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Yi Shao was very satisfied.

After his “moderate and patient persuasion”, the guy surnamed Xue probably wouldn’t have any ideas of hitting on his sister. Of course, he wouldn’t trust the other party completely. Just that…… why was the expression on his sister so sad? Why are you so sad, it’s making him sad just looking at it.

Could it be, does she really like that guy?

This is not good.

He had to make sure to dispel all good impressions.

So he coughed, sat on the opposite side of his sister, and after a moment of silence, tentatively said: “Xiao Ti, what do you think about Mr. Xue?”

Yi Ti’s eyes right now could be described by Lu Xun’s famous saying——間或一輪! She just figured out his brother’s true orientation, and now he’s going to introduce this “sister-in-law” so soon? Help, can’t he give her some time to think? !

At this moment, she finally realized why her brother wanted to read a BL story to her. It turned out to be laying the foundation in advance? But he probably didn’t expect that love would come in such a violent surge……QAQ

However, although her heart was turbulent at the moment, she’s not willing to make her brother unhappy.

So she could only bite her teeth and answer: “Ve-very good.” At least she’s impressed with his looks. However, can different species really fall in love? If my brother knew Mr. Xue’s species, will he persist?

Yi Shao: “……” The ominous premonition in his heart became even worse, “Xiao Ti, you wouldn’t be……”

Yi Ti’s heart skipped a beat. She felt like she couldn’t let her brother think that she didn’t like Xue Ye, so she quickly said: “In fact, I like him very much! Really!”

Yi Shao: “……” Really the worst result!

Their brain circuits were completely out of sync, so they just sat stiffly.

For a moment, the atmosphere stagnated.

After a while, Yi Ti stood up, went to the young man and sat down. She took the initiative to hold his hand, then firmly said: “Brother, no matter what you do, I’ll support you.” In fact, she didn’t have to think about this sort of thing. No matter what, he is her brother, her closest relative in the world, and this will not change whenever and wherever.

Yi Shao: “……” Why do her words sound like……

“Although I don’t know much about that, I know, true love disregards gender. If you really like Mr. Xue, just……” Yi Ti took a deep breath, then sincerely said, “Don’t worry about me. As long as you like him, I’ll like him also!” If I really don’t like him, I’ll work hard to like him!

After that, she hugged her brother. She silently reached out and gently stroked his back, hoping to give him some comfort and encouragement.

Yi Shao: “……” Hey!

By now, he finally knew what his sister’s brain made up. But thinking carefully, it didn’t seem to be entirely her fault. Also, this misunderstanding seemed to be good? Reputation? That kind of thing was totally unimportant compared to his sister! And, being taken care of by Xiao Ti, brother was really happy!

The two of them silently reached a “consensus”.

After that, Yi Ti took the time to call Liang Chen, telling him not to send meals today. Brother being here was rare, so she planned to cook in person.

Liang Chen habitually said a few words with his poisoned tongue, hung up the phone, then suddenly looked out through the glass window of the store. A familiar figure stumbled through, looking very awkward. He frowned and wondered: “What happened?” The guy looked like he’d been tortured a hundred times. The problem was that the blood family was special. As long as it’s not a major wound, they could always quickly recover.

Are there any dangerous people in this street?

  Or else……

  She discovered his ulterior motive, so she beat him up?

This bat that didn’t know restraint was attracted by the smell of her blood. Although he wouldn’t dare to move, he despicably intended to start from the “having feelings” stage and by taking advantage of the loopholes, he could get the “gourmet” food he’d been coveting.

Liang Chen remembered clearly that a few days ago, he also warned the other party to “not use her feelings” and the result was he answered like this——

“I’m not a wild dog that didn’t have even one girlfriend.”

In this regard, he also gave a sharp reply——

“As if you have a girlfriend.”

Others didn’t know, but he knew it very clearly. This well-dressed “supermarket boss” had enough bad habits that all women stay three feet away from him. If not corrected, he would be destined to be alone!

Eventually, they broke up.

But, how did she do it?

At this time, the “protagonist” in Liang Chen’s mind was washing vegetables in the kitchen, preparing for lunch.

Unfortunately, Yi Shao, who was originally helping, took a call and regrettably informed her: “Xiao Ti, I have to leave.”

“Ah? Didn’t you say you’re staying?”

“I’m on a business trip, and incidentally took the time to check up on you.” Yi Shao sighed, “But there’s something wrong with work so I have to rush.”

