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“After I checked, that demon really didn’t do anything bad.”

And if it’s really an evil monster, it must be said that it’s good at concealing its motive nor did it allow the parents to hear any flaws from the child’s mouth.

Liang Chen snorted softly: “You already hurt him, what’s the point of saying this now?”

He asked Hong Ye just now. The latter had never seen his father since his birth. And about a year ago, his mother died of old injuries. Since then, he had been wandering in various cities. He could transform into a human, but at that very young age, once his mood was a little out of control, his ears and tail would be exposed, not to mention changing to his original form. After being discovered several times by humans, he had been hiding ever since and only survived by picking things up.

It was really an accident when he met that child. At that time, Hong Ye just passed by the child’s window. The latter had his hands on the iron fence, staring at the world outside. At the same time, little Hong Ye’s belly grumbled.

The eyes of the two naturally met.

“Hey, want to eat cake, then you can play with me?”

This sentence opened their “friendship”.

After that, every day after the boy’s parents left, Hong Ye would go to the window and they’ll talk to each other. And every day, the boy prepared snacks, waiting for him to come over.

This balance was broken on a stormy day.

Most monsters were inherently afraid of lightning, especially when Hong Ye was still in his infancy. The sudden thunder made him “transform”. He had wanted to run away as far away as possible, but while he was dizzy from the change, the boy’s hand reached out of the bars and grabbed his ear.

“So soft……it feels so comfortable.”


“Why are you crying? Did I pinch you too hard?”


This wasn’t the first time Hong Ye felt goodwill from a human being, but when these people often learned about his “true face”, they’d suddenly change. He was clear, this was not the humans’ fault but his.

Because he’s a monster.

After seeing his true appearance, the boy not only was not afraid but continued to show goodwill, this was the first time.

Since then, he often turned into a puppy, drilled through the gap in the bars, and played with the boy in the house.

“It was indeed my fault.” Facing Liang Chen’s sneer, Lu Kong was not angry this time. Instead, he decisively took responsibility, “That’s why I want to find him.” The little monster had his aura on its wound. Under normal circumstances, unless he removed it himself, the wound would never heal.

“So that’s the case.” Yi Ti nodded, “That being said, do you want to hurt Hong Ye again?”

“He didn’t do any evil, why would I hurt him?” Lu Kong replied.

“Hmph, that sounds good.”

“Mutt, I warn you not to go too far!”

“Who’s the dog, ah?!”


Yi Ti held her forehead, these.two.guys!

The problem was that there were no more cup lids in front of her, only the cups were left.

While she was in trouble, a brick appeared in front of her. She turned her head and found that Cecil brought it to her from the backyard.

She was so moved that when she picked up the brick, she gently squeezed it to powder.



The world was quiet again.

After a while, Lu Kong coughed softly: “Right, if possible, could you let me see that little monster again? I think I should apologize to him.”

Yi Ti glanced at Liang Chen. As little Hong Ye’s current “guardian”, he’s undoubtedly the most qualified to speak.

“Nah, he has been scared by you once, no need for a second time!”

“I see.” Lu Kong nodded, although a little disappointed, he understood, “The little boy asked me to bring something to the little monster, can you help me give it to him?”

“Tsk, so troublesome,” Liang Chen snorted but still snappily said, “Bring it.”

Yi Ti felt duplicity was represented to the fullest extent by this guy.

Immediately after, Lu Kong took out a biscuit box from his black backpack. At first glance, it was the kind that would be filled by a child after eating it. As for what it contained, Yi Ti didn’t know. Anyway, since Liang Chen didn’t smell anything bad from it, it shouldn’t matter much.

It’s great to settle things like this.

“Right, give this to that little monster too, as my apology.” Lu Kong took out a palm-sized porcelain bottle from his black backpack and put it on the table.

“What’s this?” Yi Ti asked curiously.

“My snack!” The yellow and white cat A’Jiang, who had been in a coma, suddenly shouted as he woke up. It jumped up, shook its head sharply from the dizziness, then “squishily” fell down again. The cat felt sick, “What’s the bad smell just now? I think my nose is going to die……”

The two young men silently looked at Yi Ti with the latter turning her head guiltily.

Liang Chen’s nose moved. He took the porcelain bottle on the table, opened and smelled it. He looked slightly surprised: “Spiritual pellet for monsters?” He knew it was very valuable but did not expect that the poor Taoist in front of him could actually get it, “Are you really willing?”

