Alien 23: Best Friends For Life

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Alien 24: Long XiaoTian's Appearance

Yi Ti laughed out loud before realizing that she seemed to have accidentally hurt Cecil again.

But, she couldn’t help it!

From a big jelly to a round rubber ball of some sort… was this his normal mimicry state?

Cecil: “……” QAQ I was laughed at again…laughed at…laughed at…

“Wait!” Before an alien ran away in tears, Yi Ti decided to restore their friendship first, “Actually, you are still… cute!” Hey, although she couldn’t use words like handsome to describe him, cute was okay.

Cecil whispered uncertainly: “Really?”

“Really!” Yi Ti firmly replied while her heart scratched the wall. Oh my God, he looked so cute, I really want to pinch him! To avoid doing anything rude, she then asked another question, “Cecil, why did you get smaller?” Generally speaking, shouldn’t he become bigger?

The former jelly shape was about the size of a washbasin, but now this rubber ball was the size of a palm.

“……although this shape is much smaller than before, the energy should be more condensed which will help me further improve until I get back my original body shape.”

Yi Ti took a closer look and discovered that Cecil, in that round shape, was a deeper blue than the slime shape. This could also explain the “small” and “big” problem. In short, it’s related to the convergence and dispersion of energy.

“It’ll be much easier to take you out in the future.”


“Right, how would you move now?” Yi Ti asked as she was curious. It wouldn’t be by “rolling”, right? Stop it! What if his eyes and mouth contact the ground……

“Like this.”

Cecil said as he demonstrated.

Then Yi Ti saw a blue round object approach her by hopping, it’s really like a rubber ball!

“……Pfft!” So-so cute!

“……” TAT can you still be considered a good friend? Cecil felt very upset. Does Xiao Ti dislike his mimicry?

The discouraged Cecil silently turned into a pool of blue liquid, which then reunited into a slime, ready to move under the sofa to find a corner to sit and think about life, but he was caught from behind.

Yi Ti held him high: “Don’t be angry, it was so cute just now!”



Cecil and Yi Ti faced each other. Seeing the sincerity in her eyes, the little depression in his heart instantly disappeared, replaced by joy.

She finds him cute……

This sense of joy made Cecil couldn’t help but want to express it intuitively, so several blue transparent tentacles stuck out of his body, entangled Yi Ti’s waist and limbs neither tight nor loose then raised her up high.

As a result, both of them held the other high up.

“Cecil, I don’t have to buy a ladder with you here.”

“I can also make you a bed.”


“I also have a big mimicry. It’s a bit similar to the water bed of Earth.” Cecil carefully explained, “By that time, you can sleep on me.”

“……I’m cheering on you.” Sometimes, the way Cecil expressed friendship was really weird.

Cecil nodded his head: “I will work hard to make you sleep on me a day earlier.”

Yi Ti: “……” Why does she think those words are strange, was it an illusion?

After that, Yi Ti quickly finished eating and cleaned the table and utensils. Once everything was done, she returned to her desk in the bedroom. The laptop was also there so her alien friend was sitting right next to her, looking seriously at the desktop computer and quickly tapping the keyboard with his tentacles. Browsing the recent news from around the world was his daily job. Although the information could also be obtained through the U disk mode, since he was almost mentally polluted by the messy information of the planet  (Yi Ti: I said don’t blacken Earth!) last time, he never did it again.

Also, Cecil liked sitting next to her, side by side. (There is another chair on top of Cecil’s chair, otherwise, he can’t see the screen.) Using computers together felt fun even without talking; they’re not bored at all.

At this time, Yi Ti was replying to Aggregate’s message.

Long XiaoTian 19:30:01

I’m here.

Aggregate 19:30:10

(picking his nose)

Long XiaoTian 19:30:15

What happened to you Aggregate?

Aggregate 19:30:31

Can’t I find you if I’m fine? (A big man wept while hugging a tree)

Long XiaoTian 19:30:42


Aggregate 19:30:50

(cosplay into Sailor Moon)Why did you do this to me!

Long XiaoTian 19:30:55


Aggregate 19:31:04

(takes medicine)okay, I have recovered my health after treatment. I have something to discuss with you.

Long XiaoTian 19:31:11

What’s up?

Yi Ti read a bit of seriousness from the other person’s words and knew that this was really a serious thing. Because it’s recognized in the group that the most serious thing this person did was—— to drop his integrity!

It turned out that her judgment was correct, Wei Feng network saw business opportunities in the growing popularity of the comics, so they contacted Aggregate. However, because Yi Ti did not sign a contract with them, the editor also did not have her contact information, so they only sent a background message.

Long XiaoTian 19:35:21

Background message? What’s that?