Yi Ti knew that her brother wasn’t telling the truth. With transportation so convenient nowadays, why would he specifically go to this city? He must have deliberately taken the time to come. The reason why he didn’t say it directly was to not make her feel guilty for leaving home. She licked her lips, went forward and hugged the young man, then whispered: “I’ll go back to see you next time.”

“En, I’ll be waiting for you.” He said as he gently patted her head.

Yi Shao refused her proposal to “send him to the station” and hailed a cab directly at the corner.

After Yi Ti returned home, her dazed eyes looked at the sofa for a while. Although their time of being together was short, she always felt as if something important happened. But, about what happened to her during this time, she didn’t find the opportunity to tell her brother. She didn’t intend to hide it from him, just that, her brother was very disgusted with the existence of anything “supernatural” from an early age. Any books and movies about this topic were completely banned. Occasionally, when they meet outside, he would also sneer at it because he firmly believed that these were false deceptions and that there were no such things in life.

Even if he saw it with his own eyes, her elder brother who believed in “science” would still be skeptical, let alone by video or photograph. When she was in college, she once cosplayed, took a photo of herself as a magician and sent it to her brother. As a result, he immediately sent her a few flyers of《go to the science department》……

In fact, Yi Ti tried to explain the situation to him before. For example, she had sent such a text message.

【Brother, I’m actually a Spiritual Plant Cultivator. 】

She also attached a photo of her hand producing green light.

A moment later, she received a reply.

【Sister, in fact, I’m now One Piece. 】

A photo of a young man wearing a straw hat was also attached.

Yi Ti: “……”

After that, she didn’t give up and sent a photo of Cecil.

【Brother, actually, I have an alien in my house. 】

After a while, another text came over.

【Sister, in fact, I have Yangtze River no. 7 at home. 】

In the photo, a young man was holding a rag doll to sell meng.

After that, Yi Ti gave up. It seemed that she had to explain in person. But even then, she didn’t dare let him see Cecil immediately. She had to let him think about it for a little and to let him slowly accept.

Yi Ti was helpless even after thinking about it for a long time, then suddenly felt like she’d forgotten something. She tilted her head and thought for a moment before she suddenly realized: “Cecil!”

She rushed to her room.

At a glance, it was empty.

Of course, this was also normal. If he didn’t have such a skill, he would have already been discovered by his brother.

“Cecil, where are you?”

With Yi Ti’s shout, a blue tentacle stretched out from under the closet, and gently waved.

She ran over, squatted then said: “Cecil, you can come out now.”

After a few seconds, a jiggling slime drilled out from under the closet who whispered: “Xiao Ti, I haven’t been discovered by your brother.” With his keen sense of hearing, he already knew that it was her brother, so before he came to observe the room, he quietly hid.

“You did well.” Yi Ti reached out and patted him twice, “I’ll tell you some good news, my brother has already gone back. You don’t have to keep hiding, and you can go back to the sofa tonight!”


“What’s wrong? You looked lost.” Yi Ti laughed, “Could it be that you’re also afraid of thunder, so you want me to sleep with you tonight?” She naturally used her brother’s words to tease him.

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”


Yi Ti poked the slime puddle, looked at the clean ground, then suddenly sat down cross-legged. She sighed: “Cecil.”

A blue tentacle reached out and gently poked Yi Ti’s cheeks: “Do you have any troubles?”

“Somewhat.” She sighed again, “Because I found out a huge secret today.”

“Secret? About the Earth? Or humans?”

Yi Ti: “……” Sorry, her secret did not have such a high-end atmosphere, ah! But, thanks to that, she suddenly felt that her troubles were much smaller. After hesitating, she asked, “Cecil, about my brother’s relationship, what do you think?” Although she really wanted to keep this a secret, however, Cecil, who had been staying in the house should obviously know about it.

Cecil solemnly replied: “They have true love.”

Yi Ti almost choked. She hurriedly covered her mouth then asked: “Why do you say that?”

Cecil sincerely replied: “A lot of the information I searched pointed to this such as 『Burn Heterosexuality to Death』, 『How can you love each other if you have different genders?』, 『The same gender is true love』 and many others. Also, humans seemed to have very advanced research results in this regard. Even the content about the love between the same sex is very abundant.”


“I have a lot of documents related to this, do you need me to extract some for you to see?”


“I’m going to……”

“STOP! ! ! ! ! !”

Did he learn that on the internet, ah?

She would rather see his president material, okay!

Translator’s Notes:

間或一輪! I have no idea what this means, please help. QAQ

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