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After cooking for himself and his sister, Yi Shao took the time to observe the house inconspicuously. The things he found out was very satisfying since there were only signs of his sister living alone in this house with no traces of other unidentified male invasions.


When did Xiao Ti become fond of machinery?

He looked at the parts he accidentally found then sighed. Not being around was not good since he couldn’t completely grasp her movements. If not for fear of causing her strong revulsion, he would have moved to this city earlier to spend time with her.

Wait a little longer.

“Brother, do you want me to show you around?” Yi Ti, who washed the dishes, asked as she walked out wearing an apron and wiping her hands. Anyway, the flower shop didn’t have much business all day long, so not opening was still fine.

“No need to.” Yi Shao shook his head, “I more or less strolled around when I came, and the weather is too hot.” What if she had a heatstroke? On the other hand, he silently pulled out his phone, aimed at his sister wearing a pink apron, and then there was a “click” sound.

Yi Ti: “……” Ok, she’s used to it.

The young man was satisfied and changed it to his new screensaver. He also remembered that there were more than a dozen G photos in his previous phone. Fortunately, he uploaded all the photos on the phone to the computer at regular intervals, so after discovering that he lost his phone, all the data in it was deleted remotely. Otherwise, it’d be a huge loss—— once lost, how could he show off his sister?

Yi Shao had to admit that working in a flower shop was indeed a job for girls. Just at the moment, he’s sitting at a table in the corner of the shop, drinking hot tea personally made by his sister while looking at her wearing a yellow dress with her bangs pinned by a hairpin. Seeing her shuttling back and forth among the fragrant flowers was quite pleasing to the eye. He began to think secretly about how high the success rate would be if he told Xiao Ti that he didn’t want to work and asked her to support him.

But then, he wasn’t so happy anymore.

Because there was a guest in the flower shop.

“Miss Yi.”

The familiar voice made Yi Ti look up. She nodded at the person: “Mr. Xue, what flower do you want today? Still the same as before?”

“Yes.” Xue Ye said as he smiled like aways. After saying so, his gaze wandered the store for a while and naturally fell on Yi Shao: “There are other customers here, should I wait in line?”

“Nn?” Yi Ti turned her head and said, “no, he’s not a customer.”

Yi Shao’s mind went cold. Such a pretentious guy, this kind of lie could only fool his sister!

“Ah? Is it a boyfriend?” It’s no wonder that Xue Ye misunderstood. Yi Ti and Yi Shao’s appearance were not very similar. Moreover, the smell of their blood varied greatly. If the former was so fragrant that it’s difficult to suppress his impulse, then the latter was someone he didn’t want to smell anymore. Probably because of this, he didn’t smell the commonalities between the two people’s blood. If there was one thing they have in common, afraid there’s only one thing—— both are very rare.

“No, he is my……”

“Xiao Ti,” Before his sister could say the next word, Yi Shao stood up. Taking the tea while slowly walking in between the two, he smiled and said, “Who is this gentleman?”

“Just a customer who often buys flowers.” Yi Ti looked at his brother’s expression, knowing what he’s thinking about, so she quickly explained.

“Oh, just a customer, ah.” Yi Shao repeated the words in a lower voice, looking at Xue Ye meaningfully.

Yi Ti didn’t notice her brother’s eyes, and just thought that he misunderstood something, so said with certainty: “Yes!”

When she took the flowers and raised her head, she saw the eyes of the two young men connect in a fierce clash. Thinking of the words “showing deep emotions with silent words” made her erupt in goosebumps. Thinking about it…… before, her brother said that he wanted to read the content that she listened to. No, no, no, she must be thinking too much!

Yi Ti said with some hesitation: “Brother……”

“Nn?” When Yi Shao turned, the cup in his hand trembled slightly and green tea instantly splashed on Xue Ye’s clothes. Immediately, he hastened to “apologize”, saying  “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Xue Ye: “……” it’s not 『on purpose』, but it’s 『intentional』, right?

“How about this,” Yi Shao put the cup in his sister’s hands, “Xiao Ti, you continue to pack the flowers, I’ll take him to the bathroom to clean up.”

Yi Ti didn’t think of anything else, only obediently nodded and said: “Good.”

In this way, the two young men walked toward the house in tandem.

Yi Ti looked at the backs of those two. She always felt that there’s something wrong, but she didn’t know what it is. After thinking about it for a while, she shook her head and continued moving her hands.

After a while, the two passed the yard, and walked into the house.

After walking a few steps to the left, Yi Shao suddenly stopped. Turning around, he insincerely said: “Sorry, I was thinking about something else. It was wrong of me to be so careless.” After saying so, he then walked to the right.

He clearly had a goal—— this guy should never enter Xiao Ti’s house.

This made him feel very satisfied.