Aggregate 19:35:34

I said earlier, you should not have come out with such a domineering name to cheat other people!

Long XiaoTian 19:35:47


Aggregate 19:36:04

Well, let me teach you. First, open the Wei Feng website.

Aggregate 19:36:11

Then, click the login button.

Aggregate 19:36:19

Next, enter your username.

Aggregate 19:36:25

Finally, send me the password.

Long XiaoTian 19:36:28


Aggregate 19:36:34

(laughing madly)

Yi Ti: “……” She didn’t have a problem with her IQ, she was tricked!

Finally, with the help of Aggregate, she successfully found the poor background message that was ignored. The content was similar to what Aggregate said. Like a publishing contract, the Wei Feng website signed an agreement with the author but only to the electronic version of the text. The rest of the copyright was still in the hands of the author themselves. However, if the website helped the author find a good channel and the author agreed to cooperate, they would earn a percentage.

And now, Wei Feng website was undoubtedly planning to cooperate with Aggregate and “Long XiaoTian”.

Aggregate 19:40:12

I looked at their terms of cooperation. You can put the comics into V or you can also publish it, what do you think?

Long XiaoTian 19:40:17

If I enter it to V, many readers wouldn’t be able to read the comics, right? Also, Aggregate’s original text is not V.

After Yi Ti finished, she felt something was wrong. She remembered the terms that if the comics were put into V, Aggregate, as the original author could also get a percentage. He wouldn’t have to spend money to see it, and she also gave him another money-making channel, wasn’t that good?

But soon, a reply came.

Aggregate 19:40:28

I think so too. So, what do you think about publishing?

Soon after, he said a rough estimate of the income with the part of the publishing house excluded. After paying taxes on the remaining, it’ll be 15% for Wei Feng website and the remaining 85% would be divided by the author and illustrator according to what they’ve agreed upon.

Aggregate said that he could only take 30% or even less, after all, in regards to the comics, the main labor was from her.

But Yi Ti didn’t think so. If he hadn’t created such a colorful world with his words, she would be useless even if she had the mind converter. But more importantly, she had previously decided that she would not make money with the mind converter. At the same time, she would stop another source of income for Aggregate, so if she just refused, wouldn’t it be unkind?

Long XiaoTian 19:45:01

Can I think about it?

Aggregate 19:45:18

OK, I’ll wait for your news.

Aggregate……or rather, the person who controlled this account removed both hands from the keyboard. He skillfully fetched a pack of cigarettes from his pants pocket, gently tap a finger at the bottom, and cigarettes popped out. He naturally picked one. At the same time, the lighter on the other hand was also ready. Lit, he took a deep breath, then slowly spit out a ring of smoke—— showing the style of an old-time smoker.

He was about to take a second breath when a hot dish of Yangzhou fried rice was left by his computer.

“Eat!” A young man spoke as he left the food. He had a plaid apron around his waist and did not take it down as he simply sat next to Aggregate, holding another spoon and plate of fried rice.

Aggregate slowly inhaled then squinted while showing a lazy attitude: “Wait until I finish.”

“Will you die if you smoke one less?” The apron-wearing youth angrily said.


“Then why smoke?”

“I’m afraid I’ll be bored if I don’t smoke, then accidentally strangle you to death.”

“……” The young man twitched the corner of his mouth, but apparently, they’re already used to each other’s attitudes. Instead, he looked at the pack of cigarettes on the table, “What brand is this? Why haven’t I seen this before?”

“Five Bulls.”

“Foreign brand?” The apron youth apparently regarded “Five Bulls” as a foreign language due to the pronunciation.

“No, domestic goods.”

“I haven’t seen this before, a special offer?”

“Street stall goods, five packs can get a free lighter.”

“……” The apron youth was stunned, “Aren’t you…?” He really wanted to vomit blood, “As a rich man, why is it so cheap?”

“What rich man?” Aggregate snuffed out the cigarette on his hand, picked up the fried rice on the table, then slowly took a bite before saying, “Don’t you see that I can only eat fried rice now?”

“……what do you mean? Are you looking down on my fried rice?”

“How can I? No matter what, you are the landlord. Why do you think I’m eating it?”

“……you just looked down on it!” The apron youth was speechless, “I say, are you going to stay at my house like this, writing and chatting all day long? There can……” He said half, thought of something, then silently swallowed the second half while looking at Aggregate with guilt.

The latter didn’t care and played with the fried rice: “We’re best friends for life.”

The apron youth vomited blood again: “Do you still want me to support you forever?”

“Otherwise, I’m wrong to choose you? Do you like durian?”

“Roll, roll, roll! ! !”

Alien 22: President's Backyard
Alien 24: Long XiaoTian's Appearance

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