“What?” The cat A’Jiang exploded, jumping up and flinging itself on Lu Kong for a while, “You black sheep! That’s mine! Mine! ! !”

“Can’t I get you another bottle?” The young man avoided the paw of his companion as he spoke.

“Really?” Doubtful look.


“What if you can’t get it?”

“It can’t be helped then.”

“……go to hell!”

“Don’t bite! Ow ow ow——”

Yi Ti curiously looked at the bottle in Liang Chen’s hand. Since becoming a spiritual plant cultivator, she’d always been interested in such things. The latter glanced at her, then handed her the bottle.

“Yi Ti, humans can’t ingest that!” Lu Kong shouted “amidst his busy schedule”.

After she took the potion, she inspected it according to the method left by her master. She sniffed it, scraped some powder on her fingernail, then put the sample on the palm of her right hand. Quickly, a green light emerged. These pellet powder actually broke down spontaneously into countless tiny light clusters with each light group representing an herb. Her spiritual aura was naturally good at handling herbs. For example at this moment, with a pellet made from plants, she could easily separate the ingredients.

After analyzing the material, Yi Ti was surprised to find that these herbs were left in the space by her master.

But thinking about it, this should be about right. After all, if some people could make this pellet, that means there were raw materials on the planet. And when it came to the variety of herbs, who could match their industry?

But this pellet was obviously not made by a spiritual plant cultivator because it contained a lot of impurities.

“This is……”

Lu Kong and his companion didn’t know when they stopped fighting as they looked surprisingly at Yi Ti.

“I’ve heard of such a method,” A’Jiang’s amber cat eyes flashed with a strange light, “To separate the ingredients from a pellet, only Spiritual Plant Cultivators could do it.”

“Spiritual Plant Cultivator?” Lu Kong’s voice changed his tone, just like when he first heard “Yi Shao is not here”.

He was stunned, silently recalled their conversation before, then lifted his hand tearfully to give himself a hard slap——my mouth is so cheap!

Lu Kong had to accept this fact, Yi Ti was a powerful Spiritual Plant Cultivator, and also contracted with a monster that looked like a pachinko ball.

He knew that she might not be a normal person when he was carried back, but the result was beyond his expectation. Unexpectedly, there’s a good reason. Anyway, she’s the sister of “The Great Devil” ……it’s just too normal to think of her as a Spiritual Plant Cultivator!

Right now, he just wanted to mourn his “first love” that died.

Thinking back then, the reason he wrote her a love letter was because of that one-second throb……

That day, the sky was blue, the wind was warm, and the sunlight was just right.

He laid on the railing on the second floor when he suddenly heard someone call out downstairs: “ET!”

Curious, he looked down at the sound of the voice and saw a girl in a white dress turning her head at that shout. Her ponytail flicked, the skirt swayed gently under the breeze, and her face looked extraordinarily beautiful in the sunlight……

Maybe that moment of sunlight was too beautiful and brilliant which directly blinded his titanium alloy dog eyes, so much so that he felt the ground shift. But along with it was a tragedy that he didn’t want to recall.

In those years, he never thought that the girl next door type would make his heart pound. They said that memories would make people look beautiful; this was awfully true.


Who would tell him!


The tender little white moonlight in his heart turned into an iron-blooded female tyrannosaurus who could crush bricks to powder!

What’s this?

Why? ! ! !

Or, maybe she was like this from the beginning, just that he’d never really known her.

Lu Kong, who thought so, couldn’t help raising his head at a 45 degrees angle. He slightly squinted his eyes as the corner of his eyes glittered with tears.


My first love……


The lovely girl in my heart……


My pure love……

Therefore, sure enough, the big-breasted sister type was the best for him; small breasts have no ornamental value!

“What happened……to him?”

Yi Ti saw him stare blankly at the sky with a dreamy expression, but she didn’t know why she felt a bit cold in her chest area.

“Ignore him,” A’Jiang squatted at the table. As he stretched out his meaty paws to his ears, he replied, “Sometimes he gets into his inner world like he does now which is very normal, just wait a moment later.”

YI Ti: “……” No, no matter how you looked at it, it’s not normal, right?

Alien 29: Weak Men Meets Strong Woman
Alien 31: Local Tyrant Buy Buy Buy

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