Alien 154: Common Sense Is Dead

Alien 153: Momentary Palpitations
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She blanked out for several seconds, then said dazedly: “And so, are you proposing to me?”

“En.” Nod.

Yi Ti: “…” What about romance?! Okay, this guy didn’t have this cell at all. The issue was, “You should at least give me your whole focus!”

There was a slightly aggrieved expression on the young man’s face as he replied: “I’m talking about this very seriously.”

“…you’re seriously talking about this while flipping the sausage!”

“But if I don’t turn it over, it will burn. Xiao Ti, you’ll be sad then.”

Yi Ti: “…” Yes, she’d be sad for sure since it wouldn’t taste good if it burned. It would also take a long time for a new one, and she wouldn’t be able to stand it… no, wait, wasn’t she a foodie?

She felt as if she was being underestimated.

But at the same time, she thought again. If she discussed the issue of the “marriage proposal” now, there might be no time to eat. Even if they argue, what then? Wouldn’t she become so embarrassed to eat what he made then? So she decided——

“Let’s talk about it after I finish eating.”

Anyway, let her fill her belly first!

“En.” The young man nodded. Although a little disappointed, he finally put this matter on the agenda, it’s just that the discussion time was moved a little bit.

And then, under someone’s ardent expectation, Yi Ti finished her meal and almost got indigestion.

Seeing Cecil put the things away and after turning the fire into a suitable burning state, she fisted her hands and coughed slightly: “Okay, let’s discuss it. First of all, you must pass my brother.”

“…” An alien nodded, then said, “I know it’s hard and might also cost me my life but I will strive for his approval.” They happened to go see Xiao Ti’s brother soon, by that time… he wouldn’t die, right? The physique of his race was quite strong. Under normal circumstances, he should be stronger than Earthlings, but that man seemed to be the exception.

Yi Ti: “…” Hey hey, don’t tell me that my brother is like the big devil to you, alright? How could you die... holds forehead, he wouldn’t really kill people, right?

The two looked at each other.

At this moment, both vaguely felt like Alexander*.

“But, the most important, I think, is your approval.” Cecil said, taking out a silver box and putting it in front of her with both hands, “Please accept this.”

Yi Ti was taken aback and asked: “What’s inside?”

“All I have.”

“…what?” She took the box doubtfully and after opening, found a necklace inside. Both the chain and pendant were silver, the latter was made into a strange pattern somewhat similar to a hexagon. Under the firelight, mysterious ripples circled it, “This is?”

“A Sutahnnian tradition.” While talking, he walked to her and knelt down on one knee, reaching out and tapping lightly on the pendant in the box. A light screen instantly popped up.

“…the universe?” Yi Ti looked at this picture. No matter how many times she looked, it felt mysterious and beautiful. However, after watching for a while, she noticed that there were only a few planets in the light screen. It didn’t seem to be the entire universe, “What’s this?”

“It belongs to me.” Cecil replied, “It’s a gift I received from my family and my parents when I became an adult.”

“…” L-local tyrant? No, planetary tyrant.

“This is all my current property, it all belongs to you.”

“…” Was he surrendering all his property before marriage?

Yi Ti suddenly felt like Alexander.

From this perspective, she should be regarded as one of the richest people now, right?

“This…” She suddenly felt that the box in her hand was a bit hot, “I don’t…”

“Please take it.” The young man held her left hand and put it to his heart, his eyes looked as deep as the sea as he looked straight into her eyes. He then said, “This is the promise of every Sutahnnian to his fiancee—— I belong to you, everything that belongs to me also belongs to you.”

Yi Ti was shocked by this look.

When she finally reacted, he had already taken the necklace and hung it on her neck.

Because of the contract, the pendant would only pop up a light screen when the two of them touched it. Of course, this could be manipulated through the mind.

These were just minor problems. The real problem was…

Didn’t they plan to discuss the issue of the marriage proposal? Why was she now his fiancee?

Did this thing pass?

Yi Ti watched complicatedly at a certain alien who was carefully making her bed, vaguely feeling that she might have been cheated. Of course, he shouldn’t mean it, it’s just that she’s too stupid.

But then again, if she wasn’t happy in her heart, he wouldn’t be able to fool her no matter what.

Was that also hypocritical?

As long as it’s this person, even if he held a pot of cactus to propose to her, afraid she’d be… no, this was definitely not good, it must at least be replaced with flowers!

But then again, brother didn’t seem to know that they had been dating. If they went straight to saying “we want to get married”, it’d probably cause an 18th magnitude earthquake, right? Just imagining it for a moment made her scalp feel numb. Almost all the hair on her body exploded that she couldn’t help but rub her arms. Also, wasn’t this guy a black household? Did he even get an ID card to marry her?

