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  According to Cecil, the IP address of the computers he modified wouldn’t be detected by anyone, and he even added some features. Although Yi Ti didn’t understand all of them, it’s still amazing. She thought that if he could become a human figure (of course not the professor from before), based on his skills, he could go to major companies and apply for a job. But if that’s the case, they might not have met. 

  After quickly applying for a new QQ account and calling it Long XiaoTian (Yi Ti: QAQ), Yi Ti silently issued a group request. 

  Almost immediately, the whole group saw her application——

  Pink Little Fatty (XXOOXXOO) 16:23:54

  Dang! There’s a new applicant for the group! 

  Handsome Cleaning Rag (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:00


  Seeking the Author to Let Go! (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:01


  Xixi (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:02


  Pink Little Fatty (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:07

  (screenshot) look at this domineering name, I could already imagine his face, ah! 

  Passerby (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:14

  Pfft! I saw such awesome material as soon as I logged in! 

  Shadow (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:22

  That’s not your little brother, right? 

  Handsome Cleaning Rag (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:30

  ……watching from the crowd! 

  Hallelujah (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:35

  watching from the crowd+1

  Cute Polyester (XXOOXXOO) 16:24:43

  watching from the crowd+2


  Looking at the dozens of comments on the screen, Yi Ti couldn’t help but pour tears of grief. 

  Soon, she received notification that she’d joined the group. 

  Only after she entered did she get bombed by comments. After waiting for the enthusiasm of this group to stop, Yi Ti finally managed to say something——

  Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 16:32:35

  Hello everyone. 

  Shadow (XXOOXXOO) 16:32:40

  (shock) it isn’t really the author’s younger brother, right? 

  Passerby (XXOOXXOO) 16:32:45

  Stupid, author, quickly come out and receive your harem! 

  Conquer the World with a Group of Five (XXOOXXOO) 16:32:51

  23333, receive your harem +1


  Then there were a few minutes of +1s which occupied a large area, Yi Ti looked at the chat window and moved past it. She just felt it’s creepy, why did she find those few words so terrible? 

  With the call of everyone, the author finally came. 

  Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 16:39:05

  I drank too much yesterday, everyone wanted to speak to me, can’t it wait for later? (picking one’s teeth)

  Yi Ti saw the author, then chose a private chat. In short, she talked about how she wanted to make the book written by Aggregate into a comic book and if it’s possible to get authorization. She remembered seeing in the group chat that the contract from Weifeng website is relatively loose. All that was signed was the electronic copyright of the text, and the remaining copyright……such as Traditional Chinese Publishing, Simplified Chinese Publishing, adaptation to film and television, etc are still in the hands of the author himself, so they could only seek opportunities. 

  Of course, if they looked for the author himself, there’s no need to give the website any money; if they looked for the author through the website, they would charge a certain percentage. 

  In various ways, it’s regarded as the conscience clause. 

  Yi Ti was a little nervous when she wrote. Aggregate himself said that this story is not for making money. She guessed that he wouldn’t be moved by the financial gains. But soon, facts proved that her fears were redundant——

 Aggregate 16:54:27

  Seeing that your name is so cool, your drawing must be good. Alright, I’ll hand it over to you. (digging his nose)

  Long XiaoTian 16:55:34

  That means I have the authorization? 

  Aggregate 16:55:45

  Yes, I’ll trouble you to make the extra effort. Remember to emphasize the domineering side of my protagonist. (scratching my foot)

  Long XiaoTian 16:55:53

  In fact, there’s already a picture of the protagonist. Aggregate, do you want to see it? 

  After getting the answer, Yi Ti sent out the pictures that had been automatically saved to the computer. Aggregate didn’t speak after reading it. After a while, she found that he actually posted this picture in the group chat. After a brief silence in the group, there was a rush of comments, almost all praises. Aggregate’s words are mixed in like a stone washed away by flowing water or like a bubble bursting. 

  Yi Ti, “……” 

  At this time, a message came again in the private chat. 

  Aggregate 16:55:45

  Look, everyone liked it, so you can continue with peace of mind. (laugh)

  Long XiaoTian 16:55:45

  Okay! Thank you Aggregate. 

  After that, Yi Ti silently shut down QQ. 

  Cecil looked at her, then asked, somewhat surprised, “What happened?”  

   “No……” she also didn’t understand her own mood. She then answered,  “How to say it? I’m a little happy, but also a little embarrassed……” She’s happy that she got the approval of her favorite author, but it felt embarrassing, “Cecil, is it really okay for me to continue?”  

   “Xiao Ti,” The jelly alien who seemed to understand her mood said, “In the universe, many people use similar instruments to make movies. Showing your imaginary story to others is legal.”  


