Alien 156: The Snow Mountain Couple

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Don’t know if their luck was so good that since going up the mountain, little snow fell from the sky.

The higher they went, the bigger the wind and snow. In the end, it covered their eyesight. Even if they wore hiking glasses, they couldn’t see anything at all. Fortunately, she took Cecil with her so the situation became like this—— he walked ahead, she pulled the corner of his clothes and followed behind, while LiuLiu and RongRong stayed obediently in the woolen bag behind Cecil, sleeping.

Except for not being able to see clearly, this heavy snow didn’t cause much trouble to Yi Ti. After all, she’s a cultivator and wouldn’t easily succumb. It’s just that, how could she change the current situation?

She felt like a “blind bear” which wasn’t cool at all!

This idea just came out when she suddenly realized something, this could probably be called “inspiration”. Tilting her head and thinking a little, she showed a dumbfounded expression, then muttered: “I’m so stupid, really.”

Such a sentence made her eat a mouthful of snowflakes. It was ice cold, too cold.

“Xiao Ti, what did you say?” Cecil, whose ears were very sharp, turned around and asked her, happily taking in mouthfuls of snowflakes.

Yi Ti didn’t answer, just took a deep breath and stopped. Cecil stopped after realizing something. The next moment, the aura that was originally enclosed in her dantian floated out of her but didn’t escape in the air, but rather being controlled to condense around her.

She did this carefully and eventually, something took shape.

This was a round transparent protective cover, firmly covering the two of them in it, and shutting out the sky full of wind and snow.

A smile appeared on Yi Ti’s face: “Success.” She’s so stupid. The cultivation recorded in the jade stele clearly had it, but she one-sidedly thought it only served a defensive role, so when she went up the mountain, she didn’t even think of it.

Now it seemed that whether it’s against people, or wind and snow, it worked well.

She waved and the protective cover broke immediately; waved again and it reappeared again—— after a successful first try, it’s not too difficult to do it the second and third time.

“How is it? Awesome, right?” Yi Ti tried to brag to a certain someone. At the same time, her dantian automatically absorbed the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to make up for it. Probably because of inaccessibility, the aura here was rich and unusual which could even compare with some areas in the Lu family household, and might even be better. Unfortunately, normal people wouldn’t choose to live here. The survival issue was secondary, it’s mainly because it’s too desolate and lonely.

“En.” The young man nodded honestly, “Similar to my protective shield.”

Yi Ti was dumbfounded: “Your protective shield?” Because of surprise, the aura cover around her shattered with a “pop”.

Cecil nodded, took a few steps back, and the next moment, a light blue halo shrouded his body. Although the colors were different, it also effectively blocked the wind and snow.

Yi Ti felt her teeth start to itch: “Why didn’t you use it?!”

A certain alien was taken aback by her “scary” image, then said at a loss: “But Xiao Ti, didn’t you say ‘you want to fight the wind and snow in person’ before?”

Yi Ti: “…”

He didn’t lie.

When Cecil saw the snow was getting bigger before, he asked her if she wanted to take preventive measures. Now she realized that measure was probably the “protective cover”. She didn’t understand that before since they’d already walked halfway to the cabin and she had a pioneering attitude, so she boldly waved her hand: “No! You have to fight the wind and snow yourself to feel the beauty of nature!”

After that…

She was really heroic! TAT

This kind of misunderstanding really made her want to vomit a mouthful of blood but thought it was also good. Thanks to this, she discovered another new usage of aura, right? Cough, it seemed that she couldn’t be lazy in the future and she had to look at the other spells besides medicine oriented ones.


“Let’s continue.”

“Okay.” The young man removed the protective cover from his body, went to her side and rubbed against her. This time, the two walked side by side.

Yi Ti gave him a funny look but didn’t speak, just reached out and held his hand then opened her aura cover again.

Probably because the temperature suddenly warmed up, the zipper on the backpack behind Cecil was opened. LiuLiu showed up and then, grew taller—— because RongRong also stretched out its head with LiuLiu sitting on the former’s head.

The two little things looked left and right curiously, calling out to each other a few times, seemingly discussing something. Soon after, they jumped out separately, one fell on Cecil’s left shoulder, one fell on Cecil’s head, looking east and west.

RongRong had been fattened up these few days and even stretched out its claws to peek around. It accidentally poked the transparent cover and its claws instantly bounced back. It was stunned, then, as if finding something, called out for a while, reaching out and poking desperately.

Yi Ti watched with the corner of her mouth twitching. Although this cover was very strong, it’s unlikely to be smashed by it, she might be distracted if this continued, so she silently took out an apple to attract its attention.


LiuLiu jumped on her head, jumped around then rolled coquettishly.

Cecil knowingly took out an energy bar and put it on top of the little hairball, making it happy.

With that, the group went all the way up.

What’s on top of the mountain?

There’s wind on top of the mountain.

What’s on top of the mountain?

There’s snow on top of the mountain.

What’s on top of the mountain?

There’s paradise on top of the mountain.

The first two, many people would believe; while the latter, although many people had said so, many people still find it unbelievable.

Until they really saw this paradise.

