Alien 19: A Serious Sister Complex Patient

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At this point, Yi Ti didn’t know what the jelly alien at home was thinking about as she rushed to the apartment she rented before.

Finally, when it’s almost past 30 minutes, she arrived at her destination.

Far away, she saw a familiar figure standing near the flower bed downstairs. He wore a light pink shirt and beige casual trousers, below is a pair of sneakers that are perfect for going out. At the moment, she could only see his back. He held a small suitcase on his left hand while the other hand is in his trouser pocket.

She suddenly had an idea. Just like when she was young, she slightly bowed down and sneakily walked toward him, ready to give him a “surprise.” But it was always herself who was shocked because Yi Ti had never succeeded in the past. However this time…ah, right, her physical fitness has improved.

Seeing that the other party was within reach, Yi Ti was like a cat pouncing on a ball of wool. Her hands jerked out and trapped the other’s shoulders while jumping on him, “Brother!”

The slender young man was surprised, but his handsome face immediately showed a gentle smile. He naturally lost the bag in his hand and stretched his hands towards his baby sister. Like when she was a child, he whirled her around.

A few minutes later, at Yi Ti’s urging, Yi Shao reluctantly let go, letting her jump down. He turned around to look at the sister he hadn’t seen for months.

The same is true for Yi Ti.

To be honest, in terms of looks, her older brother is much better than her. This is a sad but had to be acknowledged fact. Looking at the photos, Yi Shao’s facial features are inherited from their beautiful mother. No doubt, he’ll grow up to be a handsome guy, especially that slight tilt at the corner of his red phoenix eyes that can stir up feelings from others which made Yi Ti feel all kinds of envy and hate; and her appearance is more like their father. Therefore, she simply looked delicate and pretty, nothing more.

What’s even sadder is that Yi Shao’s height is 1.85 meters while she’s only 1.6 meters.

Every time she walked with him, the pressure was so great that it was like the combination of the Swan Prince and the Duckling Maid.

Of course, the same thing, in the eyes of different people, seemed to be another picture.

In the eyes of Yi Shao, his sister looked so cute and small, just like the traditional Jiangnan woman, making him incredibly proud. Her skin is much better than when they last met, white and delicate, like fine porcelain. She was wearing a white sleeveless knee-length dress at the moment with a simple skirt and almost no extra decoration. The black hair is simply combed into a ponytail, looking soft and natural. On her forehead are a few strands that formed thin bangs making people want to touch on impulse.

In short——!

Although Yi Ti seemed to have passed the age of being called “cute,” in the eyes of someone, words such as cute, kindhearted, tender, charming, generous can be piled on her, and there wouldn’t be an ounce of sarcasm.

A strong sense of anxiety once again floated on Yi Shao’s mind. It’s too dangerous to let her live alone outside! Everyone knew that men over the age of 12 are animals, of course, except him.

Of course, they’ve discussed this matter several times.

Yi Shao clearly knew that his sister had always been well-behaved and always tried not to let him worry——she resolutely decided to work after graduating from college, then waved her tender little wings and left the nest he’d built for her.

Frustrated afterward, he reflected and thought that he might have been too overprotective which made her feel that she had no private space and wanted some space to breathe.

He put these troubles aside, stretched out his arms and patted her. He then spread his arms with a smile and said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, can I hug you?”

“So corny.” Having said that, Yi Ti still stepped forward and tightly clung to the only relative in the world closest to her by blood.

Yi Shao embraced his sister and held her up, then said with certainty, “You’ve lost weight.”

Yi Ti: “…” Can you stop treating her like a sack, ah?

“It’s about five and a half pounds lighter than when we last met.”

Yi Ti: “…” So, how does he get that precise number every time!

“Do you have enough living expenses?” The young man released his baby sister and reached out to squeeze her face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I have enough!” Yi Ti pulled off his warm and generous hand as she helplessly said, “I’m not thin, I’m dieting!” The little belly that originally bulged up is now flat! Flat!

“What diet.” Yi Shao shook his head disapprovingly, “Chubby is best for cuddling.”

Yi Ti: “…” So, what the hell does her brother think of her! She said helplessly, “Brother, your aesthetic is still so different from others.”

“Do you have something against me?”

“Of course.” Yi Ti sighed, “Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the world?”


“The cutest?”

“Of course, it’s you.” Yi Shao replied with an expression so serious that it looked like he’s telling the truth.

“The best figure?”

“Still you.”

“…” Yi Ti held her forehead, “And you still dare to say that your aesthetic is normal?” She’s speechless. Her brother has been like this since childhood. It seemed like she looked the best in his eyes. Therefore, his praise can’t be taken seriously.

“I think it’s enough to be normal.” Yi Shao replied indifferently, “You don’t have to agree with me. I could only blame those who oppose me for not appreciating enough.” His sister is, of course, the best! Finished, he grabbed his sister, stretched out his hand, and fiercely rubbed her head. Satisfied, he said, “All right, don’t try to change the topic. Give me an honest answer, why didn’t you tell me that you moved?”

