Alien 151: Crushed by a Roller*

Alien 150: Following With A Piggy Back
Alien 152: Second Kill*

The ground behind the man seemed to move.

An illusion?

Yi Ti frowned slightly and took a closer look, but only saw that the ground was still very flat, covered by thick ice and snow. There was no sign it moved or of being stepped on by anything.

“Cecil, did you see anything just now?”

“The ground moved.”

Listening to his affirmation, Yi Ti finally determined—— it’s not an illusion just now, the snow really moved.

He might be wrong and she might also be wrong, but how could two people see the wrong thing at the same time?

For this matter, except for the two of them, the man with his back to the snow didn’t notice, and the XuanYuan family didn’t notice it either. They were busy listening to this cruel “kidnapper”‘s tirade.

“That thing?”

“Yes, that thing.” The smile on the man’s face became deeper, seemingly thinking of some kind of bright future for himself.

Just now!

The snow behind him moved again!

It’s just that this time, it’s no longer a fleeting moment. The white and boundless snow was still flat but it bulged out here and there without a sound. This movement was not obvious and was like a thin snake slithering through the snowy ground. If it wasn’t for Yi Ti watching the snow carefully, she would’ve ignored it.

This “bulge” soon reached not far behind the man.


A little green thing broke through the snow and hit the man on the back!

Seeing that there’s no way to avoid it, the man, who was talking with a smile on his mouth, leaped forward gently and skillfully, just escaping this crisis.

And only now did the people present clearly see that the green “attacker” was actually a vine. Or rather, it looked like a vine. It had the basic characteristics of vines, slender, soft, and easy to bend. The reason for saying “looked” was because this seemingly weak vine about a thumb thick had dense black barbs and looked so creepy.

If this thing was drawn to someone, a lot of skin and flesh would definitely be taken away when it left.

This…what exactly is it?

Maybe the others didn’t know, but the man absolutely knew. Otherwise, this “sneak attack” would not be easily evaded.

He turned around with a smile on his face and said: “Are you finally willing to come out?” And then continued, “Yes, now that you can smell the fresh meat, how could you not wake up.” While talking, he didn’t seem to take the matter to heart at all. On the contrary, he was very happy it “woke up”.

As if responding to his words, that piece of snow that originally seemed flat suddenly collapsed, the silvery-white and cold snow scattering to reveal the strange thing lurking inside.

That thing looked very strange, like a green “pocket” with black bumps on it, arranged very closely, enough to many any trypophobia patient dizzy. And the opening of this “pocket” was connected to the vine with black barbs. If those bumps could make people uncomfortable, then this thing would undoubtedly chill people’s hearts.

At this moment, these vines stretched desperately toward the man but it was a bit short.

“It’s useless.” The man seemed to be in a good mood, ‘I already figured out your foraging range. If not, how would I dare come here?”

“Don’t be foolish, I know you can understand me.” As he said that, one hand pointed to the four people who were tied to each other, “Although I can’t feed you by myself, I brought you enough fresh blood.”

As if it understood his words, the movement of the green vines suddenly stopped then slowly retracted.

The man walked to XuanYuan Yi’s side to untie the rope around him. No doubt, he hated this kid the most.

“Xiao Yi!”

“Don’t move my son, use me if you want!”

“Don’t, let me do it!”

In this desperate shout, the man smiled cruelly and said: “No hurry, you know? None of you can escape. But, you’re right. Of course, you must start with the worst.” Saying so, he walked to XuanYuan Bo’s side.




The man gently waved his hand and broke the thick rope. Holding XuanYuan Bo’s neck in one hand, he sneered then said: “Don’t move, otherwise I will break your neck. Compared to dead meat, it seems to prefer fresh meat.”

By now, it would be too late if she didn’t move.

So Yi Ti decisively said: “Do it!”

While talking, she jumped directly on the boulder, throwing the potion she made from a distance.

“Who?” The man’s hearing was abnormal, so he turned his head immediately. And to prevent himself from being “distracted”, he actually directly pushed XuanYuan Bo to the direction where the vine was. Anyway, he had a lot of “bait” on hand, even if this is dead, there were others.

He raised his hand and grabbed the medicine bottle, looking at Yi Ti greedily, a wicked smile appearing at the corner of his mouth: “Unexpectedly, another piece of good meat was delivered to the door.” Yi Ti, who converged her aura, was just a pure ordinary person in his eyes.

Yi Ti looked at him directly and replied like this: “Who is the meat is not certain.”