There was a lake as beautiful as a mirror, its name directly translated to “gem”. The legend said a sapphire was thrown willfully into the world by the gods and just fell on top of the snow mountain, turning into a clear lake.

Don’t know if it’s by luck or misfortune, few people could fully appreciate its beauty, but because of this, it had maintained its original purity for thousands of years.

Yi Ti took off her mountaineering suit because the sun was right on top, making it warm. It was so warm that it didn’t feel like being on top of a mountain and the ground was full of colorful grass and flowers. She didn’t know how this unique climate was formed. Even if any experts were willing to analyze it, she didn’t want to listen either. On the contrary, she’s more willing to believe that legend—— this was a treasure given to mankind by the gods to which only the selected ones could see.

There were still traces of snow on the soles of her feet, leaving large wet marks on the green grass she walked on.

She just approached the lake step by step, like a pilgrim walking toward the god in their hearts.

LiuLiu and RongRong had already been chasing each other in the large flower meadow.

Not long after, she finally came to the side of the blue gem.

The lake was clear and the bottom visible. She could clearly see the water weeds at the bottom of the lake and the swimming fishes inside.

Yi Ti squatted down and gently put a finger in the lake. The water temperature was not cold and the fish nearby was taken aback by this sudden “foreign body”. After running away, they couldn’t help but swim back, wanting to see what it was.

And so, Yi Ti was almost bitten by a fish.

She helplessly retracted her hand. These little guys probably had no experience with humans which made them so courageous. The color was also extraordinarily gorgeous. From a distance, it’s like colorful rays of light enclosed in blue crystal.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Yi Ti stood up and said sincerely, “I don’t want to leave anymore.” Speaking of which, she blinked at the person next to her, “Otherwise we will live in seclusion here.” They’d be nicknamed “the snow mountain couple”…pfft! Why did that sound so strange?

Cecil turned and walked away silently.

Yi Ti: “…” Hey, even if you disagree, you don’t have to be so shameless, right?!

But the next moment, she saw someone silently take out a tent and start pegging. He also said: “There is more… fish can eat for a long time… fruit pits can be grown…”

She instantly burst into a cold sweat.

“I’m just joking!”

She really couldn’t live here forever, else her older brother would chase him away with a knife!

“Ah, right!” When she thought of Yi Shao, Yi Ti thought of something and took out her phone. Originally, there’s no signal on the snowy mountain but after an alien’s modification, she had no problems at all when she used her mobile phone to surf the Internet. The battery capacity was too big and it could also be charged by the sun. Because of this, the “Great Long XiaoTian” didn’t make a mysterious disappearance.

After the phone rang a few times, the opposite side quickly picked up.

“Xiao Ti, why call me this afternoon, what’s the matter?” Yi Shao’s voice sounded a little nervous. It seemed that if something was wrong with her, he’d come even from thousands of miles away.

“Brother! Can you access QQ now?”

“Yes, what happened?”

“I want to video call with you!”

Yi Shao: “…” A strong man like him, at this moment, had the urge to cry. How long had it been since his baby sister finally offered to video call him? Really, his sister is an angel, an angel among angels!

“Of course, there’s no problem. Wait, I will video call you right away.” As Yi Shao said so, he hung up the phone, then picked up the laptop and started to enter his account password.

Other people in the meeting room: “…”

After looking at each other for a while, one person silently said: “Manager Yi, what about today’s meeting?”

Yi Shao waved his hand without raising his head: “What meeting? Didn’t you see that I’m busy? It’s a group holiday for half a day, why should I go?”

Everyone who wanted to vomit blood: “…” Who squeezed them before that they almost ran out of bedtime? TAT

At the same time, they were also curious. Who was the caller? The legendary “devil boss” not only decisively gave up his job but also showed a smile that could almost melt people.

Everyone was curious and just listened to a certain devil wave his hand in a good mood: “Right, if you haven’t eaten lunch yet, just call for it. It’s my treat.”

Everyone: “…” This is going against the heavens!

As the group of guys who had been abused was suddenly treated so kindly, they couldn’t stand it!!!

This was probably the voice of the legendary shaking M.

So someone couldn’t help but say: “We already ate.”

That got the other’s anger: A rare treat by the devil! Why do you want to make trouble?

“Then have it for dinner.”


“Why are you still not leaving?” After logging into the account and waiting for his sister to connect, Yi Shao took the time to raise his head, raised his eyebrows, and looked at ABCDEFG who had gathered at the door.

Although his expression looked very “kind”, it still made those people shake. They nodded and bowed: “Yes, yes, we’ll get going right away.” Although the curiosity in their hearts was about to burst, their lives were more important!

And the moment they closed the door, they heard the boss shout out a name in a gentle tone: “Xiao Ti.” Then there was a roar, “You jockey boy, keep away from Xiao Ti!”

And so, there was inexplicably such a rumor in the company—— Great Devil Yi was robbed of his girlfriend and in a bad mood, he can’t be angered! Every department, be careful! First level battle preparation! Get ready for battle!

Alien 155: LiuLiu and the Little Squirrel
Alien 157: Brother Is Angry

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