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Originally, Yi Ti didn’t want to accept the flowers. She’s not narrow-minded, it’s just that even though it’s only a common item, half are the more expensive varieties and the quality is unexpectedly good. But Liang Chen said, “If you don’t accept it, this bastard will come to your door every few days.” So in the end, she still accepted it.

In hindsight, perhaps he simply wanted Xue Ye to eat a defeat.

Because Xue Ye still comes often, of course. He didn’t do anything, just bought some flowers, said two sentences to her, then paid and left.

It was a very normal transaction, normal to the point where people can’t criticize him. But this happened every day, and even under a rainstorm is no exception.

“That guy’s a bastard, don’t believe him!” said Liang Chen when he knew this.

But as the saying goes, “Don’t hit a smiling guy,” besides, although Yi Ti didn’t like the blood family, she can’t do anything about the business delivered to the door. After a long time, Yi Ti gradually became familiar with this customer. Of course, she still thinks that this is entirely unnecessary.

At the same time, everything else proceeded in an orderly fashion.

After hanging the appetite of pharmacy masters, Yi Ti followed Cecil’s instructions. She once again sold a bottle of primary potion, however this time, she chose the “bidding” mode and the highest bidder in a unit time can get the item.

The final result surprised her. In this group of local tyrants fighting against each other, a bottle actually sold for more than 10,000 points.

Apart from being shocked, Yi Ti, as Cecil proposed, also bought two bottles of primary genetic modification agent. According to him, after using five bottles of primary genetic modification agent, she could almost use the intermediate one. Of course, she had to save enough money before that. You should know, the price between primary and intermediate potion is generally ten times different.

Seeing the number of points “crash” is really distressing. However, she didn’t immediately hang up a new potion for sale. It has to be said that even if Cecil is somewhat foolish, but he’s better at this than she is.

And this is true in this case.

The entire pharmacist industry was shocked when pharmaceutical masters, like Zagu for example, “unintentionally” bought a 100% pure primary potion. If only one person bought it, it might be hidden, but when several people bought it, the news would naturally come out.

In the end, it actually became a “three-judge court” situation where senior pharmacists gathered at the headquarters and even those retired for many years were moved. They began to study the “miracle” medicine together, but unfortunately, the current progress is still——0.

No one knew how it was made, and no one thought that it was refined by a “newbie.”

Even if someone said this, no one would believe it.

The current interpretation of everyone is that——this is the work of a Divine Pharmacist.

But why would a Divine Pharmacist make a primary potion?

Does that still have to be said?

It must be because primary potions are easier to purify.

When he completely mastered the purification of primary potions, he would naturally develop toward intermediate, then advanced, and even higher.

The facts also seemed to prove their guess because after a while, once again, a bottle of 100% pure primary agent was hanged in the trader but of other types. During the bidding, some short-sighted guys seemed intent on competing with the Pharmacist Association, but after all the pharmacists had issued threatening words, these forces chose to stop. It’s true that no one knew their identity by trading through a trader, but the question is, once they had the potion in hand, who would they ask to analyze it?

Once a secret is known by a second person, it’s no longer a secret.

It’s okay to offend one pharmacist, but to offend all pharmacists is just seeking death!

Cecil told Yi Ti that the next time she sells, she shouldn’t use the auction mode but directly ask for a price. Before the primary potions made are all sold, they have nothing to worry about for the time being.

Of course, some people questioned the behavior of a pharmacist who might be a Divine Pharmacist selling potions on the trader, but was immediately sprayed back——

“Do you expect this honorable lord to give it to you for free?!” Do you think medicine materials don’t cost money? Knowledge is also money!

“Maybe this great pharmacist didn’t want to accept the honor publicly until he completed all the experiments…no, glory!” That’s right, all pharmacists are those with obsessive-compulsive disorder. They pursue “perfection,” and whoever dares to stop them is the enemy!

“I mean…why did he put such a low price before, but now it’s so high?” Someone raised a question again.

“If you didn’t verify it, will you buy a bottle of primary potion?”

“Uh…” Indeed, although you do get compensation if it turned out to be fake, deep down, there’s the “feeling of being fooled” which would only make you feel stupid.

