu because they still needed to observe. If her soul never left in the future, then there was no problem. If it happened again…afraid they’d have to face a dilemma.

Either change her physique or find the cultivation method.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying! But we really know cultivators. Do you know the Shi and Zhao family? If you don’t believe it, you can use my phone or theirs and see for yourself!”

The man’s face changed slightly. He finally realized that this kid didn’t seem to be lying, it’s just that…

“If I really let you go back, would you let me go?”


“Also, as long as I get that thing, what is the Shi and Zhao family?” The man sneered as he said so.

And at this moment, Yi Ti, who was about to save someone, suddenly discovered an amazing thing. And that was…

Alien 149: It's So Right To Take Him
Alien 151: Crushed by a Roller*

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