Alien 171: Uncle’s Bitterness and Sorrow

Alien 170: His Family (2)
Alien 172: Yi Family's Morning

Yi Shao is angry!

He’s quite angry right now!!!

This anger came from——

“Brother, I’m pregnant!”

Yi Shao: “…” He suddenly felt dizzy. Well, although his sister had officially obtained a marriage certificate and held a wedding to marry an unreliable guy, in his mind, Xiao Ti was still far away from having a child and being a mother.

So he felt it unacceptable for a while.


“Ah…ah? Oh, ah? Really? How is your body? Have you checked with a doctor? What did the doctor say? What should I be aware of? Do you want to come back for an abortion…” Once the reaction passed, her elder brother asked questions one after another. His attitude looking more professional than a nurse.

Yi Ti, who was far away in the universe, wiped the cold sweat off her forehead: “Don’t worry, brother, I’m fine.”


“Of course!” Yi Ti said with a smile, “If you want to see me, I will take the spaceship back tomorrow.”

“Don’t.” Although he wanted to see his sister, Yi Shao stopped her, “Don’t take this long-distance travel when you’re pregnant.”

“I asked and they said it should be fine.”

“No, wait until the child is born before coming back.”


“Listen to me.”


Yi Shao saw his sister nod obediently and as if to make up for something, she said, “then I will call you often!”


After putting down the phone, Yi Shao’s heart was in a mess*. There’s no helping it. For women, giving birth was undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. Although modern medicine had advanced (the universe should be more advanced), who’d dare say that the safety rate was 100%?

He even had the urge to drop everything and go straight to his sister, but he resisted it. He shouldn’t trouble her when she’s pregnant.

Just like that, the expectant uncle Yi Shao waited and waited…and waited and waited… Finally, his sister’s due date came.

The caring “brother-in-law” (he really didn’t want to admit it!) kept Yi Ti’s contact device so that he could inform him of the situation at any time. In the end, he got the news of a “successful birth” and Yi Shao breathed a relieved sigh.

But then, he realized something was wrong.

The reason was…

Xiao Ti had never told him whether the child was a boy or a girl, nor had she shown him what the child looked like.

Is there something wrong?

If weren’t for his sister looking good and smiling sincerely, he would almost think that some “tragedy” had happened. Yi Shao remained silent, and finally got the truth after beating around the bush one day——

“The child will soon be hatched by Cecil!”



The phone was soon hung up.

Yi Shao felt unwell.

Who could tell him what the situation is???

Afterward, his sister and Cecil bowed their heads to apologize together. Only then did he know that his sister’s way of giving birth was so… deceptive!


He didn’t want to be an uncle to an egg, okay?

Therefore, Yi Shao was very angry!

Very angry!

Even if his sister promised that “they’ll come back once the egg hatched”, he couldn’t calm down. Of course, this anger was definitely not directed at his sister… it must be that jockey boy’s fault!

During this period, everyone who knew Yi Shao was miserable, because he was like a “tyrannosaurus that could breathe fire at any time”. However, it might not be without benefits. For example, the company might schedule overtime on weekends, but under these circumstances… the boss resolutely decided to give everyone a holiday. Well, he just didn’t want to see Yi Shao anymore. Under the pressure of these past few days, he’s about to have a stomach problem, okay?!

Saturday morning.

After eating breakfast, Yi Shao was thinking about where he should go to do something to pass the time when his heart suddenly skipped a beat. At that moment, the doorbell rang. He immediately stood up and without opening the door to see or even approaching, he already knew who the person standing outside the door was. This might be the so-called “blood relationship”. Although it’s a bit unpleasant to hide this from his sister, he couldn’t bear to keep her standing at the door no matter what. Even if he scolded her… he had to pull her in to make sure she’s okay, and then educate her with a few words. As for that jockey boy… hehe, let him kneel outside the door for 300,000 years!

He walked to the door and pulled it open. It was his sister who appeared at the door.

“Brother, I’m back!”

Yi Shao suppressed the urge to go up and hug his sister, only nodding deliberately, “En, welcome back.” This time, he wouldn’t be fooled so easily! However…

He saw her pick something from behind her and placed it between them: “Brother, this is Yi Ran, your niece!”

Yi Shao stared blankly at the little pink girl in front of him. She was wearing a pink coat and a fluffy pink hat with a scarf and shoes that were also pink. Her whole body was covered in pink and she looked like a pink ball.

All these clearly coincided with the scene from several years ago.

And in his heart, there’s the same emotion he had a few years ago——kinda cute, no, super cute!

What made him particularly want to hold her was that this child actually looked exactly like Xiao Ti when she was young! Whether it’s the healthy red face, short hair, and bangs, it’s exactly the same.

It’s so alike…

“Come on, Xiao Ran, go and say hello to uncle.”

Yi Ti smiled and pushed her baby girl, motioning her to step forward.

Yi Shao held his breath as he did a few years ago, and only then saw that the little girl, like her mother back then, gave him a timid look, then stumbled forward.

Back then, his heart was raised all the way, but now…

He took his long legs forward a few steps, bent down and hugged the little pink dumpling, only then smelling the faint scent of milk on her body, almost like a beautifully packaged milk candy.

Little Yi Ran was taken aback by the sudden behavior of the young man but soon calmed down. She yelled, “Uncle.” After that, she tilted her head and as if remembering something, leaned in to kiss him. She then touched Yi Shao’s face and said, “good uncle.” Well, her mother said that she had to greet her uncle like this.

Yi Shao: “…” His heart melted again.

That’s right, he was conquered again and became the captive of a certain little dumpling.

“Uncle, I’m hungry.”

“Okay, uncle will get you some food right away.”

“Uncle, I want to hear stories.”

“Okay, I will tell you some.”

“Uncle, don’t be angry with mom and dad, okay?”

“Okay… huh?” Yi Shao reacted, narrowing his eyes to look at the little dumpling.

Yi Ran blinked, then leaned in to kiss her uncle’s face again: “Muwah~ mom said that as long as I kiss your face, you won’t be angry with her. Right?”


And so, the fire breathing tyrannosaurus forgot to breathe fire, which was really gratifying.

Translator’s Notes:

*翻江倒海, fānjiāngdǎohǎi, lit. overturning seas and rivers (idiom) / fig. overwhelming / earth-shattering / in a spectacular mess

Alien 170: His Family (2)
Alien 172: Yi Family's Morning

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