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Facing the roar of his friend, Aggregate calmly said: “Who let the two of us have an iron-clad relationship.”

The apron-wearing man’s face twisted: “……I’ve only known you for a long time!”

“Don’t worry, I should be able to pay the rent soon, ” Aggregate said, pointing to the chatbox on his computer.

The apron youth looked in the direction of his fingers. After a while, he said: “This is that small person you were talking about?”

“En.” Aggregate nodded, “Very interesting.”

“Don’t be happy too soon.” The apron youth unceremoniously hit him then said, “If this Long XiaoTian’s unwilling to divide it to 30/70 and even asked you to consider, perhaps he might even demand the floor price.”

“He wouldn’t.”

“Why are you so sure? What if it really happens like that?”

Aggregate reached out and patted the landlord’s shoulder, then said: “At that time, you’ll buy the site then send it to me. You’ll let the world know that I was contracted by you.”

“……what do you think of me? Your ATM?”

“No, you’re my cash machine and babysitter.”

“……” How dare he say that! The apron youth was angry, “Do you dare bet with me?”

“What bet?”

“If you lose, you will help me with all the housework!”

“Alright,” Aggregate nodded, “But if you lose, you can’t make fried rice more than three times a week.”

“Why didn’t you ask me to do the housework?”

“Because you’re already doing the housework.”

“……” Hey! ! !

At this time, Yi Ti was also talking to Cecil on the issue of “publishing”. During the conversation, she learned the reason why Mr. Rooney Isshur invented the mind converter. A large part was due to his dead child. His son had a congenital disease, so he had weak limbs since birth. After struggling to live until he was ten, he died. In his short life, he hardly ever left the hospital, and his greatest wish was to hand paint a drawing of their family of three. Unfortunately, this wish was never achieved.

Under these circumstances, it took twenty years before Rooney Isshur, the father, invented this mind converter. Without exaggeration, this invention changed the entire universe. Even more admirable was that the profits he made from this patent were almost all donated to poor children with congenital diseases.

Almost as soon as she heard the story, Yi Ti made a decision.

“Let’s do the same! In tribute to Mr. Isshur and as thanks for his great invention!” The Earth was also part of the universe. If she used the money to help people on the planet, it shouldn’t be against the other party’s intention, right? Yi Ti said this while poking her little friend’s soft body, “Cecil, what do you think of this idea?”

Cecil stretched out a tentacle and wrapped her finger: “No matter what you choose, I will support you.”

Listening to this sentence, Yi Ti was a little embarrassed. She coughed twice, then teased and said: “What if I decided to poke you with a knife.”

“Xiao Ti, you wouldn’t do such a thing,” but the jelly alien seriously replied, “Because you’re a good person.”

“……you don’t have to use that good guy card.”

Although she’s always called a “good person”, she never felt that she was better than the others. Like now, the fundamental reason that led to the decision of donating the money…… might be because she wasn’t short of money. If it’s during a crisis, afraid her first choice was to accept the money. Strictly speaking, she just donated things she didn’t desperately need, just like many others do, so she’s really not better than anyone.

Yi Ti was thinking about this while preparing a reply to Aggregate when she suddenly remembered one thing.

“What about when signing a contract?” They’ll need an ID or something…… if it’s possible, she didn’t want anyone to know that she was “Long XiaoTian”. Although the chance of exposure was so small that it can be ignored, she still didn’t want to pose any danger to Cecil.

What she didn’t expect was that, Cecil, who was beside her, actually answered like this——

“Leave it to me.”

“Ah? Really?”

“Yes! ”

As a result, Yi Ti was relieved.

Because she knew, if Cecil guaranteed, he would definitely be able to do it.

At the same time, Aggregate and apron youth Zhao MingQi also just finished eating the fried rice. Just as the latter tried to kick the former to make him wash the dishes, the computer rang with a “DDD”.

They both looked subconsciously.

Long XiaoTian 20:11:31

Aggregate, I’m willing to publish. But, I think your portion should be increased because, without your text, there would not be this comic.

Aggregate smiled softly: “It looks like I won again this time.”

Zhao MingQi tsked softly, then held the two plates and turned away.

For this result, he had expected it. From small to large, he had never won a bet against this beast.

Aggregate looked back at his friend, relight a cigarette. Only after taking a deep breath did he start typing on the keyboard.

Soon, Yi Ti received a reply and after two exchanges, the final decision was a fifty-fifty division. Although she still wanted to add a bit more, Aggregate insisted that this was her minimum “earnings from labor”. Finally, she couldn’t say anything and compromised.

After that, Yi Ti actively added the QQ number of the editor. Because the editor was off work at this time, the other party was not online.