Then, he brought the other person into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Xue Ye went to the sink, took out a handkerchief and put it on the water. While cleaning the tea stains on his clothes, he looked at the person behind him through the mirror: “This gentleman, if you look at me like that, I will misunderstand.”

Yi Shao was too lazy to talk nonsense, said very straightforwardly: “Stay away from her.”

He’s not an unreasonable person. Regarding what he told Xiao Ti today, although she didn’t seem to believe it, more than half are true. She was indeed old enough to find a boyfriend. Although thinking about it even a little was very unpleasant, he can’t delay her life because of this selfish emotion.

Of course he wanted her to be happy.

However, even if someone could take Xiao Ti from his hands, it’s definitely not the person in front of him.

Yi Shao saw it very clearly. When this guy looked at his sister, there was no love in his eyes. On the contrary, greed flashed. It’s like he’s treating his baby sister as a freshly cooked steak, just waiting to be cut.

Was this guy intending to cheat Xiao Ti in front of him?


Xue Ye smiled: “I think, this is something between me and her. It has nothing to do with you.” He knew that the other person might have seen his intentions, but no matter how you looked at it, he’s only an ordinary human being. Does he need to care about him?

Yi Shao squinted, saying one word at a time: “All her matters have a relationship with me. Stay away from her, this isn’t a request, it’s a warning.”

“Hehe,” Xue Ye chuckled, “You are too arrogant.” Speaking so, his dark pupils became filled with blood, “What do you think you can do?”

This was hypnosis, a common skill of vampires.

The blood family member thought that it might be interesting to make this arrogant maniac perform a little stunt in front of Miss Spiritual Cultivator.

The next moment, he was pleased to see the other’s eyes became dazed, immediately after……

Yi Shao reached out one hand then mercilessly slammed this young man surnamed Xue’s head into the sink. There was the sound of “gugu” and the water in the sink quickly accumulated. The suppressed young man kept making “gulugulu” sounds. His body slightly shook, seemingly wanting to struggle, but his strength was very weak.

Although the other party seemed very pitiful, Yi Shao held no mercy. He didn’t know what the other party wanted to do, but he did feel a strong malice from his body. This sense of crisis had saved him several times in the past, so he trusted it very much.

At the same time, the horror in Xue Ye’s heart can’t be described in words.

Failing the hypnosis was no problem. He was blood kin and as someone from the noble blood family, his body was countless times stronger than most creatures, but he’s actually suppressed by a human in this aspect with no chance to resist.

The strength of the other side was obviously not big, but……

But he just can’t muster any strength!

  What the hell is going on here? !

Just at this time, along with the sound of a door opening, a voice was heard: “Brother……what are you doing?” Yi Ti, who became uncomfortable after packing the flowers, finally chose to check the situation.

Yi Shao smiled and turned his head, looking at his shocked sister as he naturally answered: “Mr. Xue accidentally got some water on his face, so I’m helping him to wipe it.” Having said so, he really held Xue Ye’s chin with one hand while the other hand rubbed his face with a handkerchief.

“I-is that the case?” Yi Ti looked at Xue Ye.

The latter gave her a very unnatural smile: “We……well, that’s right.” Whether it’s for his dignity or his life, this time, he seemed to be following the other person’s intentions.

Yi Ti: “……” Although this scene seems to be very suspicious, but…… when she opened the door to the bathroom, wasn’t this like the door to a new world? She vaguely felt that she seemed to have disturbed something, and so somewhat weakly supported, “Then please continue.”

Saying so, she turned around. She hadn’t taken a few steps yet when she suddenly heard a strange “gulugulu” sound. Yi Ti once again turned her head and looked back: “What’s that sound?”

Yi Shao innocently looked back at her: “I didn’t hear anything.” And continued to wipe.

“……really?” An illusion? Why is Mr. Xue’s face getting wetter?

Seeing the door closed again, Xue Ye’s eyes had a look of despair. At the same time, the young man looked at him and smiled like the devil while talking in an unusually mild voice: “Since Xiao Ti is gone, let’s continue talking about it.”


Immediately, they stayed in the bathroom for a full half-hour.

When the two went out, they found Yi Ti sitting on the sofa, eyes staring at them and looking like a pool of stagnant water. What they don’t know was that, she was currently madly brushing the screen in her heart——

Why did they stay in the bathroom for so long?

Why do strange noises came out from the bathroom sometimes?

Why does Mr. Xue’s face looked so haggard?

Why does my brother look so satisfied?

Why is Mr. Xue staggering?



Why? ? ?

Everything seemed to prove that——

Her dear brother, today, with another man, fell in love at first sight.

This world…… was really cruel to an unacceptable level! ! !

Alien 19: A Serious Sister Complex Patient
Alien 21: Such Is True Love

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