Alien 172: Yi Family’s Morning

Alien 171: Uncle's Bitterness and Sorrow
Alien 173: Marrying Brother (1)

Before the first ray of sunlight fell in the morning, the hostess of this family usually gets up and starts doing her daily routine, and then… goes back to bed and sleep.

This was a habit she only developed after getting married.

There’s no helping it. Before marriage, the bed would be cold after doing all those work, but now… the bed was still warm because there’s a “human-shaped pillow” that she ordered not to get up.

After sliding into the bed, Yi Ti squinted her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped in warmth. And then, a guy stretched out his arms and hugged her. The soft and slippery tentacles also entangled her, wrapping around her tightly. At first… cough, of course, it’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s good now that she’s used to it. It’s also very warm in winter! Not only her, but little Yi Ran also liked this “dad, wrap me up” game very much!

She yawned and dazedly pulled a tentacle in her arms, rubbing against it. In any case, this was Cecil’s true form. He was willing to turn into a human for her so of course, she could accept his original appearance. After all, he should be the most comfortable in this form. If you like one person, you’ll like everything about them. She knew a long time ago that his body was a bit special, but in any case, he’s Cecil so that’s enough.

Her adaptability was very strong!

Although sometimes…cough, the tentacles bothered her a bit. But in most cases, it was fine.

Yi Ti quickly became sleepy from the warm atmosphere.

Don’t know how long she slept this time as she brewed for a long time before slowly opening her eyes. Then a kiss fell on her forehead on time, before hearing his soft voice——


Yi Ti stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek: “Morning.” Regarding the question of “why are your good morning kisses so on time”, she didn’t pursue it since a long time ago, “what time is it?”


“Well, I have to get up. I told Xiao Ran that I would take her to the park at ten o’clock.” Yi Ti stretched out her hands from the bed then stretched her waist, “can’t be late.”

“That’s tomorrow.”

“…huh? Really?” Since she “stopped doing her business”, her view of time had collapsed.

“En.” Cecil nodded.

“I see.” Yi Ti put her hand back on the bed then asked with a smile, “Do you think Xiao Ran still hadn’t gotten up?”

“She shouldn’t be.” Cecil thought for a while then replied, “she likes to sleep in like you. If she lies in bed and acts like a baby, even brother can’t do anything about it.”

“What do you mean like me?” Yi Ti was dissatisfied, then said with a grunt, “It’s really unfair. When I was a kid, I was always pulled up by my brother when I want to sleep late.” They all said that they’re separated by a generation, so did her brother thought of himself as the father?

This wasn’t good. He hadn’t married yet and not that old, so what’s going on!

But then again, her brother had never really hurt Xiao Ran and Xiao Ran also liked her uncle very much. Half of the week, she’d go live with him. Fortunately, the two were not far apart because they’re only… “a stone’s throw away” which made everyone satisfied. Since earning enough points to buy a teleporter, Yi Ti had shuttled back and forth between the flower shop in this city and another city almost every day. It’s the so-called neglecting neither life nor work! Of course, she often returned to Sutahnna with Cecil and her child since the grandparents loved her baby very much.

“Xiao Ti, are you eating Xiao Ran’s vinegar?”

“No way, right?”


Yi Ti reached out and touched her chin: “I’m thinking…”


“When will we have another child?” Yi Ti said seriously, “Xiao Ran is only a single child which must be lonely. Every time she mentions cousin HuangQuan’s children, she’d be very envious and often asks me when she can have an older brother.” Also… “This way, the brother can be her child’s uncle in the future!” The future brother almost ran away because of this, thinking about marriage at such a young age, how could he bear it!

“If you want it…” Cecil lowered his head a little shyly, “I will work hard.” Sutahnnas was born with good genes, but in contrast, most families only had one child, especially when both parents were purebred. It seemed like this situation would improve on interracial marriages, but in the final analysis, it still depended on “God’s will”. In fact, he also wanted more children, because every time he saw Xiao Ran and thought that she was the continuation of himself and hers, he felt a kind of happiness from the heart.

Aiya, this is really rare.” After spending a long time with Mama Sai, Yi Ti was also infected with her ambiance, “You haven’t melted yet.”

“…” TAT

Speaking of this was really his dark history.

He still remembered that after the wedding, he would melt almost every night…fulfilling the responsibilities between husband and wife… hahaha, he wanted to forget about it!

Although Yi Ti was embarrassed, she didn’t pay too much attention to it, probably because she’d expected it. Instead, when Mama Sai and Papa Sai heard about it, they almost grabbed him to see a doctor. Fortunately, she stopped them because she knew that he’s just shy, though he’d sometimes melt even just looking at her. It’s a bit…cough cough cough, but fortunately, he gradually got used to it, and the misunderstanding didn’t happen again.

Until Mama Sai secretly gave them a “picture book” and asked them to practice more and he…

With this in mind, Yi Ti really felt like her marriage career was really colorful, but it’s probably because “beauty is on the eye of the beholder” that even now, she’s looking forward to seeing him melt into a puddle because of certain things. It’s quite cute and it’s like pressing on a jelly.

Probably to save his “face”, a certain alien tried his best to solemnly say, “I won’t melt anymore!”

The tentacles about to move showed his firm determination!

“Really?” Yi Ti tilted her head, leaned on his ear, and softly said, “So…if we…like this…”

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“…hahahahahaha!” Beating the bed!

“…” TAT


“Don’t laugh.”

“Hahahahaha…ah! Wait a minute…hey!”

At the same time, downstairs.

“Little slacker, get up.” The young man in an apron walked to the bed, bent down and pinched the nose of his baby niece, “Breakfast is ready, get up and eat.”

The little girl pulled up the quilt in silence and shook her head desperately: “Don’t wanna get up.” While she was talking, her misty eyes looked at her uncle pitifully, implying “if you hurt me, I’ll cry”.

Yi Shao held his head: “Don’t be a baby. Your mother was very obedient when she was young.”

“But mom is not obedient now.” Yi Ran blinked, “she’s still playing with dad in bed right now. I heard it all, mom laughed so loudly.” The excellent genes inherited from her parents made her hearing and other senses superior.

Yi Shao: “…”

“I can’t hear it now.” Yi Ran confided, “dad always shields me and doesn’t let me know what they’re playing, so cunning.”

Yi Shao: “…”

Ok, jockey boy, I’ll kill you once you’re done!!!

Alien 171: Uncle's Bitterness and Sorrow
Alien 173: Marrying Brother (1)

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