Yi Ti made up a title for her situation: “After 18 years of marriage, she suddenly discovered that she and her husband were living together unmarried!” Her heart began to sweat more so she rubbed her arms harder.

Also, he kept talking about reproduction and having children, if they… what can they give birth to! S-s-she wouldn’t give birth to a little octopus or a little jelly, right?

Ay, this was too exciting!

But feeling that a little baby octopus trying to crawl out of her was cute, was that normal?

Was there something wrong with her aesthetics?

No, she’s normal, so that scene must be very cute!

One more question…

The sudden warmth from her shoulder interrupted her contemplation. Yi Ti, who came to her sense, was extremely embarrassed. What was she thinking about just now?

But regardless of all that, there’s one thing she must know!

“Cecil,” she stood up, grasped the young man’s clothes with both hands, and because of excitement, the blanket that had just been put on her shoulders slid directly onto the soft cushion underneath, “you tell me honestly, can different species really give birth?!”

“Are you talking about us?”


“No problem,” Cecil replied affirmatively. This point was recorded in detail in the information he got before he became an adult.

“W…what will it be like? Human? J-jelly?”

The young man tilted his head: “Didn’t I tell you before?”


“The way people on our planet are born is oviparous and because Sutahnnian genes are too strong, even if it’s a combination of different species, females also reproduce in this way.”

Yi Ti: “…”

Boom, rumble!”

Boom, rumble!!”

Boom, rumble!!!”

Strange… where was the thunder in this snow mountain?

Yi Ti only felt that she was cut from head to toe by a nine-day thunder.

“L-laying eggs?”


“Like LiuLiu?”


“I will lay eggs?”


“…en, my ass!” Vomit blood!

Mama, can she call it off?

She didn’t want to lay eggs. TAT

“Xiao Ti?”

“Don’t talk to me, I want to be alone… en, be quiet…”

Yi Ti swayed her body, silently walked to the wooden bed that was already covered with soft blankets, got into the bed, then covered her head.

Her common sense and three views had just been shattered, let her build it again.

This build took just one night.

The next morning, on a rare occasion, Yi Ti woke up without being called.

She sat up wrapped in the quilt and to her surprise, there was no one in the house. “The woman who was tragically dumped after agreeing to a marriage proposal, how sad could she be?” Without thinking about it carefully, a big headline flashed in her mind.

At this moment, the door opened.

Someone walked in along with the cold wind. With a fluffy dumpling on top of his head and holding a pile of firewood that seemed to have just been chopped in his arms—— there was also a forest nearby, so the people who stayed here in the past also went there to chop wood.

“Xiao Ti, you’re awake?” Cecil looked at Yi Ti in surprise, then his expression became slightly worried, “You don’t look so good.”

Yi Ti sadly looked at this thing, whose fault did he think it was?

Because he said something like that yesterday, it made her dream of laying eggs all night. This made her not want to eat eggs in the future! Her favorite food is eggs, okay… as long as she thought of her own children when she saw eggs in the future, Yi Ti would cry in the toilet.

She finally understood now why a certain someone was so passionate about “hatching”! Because he used to be an egg, after all!!!

A certain alien was a little lost at this look. After all, he was rarely watched like this. Confused, the firewood in his hand fell to the ground with a bang. He quickly tidied it up with his hair and piled it up against the wall, then looked at her carefully, saying: “It’s almost sunrise, aren’t you cultivating?” Did he do something? Xiao Ti looked very angry.

Yi Ti took a deep breath then exhaled this breath with the depression in her heart.

Of course, he wouldn’t say it since she never asked, so she couldn’t blame all of it to him. Also, it’s just laying an egg, how could she be stumped… forget it, don’t think about this problem anymore!

She jumped out of bed then said: “I won’t practice today, I want to see the sunrise.” It’s not just because of that, she’d also never seen the sunrise in a snow-capped mountain so she would love to give it a try.

Cecil nodded: “Okay, I will help you prepare breakfast.”

“Let’s do that later.” Yi Ti grabbed his hand, “let’s watch together.”


So the two went out holding hands, finding the best place to watch the sunrise.

On the way, a certain alien who had been very straightforward finally couldn’t help but ask: “Xiao Ti, are you worried about what I said last night?”

Yi Ti, who was taking a deep breath of fresh air: “…” She burst into tears, “be patient, can we not mention this for now?!” Goodbye her good mood! Goodbye, the poetic feelings she had just given birth to!

“Actually, you don’t need to worry.”


“In Sutahnna, the incubation of newborns has always been done by the father.” The mother was only responsible for laying the eggs.

Yi Ti: “…”

Are you a penguin!!!

Translator’s Notes:

* I have no idea why the author kept referencing Alexander. It just might mean another obscure thing but I’m too lazy to search. Sorry.

Alien 153: Momentary Palpitations
Alien 155: LiuLiu and the Little Squirrel

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