Alien 180: Life Is Fun (The End)

Alien 179: Our Family

The homonym of Shi JingLe’s name was “shijinle, to be happy to the fullest” and he had been working hard for it, never slacking off.

Some people found it strange, why did happiness require effort?

Yeah, why was that?

At first, he didn’t need to exert any effort when he was happy. But how many years ago was that? Hmm…before eight years old?

He was born in a cultivation family. Since he was a child, he didn’t only have enough food and clothing but also lived under the envy and hatred of other people’s eyes. There was the love of elders, and there’s also a childhood friend who could do bad things and be used as a tank, so he should have a wonderful life.

Maybe because he didn’t relax when he was happy, that when he became lax by accident, a proper tragedy happened.

When he was eight years old, his decent father had a “sex scandal”. Yes, he found a mistress outside and also had another son. By the way, his name was Shi JingYou. The homophone was… “shijinyou, to exert all one’s strength remotely”? This was not a good sign. If it was taken too far, it would be a tragedy.

The matter was discovered by her mother. Although she had always been careless, when it’s related to her husband, she awakened her rare detective talent. Although this awakening seemed a bit late, at least it’s better than other children who could only be a bystander, right?

After being discovered, his father didn’t seem to care. In his heart, his mother was carefree, sometimes not even acting like a wife, and obviously wouldn’t be sad for too long because of this kind of thing. And because of this, he fell in love with another submissive woman within a few years of the marriage.

There was nothing wrong with his thinking. In fact, many people thought that way, including his mother’s family.

Everyone thought that after a while, she would stop caring completely and that she wouldn’t see the mother and son on the outside. Anyway, she had a son, who was still the traditional heir of the Shi family, so there’s nothing to worry about.

But Shi JingLe knew that everyone had misunderstood his mother, and she was…more…than all of them thought.

He clearly remembered that on that night, his mother walked to his bed in the middle of the night, gently awakened him, then held him, and softly said, “Xiao Le, do you like mom?”

Shi JingLe felt as if he nodded, then said, “En, I like.”

Then, his mother burst out into an extremely gorgeous smile, and kissed his forehead: “Then, even if I don’t see you in the future, you must remember your mother.”

Thinking back, his mother should have come to say goodbye to him at that time, but he was too young to realize this. And even if he realized it, what could he do?

Since then, he had never seen her again, and Zhao MingQi also surreptitiously ran over to remind him that it’s better not to mention her if nothing was wrong, otherwise, it might cause some serious consequences.

A few months later, he learned something from other people’s whispers.

Mother killed that woman and fled overseas.

Not long after, she mailed another huge photo of her wedding. In the photo, she smiled very happily.

Because her father betrayed her, she also betrayed her father after revenge.

It’s that simple.

Of course, she did things very well. She did not hurt his father, nor did she hurt the child with the Shi family’s blood, let alone take away the Shi family’s heir. She only killed the seemingly insignificant woman, and along the way, she gave face to her favorite. A thick and colorful stroke was applied to his father’s head.

It was extremely beautiful.

Not surprisingly, his father wouldn’t be able to wash the color on his head in his life. But he was the one who first made the mistake and she had already run away. Naturally, it was impossible for anyone from the Shi family to trouble her. The only person who hated her was Shi JingYou who gritted his teeth. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything when he was young.

After the incident, his father wanted to take Shi JingYou back home without fail, but he was opposed by many people. In the end, he finally got what he wanted after paying a certain price. Probably because the process was so difficult, he loved him extremely.

And Shi JingLe’s relationship with his father, which wasn’t good in the first place, became even more distant.

He thought that the old guy probably felt guilty and disgusted with him. When he saw him, he would think of his mother and even the tragedy caused by his own mistakes, so he didn’t want to see him at all.

As long as Shi JingLe thought of his mother, he felt that the creatures called women were really scary.

She fell in love with his father at first sight and after a long time, she finally got her wish. Who would dare say that her love was not sincere? However, once she encountered a betrayal, she could actually do such a thing, so who’d dare say her hatred wasn’t strong?”

Maybe others didn’t know it, but he knew very well that his mother was not afraid to take him away, but rather not willing at all because he had half of his father’s blood in his body. As long as she saw him, she’d think of his father. And as long as he’s left behind, he would always be the traditional heir to the Shi family, and he would always be on top of the child born from that woman and would make the man who betrayed her have something stuck in his throat day and night.

“Loving and hating to this point is scary, right?” He once asked Zhao MingQi.

The latter didn’t speak but silently patted him on the shoulder.

Shi JingLe knew that this childhood friend was comforting him, though he didn’t actually need it.

And so, women were really scary.

Although she was his mother, he still couldn’t say that her extreme behavior was correct, and he was unwilling to knock down Shi JingYou as she thought, so he simply left.

After wandering around for a while, he settled in the current city.

Soon after, Zhao MingQi also came “because of his work” and the two childhood friends naturally lived together.