   “Yeah.” Cecil, sitting in Yi Ti’s arms, nodded his head and continued, “and, even if it’s the same text, different people would also imagine completely different images. This image is like this because this is what you imagined. In a sense, you are indeed the author. Also, you aren’t thinking about receiving benefits, right?”  

   “……just as you said.”  

  Cecil’s words are like a light that made Yi Ti find a way out of her dilemma. Indeed, she never thought about making money from the comics from the beginning. She just wanted to……share it to Aggregate and the people who liked this novel to let them experience the joy of “turning text to a picture” together. 

   “Cecil, thank you.” Yi Ti held up the big pudding in her arms, raising him to eye-level, “Having you is really great!” 


   “Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——” 


  She reluctantly put the blue pudding on her knees, then Yi Ti started “the journey of serialized comics”. 

  I have to say, this comic thing seemed to be easy at a glance, but it’s actually quite complicated. For example, the arrangement……should be easy to understand. For this, Yi Ti had to open a few comics, study for a while, then thought about how to layout. 

  Even so, she only spent about an hour, but she already completed a chapter. 

  Yi Ti took off the “headband”, then rubbed her temples. The prolonged mental focus made her a bit tired. But looking at the pictures in the computer, she felt her heart fill with satisfaction, there’s also the urge to post it and share it with others. 

  She quietly thought: No, need to hold back. She just got authorization. If she suddenly issued a comic of the first chapter, it’ll be bad. And, these comics, regardless of the picture itself, is also in the colored version which obviously can’t be done in a short time. 

  The arrival of Liang Chen saved her from this entanglement. 

  Since the conclusion of the “transaction”, he would personally send her lunch and dinner every day. Of course, occasionally, if she wanted to cook for herself, Yi Ti would call to inform the other party. Although sometimes, she’d get the contempt of the other party, saying something like “Is pig feed really so memorable?”……but Yi Ti knew he just had a bad mouth. Not only are the dishes always good in quality and quantity, but it’s also packed in home-use lunchboxes. 

  Lunch delivery is usually around 1:00. Although it’s still at peak hours, it’s much better than at 11 or 12 o’clock. Dinner is usually around 6:30. 

  When it’s time, she would get the food from the young man and then Yi Ti would hand over the cleaned lunchbox from before, “Smells good, is it stewed pork today?” The bag is also filled with flowers, and this had been the case from the first day. The reason she gave is “you can put it in the store as decoration”. Although Liang Chen initially muttered several times, he did not refuse. 

  After once or twice, it became a rule. 

  Liang Chen, who was about to leave, gave her a look, “Are you in a good mood today?”  

   “Yup.”  Yi Ti admitted unabashedly. 

  She made a potion and successfully sold it, bought energy blocks for Cecil, and even talked with her favorite author. These are all good things, so how can her mood be bad? 

   “You’re laughing like a fool.”  

   “……” Although she’s used to this guy’s poison tongue, how to say it? She’s not a trembling M. She got used to it, but she’ll never like it. But Yi Ti was reminded of another thing, “Right, Liang Chen, do you know how to get the documents for opening the shop?” After everything is on the right track, Yi Ti thought she should continue to open her master’s shop. Abandoning it would be too wasteful. 

   “9:30 tomorrow morning.”  

   “……ah?” Yi Ti was stunned, then reacted, “Are you taking me there?”  

  The other party impatiently turned around, saying in a malicious voice, “Less of your unrequited love, I’ll just take you there, that’s all! If you dare oversleep, go hungry for three days!” 

  Yi Ti, “……” In this life, she guessed that he’ll only have male friends. 


2333, (pinyin: èr sān sān) represents 哈哈哈  (pinyin: hā hā hā), meaning laughter

conscience clause, it’s usually used in the medical field. Basically, anyone involved in medical practice could refuse to treat patients because of their religion or conscience. In this case, the author could refuse anyone to copy, publish, or adapt their content based on their personal preference.

felt embarrassing, 不好意思, bùhǎoyìsi, to feel embarrassed / to find it embarrassing / to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb)

your unrequited love, 自作多情, zìzuòduōqíng, to imagine that one’s love is reciprocated / to shower affection on an uninterested party

Aggregate, 砂石, shāshí, sandstone/sand and stone/aggregate. Sorry, I chose aggregate since I didn’t know they’re talking about the author at first and thought it’s about copyright. Turned out, it’s the author’s pen name. I’ll just stick to aggregate since I’m lazy.

Alien 15: One Step Towards A Big One
Alien 17: The Truth Is So Disappointing

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