Alien 155: LiuLiu and the Little Squirrel

Alien 154: Common Sense Is Dead
Alien 156: The Snow Mountain Couple

In April, the peach blossoms of the mountain temple began to bloom.

It could be seen from this that the sunrise on the mountains always came late, the snow mountain was no exception.

When the two walked out of the log cabin, the sky was still bleak.

Cecil found a tall rock, jumped with Yi Ti in his arms, and looked from afar. At this time, a little light appeared in the sky, and it was covered with clouds, making it look very hazy. Looking down, the mountain range enveloped in layers of white snow looked like a sleeping dragon. Although it seemed calm, it also exuded a shocking majesty.

They chose a good timing. They just stood on the boulder when the red sun rose slowly from the shadows of the mountains. This scene was obviously full of movement but it felt extremely peaceful for no reason. It seemed very slow but also really fast. The originally bleak sky and hazy clouds were dyed with a dreamy luster. Gradually, the light made the entire sky crimson.

Yi Ti could not describe this magnificent beauty in words but she remembered the sentences she’d read in a book. She couldn’t help but murmur: “When the sky is dyed with red light, the silver-white snow mountain seems like a girl who put rogue on her cheeks…” In junior high school, the teacher asked them to take notes while reading and write down the sentences they liked. This habit was brought to high school by Yi Ti. She liked this verse very much back then and also thought that if she could see it once someday… even just a glance.

Until it really came true. Only then did she remember her wish back then, as well as, the notebook she hadn’t touched for many years.

What a pity, there seemed to be a more beautiful sentence after but she only remembered until that point.

Cecil seemed to feel her regret and opened his mouth to continue: “…which looks very charming. When the golden rays of the red sun hit the icy peak, it was like putting a gold-plated laurel crown on the shiny silver peak. In the morning after the night’s snow and when the cloud diffused, the snow peak rises above the floating clouds. You seem to step on the clouds, floating towards the sea of clouds to catch up with the rising sun.”

Yi Ti couldn’t help laughing. It’s actually good to find a boyfriend with a search system, right?

She just thought so when she heard someone say: “The following text is describing an avalanche, do you want me to continue?”


Please respect this calm and beautiful snowy mountain in front of you!

Yi Ti took a deep breath, breathing the air at sunrise. Different from just now, it seemed to have a touch of warmth.

She wasted another chance to practice but didn’t regret it. Or rather, she benefited a lot.

Just now, she seemed to realize something, but it’s not clear what it was. She thought about it but then shook her head, no longer forcing it.

After breakfast, the two continued up the mountain.

The two went to the valley forest again. Yesterday, because of worrying about XuanYuan Yi and the others’ bodies, they left in a hurry and didn’t explore it carefully. Yi Ti also discovered at this time that the map she got from Fifth Grandpa pointed to this forest. Of course, before leaving the log cabin, she also explored the small woods near it based on the principle of “not letting go even when passing by”. Regrettably, she found nothing.

Because of yesterday’s experience, the two entered the forest with ease. Although the contaminated QingLuo Bloodline Vine was disposed of yesterday, Yi Ti was not sure if there was something strange hidden here, so all throughout the journey, she was vigilantly using her divine sense.

Cecil was the same.

In the same place, they dug out two kinds of seeds that have long been lost and Yi Ti thought this might not be a coincidence. It’s just that she couldn’t guess what the connection was.

But one thing was certain, if her hunch was correct, maybe she could find something else.

And so, she searched the forest carefully. She was not very skilled at first and found a lot of nuts hidden in the ground by squirrels. Under the fearful and accusing sight of these little cute creatures, Yi Ti smiled and buried those things again, even putting an apple which could be regarded as compensation for them.

Don’t know if it’s because of being away from humans that these little things were not afraid of them. Seeing the “big and tall creatures” not only take their food but also brought fresh and delicious things, they dragged their big tails and boldly followed behind them, holding their own apples in their arms.

A squirrel watched its other companions follow and followed too. But when it looked left and right, it found that it didn’t have any apple and actually screamed. The little voice sounded a bit wronged that Yi Ti felt distressed for it.

She sighed, turned around, and just wanted to go back when she saw that the little animals took a few steps back together. The few on the left were even hiding behind the trees, just looking at them secretly.

Yi Ti thought for a while, then called the fluffball on Cecil’s head: “LiuLiu.”

“Jiji!” After the little thing called out softly, it settled firmly on the palm of her hand. She found an apple, put it tentatively on its head which was actually stable, “go send it over.”


Comrade LiuLiu had successfully received the important task assigned to it by the organization!

It took the apple and jumped in front of the little squirrel. The latter was taken aback, but the opponent’s small size and the apple above its head made it feel that it didn’t need to escape.