The man only thought she was being pretentious and stepped forward slowly: “You came by yourself or did you want me to catch you?”

Yi Ti smiled slowly: “Don’t you feel any pain?”

“…!!!” The man looked down quickly. The palm holding the medicine bottle turned black. In surprise, the medicine bottle fell to the ground with a bang, then suddenly exploded into smoke, “What is this…ugh!!!”

This potion was classified as the “life and death enemies” of werewolves showing that it was very powerful. Unfortunately, the lethality was too great so Yi Ti didn’t dare to go there at all, Cecil was the same.

But for the latter, it didn’t matter much.

The next second, he retracted his hair floating far away in the smoke, impressively entangling the XuanYuan family. One two three four, with not one missing! This included XuanYuan Bo who was pushed out before. Cecil took advantage of Yi Ti attracting the attention of the opponent and pulled him back directly.

As if the plant hadn’t been affected by the smoke, and because its “food had been robbed”, it waved its vines in anger, whipping the snow everywhere and shooting snowballs one after the other.

No doubt, in this battle of alien tentacles versus native tentacles, the former won!

The only bad thing was…

The effect of Yi Ti’s potion seemed to be overpowering, so even though the XuanYuan family escaped danger, they also lost consciousness. She lowered her head to examine their bodies and threw a few bottles of potions over along the way. Some continued to emit smoke, some cartilage, and some made people hallucinate. It was rare to see such a “natural green and pollution-free” attack on a target so there’s no need for pity.

And although she had always followed the principle of “being kind to others”, people like this who would aim against the same kind, Yi Ti didn’t think there’s a need to waste sympathy.

After a while, when she confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the family of four, the smoke finally dissipated.

The two clearly saw the man lying on the ground, body twitching and mouth drooling, crawling on the ground like a cartilaginous bug, his expression still quite dazed.

Yi Ti and Cecil looked at each other then went over.

When they were about to arrive, the entranced look on the man’s face suddenly disappeared. With a flash of light in his eyes, he lifted his wrist, and a few dark shadows shot towards their faces. At this moment, a triumphant smile brewed on his face. However, this smile had not yet fully bloomed, when he was forced to “die*“. There was no other reason than the fact that his crossbow arrows were firmly entangled by a few black hairs, making it difficult to move forward.

“Who on earth are you?” He finally knew that he made an error in judgment. These two couldn’t be ordinary people at all!

“Why don’t you guess?”


“Are you a cultivator?” Yi Ti looked at him then continued, “You should know the consequences of doing this.” Any cultivator, even the weakest in the circle, had great lethality to ordinary people. And so, they must be restricted. If not necessary, cultivators must not do things that would harm the lives of ordinary people. Simply put, this was the insurmountable limit.

And this man, afraid he’d taken more than one life with his hands.

“Of course I know,” The man’s eyes flickered, then he suddenly said, “but don’t you want to know why I did this?”

Yi Ti shook her head: “I don’t want to.”

“…taking such a big risk means there must be considerable benefits.” He lifted his palm that had become completely black and said, “if you’re willing to let me go, I will tell you this secret.”

Yi Ti squatted down, formed a ball of snow, and rubbed it in the palm of his hand.

The man was baffled by her actions but still persuaded: ” I see that the aura fluctuations in your body are so weak that it’s almost imperceptible. The practice you cultivated is most likely not very powerful, right? If you get this secret, even if…ugh!”

He hadn’t finished yet when a ball of snow steadily hit his head.

He rolled his eyes and fainted immediately.

Yi Ti patted her palms and softly snorted: “Don’t you know that I’m an uncompromising woman? If I don’t want to listen, then I won’t.” Also, so what if she could get that treasure? If she had to do such terrible things to gain benefits, those so-called “treasures” were better not to exist at all, she didn’t care!

“Cecil, please tie him up and make it tight.”


Yi Ti thought for a while. Still not at ease, she took out a few more bottles of potions that would make people feel dizzy, fatigue, nausea and vomiting (she actually wanted to name it motion sickness potion, but… if she really named it that way, it’s estimated that it will never be sold): “Pour this all on him.” If he drank this and was still okay, she’d respect him as a real man!

After entrusting this to Cecil, Yi Ti took a deep breath, then resolutely walked towards the strange looking vine.

Translator’s Notes:

*碾压, niǎnyā, to crush or compact by means of a roller

* 胎死腹中, tāisǐfùzhōng, the fetus dies in the belly / (fig.) plans or projects failed before being carried out

Alien 150: Following With A Piggy Back
Alien 152: Second Kill*

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