After chatting with Aggregate for a while, Yi Ti shut down her computer. When she took a bath, as usual, she also poured the primary genetic modification potion into the bathtub. After lying down for half an hour, the blue-stained water turned completely transparent again, indicating that the effect was completely absorbed by her.

After that, Yi Ti entered the space as usual and spent an hour or two in there. (Although the breathing exercises are good for the body, if done for too long, it’ll make people feel tired. Also, the best time to do this is before the early morning sunrise. Unfortunately, Yi Ti only persisted for a few days, before being defeated by Duke Zhou, it became the rhythm of three days fishing, two days drying the net……) She found that the use of genetic modification potion made the breathing exercises easier than normal. Then she practiced potion-making according to the prescription left by her master.

She and her master were both primary spiritual plant cultivators. Many prescriptions in ancient books can’t be made because the aura in the body cannot support the process. Fortunately, there were many primary prescriptions, but apart from her master who altered and invented the recipes, most ancient prescriptions were missing medicinal materials. In fact, Yi Ti found some seeds in the trader, unfortunately…… the space was not big enough. Even if she bought it, there’s nowhere to plant.

Unless she found another space, otherwise, this problem was really difficult to solve.

After making some new drawings with the mind converter, Yi Ti went to bed on time at ten o’clock in the evening. Before going to bed, she noticed that today was already September 1st—— since she didn’t need to go to work, the date and week were completely blurred.

After getting up the next day and having breakfast, Yi Ti didn’t open the store right away but first turned on the computer and discovered that the editor named “Formaldehyde” had not added her yet. Not only that, its obviously working hours, but the account was still gray.

She didn’t take it to heart and just went straight to the store.

As the official school day approached, the street next door became more lively in the following few days. Even the street where Yi Ti lived saw a lot of people which also increased her income. However, Xue Ye never returned.

In regards to this, Yi Ti was relieved but also understanding.

Although she’s determined to support her brother no matter what, it takes time to truly accept such a “sister-in-law”. Not to mention, she felt that her brother did not even know Xue Ye’s true identity. Her brother, who had always believed in science, fell in love with an unscientific creature, this was such a……tragedy.

Probably because the number of customers suddenly increased, Liang Chen always rushed when he delivered food these days. He’d just throw the food at her then leave. But, Yi Ti deeply doubted that this guy was angry since she didn’t tell the truth about his enemy. If that’s the case……he’s too petty, right?

In the morning a week later, Formaldehyde finally belatedly added her on QQ, then immediately dragged her to a discussion group with Aggregate.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:25

Sorry, I’m late.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:35

I accidentally drunk too much the other day, went into shock on the spot, was officially discharged yesterday.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:15:40


Aggregate(XXOOXXOO) 09:15:40

Your name is quite appropriate. (laughing while hammering the table)

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:16:01

Don’t mention it, since using this account, I had been admitted to the hospital several times because of drinking too much. It’s too bad, so I will definitely change my name after a while.

Yi Ti: “……” She felt that, rather than the name, wasn’t changing his drinking habit the right choice?

After that, the three chatted for a while then the “partnership contract” was finalized. Of course, this was just the intent to cooperate, because the editor of Wei Feng website must first get authorization from the original author to formally start negotiations with the publisher and to fight for the best interests.

So they first needed to sign a simple authorization contract. When everything was settled, they had to sign a formal contract with the publishing house.

Yi Ti soon received the contract from the editor through QQ.

She scanned it and found the terms of the contract to be simple. The trouble was that you also need a copy of your ID card: “Cecil, what should I do?” She looked at her alien friend.

“Give it to me.”

Cecil moved quickly to print the contract. Immediately after, a tentacle wrapped around the gel pen in the pen holder, then handed it to Yi Ti: “Do you want to sign it yourself or should I?”

“You do it.”

Cecil signed in standard cursive on the paper. Yi Ti saw him work hard for three minutes, and barely recognized the words “Long XiaoTian”. She felt that he could become a good doctor.


“Cecil, shouldn’t you sign my name here?”

While she was talking, the printer suddenly squeaked again.

Yi Ti curiously picked up the paper emerging from it. After taking a closer look, she was surprised to find that it was a copy of her ID card. Just that…… the name on the document was impressively——Long XiaoTian!

“This……where did this come from?” Yi Ti was stunned.

“I made it.” Cecil replied, using his tentacles to explain to his friend, “I searched specifically for the appearance of the people with this name. Look, a regular pentagonal face, eyebrows growing into the hair, only one millimeter thick lips, and also……”

Yi Ti: “……”

She felt like she would no longer look at words like “knife-like face”, “sword eyebrows flying to the temple”, “pursed thin lips” the same again……

Alien 23: Best Friends For Life
Alien 25: This Is Your Child

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