After the two furry little cute things looked at each other for a moment, LiuLiu rolled on the spot, the apple falling in front of the squirrel. The latter stretched out its claws and picked it up, sniffing it with the tip of its nose, then gave out a cry of joy.


And then…

The two little guys actually communicated with each other.

Yi Ti poked Cecil with an elbow silently: “Hey, what are they talking about?”

“Wait a minute, I will record and analyze.”

“…no need.” Yi Ti wiped her sweat, let her keep a little beautiful fantasy!

With that, LiuLiu and the little squirrel have strangely become good friends. Cough, the former’s way of making good friends was by being on top of the runner’s head, but the latter seemed to have no objections.

Because the little things had an excellent sense of smell, Yi Ti was not worried that it’d be lost. Also, the little squirrel had been holding the apple, dragging its tail and following behind them. Even if the other squirrels were gone, this made her very relieved.

Anyway, LiuLiu’s affinity for this little thing was really strong, whether it’s for people or animals.

But seeing so many squirrels made her a little worried, the seeds wouldn’t be eaten by them, right?

Fortunately, her luck was not bad. She actually found a lot of seeds but some were from ordinary plants. Yi Ti intended to keep searching first and carefully distinguish it after.

And when they found a certain place, the little squirrel suddenly called out twice. As if it understood its words, LiuLiu also screamed.

Yi Ti turned around suspiciously then asked: “What happened?”

The little squirrel still holding the big apple yelled twice, then walked in one direction. After a few steps, it looked back at the two, it’s head slightly tilted, as if saying “hurry up, hurry up”. LiuLiu also yelled a few times in response.

She looked at Cecil: “Does this mean to let us keep up?”

“It seems like it.” The latter agreed with her.

The two followed the steps of Mr. (or Miss?) Squirrel, walking all the way to the depths of the forest before seeing the little squirrel stop and raised its paw to point to a big tree ahead, then calling out.

After Yi Ti’s divine sense went through it, she immediately found something wonderful in the hole of that tree. She walked over, squatted down to take a look, and immediately saw a few purple-brown umbrella mushrooms.


And it obviously didn’t look very young.

Yi Ti looked at it in surprise, then transplanted it decisively in her DongTian. By the way, she also rolled over a big apple to the little squirrel. The latter held its reward showing how happy it was by jumping on the spot with LiuLiu a few times. It then took another step and went in another direction.

Regarding familiarity with the forest, who could compare to these little things that had been living here?

And with the leadership of RongRong (yes, this name was thought up by Yi Ti!) when looking for seeds, she picked a lot of herbs with many rare items among them. She also encountered some threatening animals on the way but under Yi Ti’s devastating potion, in the next few days, if they smelled their scent, they’d subconsciously retch a few times before detouring. They obviously didn’t dare to get closer at all. Obviously, she left a psychological shadow.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them spent half a month in this forest.

After segregation, Yi Ti finally found a dozen kinds of more than 40 useful seeds here, and those seeds that were of little use was buried everywhere in the forest by her, just waiting for the roots to sprout.

Not only that, but she also found some items that were obviously left by other cultivators in the forest, but most were unusable. In the end, she still couldn’t figure out what happened here and why these items and seeds were left behind. Perhaps this was directly related to the birth of the valley forest and maybe it wasn’t related at all. It was too long ago that it’s already unverifiable.

“Xiao Ti, are you still thinking about it?”

Cecil asked while tossing wood into the fire, making the house warmer.

“That’s right.” Yi Ti smiled. For things that couldn’t be helped, she never insisted too much. The point now was that after tomorrow, the two decided to continue to the top of the mountain.

It’s a rare experience so if they didn’t see the scenery at the peak, it’d be a shame.

Yi Ti ate fruits after the meal, putting the orange peel on the side of the fire. The fragrance spread inside the cabin in an instant. Before it became burnt, Cecil took them down though.

The nose of the little squirrel sitting not far away trembled. It made a cry, then tentatively took a few steps forward, however, it was still held back by the threat of fire.

Even if it moved like this, LiuLiu stuck on its head was still “stable as Mount Tai.”

Yi Ti smiled and threw an orange over.

Don’t know when this little guy stopped being timid and followed them all the way from the forest back to the log cabin. Of course, she deeply suspected that the reason it kept up was not that it felt they’re kind, but to “follow them to eat”. But it didn’t matter which since LiuLiu, this little thing, had such a playmate after leaving A’Jiang and was very happy. The two little guys stuck together every day, not to mention being affectionate.

Nothing happened overnight.

The next day, the two began to march toward the top of the mountain.

Translator’s Notes:

*灵芝, língzhī, lingzhi or reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Alien 154: Common Sense Is Dead
Alien 156: The Snow Mountain Couple

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