Yi Ti was surprised as she looked up at him, “I told you!”

Yi Shao, who knew his sister well, knew that she wouldn’t lie in this kind of thing. He thought for a moment then asked, “How?”

“I, I sent a text message.” Yi Ti timidly answered while averting her eyes. You can’t blame her. Regarding this matter, she really didn’t dare to call directly. But she also felt it was strange afterward. Her brother actually didn’t rush to call her, and every day, during their “peace calls,” he also didn’t mention this matter.

At that time, she was very relieved, but now that he came, there really was something wrong…

“It should be at that time.” Yi Shao quickly thought about it, “I lost my phone once and then had to get a replacement.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Yi Ti nodded.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this.” The young man picked up the suitcase on the ground and put his other hand around his sister’s shoulders. “Go, take me to your new place.”

“Brother, haven’t you had breakfast yet? I will take you out to eat!” Although she already told Cecil, Yi Ti still wanted to delay the time as much as possible, because her brother’s intuition had always been keen as long as it’s something related to her.

“I’m not hungry.”

“…I actually haven’t eaten yet.”

“I’ll personally cook for you after we get to the place.” Yi Shao turned to look at his sister, and his face once again showed a gentle smile. “A breakfast full of brotherly love that you can’t buy anywhere else.”


“Xiao Ti,” Yi Shao leaned over and looked at her straight in the eyes, “You’re not hiding anything from me, aren’t you?”


“…n, no.” Yi Ti quietly swallowed.

“Really?” Yi Shao lightly nodded and gave up the topic, “Let’s go.”


Along the way, the brother and sister casually chatted.

“How are you doing recently?”

“It’s okay.”

“Are you eating properly?”

“I am.”

“When you sleep at night…”


Just like that, one person asked, and one person answered, until——

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No.” Yi Ti replied casually, only to find out what was wrong, then let out an annoyed, “Brother!” She knew that he still remembered that phone call but choosing this indirect way to ask is mean! Too shameless!!

Faced with his sister’s complaining eyes, Yi Shao acted like he didn’t see it, then said with a straight face, “Xiao Ti, your brother is very open-minded. You’re already a grown up, so it’s normal to find a boyfriend. I won’t object. If there is, it’s better to let me see him, I’ll help you handle him or something.”

If that’s the case, he’s really quite gentle and considerate.

But Yi Ti’s reply to her brother’s words is only one sentence——!

In high school, because of this similar guarantee, she handed over the love letter she received. As a result, when they returned to school after the weekend, the boy looked at her as if seeing a ghost. Although she was initially planning on rejecting, she wasn’t even close when the other party ran and screamed, “Don’t come over! Stay away from me!” It really hurts your self-esteem, right?

If you say that Yi Shao didn’t do anything, she wouldn’t believe it!

Now that the technique is re-applied, believing it would be strange!!!

So Yi Ti simply replied, “I told you there’s none, so there’s none!” She didn’t lie.

Yi Shao carefully looked at his sister’s expression. Based on his understanding of her, although she seemed to be hiding something from him, she really didn’t have a boyfriend, so he silently removed seven to eight plans that he’d made in his mind.

In this way, Yi Ti returned home with her brother while talking about the events that happened on the road.

Yi Shao observed the nearby environment and nodded secretly. This is indeed a nice place, and the house should be worth a lot of money. However, when he saw the other party giving out a house, aren’t they too generous? What’s the secret? Did Xiao Ti know or is she hiding it from him?

As a brother, Yi Shao’s mood is actually very complicated. He wanted her to receive setbacks since this would cause her to go home early, but he was reluctant to let her be wronged. She went back several times in the middle, and he had also seen her several times. The result is that Xiao Ti adapted more and more to the life outside. This made him happy but also lost. Happy that she finally grew up, lost that she didn’t rely on her brother as she used to.



“What are you doing?” Yi Ti looked at the young man who had clearly gone somewhere and said, “I’ve always cleaned the rooms so you can live there.”

Yi Shao also recovered his senses, laughed then looked forward and said, “The weather forecast said that there will be thunderstorms tonight. Do you want me to sleep with you?”

“…that’s all in the past!” She wasn’t afraid of it from the second day onwards. How long does he have to remember!

“I can tell you a story before going to bed.” He said, then the young man took the phone out of his trouser pocket and opened an app to show her, “I downloaded more than a dozen fairy tales, there should be something you like.”

“I don’t need it!”

“What about something about the President? The girls in our company especially liked this.”

“…don’t need it!”

“What about this? Indulging in Beauty, I heard that girls are very fond of it now.” Yi Shao shook his phone and smiled softly.

“Goodbye!” Brother, where’s your lower limit?!

I won’t play with you anymore!

Alien 18: I'm Not An Adulterer
Alien 20: A Very Cruel World

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