RTBAS 001: Resurrection

RTBAS 002: God, Are You Playing With Me

At the beginning of June, the Emperor welcomed a grandson and the whole city celebrated, but the Imperial Uncle’s mansion was having a funeral today.

The youngest daughter in the house was killed by thunder and the whole mansion was in grief.

The people inside were mourning but the people outside were happy. God finally opened his eyes, saw that they were pitiful, and took this Imperial Capital’s little witch.

At night, in the silent Imperial Uncle’s Mansion, the maidservants in vigil became sleepy as they threw money into the brazier one by one. Then suddenly, the wind stopped.

Unexpectedly, the coffin placed in the center of the hall had some movements.

Boom, boom, boom...’

It was very light at first but it got heavier and heavier soon after. Then, a gust of wind blew from nowhere and the burnt paper was blown into a mess, flying all around the hall.

At this time, the coffin lid ‘thumped’ and jumped a bit.


“Haunted, Sixth Miss’ body is moving…”

The servants immediately ran out of the hall.

It was about midnight and the hall was in a mess. The Imperial Uncle took the lead along with several concubines and rushed here in a hurry.

Xiao Ting finally pushed the thing above her head and had just climbed out when she heard a series of screams.

She was so shocked that she thought she was still surrounded by a hundred ghosts!

“Ghost ah, help ahh…”

As the head of the family, Imperial Uncle was in the front looking at the one lying in the coffin. This was his own youngest daughter. He saw the stubborn and full of vigor girl look over to his side while trying to stand in the coffin. With only the upper body exposed, she had disheveled hair and a pale face but with a smile. And that smile, under the faint candlelight, became more and more strange.

His frightened legs softened.

“Ghost ah, ghost ah…”

Then he heard the ladies shouting ghosts behind him, and his heart went cold.

“Ghost, where are the ghosts?” Suddenly, his daughter’s ghost, with her pale little face, spoke.

Xiao Ting jumped out of the coffin, only then seeing that this was a mourning hall and that she was lying on a good coffin.

She ignored those ignorant humans who appeared to have seen ghosts, and patted the coffin next to her, feeling really good.

“Ti-TingTing, my good girl, tell dad what you want, daddy will burn it for you!”

Seeing that his daughter didn’t approach but looked at the mourning hall instead, Imperial Uncle’s heart went cold again. Thinking of his small sheltered daughter who was unique and lawless, she must have been wronged before death and couldn’t get used to the days over there so she came back to look for him.

Seeing Xiao Ting walk toward him made his legs tremble.

“Ah, help…”

As she approached, those who could stand scattered and fled, only leaving the Imperial Uncle and two other concubines who couldn’t move to stare at her with horrified eyes.

Xiao Ting came over and wanted to know where she was.

She was the last descendant of the Profound Sect in the 23rd century. Just now, she was surrounded by a hundred ghosts and watched her soul drift away so why did she suddenly wake up again?

Was this a resurrection?

The evening breeze blew her hair back to her head. She thought she had very kind eyes as she looked at the remaining people with a smile she thought was very gentle, and asked: “Excuse me, this is…”

Unexpectedly, she looked like a female ghost in the eyes of others at this moment. Before she could finish her words, the remaining three people rolled their eyes and became unconscious.

Only Xiao Ting was left covered with black lines, her messy hair in the wind…

Early the next morning, the entire Imperial Capital fell into a panic.

The Sixth Miss of the Imperial Uncle’s family, Xiao Ting, who was the famous little witch of the Imperial Capital, came back to life.

Speaking of this Xiao Ting, though the name was very elegant, since the day she could stand up, she never stopped for a moment. Everyone said there was a problem with the name given by the previous patriarch, but the old man felt it was very good, not allowing any change as his last words.

This Sixth Miss, from small to big, was nosy and eccentric. She dared to fight with the princess, would grab food from the beggars, visited the brothels, entered the gambling dens, and many more. There was simply no ‘evil’ she hadn’t done.

But her background was hard. Her biological mother was the concubine that the Imperial Uncle loved the most but died of blood loss when she gave birth, leaving the old master pain in his heart. At the same time, the old master was pleased, so no one dared to mess with the baby.

The most important thing was that there was an aunt who dominated the harem and loved her to the bone. Whoever dared provoke her would not end well.

This was just great and made her even more lawless.

And so, until she was 14, no one ‘dared’ to come to propose marriage, so she was always kept at home.

To this end, as the Sixth Miss’ aunt, Imperial Concubine Xiao cried many times in front of the emperor.

The emperor was helpless and gave her two marriages, but all ended in failure.

The first one was the son of the Assistant Minister of Rites. He was young and promising, the scholar of the family and a worthy noble, but as soon as he heard that the other party was Xiao’s Sixth Miss, he withdrew and became a monk without saying anything. Even now, he was still cultivating in Hanshan Temple outside the city.

According to the rumors, he once said that every day the Sixth Miss wasn’t married was a day he wouldn’t return to normal life (T/N: leave the monastic order), which made his whole family anxious.

The second person’s background was harder, the youngest son of the Left Minister’s family. He was also called the demon king and no one dared to marry him, not until the emperor and the imperial concubine talked about it and put these two misfits together.

But this imperial decree had not been laid down yet when the Left Minister ran to the imperial study and thanked the emperor with joy.

Of course, it’s not to thank the emperor for setting the marriage for his child, but because since his son heard that he was going to marry Xiao’s Sixth Miss, and as if the person changed, he started studying behind closed doors, stopped betting on horses or roosters, didn’t play with women anymore, and vowed to test for rank or abstain for life.

This made the Left Minister so happy, but after listening to this, while the emperor was pleased for the old minister, he didn’t know how to mention it to his beloved concubine.

After the rumors spread, even the common people knew about this little witch’s deeds, so the sixth girl grew to 14 but no one dared to marry her.

Two days ago, it was said that the Sixth Miss felt it was too hot, climbed to the roof in the middle of the night to enjoy the cool breeze, and couldn’t be persuaded to go down.

The Imperial Uncle hurried over when he heard that, and never thought that under the clear night sky, a sudden lightning would directly split the building, and the Sixth Miss… died.

RTBAS 002: God, Are You Playing With Me

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