As for the auction mode afterward?

This is very understandable.

Each pharmacy master is an artist who created miracles in their own field, and they have a strong tendency to “show off.” When they show their work in front of people, they naturally want them to get the value they deserved.

And they also showed considerable sincerity.

Research value aside, it’s already a miracle that a bottle of primary potion can sell for tens of thousands of points.

After that, it’s assumed that this great pharmacist wouldn’t use auction again.

This is in line with Cecil’s decision, and although he has not been in touch with them himself, the flow of information he accepts allowed him to make accurate judgments.

During this period, Yi Ti’s comic work was also carried out without interruption. With the permission of the author Aggregate, she sent the comics to the comics section of the Weifeng website. With deliberate control, she didn’t produce pictures quickly, but each piece was “colored.” Probably because of this, the account of “Long XiaoTian” has unsurprisingly gained a large number of fans, and is called “Dragon Touch.”

Although she should be happy, Yi Ti always felt that this name was a little subtle and discordant.

An illusion?

In contrast, the number of her chats with Aggregate has gradually increased, and there is a tendency to become online friends.

Everything seemed to be fine until——

Early this morning, Yi Ti received a call.

As soon as she saw the name on the screen, she was immediately awake. No matter when, the phone call from this person is always so refreshing.



“How come you called this early?”


“W, what?”


“I’m going there! Just give me half an hour!”

Yi Ti said as she flipped open her quilt and sat up on the bed.

At this point, the door was pushed open.

Cecil retracted his tentacles from the door handle and curiously looked at Yi Ti, “How did you get up so early?” He always had to shout before.

Then he saw her expression fall similar to a landslide.

“How can there be a man’s voice? You heard it wrong!”


“You got it wrong! I’m the only one at home!”


“Like I said, I didn’t sneak behind your back and lived with other men, okay?”


“Really! I swear!”


Yi Ti spoke in a mess with face twitching as she made a “don’t talk” gesture towards Cecil.

Cecil: “…”

“I really don’t have a boyfriend!”


“Don’t think too much! Who’s my most favorite man in the world? Well, you are, oh yes you are, aren’t you?


“Come again? Don’t!”


“In short, give me half an hour, I will see you right away.”


“Hn, mm, goodbye.”

After hanging up, Yi Ti breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off her head. A moment later, she set her sights on Cecil who looked somewhat downcast, “Sorry, Cecil, I’m not angry at you, it’s just inconvenient to talk.”


She jumped out of bed, went to the door, and looked at Cecil seriously, “Can you do me a favor, please?”


“There will be someone coming to the house, and I want you not to be discovered by him in any way.”


“I know this is a bit too much.” Yi Ti said a little embarrassedly, “But if he sees you, I’m afraid…there will be serious consequences. Either I have to leave, or you have to get out of here. Otherwise, he’ll stay here forever.” Either case is not something she wanted to see at the moment, so, “Can you stay in my room in the next few days?”


Yi Ti looked at Cecil’s even more dispirited state, and immediately, there was a sense of guilt in her heart, “Of course, you can refuse, and I’ll just find another way.” She can’t make it hard for him just because of her private affairs.

“I’ll stay.”


Cecil whispered, “I’ll hide in your room and won’t be found.”

“Great.” Yi Ti breathed a sigh of relief and reached out to pat his head. “Thank you!”

After that, she quickly moved. She washed her face, rinsed her mouth, changed her clothes, and then left.

Ten minutes later, as the sound of her footsteps went away, the house became quiet.

In this silence, Cecil didn’t know why he felt a little depressed. He thought that this is probably because since she moved here, she either stayed with him at home or took him out with him, never leaving him alone. The jelly alien moved silently to the bedside and extended a tentacle to help the owner fold the quilt, fix the pillow, then flatten the sheets.

While doing this, he extracted the information related to this from his information stash.

A man is coming…

No boyfriend…

My most beloved man is you…

Absolutely don’t be found…

Otherwise, the consequences are very serious…

Finally, a word jumped out——



“Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

It seemed like our comrade slime had become the legendary and extremely immoral “male adulterer” making him feel unwell.

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