Shi JingLe knew that the two elders had consented to his friend’s behavior to some extent, but he was still grateful. After all, not all buddies in the world would be a nanny for you, right?

He also knew that this friend, who was obviously a man but very good at cooking, actually always hoped that he could inherit the family business. But…although he’d go back eventually, he had no such plans yet.

At this moment, he met someone, someone who was a little…no, quite amazing.

The novel on the Internet was originally just a whim. Shi JingLe never thought that he was talented in this aspect. So even after procrastinating, he actually gathered so many readers which he initially added because of boredom. The readership had also grown from three or two kittens to several thousand people and might even continue to expand.

And then, “he” appeared.

Just like the characters in myths and legends, this guy had his own lightning aperture when he appeared, which shocked everyone. But after real contact, he discovered that a person with such a cool name was actually quite shy.

In fact, he discovered very early on that this “Long XiaoTian” was a female. Although that guy Formaldehyde said that “he” signed up with a male ID card, it’s not difficult to borrow an ID card these days, so it proved nothing at all. However, in order to hide her identity, she pretended to be in Russia, which was a bit much. Maybe she hadn’t noticed it herself, but she would reveal something in her usual conversation.

She was that bad at lying.

That old and cunning guy Formaldehyde might have seen it a long time ago, but he didn’t say anything. That’s why when the boss of Love Tidal went to Russia at that time, he smiled so happily.

Yes, none of them believed that she was really in Russia in the first place.

And then she actually said that her family moved in order to round up the lie… so her former house became a public toilet? Who would believe such a lie?

The name was fake, the gender was fake, the address was fake, and even the ID card itself was fake.

Although the above information was real in the database, if someone went to search for it according to the picture, nothing would be found.

However, Shi JingLe could understand why she wanted to conceal her identity, and the “skills” she had shown was enough to be coveted by others. It’s just that, as time went by, he occassionally thought that it’s a good idea to know such a person in reality. There were many times when he wanted to say, “how about meeting face to face”. But he knew that she would reject it and it might also affect the status quo.

Time just passed by, and the idea of getting to know this person had become stronger. Shi JingLe thought, if he went back to inherit his family business, with the influence of his family, it should be no problem to find such an individual, right?

Then…should he find a chance to talk about it?

He didn’t tell anyone about his thoughts and went out cheerfully to “buy medicine” with Zhao MingQi as usual.

It’s just that as his childhood friend could see at a glance what’s different from usual, and asked suspiciously, “Why are you so excited?”

“Who knows~” He smiled and refused to tell the truth.

They went to a certain flower shop to buy medicine. Flower shop and medicine, two words that didn’t match, but they happened to match up which was really deceiving. The female boss of the flower shop was not doing her job properly, leading to poor business, so she opened up a second business, which was selling medicine and many people were willing to buy from her, including them.

When he went there, the female boss happened to be away, and her good-tempered fiance was busy pouring hot water while saying, “You wait, Xiao Ti will come out soon.”

It’s said that they’d get married soon.

Shi JingLe went around the flower shop and his gaze unintentionally fell on an open laptop…

And the truth was revealed.

Ah, is that so?

So that’s how it was.

After searching for the answer he had wanted for so long, he finally got it at this moment. But for a moment, he felt that it’s better not to get it.

However, the reality was obviously inescapable.

The female boss quickly walked out and his expression was the same as when he came. Only his childhood friend gave him a strange look.

After buying the medicine, Shi JingLe stretched out his hand and pointed to the shelf beside him: “Are those flowers hard to raise?”

“It’s not difficult to raise.”

“Wrap it all up for me.”

“Huh?” The young female boss was stunned and with an extremely surprised expression, “Y-you want to buy flowers?”

“Yes.” He laughed, “don’t want to sell?”


So she started to happily pack and directly packed the succulent plants with its pots in a hard-shell carton, then stacked them up. One big plastic bag…two big plastic bags…three big plastic bags…she wiped her sweat and asked, “Are you sure you really want so much?”

He still smiled: “don’t want to sell?”


And so, he paid and left with four large plastic bags of flowers.

On the way back, Zhao MingQi endured and endured before asking him, “What happened?”


“Don’t pretend, what’s the matter with you?” After thinking for a moment, he asked half-jokingly, “you didn’t fall out of love, right?”

“Yes.” Shi JingLe replied.


“You were born when I’m not yet born, I am born when you’re already old~”

“Roll roll roll!!!”

His friend didn’t believe it for an instant.

Since then, Shi JingLe had a new hobby—— raising flowers.

At sunrise, he was in pajamas with a cigarette in his mouth, holding a watering can in one hand, squinting his eyes to watch the rising sun, looking down at the plants that he hadn’t killed, and slightly smiled.

Like she said, these flowers were really not difficult to grow.

So he hummed a happy song again.

Shi JingLe, of course, would be happy to the fullest.

Alien 179: Our Family

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